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Shock and Autism - Part 2

Weekly Wrap: Why Not Boycott Walgreens?

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

You've probably seen those preternaturally cheerful ads for Walgreens with the voiceover by John Corbett about living at the corner of happy and healthy, gosh darn it, just by getting all your family health needs met there.

It being flu shot season and all, the ads have now adopted a religious fervor about getting flu shots for you and your family -- yes you, pregnant mom, and you, six-month old, and you, geriatric granddad.

Not content with shooting up with vaccine mercury all those who venture onto the premises, the company has added missionary zeal to its religious fervor. Walgreens wants you to know it has partnered with something called Shot at Life to protect children worldwide by "providing life-saving vaccines where they are needed most." Why, just by getting your flu shot at Walgreens you'll be joining with fellow sposors the United Nations, Bill and Melinda Gates and GAVI to spread these shots far and wide.

According to the company, "Now through October 14th, when you get a flu shot or any other immunization at Walgreens or Healthcare Clinic, we'll help provide a life-saving vaccine through the United Nations Foundation's Shot@Life Campaign. Together, we can supply up to three million vaccines to children who need it most. Simply come in, get a shot and give a shot."

My Rx -- simply don't come in to Walgreens for a flu shot or otherwise. Because if you do you'll be helping one way or the other to shoot up some of those 84 million kids around the world who get injected every year with thimerosal, the ethylmercury vaccine preservative that's also in most of those flu shots.

Shoot me, but I happen to believe there is strong evidence that mercury triggered the autism epidemic and helps keep it rolling merrily along. Underneath all this healthy and happy talk lies the rabid insistence by public health authorities at the CDC, the AAP and WHO that ethylmercury should never be taken out of infant vaccines! And that those of you who disagree are hysterical quack science deniers looking for sometime to blame for your child's being genetically differently-abled because in point of fact you're a little bit unusual your own weird self.

So why give Walgreens your business? Much better to give them THE business. Of course every other chain druggist, grocery and big box retailer also wants to shoot you up with mercury, and you can't avoid them all (although you can certainly avoid mercury-containing flu shots). But like the UAW picking one automaker as it's strike target for contract negotiations, why not start with Walgreens?

As we conclude in the video on our home page, "How Mercury Triggered the Age of Autism," "and whatever you do, don't get a shot containing the ethylmercury preservative thimerosal." Invoking another spiritual and public health principle, we should do what we can to make sure no one else does, either.

So no more Walgreens for me until they move off the corner of disability and denial.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



I have High Functioning Autism. I have spent a lot of time researching and studying exactly what autism is an what might cause it. The evidence to support that vaccines cause Autism is shaky at it's very best. It's much more likely that Autism has always been around but our understanding and screening has improved giving rise to the number of cases. Many famous people throughout history have displayed autistic behavior. We used to use mercury for medicine all the time before we learned of the dangers, ergo, the number of cases should have decreased not increase.

Carolyn Flannery

What bothers me is that this helps them commit the perfect crime. What records are kept? What if a forgetful older person gets the shot at Walgreens then gets it again at her doctors?
If we ever get them to admit this crime some of the proof is gone. A dr or health plan won't see that an Alzheimer's patient got. 10 shots in 10 years if half were at a drugstore. This kind of pattern will be impossible to detect. Right when I was hoping that large data banks might lead insurers to realize they were bearing the cost of treating mercury poisoning from pharma

Cynthia Cournoyer

They couldn't get you to vaccinate for the flu for yourself, they couldn't get you to do it for your baby's sake, they couldn't get you to do it for herd immunity, they couldn't get you to do it because it actually worked, so the only thing left is to get you to do it for a poor child in a developing country (who would rather have clean food and water).


I just heard the commercial for this on the radio this morning. I nearly threw up. Not just no, but hell no!

Jim Thompson

Jeanette: Look this nonsense from the link: "The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was created in 1986 because at the time, fears of frivolous lawsuits that could wipe out businesses and bankrupt health-care providers were causing vaccine manufacturers to leave the market."

The companies that make cars, planes, and trains could say the same thing. Then after congress bought into that argument and granted legal immunity to these companies they could market more product with less safety and with no similar "fears"--like the vaccine manufactures that still add neurotoxic heavy metal mercury to flu vaccines as a cheap preservative.

If congress can't resist the special interest money then citizens have to educate and boycott.


