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Dachel Media Review: SIDS, Seizures, Celebs

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's comments and link to the stories below the jump.

Sept 30, 2013, 1011 HD TV, Lincoln, NE: Autism Speaks Walk At Haymarket Park

Sept 29, 2013, St. Louis (MO) Post Dispatch: The vaccination debate
Sept 29, 2013, Forbes: 'Wall Street' Actress Daryl Hannah Is An Autistic Woman
Sept 28, 2013, San Jose Mercury News:  Stanford research studies about autism Sept 27, 2013, Las Vegas Guardian Express: Flu Season - Vaccines More Dangerous Than the Flu (video)  

Sept 27, 2013, Fox News: Daryl Hannah opens up about her struggle with autism

Sept 26, 2013, WI State Journal: Autism parents group holding conference in Madison

Sept 25, 2013, Miami healthy living: Italian court acknowledges hexavalent vaccine and SIDS link

1011 HD TV, Lincoln, NE: Autism Speaks Walk At Haymarket Park
"It's the fastest growing developmental disorder in the country"

"It's a challenge that many families face."

'I can't leave them unattended for more than a minute or two.'

"Today they're not alone."

"Senior Coordinator of the Walk, Erin Enyart said, 'This is one day of the year that parents can take their kids and they know that all the other parents will understand.'"

'When your kids can't speak, you have to speak for them.'"

The walk is "filled with fun, but more importantly support for the families that need the help."
So what's the message here? Misery loves company?

There's a bill to help families that the governor thinks is still in committee. What? How seriously does he or anyone else think all this is?

We're told, 'When your kids can't speak, you have to speak for them."

Okay parents, what are you going to say?  Will you demand to know why this is happening to so many children while officials know nothing about the cause?

Obviously not. This is more insanity. I have to wonder, when the Roman Empire was falling, did everyone just stand around talking about all the barbarians getting closer and closer?
St. Louis (MO) Post Dispatch

"'We became pediatricians because we want children to be healthy, so it's never our intention to harm your child," she said. The previous fears about links between autism and vaccines has been completely debunked, she said. She has patients with cancers and other illnesses who cannot be vaccinated, and having an unvaccinated child with measles in a waiting room could be fatal for others, she said. "I don't separate vaccines. I don't alter the schedule because no study shows there are reduced complications from doing so,' she said."

"One mother, who says she doesn't like to talk about her concerns about vaccinations publicly because of the reactions it can trigger, says her son began having seizures after getting the measles, mumps and rubella shot when he was barely a year old."

The doctors get upset? Vaccines don't CAUSE seizures---they TRIGGER them????

I wonder if this lady actually knows what the word DEBATE means. THERE ARE TWO SIDES. THIS IS NOT ADDRESSING THE ISSUE.

This was so maddening that I ended up posting 14 comments---links are working.

"Daryl Hannah has made headlines for opening up publicly about being autistic, a diagnosis she received as a child. Hannah is 52 and a woman, which makes her what some people consider to be a rare entity in the autistic population: female and middle-aged.

"Hannah could not, as a child, have received a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome, as that diagnostic category didn't exist then-and is about to cease existence again. Her autism, she has said, left her with debilitating shyness and a need to rock for self-soothing and made public events a terror for her. At the time she was diagnosed, Hannah has said in interviews, medical professionals recommended that she be medicated and institutionalized. Instead, she went on to act in some movies you might have heard of before transitioning to a quieter life."

Here is Daryl Hannah being interviewed in 1989.  How autistic does she look?

This is more of the cover-up of autism. Hearing that Daryl Hannah has autism makes it easy to believe autism has always been around and that it's not so bad.
San Jose Mercury News

"To learn more about autism, researchers at Stanford University are seeking volunteers -- both children and adults -- to participate in clinical studies. Each has different criteria for entry. Call for more information about participation..."
Sanford announces more research designed to do nothing about autism. 

