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Dachel Media Review: Imperfect Flu Shot, Families Need Help, Measles

How American Vaccine Court Works (For Pharma and Govt, Not Victims)

Why is there still a vaccine/autism controversy? Because families have been blocked from getting Canary squareinto a REAL court to prove that vaccines have caused their child's autism.

The Canary Party (with the voice of Rob Schneider) presents this video on the corrupt Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to show how the federal government and pharmaceutical companies continue to get away with claiming that vaccines don't cause autism in the face of mounting evidence that they are doing just that in a growing number of children.

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Excellent video and visually well explained.

Elizabeth Gillespie


Has a SIDS parent ever been successful (if you can call it that) with the vaccine court???

Autism can always be considered a gray area, but 7-9 vaccines and not seeing the next day is a bit difficult to argue against by the $700 an hour pro-vaccine lawyers on duty at the court...


To my fellow parents: Why aren't not we suing or legally challenging the gov't on these two fronts?

1. The CDC, ACIP - Promoting an unsafety tested vaccine schedule, not backed up by science. The untested vaccine schedule is the CDC achilles heel.

2. The unconstitutionality of the Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 which denies constituional right of due process to our children (vaccine "court" does not even come cose)

Direct attacks on vaccines have failed but these might be an angle we can explore more.



Victor Pavlovic

CMO, excellent analysis of the insanely adversarial vaccine court, and they act like its an 'extremely' fair process.

michelle b.

Nicely done!



Your Toyota analogy is perfect. You should put your comment up on Youtube.


Oh Brother,
Pharma & lobbyists control government and media. The only way to fight back is to get the truth to the people, to rally the masses. The video delivers a strong message that effectively counters the propaganda. When people understand what's going on, they can protect themselves and their children, can effectively advocate for those who have been harmed, and can demand change.

Cynthia Cournoyer

So clear, so precise, so well documented, but still we are not believed. Maybe if it were fiction, more people would believe it.

Oh brother

Oh man, how long I have been waiting for this! A video with a guy drawing pictures. This will really scare the pharmaceutical companies and show them we mean business. When are we going to really do something???


Suppose for a moment that your one-year-old develops a symptom that's on the list for autism diagnosis. But one symptom does not constitute a diagnosis... more symptoms follow, but your AAP pediatrician always says, "He'll grow out of it."

Three years later, professionals make the autism diagnosis, so you begin reading, reading, reading. Comparing medical literature and other families' experiences with your child's medical history, a pattern emerges. So you file a vaccine injury claim with the VICP.

Speedy justice, right? No. A decade later, the case is tossed out because the 3-year statute of limitations supposedly began with your mention of that first single symptom -- so time ran out while doctors kept saying, "He'll grow out of it."

According to the VICP, "[T]he statute of limitations begins to run when the first symptom appears, even if a medical professional recognizes only in retrospect that the symptom marked the onset of the injury."

VICP has conceded a small sampling of very severe and obvious vaccine injury cases, which are just the tip of the iceberg. Countless other vaccine injury cases are being ignored, from mild to moderate to severe.

HHS and medical professionals have enormous financial and professional disincentives against recognizing vaccine injury. That is not ethical, nor is it just. And countless children are suffering as a result of VICP mismanagement, CDC concealments, and AAP collusion.

Please watch the 5 minute video and forward the link -- and encourage others to do so.



Companies ARE following the same playbook. Think of the Monsanto Act.

Christine Thompson

The CDC Vaccine Court legislation from '86 seemed a reasonable measure to compensate children/families for "unusual side effects" in light of the larger greater good. Eliminate the arduous legal process and make sure the children were compensated and the family could seek out resources to assist their affected child. I'm sure that was all well and good until the sudden (no, wait just better diagnosed!) Age of Autism. As far as I have learned this "court" was meant to be a non-adversarial process and to allow families devastated by vaccine injury a way to cope with the genetic "luck of the draw" and get on with their shattered lives and allow the vaccine makers to provide the immunity we all want against deadly and infectious diseases.
However, we see a more calculated strategy behind the scenes. If autism is just better diagnosed- Why the mish-mash of studies? Everything appears to cause autism except vaccines. Why don't they just put a rider in for the Vaccine Court that says, "We're willing to hear, compensate and provide funds to any vaccine injured child/adult who doesn't present with autism. I mean, autism like symptoms, or brain damage that looks like autism but you know, isn't." If we could take the autism equation away from the Vaccine Court and just say, "Yeah, here are the "unusual children with "unusual side-effects" who have been vaccinated and need to be heard in an open court-of-law to decide whether or not this medically acknowledged damage is worth recompense or thanks for the "greater good."