Thanks for posting about the 4 strain flu virus legislation. Watched Rep. Gerlach expound upon the horrors of the flu and of the cost in dollars to society while not saying anything about the horrors of flu vaccine reactions and the cost to the victims - just that we need to be able to pay them off or the vaccine manufacturers will refuse to make any more vaccines. It is also amazing how this bill was quickly ushered through without any discussion, with a verbal vote. Look at how Congress can get along and how much they can accomplish so efficiently when their real boss asks them to do something.

no vac

But the good news is that 65% of Americans do NOT get flu vaccines. People are getting smarter. I am almost sure that people who get obamacare will be forced to take these genocidal vaccines yearly.

Jeannette Bishop

I guess the bill passed both houses:

Is this a normal route for vaccines to become "taxable vaccines" and exempt from liability?

Jeannette Bishop

By the way, I just stumbled across this. Getting access to the new improved flu vaccine with 4 viruses covered was so important they are/or are trying to (I'm not sure if this is still in the works) make a law about it:

Actually, I think it was about getting the four virus version "vaccine court" protection.


"So why give Walgreens your business? Much better to give them THE business."

Here is the key to our survival IMO. It is not just "vaccines" and "vaccination" that is killing us and our children.

Toxic Big Pharma drugs almost NEVER offer a net positive for our health. Yes in an acute situation a toxic drug may be worth the risk but almost NEVER is a toxic drug worth the risk if taken chronically. This applies to both Rx and over the counter drugs.

Please learn to deal with almost ALL your health problems proactively and WITHOUT drug poisons. It is not that hard to do.


"But all supermarkets and pharmacies are doing this same thing now - I was in walmart yesterday and the "flu shot nurse" was sitting to the right as soon as you walk in the door. Last year, right in the natural foods aisle of shoprite, the flu shot nurse was there. How do we boycott all of these places?"

Education about the "flu shot" is IMO our most powerful tool.

Just ask these "nurses" if they are aware that the "flu shot" will not work on 90% of all episodes of "the flu"; it CANNOT by design work. When they express incredulity just inform them of the truth.

“There are over 200 viruses that cause influenza and influenza-like illnesses. Both produce the same symptoms, such as fever, aches and pains, headache, cough and runny nose, so the only way a physician can tell what is actually the flu and what is another viral illness is with laboratory testing. The flu vaccine is, at best, only effective against influenza A and B, which represents only about 10 percent of all circulating viruses.3 This means that even if in the best case scenario you get a flu shot, and it happens to be effective for you, you're still completely vulnerable to 90 percent of the flu-like viruses that are circulating in your area.” Health Care Workers Are Refusing Flu Shots and Are Hesitant to Offer Them


"Shoot up some of those 84 million kids around the world who get injected every year with thimerosal, the ethylmercury vaccine preservative that's also in most of those flu shots."

The last figures I saw, years out of date, stated EACH DAY some 36 million "vaccines" are shot into totally innocent children. IMO MOST of those "vaccines" contain some mercury some 200 to 400 nanograms.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Im all in favor of a boycott if the majority of autism groups agree to it. the science behind the stupidity of using mercury is clear and it is really our duty to tell people this truth. I wonder if Walgreens could produce even one mercury toxicologist who will say that he will give his kids the mercury laden flu shots. Anything that we can do to raise public awareness of the risks of vaccines is welcome. Does anyone disagree?

Cherry Sperlin Misra

N Hokkanen, You are absolutely right. It is criminal to give flu shots with mercury to children, especially in third world countries , where we have some dangerous pathogens and like, we sorta need our immune systems. These days there is an epidemic of dengue fever in Delhi and for once even mainstream doctors admit that there is no treatment to cure it. If one's platelet count goes too low they give platelets or blood, but those products are now in short supply .
In another part of India there is a still worse situation. Kids began to get meningitis, so they absolutely insisted on giving all the children two doses of mercury laden Japanese encephalitis vaccines. Oops , they made a mistake. The Meningitis which the kids were getting was caused by a different pathogen, and now the kids had depressed immune systems, so they have had one or two hundred deaths, at least.
Of course they have no idea what they have done to the kids by giving them two doses of ethylmercury.
Recently a young woman who works for me reported an experience at her kid's school. She arrived at the school to pick the kids up and found the kids being lined up and injected with something. She saw ten kids at a time being injected with one syringe, despite the fact that there was a big pile of syringes. My analysis of this is that they had to inject the kids fast before the parents came and raised a ruckus. What was in the syringes remained a mystery, but the next day the parents were told that it was a tetanus injection. It seems that even uneducated people here know that tetanus is something bad, so the parents were placated. Except that I learned later that it was an injection of iron! Are you listening to this Mr. Bill Gates- in exchange for a shot of iron these beautiful healthy little boys got the chance to acquire Hep B or AIDS. No matter how good your intentions Mr. Gates, this is how things are going to get done in this country and many others

