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Science As Social Control

ObeyExcerpted from the SafeMinds website:

By Lyn Redwood

For years now I have been trying to understand why the huge focus and investment on genetics in autism research when to date the findings have been dismal. I also could not understand why promising research investigating environmental factors have been dismissed or worse yet, conducted in a manner to purposefully manipulate significant finding away from their connection to certain risk factors (like mercury or vaccines). Then I came across this article, Science as Social Control Political Paralysis and the Genetics Agenda, which explained perfectly what I instinctively knew, science is being used as a means of exonerating industry and/or government for culpability by blaming the individual for having the poor luck of bad genetics.

The author of the article reviews recent publication in the prestigious journal Science which investigated whether variations in individual “educational attainment” (essentially, whether students complete high school or college) could be attributed to inherited genetic differences. According to the research, fully 98% of all variation in educational attainment is accounted for by factors other than a person’s simple genetic makeup.  But nowhere in the title of the paper, the accompanying press release or in the summary was this important fact even mentioned!  The focus was on the identification of three gene variants that each contributed 0.02% to the variation in educational attainment.  And instead of calling for effective ways to help all children to reach their full potential, the 200 plus authors called for more genetic research to follow-up on these “promising candidate SNPs”.  Read the full post at the SafeMinds site.



When it comes to the jaw, weakness in the cheeks, coincidently Cathy Jameson just did a piece on her son kissing her for the first time, his muscles having been unable to make the motion correctly up until now.
Does this not remind anyone of the lack of sucking reflex discussed in conjunction with Wakefield's monkeys a couple years back? Was it the Hep B at birth/mercury containing?
I'm not sure the Hep B contains mercury anymore, but if there are still children having the problem, is it happening still after the non-thimerosol Hep B, or after a different vaccines containing thimerosol - flu or doesn't the dip/pert/tetanus combo still use mercury in its process and have residual thimerosol traces allowed in it?

Eileen Nicole Simon

Benedetta, I don’t know about the jaw, but difficulty sucking (feeding) has been noted by parents in babies who later developed autism. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) may be related to similar risks as autism. My son, Conrad, had a “collapsing trachea” for several months after his traumatic birth, which was very frightening.

Conrad required several minutes of resuscitation after his birth. Among my eternal regrets is that they clamped his umbilical cord immediately to rush him across the room where oxygen was supplied from the wall. Why couldn’t the oxygen have been brought over to the birthing bed?

The cause of autism must be looked for in the brain, including weakness of the jaw, collapsing trachea, and GI disturbance, in addition to language disorder and lack of attention.

Vaccination is the most highly visible intervention babies are subjected to, and it is reasonable to question whether the aggressive schedule from the day of birth is healthy. Clamping the umbilical cord is less visible, because it is taken for granted, but until the mid 1980s textbooks of obstetrics taught that the cord should not be clamped (or tied) until circulation to the placenta had ceased, or at least until breathing had been established.

Pulsations of the cord indicate ongoing placental circulation, and continue until blood flow to the lungs is fully established. This requires a change in the anatomy of the heart. Heart murmurs may persist if blood flow to the placenta is terminated too soon.

Lyn, the IACC has been so disgracefully arrogant in refusing to discuss parental concerns. Please continue to insist that all of our concerns are thoughtfully considered.


Sorry, I meant -- muscles in jaw and tongue are weak!


Eileen Nicole Simon;
My 2 and 1/2 year old grand nephew has finally got into a speech program to the relief of his grandmother.
She says - they told her that his muscles in his jaw and tongue may not be weak and fatigues easy.

Which reminds me of my neighbor across the street - her grand child was born about the same time, with a small lower jaw and breathing problems. Couldn't get the oxygen up --for a while, but then finally began to flourish and did great for a year. Died in her sleep, just stopped breathing. Did I ask if vaccines had been recent?, Of course not! But it was.

And they go blissfully along in ignorance and denial.

So what is it with the lower jaw -- I am told it is all separate stuff happening - but is it really?