So, why isn't there a number to call to sign up for a clinical study comparing the autism rate in fully-vaccinated and never-vaccinated kids?

Why isn't there one specifically to study children who have regressive autism to see what caused them to suddenly lose learned skills and descend into autism?

Las Vegas Guardian Express

Thousands of people take flu shots every year and many have no adverse affects. However there is evidence that there are long term effects that make many people sick.

"A tenfold greater chance exists of contracting Alzheimer's in older adults after a flu shot. This is caused by as combination of elements in the vaccines. From Natural News:

"According to the CDC, 'The following substances are found in vaccines: aluminum,(brain toxin) antibiotics, egg protein, formaldehyde (now listed as carcinogenic), MSG or monosodium glutamate (a known neurotoxin),and thimerosal(neurotoxic mercury).'"

Seriously, did this title say "more dangerous than the flu"? ............OMG...........Who ever put this on the site be looking for a new position by Tuesday.

I posted comments.
Fox News

"Daryl Hannah opened up about her lifelong struggle with autism in the new issue of People, E! News reports.

"The actress revealed she was diagnosed as a child and suffered from "debilitating shyness." "I wasted so much time scared, self-conscious and insecure," Hannah reflected.

"While doctors wanted her institutionalized, her mother refused and eventually let her move to Los Angeles at 17. There Hannah became a successful actress, though she noted, 'I've never been comfortable being the center of attention. It's always freaked me out.'"

This will make Emily Willingham happy. Hannah is 52.  She's an adult with autism. Case closed. They're out there.
WI State Journal
"As a baby, Luke Stuhley's speech was delayed. When he started talking, he mostly repeated what others said. Just before he turned 2, he stopped making eye contact.

"A few months later came the diagnosis: autism."

"The cause of autism, a developmental disability that alters social interaction and communication, largely remains a mystery. It could involve a combination of genetic, biological and environmental factors, scientists say.

"A federal survey of parents released in March found 1 in 50 school-aged children has an autism spectrum disorder, which includes autism and milder forms such as Asperger syndrome."
Child regresses into autism. No big deal. These things happen. More of the mystery. Studies show no link. Say good bye to a generation of kids.

I left a comment.

Miami healthy living

"The court in Pesaro, Italy that ruled that the crib death or Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) of a young girl was the result of the causal connection with the administration of a hexavalent vaccine is the subject of a recent Informasalus.it article dated Sept. 23."

First of all, it's amazing that this got any coverage in the American press. Second, this points out the sad reality that vaccines are linked to lots of other things besides autism.



What does mild autism look like?

It looks like mostly men - with low paying jobs, they can drive, they live in the same house with their parents -- or down in the basement, or over the garage in an appartment, or in a trailer beside the parent's home, or in front of their grandmother's house.

They are content with thier family - not as a father or husband, but as a son and brother - forever and ever.

I know for those that are severe this would be a reprive they would gladly exchange places for.

But it still is not what was meant to be, it is not normal or natural.

If this whole thing was on purpose to make the population decrease -- well --- in my community it is darn well working.


"Daryl Hannah is not autistic. Socially awkward, yes. I agree with Anne this revelation sure makes autism seem everywhere and not so bad."

Daryl if once autistic seems to have recovered well. We have seen over the last few years almost complete autism recovery. IMO the more "vaccinated" a child the harder the recovery; harder but still possible.



Daryl would have probably been less damaged because she received far fewer "vaccines". It is truly frightening to think about what we are doing today giving children 70 or so doses of "vaccines"

May I tell my "vaccination" joke?

Mrs. Jones: Doctor I see you have my Robert scheduled for his "suicide vaccination" certainly it is to PREVENT suicide?

Doctor: Let me check Mrs. Jones, in any case it is REQUIRED you know!