no vac

With current fascist vaccination policy soon most Americans will be disabled i mentally impaired. I already see it in services. Now electric, internet, gas, plumbing and water companies are employing mostly people from Africa or islamic countries, because apparently there are no normal Americans anymore who are capable of doing this job. I also see more and more nurses, doctors, and teachers who are seriously mentally disabled. Not even mentioning the politicians or military personnel, most of whom are brain damaged. And imagine that they keep fingers on nuclear buttons. This is a total breakdown of American demographic fabric, this is a national disaster and collapse of the country.

Jeannette Bishop

I can boycott Walgreens all too easily. This whole trying to recover from toxic healthcare injury in the family has changed our lives to the point that Walgreens and most of the local stores (most of which have a pharmacy and they all push the vaccine -- what does that say about U.S. health in a small town) get less patronage from me, but I can make sure I don't venture in there to try to find a stocking stuffer for Christmas or whatever. But they should know these flu shot ads are like a kick in the gut for someone vaccine injured (at least through family members) where before I enjoyed shopping, they really make me minimize my shopping if not stay out.

I stopped supporting the March of Dimes for a similar reason. I guess I got moved off their donation request list to a time contribution request list this year, but I couldn't agree to help send out letters for the March of Dimes because of their pushing prenatal flu shot. The March of Dimes pushing what is possibly the most current disabling act of ignorance during pregnancy, it would be like promoting pesticide use in every home or tonsil removal for health during their early fighting polio campaigns--something I hope didn't actually.


Even if vaccines were good & life saving. Why on earth it be good to vaccinate anyone without health history of the patient? How do they know if someone who has been to the DR, running a fever, ear infection, other illness & may have just gotten the vaccine? Why are pharmacies practicing over the counter medicine?$$$!!

The flu vaccine is not the only one being peddled
to the public. Walgreens also has the shingles vaccine
& pneumonia vaccine.
Some elderly are getting all 3 in one day!

How many more will they continue to push
over the cliff?


So does Wal Mart - hire disabled.

But if you think about it -- 1 out of 5 is disabled in some way or another.
So-- if they need some help they may have no choice.


It is difficult to believe they still will give a pregnant woman a Thimerosal preserved flu shot. As methiolate / Thimerosal used on umbilical cords in Canada killed a number of infants years ago...

maybe it would be a good idea NOT TO USE Thimerosal while pregant with a unborn that weighs only ounces..

Vicki Hill

I would note that Walgreen's is one of the most progressive companies around when it comes to providing jobs for people with disabilities, including autism.


Some of these chain stores have the "mercury-free" shot, but those will not give shots to children (for liability reasons). The places that give shots to children are provided only with the mercury-filled shot from the state (in question). The state apparently provides only FluMist as the "mercury-free" option. We're not interested in whatever option, but that doesn't help the people who feel more comfortable with having a flu shot (and can't have the FluMist). They end up feeling either pressure to get FluMist (and take the associated risks) or to take the mercury-filled flu shot (and its risks).

Jim Thompson

The customers of these drug stores should know that when a child or pregnant woman receives 25 micrograms of mercury (the amount in a single shot of Thimerosal preserved flu vaccine) that is enough to exceed the human reference daily oral dose of 0.1 micrograms per kilogram-day in a 500 pound gorilla.

See USEPA oral RfD


Those ads make me sick... well-intentioned consumers inadvertently abetting the assault on the malfunctioning immune systems of starving children in third world countries.

Clean water and adequate nutrition must come first. Then on with the opportunistic marketing ploys.