That's a good article from Truth-Out, interesting to find out where the original idea of genetic research came from and sickening to think of all that money down the rabbit hole. I bet if people knew where such a big chuck of their cigarette money was going to and why, they'd quit smoking just for the principal of it. I wonder if it's legal to grow one's own tobacco if one wants to? I wonder if sustainably grown, non-sprayed tobacco causes lung cancer at the same rate as commercially grown tobacco?

Also a good article on truth-out.org is this recent article. Just a great reminder who really wants ALL the contaminants, including mercury, to stay in the market, and that the fake science and funneling of tax payer money into their own "genetic research" groups is not their only tactic. Don't forget the ole divide and conquer strategy. Still going strong, as evidenced by the sellout of EDF.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

To cmo - You are like so right! except for one small detail-Autism will not be the only affliction whose cause can easily be determined by what the public health folks WONT study.There are many others and my favourite is Alzheimers Disease, because I have been able to watch it grow as a topic. In fact , this time I think Ill keep a scrapbook of all the fake science on this topic. The latest one was in the Times of India of yesterday- Alzheimers is due to people being too clean! Perchance this is their quick response to the offer by Dr. Russel Blaylock, which seems to be all over the internet these days- an offer of three of his reports that will tell people how to avoid Alzheimers and other neurodegenerative disorders. No doubt some people are up at night brainstorming on how to counteract him because he is sure to mention the V word.
No problem for big pharma, of course. Right this minute they are pulling the "debunked" and "discredited" arrows out of their quivers. Hey big guys, those tactics may not be so effective this time. If youre like me- over 60, with a mouth full of mercury dental amalgams, youre fighting for your life

Eileen Nicole Simon

Lyn, I hope at the next IACC meeting you could request more time be spent on public comments submitted and presented, rather than bringing in more “experts” to tell us what we are supposed to believe. The last meeting was so discouraging.

The brain should be made the focus of all autism research and discussion. I will continue to try to point out the vulnerability of the auditory system to toxic substances and oxygen insufficiency at birth. I have cited the evidence often, and will continue to do so.

Can they cite evidence that refutes the questions that public commenters make? They should be inviting us to engage in back and forth conversations, and allot time in the schedule for this. Why aren’t our comments and questions worth more than 3 minutes?

Jonathan Rose

From those wonderful folks who brought you eugenics! Just like old times! And if the NIH determines the genome of every baby and finds some troublesome genes in some of them, what do they propose we do with these kids?


Autism will be the only affliction where the cause is determined by the areas they refuse to study.

The "Autism Gene Theory" group is promoted by the media and they think they will someday have meaningful treatments for "the interaction of several hundred genes" which cause children to regress into Autism following 6-9 vaccines on the same day.

Jeannette Bishop

The irony I see, in "healthcare" but also in other industries, is if you have a dogma-based faith in the fallibility of the human body you not only accept all our manmade suffering as inevitable but also tend to accept too easily, I think, justifications for using poisons to "prevent" suffering. If we are so vulnerable to death-by-microbe or through genetic ticking time-bombs how can the intentional use of poison be so easy to trivialize? And how do people keep talking about all the chronic illnesses we have as a great big, probably genetic, "mystery" while we are deliberately drinking, breathing, and injecting substances known to attack those very systems? Is there some kind of attraction (power rush?) in using chemicals that at some dose pose acute mortality risk and as long as the chronic low-dose harm remains within deniable bounds (which extend pretty far for some), it's all good? Better than the drudgery of nutrition or pro-biotic practices or whatever? I think people would pay the real value of any product/practice that helps them reap real health benefits. On the other hand I wouldn't be surprised if some go for the pill popping symptom control approach, but what is so distasteful about having the choice, instead of the control-freakish, oppressive, destructive I think, course we are on (who will be healthy enough to pay for the needed "healthcare" as things are going)? Maybe we most need "intervention" for those addicted (or whatever it is) to controlling the progress of things.

