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Dachel Media Review: Special College Programs, Jenny, Insurance

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Sept 17, 2013, Rock Hill (SC) Herald: SAN DIEGO: Spectacular Bond: Reaching the Child with Autism

Sept 16, 2013, WetPaint.com: Jenny McCarthy on Autism Awareness: "I'm Not Anti-Vaccinations" - Exclusive

Sept 16, 2013, NY Daily News: More colleges provide options for kids with learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder

Sept 16, 2013, 13WHAM Rochester, NY: Insurance and families with autism -

Sept 15, 2013,  About.com (Lisa Jo Rudy): Profile: The Autism Science Foundation

Rock Hill (SC) Herald

"As the number of children diagnosed with autism has skyrocketed, thousands of families face daily challenges with unpredictable outbursts, aggressive behaviors, compulsions, and withdrawal from contact...."

If ignorance is really bliss, all of the people involved in this, must surely be happy. The first sentence is incredible.

"As the number of CHILDREN...has skyrocketed..." parents have had to face "daily challenges with unpredictable outbursts, aggressive behaviors..."

No explanation given. None really expected anymore. Autism is now an accepted part of childhood. Marion Blank, Ph.D. and Suzanne Goh, M.D. ("co-authors of "groundbreaking new program provides dramatic results in autism treatment") both make their living from the epidemic. 
I posted one comment.

"Do you have any advice for parents who are trying to adjust to having a child with Autism? You've been so vocal about trying to help him and anti-vaccinations and everything.

"Well, I'm not anti-vaccinations - that's not true!

"I apologize for misquoting you!

"That's OK. Everyone has! [Laughs] My advice is to not give up hope. Do your homework, there's a lot of help out there. If you can't afford it, there's grant programs that do help pay for a lot of it. My organization does, Generation Rescue. Don't give up hope!"

Notice what's going on here. The interview is about Jenny's new job on 'The View' and having her son stay in Chicago, YET---in the title, is the issue of vaccines. She's clear---she's "NOT ANTI-VACCINATIONS." She ought to be the poster mom for vaccine program. Officials don't care. No one can challenge any aspect of the mandated schedule. No one is allowed to call for making them safer.

NY Daily News

"Responding to a growing need, colleges and universities around the country have developed special programs that allow students with disabilities to thrive on campus."

The Daily News paints a pretty picture of autism.   We just need to adjust to students who are different.  It's bizarre to read this and realize what's going on in the real world.

The Washington Post

Fox News,

13WHAM Rochester, NY

(VIDEO) News anchor: "Even if you don't have a child with autism, you probably know someone who does. We're seeing more and more diagnoses...."
Discussion at the end:
"...I know so many people impacted."
"We're seeing more diagnoses aren't we?"
"We are. It's actually more prevalent than juvenile diabetes..."
"The awareness is amazing."
This is about insurance coverage for autism treatments, but I just can't get beyond the opening remarks of the news anchor and what was said at the end.  They gave the rate at one in 88 but not a single word about where all these CHILDREN are coming from.
I'm speechless.
About.com (Lisa Jo Rudy): Profile

"The mission of Singer's organization includes a clear statement regarding autism and vaccines: "Vaccines save lives; they do not cause autism."
Rudy believes Singer is important. Why? She made a name for herself by leaving Autism Speaks and starting the Autism Science Foundation for the express purpose of denying vaccines cause autism.
Singer may think that she knows WHAT DOESN'T CAUSE AUTISM, but I doubt if many people care.

I can't wait to see who Rudy picks for the next Who's who report. Emily Willingham?

I posted a few comments.



Interesting article- "Rallies call for more Scientific Freedom," CBC news.
"Evidence for Democracy is trying to pressure Ottawa to be more forthcoming about what government funded science research is uncovering in fields such as health, crime prevention, climate control, fisheries..." sounds interesting.


It is hate speech. These people who support wanted felons (Thorsen) and other slippery types like Fombonne seem to get bolder and bolder in their rants.

Faux Skeptics Make me Laugh

In other news, the author of this opinion piece calls for parents of vaccine injured children to be murdered by being put on a rocket with faith healers and homeopaths and fired at the sun.

So much for their delusions of moral high ground, yes? This is hate speech, plain and simple, and this moron needs to be fired from the newspaper.


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