Theresa 66

I'm not too happy w/ W.greens, but we get some RX there and the
pharmacist is o.k. All pharmacies/ retail stores where we live are vaccine crazy. No real choice.
I still think we should boycott the personalities that profit
from selling their voice to the highest bidder. ( Or worse, maybe
they do it for the greater good, sans payment.)
There are several tv shows I make a point NOT to watch because
of the actor/actress doing vaccine commercials. Maybe I should
send a letter to the show to tell them why. I think its not worth my time though, because I have much more important things to do...
ie. get My vaccine injured child better, ect...
I wish there was a way we could send a message to all vaccine happy business's and actor's, but I just wear my NAA mercury poisoning shirt and pass out lists of books and websites to people
who ask about it. One on one is slow, but its my only option now.

no vac

Agree, we should boycott all chain drugs stores. My family doctor's office also called a few times telling me that should poison myself and my family with flu shots. I am dropping this toxic doctor too.


I think this is a good idea. True many others are also selling flu shots, but if we concentrated our efforts on one of them and did all of our drug store shopping at the others - it might make a difference. Let's face it, sadly, its all about money.

Laura Hayes

It's been on my lengthy "to-do" list for some time now to write a generic letter that can be used by anyone interested which begins "Dear CEO of ___ and Local Store Manager," which would then go on to explain why the person delivering the letter can no longer safely or ethically shop at that store, due to the store's pushing of and administration of vaccines. The letter would explain that every time they give one of their shoppers one of the many live-virus vaccines, including the nasal flu vaccine, that shopper will immediately turn around and begin shedding whatever nasty human and animal viruses were contained in the vaccine all over the store, including on the shopping cart, any items or produce they touch, and into the air as they breathe, sneeze, and cough...for the next 6 weeks! Additionally, the letter would include that they have now entered the business of poisoning their customers with known neurotoxins, known carcinogens, known immune-system damagers, known poisons, live human and animal viruses, known allergens, DNA from humans, animals, and aborted fetuses, peanut oil, and goodness knows what else since pharmaceutical companies are not required to disclose all of the ingredients they use in their vaccines.

Now, once a person delivers such a letter, they need to be ready to follow through and no longer shop at that store. So, where to shop in this day and age? Well, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods do not currently offer vaccines. The natural and health food stores in my area do not offer vaccines. Farmers' markets have yet to set up vaccine booths. CSAs haven't added vaccines to their order forms yet. One could order items online from places that don't profit from vaccines. And, sadly, that is all I can think of at the moment!

It is not going to be easy or cheap to buy staples like toilet paper, tissues, or non-toxic cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda when Costco and Target have been crossed off the list. However, unless we all begin to think about making these tough choices, and using our buying power to force change, we are not going to see the changes we want to happen. Food for thought.

If/when I finally check that generic letter off my to-do list, I will see if AoA wants to publish it for anyone who is interested. If anyone beats me to it, please share for all! In the interim, at least no more Walgreen's!

Thanks, as always, Dan, for your great articles, insights, and efforts :)


I wonder which free "lifesaving vaccine" and free band-aid they will be giving away in what country ?

Probably last years mix with mercury / re-labeled in another language.
They may run a bit short of needles but with the multi-dose vial and new multi-dose needle there should be no problem.

Maybe just paint out the L on the outdoor FLU shot signs would be adequate....


I am making it a point to stay out of all of these places, but most definitely Walgreen's.

maurine meleck

I ran into a previous co-worker yesterday who I had not seen in a decade. She now has five children-2 incollege, and the youngest child now 9--all home schooled and nev er been vaccinated. They don't even have a doctor. Imagine that! Never been sick enuf to see a doctor. Talk about being at the corner of healthy and happy.


That is a good idea.
One store like Wal Greens would be easy enough to boycott esp after that adverstisment pitch -

Not an MD

I am actually boycotting all of those drug store chains that push flu shots onto unsuspecting customers. I cannot even remember the last time I stepped into a Walgreens or a Rite Aid, or a Drug Fair, etc. I just stay away from all of them to be honest. I am much happier that way.
I find that I can respect my God, who doesn't have anything to do with needles containing who knows what, that way. If others base their faith on man-made garbage, that is their option.


It's not just Walgreens. It's CVS and Rite Aide too... and my local grocery store, and Walmart... and....


But all supermarkets and pharmacies are doing this same thing now - I was in walmart yesterday and the "flu shot nurse" was sitting to the right as soon as you walk in the door. Last year, right in the natural foods aisle of shoprite, the flu shot nurse was there. How do we boycott all of these places?

Bob Moffitt

"cheerful ads for Walgreens with the voiceover by John Corbett about living at the corner of happy and healthy"

There should be signs posted at all Walgreen "corners of happy and healthy" .. warning drivers to beware of careless pedestrians who .. though not blind .. none-the-less .. refuse to see.

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