"'We became pediatricians because we want children to be healthy, so it's never our intention to harm your child,"

Some years ago this seemed reasonable to me. NO longer. Any medical professional who has lived through the last decade, let alone a pediatrician, should have learned enough to personally have conducted an IN DEPTH investigation into the FACTS surrounding "vaccination". Any pediatrician should have learned that something is WRONG with the MMR and the "flu shot". Any pediatrician should have learned that it is very DANGEROUS to "vaccinate" a pregnant woman with ANYTHING. Any pediatrician should have learned the CDC "schedule" is EXTREMELY dangerous and thus unworkable and cannot be used; "vaccination" if done needs to be tailored to the individual child any contraindication no matter how slight ie a cold, needs to be honored by NOT "vaccinating". Any pediatrician should have learned that giving more than a single "vaccine" at a time is dangerous and should not be done.

In short any pediatrician should have learned, among other things, to INVESTIGATE any new "vaccine" being introduced into society. That is why the wholesale acceptance by the pediatric community of the HPV "vaccine", an obviously terribly flawed and demonstrated extremely dangerous "vaccine" is so sad. Several of the HPV developers have expressed displeasure with the HPV "vaccine" over its short history.

IMO we cannot ever trust any pediatrician who recommends the MMR, the "flu shot" the HPV or giving more than a single "vaccine" at one time. All other pediatricians need to be questioned in depth.

If the parent wants LESS "vaccination" IMO ignore the pediatrician and follow your instinct to protect your child and "vaccinate" less. IMO do not "vaccinate" at all.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Yes, we have to acknowledge some of the milder cases of autism. Ms Hannah may have developed her symptoms as a result of vaccines or as a result of some treatment such as gamma globulin, or some unusual environmental exposure ( Broken thermometer left mercury embedded in her bedroom carpet?)
One major difference is that in those days the doctors did not keep on giving more and more vaccines. Once a year flu vaccines with mercury did not exist....so children had a chance to recover. I see cases like this all the time in India, where many children get no vaccines from about age one and a half to 4. It gives the child with some symptoms of autism a chance to recover. Sigh.... It seems the pharmaceutical companies have spotted this golden opportunity, and are going to use those years for getting in some new vaccines or boosters of old ones or flu vaccines, which till recently were not commonly used in India.


My son was a normally developing child, until he was injured by his vaccines. Injuries that the doctors who injected them would rather I call autism.

Now I don't what the hell the Hollywood actress Darryl Hannah has, or if in fact has anything at all. But what I do know for sure , is that it doesn't look anything like what my child has.

And if were going to start referring to what she has as autism, then we better find a new name for what's affecting my child.


Taximom It is hard not to get entangled with CDCs twisted plan - you know!

I never said nor thought we should just walk away.

Really if it has been around since the 1930s whooping on top of small pox vaccine -- it should be expected. Don't you think?
My Mohter is mildly bipolar - remember she walked to the main road to meet the nurse.

The plan of the CDC is to keep the whole population of the world asleep.

It was hard to take - when my best friend and life long neighbor tells me that there these kinds of kids were always around as she stares right at my now grown son.

But she has two two grandsons affected wether she knows it or not. -- And her son-in-law was found dead of a heart attack on the side of an interstate. When is it normal that a 32 year old dies of a heart attack? Yet, she accepts it and won't hear of my observations on vaccine reactions.

I had to slam her the last time we talked for the first time in 20 years -that was two years ago.

For the first time, I took over the conversation and rubbed her nose into things like Kawasakis - high temps after a vaccine - encephalopathy -- and a boot shaped heart - my son.

And so they sleep on, and Daryl will be part of their twisted plan. That is all I meant.


@Benedetta: Admitting that 52-year-old Daryl Hannah has autism is not playing into the CDC's twisted plan, nor anybody else's twisted plan.

If we walk away from the truth, just because it happens to look like it will fit in well with someone else's lies--what does that make us?

It makes us liars.

No. We should meet the truth head on, and see where it leads us.

For all we know, Daryl Hannah may have had a documented vaccine reaction along the way. Or mercury poisoning from another source.