Maureen McDonnell, RN

I couldn't agree with you more Lyn! As Sidney Baker (co-founder of the once deeply-contemplative DAN! group) taught me: medicine has become a "name it, blame it and drug it" game. In this dark age, when a thinking parent or health care provider actually looks for the underlying reasons as to why a child develops autism or cancer or Diabetes, they are considered to be medical heretics. And reversing those illnesses with effective natural approaches that include diet, herbs, vitamins and stopping the insane number of vaccines we give our children will never be considered part of "evidence-based medicine" or the standard of care in this pharmaceutically-dominated,profit-driven medical system!
As parents and grandparents, we must continue to think out of the box, trust our gut and stand our ground in order to be the ultimate guardians of our children's health!


The NIH is exploring the sequencing of every babies genome at birth:

Beyond a Mad Mad World

This is a good article.
And it is true!
People around me falling by the way side with dieseae and never question why. They just accept it as their fate.
Never question.
Even a lot of parents with kids that have autism just accept it as fate.
As they line up their grand kids for more vaccines -- close family members do this - even with me telling them what happened to mine - what I saw with my own eyes.

I don't see it ever ending!
Obey as the title for this article is right on the mark!

I don't know what to do to get people to wise up.

Dan E. Burns

Yes, what we have in the vaccine safety wreck is a case of "enlightenment failure." Because when research results are reported, more people read the headlines than the study. And headlines are written by folks with a power or profit motive. Which explains Paol
Thorsen, the 2003 Pediatrics misuse of the fraudulent Danish Study, and a lot more.

Thank you, Lynn Redwood and Jonathan Latham. Now we know "What oft was thought, but ne'er so well express'd" (Pope). Good work.

Norman Roberts

It seems to me there is a simple explanation for this; follow the money. These "authors" are all genetic researchers. They depend on research grants for their livelihoods, and for their professional prestige. Of course they will call for more genetic research.

Jim Thompson

According to this illogical approach then any poison or toxin would be excused from causation of injury because not all humans exposed will have the same result.

For instance look at how a federal vaccine court ruling discounted a causal relationship between vaccines with Thimerosal and brain injury:

“On October 25, 2002, petitioners, John and Jane Doe/177, filed a petition on behalf of their minor child seeking compensation under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program ("the Vaccine Program") for a vaccine-related injury.
Respondent has conceded that petitioners are entitled to compensation due to the significant aggravation of Child Doe 177's pre-existing mitochondrial disorder based on an
MMR vaccine Table presumptive injury of encephalopathy, which eventually manifested as a chronic encephalopathy with features of autism spectrum disorder and a complex partial seizure disorder as a sequela. Respondent has conceded that petitioners are entitled to compensation due to the significant aggravation of Child Doc177's pre-existing mitochondrial disorder based on an MMR vaccine Table presumptive injury of encephalopathy, which eventually manifested as a chronic encephalopathy with features of autism spectrum disorder and a complex partial seizure disorder as a sequela.”

This is not science. This is scientific fraud for profit.

This scientific fraud was used in an effort to discredit another causal relationship, between Thalidomide and birth malformations over fifty years ago. (See Sjostrom and Nilsson Thalidomide and the Power of the Drug Companies (1971), Chapter 8, The Proof that Thalidomide Caused the Disaster, page 156).

Two of the Thimerosal-malformation causal relationship denials were that:

“(5) Certain constitutional, psychological or hereditary factors in the organism of the mother could have triggered off these malformations…and (8) Mothers who claim to have taken Thalidomide during the critical phase, have given birth to absolutely normal children.”

Of course, as noted by Sjostrom and Nilsson, this was nonsense.

“It should be particularly stressed that the mothers of these malformed children came from all social groups and from different parts of the world.”


“Every biologist knows that within a group of living organisms there is always an individual variation in the sensitivity towards, for example, a poison or a drug. Because of natural biological variation some individuals are affected more than others and some are perhaps not affected at all. If about 0.5 milligrams of strychnine is given by intraperitoneal injection to a certain strain of rats, approximately 50 per cent of the animals will die. The fact that the other 50 per cent survive cannot, of course, be taken as evidence against a causal relation between the intake of strychnine and death in rats.”

And yet today scientific fraud is still practiced to continue using mercury, a known neurotoxin, in flu vaccines in the U.S. and other vaccines globally.

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