I hope our elected representatives will consider this.

Anne McElroy Dachel

I wonder how other industries feel about the protection that vaccine makers get. Food companies certainly provide a vital product. Why should they be liable if a few hundred people are sick because of salmonella or E. coli?

Why should car makers be responsible for a bad transmission or two? What about restaurants?

Why aren't all pharmaceutical products given the same free pass? Drugs for high cholesterol or cancer meds are certainly as important as vaccines are. Since a doctor giving a vaccine can't be sued if the child suddenly and dramatically reacts to the shot, why is he or she liable for other medical errors?

Maybe all these companies just need to get together and tell Congress that unless they get what the vaccine makers have, they're going to shut down. If Kraft, General Mills, Chevrolet, and everyone else issued an ultimatum, I'm sure Congress would listen.

During the 1970s and 80s, when DPT vaccine lawsuits dramatically increased, companies said that they wouldn't make vaccines unless they wouldn't be liable for damages, AND CONGRESS AGREED! If it worked once, with enough shrewd lobbying, it might happen!

Anne Dachel, Media


Most American parents do not know how the CDC Vaccine Court system works.

In 1986, Congress removed the product liability from the vaccine industry that was about to collapse with their "10 vaccines by age 5" schedule, mostly due to litigation with the DTP vaccine.

After a hot batch of DTP killed 8 children in Tennessee...

The DTP vaccine was found to have major faults, was removed from market, and replaced by the somewhat safer, DTaP vaccine. ( parents were correct on the DPT issue / Shot in the Dark / by Barbra Loe Fisher ).

Since 1986, the CDC toddler vaccine schedule has grown from 10 to 36 "liability free vaccines," which can be mandated in all 50 states.

A 75 cent tax per vaccine is now placed into a Vaccine Injury Fund. A "vaccine court" in Washington DC was created to hear all vaccine injury cases.

Parents are expected to travel to Washington, hire attorneys and pay for experts to testify for their case. American parents, not the CDC, have to prove that a vaccine is unsafe.

Since 1990, nearly 1.8 billion dollars has been paid out to vaccine injured children by the Vaccine Court. This could indicate a problem with the CDC vaccine schedule. Anyone who might see a problem with the above situation would be considered "Anti-Vaccine..."

The "CDC vaccine court" is similar to having a single, separate "Toyota court" in Washington D.C. where the same (accelerator) issue would have to be proven over and over again by each Toyota owner.

the Hannah Poling Autism case.

The "CDC Vaccine Court" settled the Hannah Poling Autism/ vaccine injury case for nearly 20 million dollars.

Hannah Poling's father is a neurologist, the mother is a nurse with a law degree. Obviously, they were able to provide proper tests and documentation of what medically happened to their daughter....

At 19 months of age, Hannah Poling received NINE VACCINES on the same day, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, varicella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, and Haemophilus influenzae.

Hanna received four live viruses and about 75 micro grams of mercury at the same "well baby visit." Per the EPA, a child should ingest no more than 1 micro gram of mercury per day.

The case was conceded without any medical testimony & documents the Poling's were prepared to provide.

The CDC demanded all medical tests & records for the Poling case SEALED.... they are not available to the public.

Thousands of other Autistic children who were given the same nine common vaccines as Hannah Poling, would need to travel to Washington DC and present their case.


The video was very good. I didn't even realize how stacked against parents and children the situation is at present.


Very well done. Thank you Rob Schneider and The Canary Party. Does anyone know which congressmen will be on the November 2013 congressional hearings? We need those congressmen who are sympathetic to our cause be strongly represented at those hearings.

john p. crouch

The law was written to be quote " Less Adversarial " A no - fault system for injured to get releif ( A smoother alternative to the civil court sytem ) ITS NOT !!! NVICP Has become something it was NEVER intended to be -


What an excellent video! Thank you to everyone involved in it's creation!

Bob Moffitt

"Government attorneys defend a government program using government funded science decided by federal bureaucrats trying to keep their government jobs".

The people mentioned above .. as well as all those unmentioned .. such as .. vaccine industrialists, academic/university charlatans, medical professionals, media propagandists, etc .. must go to sleep everynight thanking God they live in such a wonderful country.

Of course .. not so wonderful for the country where little Eric .. the fictional character of this sorry tale lives.

The mafia and other criminal organizations can only dream of having the same legal protections against ANY prosecution .. civil or criminal .. the vaccine cabal enjoys.

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