But even if we never find out, we should never, ever walk away from the truth.

That would just put us on the same level as the people we are fighting against.

I REFUSE to descend to their level.


For those who don't think that Daryl Hannah is autistic:

At the age of 2, my child lost speech and eye contact, rocked, banged his head, spun in circles for20 minutes at a time, ignored other children, lined up all his toys, and was diagnosed with autism by no less than 5 experts (we didn't want to accept the diagnosis) . He had previously had a severe reaction to vaccines, and was eventually diagnosed with celiac.

He is in his teens now, and has made wonderful progress. Any autism parent would see him and think, "hmm, Asperger's?" but most of the people he meets have no clue that he is autistic. HE IS VERY, VERY SIMILAR TO WHAT WE SEE IN THE VIDEO OF DARYL. One of the things that made the biggest difference: acting classes, which led to his current passion with theatre.

While I fully support those who turn to biomed and alternative medicine to address autism, we didn't go that way, except for diet. But we also turned away from traditional medicine's view of autism, and forged our own path.

We talk of the children who are cured of the medical issues that cause autism, and who then improve to the point where their symptoms are all but gone. Why on EARTH would anyone on our side assume that Daryl Hannah didn't go through something similar?

Yes, it's TERRIBLY important that we make sure that people like Daryl Hannah (and my son, for that matter) don't become the only face of autism that people see, because then nobody will understand the real disaster. But to deny that people on the edge of the spectrum are affected by autism at all is just shooting ourselves in the foot.

Our job as autism parents should be to say, "yes, Famous Person ______ does have a mild form of autism, and it's wonderful how they've managed to deal with their difficulties. Here is what happens to the children whose difficulties on the same spectrum are much more severe, here is why they will never be able to deal with them the way Famous Person _____ did, and (most importantly) HERE IS ONE (or more) OF THE CAUSES OF THOSE DIFFICULTIES AND WHY WE NEED TO ADDRESS THIS NOW."

We need to address vaccines, first and foremost, but also GMO foods, the dairy industry, ultrasounds in pregnancy, vitamin deficiencies, amalgams, and fluoride.

And we have to remember that we are fighting against an unethical government, the completely corrupted pharmaceutical industry, a health care industry so steeped in propaganda, most of them BELIEVE it, and a population that is being used as pawns by the pharmaceutical industry ("turn in the FLUgitives who have not gotten their flu shot!").

THAT'S what we are fighting against. NOT a retired actress who overcame her autism so well, some of us are kicking ourselves for not having recognized it before.


I think it appears as though Darrly H. Does have autism. She struggled through, but as John said the takeaway message isn't only that she became a star.


Ahhh, well--- all kidding aside.
Brain injuries -are not always easy to decipher by the rest of the population that does not see that person on a day to day basis, or live with them each day.

Daryl was born at a time when we all were all getting DPT shots as babies, but not so many boosters: Hmmm, although we were still getting that small pox vaccine and it was rough one.

Admitting that this 52 year old has autism though; would appear -- to be playing into CDC's twisted -plan, They can present to the general population, who is mindlessly chewing on their cud that there has always been people with autism in the older generations and it is just better diagnosis. .

And since we don't know what the majority of people were like back before 1930s -- well we all can see the problem.

I have been looking at some old films of past generations; Falling huge redwoods with no more than a cross cut saw, or men working in a steel mill with a giant hammer coming down as they held a huge piece of steel under it with prongs, or see old films of them shoeing oxen ---- well my own father carried the mail on horse back up the creek and back - covering 32 miles in one day - in the days of Sears and Roebuck mail orders. We are missing it seems to me; energy and quickness.

Dr. Seigel on Fox news commented once; in an off hand wondering muse about - why was this latest generation needing so many energy drinks???

But this ethyl mercury has been around since the 1930s -- then, My own mother in the late 30s - at age 12 or 13 walked off the creek, down to the main road to meet the county nurse to receive a series of whooping cough vaccines.

