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Support Aof A and James Frye - Artist with Autism

James FryeIn 2011 we introduced readers to James Frye, then a 16 year old artist.

Imagine our pleasure when  we learned that James and his family wanted to donate part of the proceeds from the sale of  original ceramic art to Age of Autism as a way of thanking us for pur continued work on behalf of the autism community. My girls have an original James Frye work of art in their bedroom. I admire it every time I walk into their room - and am reminded that all of our children have talents and marketable skills to celebrate.

From the artist:  James Frye is  a 19 year old with autism from Spokane, Washington. He finds working with ceramics relaxing and soothing and has made this ceramic tennis shoe in support of The Autism Trust and Age of Autism.

You can purchase his art at Autism Trust USA.

Frye art
Pieces available for sale to support AofA.

James Frye pottery
The artist at work.



Wendy  Frye

Wow! We are so thankful for A of A - as is James....thank you for so much exposure for him and everything you do, too :). And YES! Tami, James has a whole archive of computer graphic pieces....serious departure for him and he's ready to show. Just need to know how to connect....


Way to go, James! I love your vases!


What a wonderful creative outlet working in clay is! I love the clay creations! I'm so glad to know James lives in WA state. I hope his mom is connected to all of the state-wide biomed list-serves and advocacy groups like WAAA- if not, she can contact me to get connected. Perhaps James would like to exhibit his work in a gallery on the west side of WA?

maurine meleck

I really appreciate your fine artwork, James. I used to do paintings on canvas with acrylic. I know how satisfying a completed piece of work can be. Thank you for sharing this.

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