She said she had the whooping cough at the same time she was getting the vaccines.

I say she did not have whooping cough, but was reacting to those shots.

I wonder how well Daryl can keep house-- looking on the show "Hoarders" and all -- maybe we can gauge the increase that way???

Or were there always hoarders. Maybe to some degree we all have a bit of hoarder in us. What matters though is the number of hoarders actually having trouble with day to day living, and the severity of hoarding.

Soon no one can go to anyone else's house to visit, but then again did people ever really visit people?


Daryl Hannah is not autistic. Socially awkward, yes. I agree with Anne this revelation sure makes autism seem everywhere and not so bad.

In older interviews Daryl described herself as "weird" as a child and stated she hated her childhood. Also, she saw psychiatrists who recommended institutionalizing her but her mom opted for a Caribbean vacation instead.

She attended USC, dated on of the most beautiful men to ever live and had a very successful movie career.

I'm not buying it.

John Stone

I actually do think Darryl is autistic. There are valuable lessons to be learned for people if they pay attention to her difficulties and idiosyncracies, not many if they conclude all ASD people can really make it to the top because she did, and that there is nothing to worry about.


Daryl is 52.
She is very close to my age.
The first time I ever heard of autism/autistic was on Quincy - the television show that starred Jack Klugman as a medical examiner, working in Los Angeles. It ran from 76 to 83.
Since I was watching it at the time - that means I was out of college, so that is about 1979.

I thought for the longest time Jack Klugman was saying the boy was artistic.
Maybe that was what they were saying of Daryl and she just got confused! :)


It may be that Darryl herself feels there is an environmental causation for her autism. She is an Eco activist and has recently protested the oil pipelines.


Regarding Daryl Hannah, yes, she DOES look like she might be on the Asperger end of the autism spectrum.

Her eye contact is better than most with autism--but it's still not what we see with non-autistic, neurotypical young women. Both eye contact and conversational style are not typical of Hollywood actresses.

Starting at around the 5:30 mark, you can also see that she desperately needs to be doing something with her hands. She twists them for about a minute, and then starts scratching her arms, from elbows to wrists, for the rest of the interview, which is several more minute.

Has anyone else ever seen a Hollywood actress do this?

It would be very interesting to find out how she was able to manage so well.

Many of us autism parents know how valuable theatre classes can be for autistic children: they do everything a good speech therapist would do (appropriate dialog, appropriate facial expression, vocal expression body language, motivations for reactions, etc) and surround the child with neurotypical children to imitate rather than other autistic children.

On top of that, many theatre groups are unusually nurturing and accepting of children who seem a bit different.

She was also a vegetarian from an early age, so perhaps escaped the antibiotics and RBGH most of us eat, and she was born in the generation that had only 7 vaccines by the end of high school, none in the first two months of life. She now apparently eats a "raw" diet--which means that for all practical purposes, she is almost certainly gluten-free, and perhaps casein-free as well.

Currently, she "lives off the grid," so perhaps she is also not dealing with whatever electromagnetic radiation and cell phone currents that may impact brain function.

Is this the same as a child who has chronic severe intestinal pain, autoimmune issues, encephalopathy, seizure disorders, etc., and a diagnosis of profound autism? No, of course not. But it is still autism, and we should not deny it.

Unfortunately, they will try to hold her up as an example of "the face of autism" in such a way as to cover up the existence of profound autism.

We should acknowledge what's true in cases like hers, not argue with it, and still find a way to show THE REST OF THE TRUTH.


Re Darryl Hannah - Who knows what the truth is regarding what she suffered from as a child, but you would expect to find some adult cases because there were vaccines back then (DTP, polio, smallpox), just not as many, and some of those cases would probably be milder than if those adults were subjected to today's schedule. If Darryl Hannah had been born after 1980 or 1990, her symptoms might have been a lot worse.

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