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Dachel Media Review: Playground, New School, Baby Expo

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Sept 6, 2013, NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA: Playground at Virginia Institute of Autism a Success

Sept 5, 2013, CBS Philly: New School In Montgomery County Caters To Kids With Autism

Sept 5, 2013, Long Beach Post: Natural and Holistic Baby Expo Brings Alternatives to Long Beach Parents

NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA

"A new addition to the Virginia Institute of Autism is giving students reasons to play and giving them more motivation to do their work. The Virginia Institute of Autism hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new playground at 10 a.m. Friday.

"Proceeds from Charlottesville Restaurant Week earlier this year, and donations from other individuals and businesses have gone toward a new playground at VIA. It's now finished and it's getting both students and teachers excited.

"The school has been at its current site since 2001. Most of the playground equipment was donated and it had worn over the years."

Nice human interest story about a speiclal playground for ASD kids. one is asking WHY we suddenly have to provide for lots of children with serious special needs who never used to be here.

Did we previously just keep these kids home in closets?
We now have "Autism-friendly" movies and even Broadway plays.
We have "Sensitive Santas" in the local mall at Christmas.
We have "Sensory Friendly" hotels and resorts.
Special story times at the library for ASD kids are common today.
There are now Autism-friendly restaurants and more...
We can take pride at being enlightened enough today to provide for PDD/ASD kids.
During the past 4,000 years, I guess the human race didn't care about this disabled population. Shame on them!

Thanks to the wonderful world of modern medicine we now recognize the children who can't speak, who flap their hands, repeat phrases endlessly, and bang their heads AUTISTIC.
CBS Philly

"Wednesday was the first day of a new school in Jenkintown, Pa. catering to the needs of children with autism.

"A Step Up Academy is an independent school located on the campus of Abington Friends School."
New school for autistic kids. How nice. We're building whole schools for a disorder that's always been around.

How much does this school cost? No mention. Eventually, they hope to have eight student per class through fourth grade.

So 32 children whose families can afford it will get an adequate education. What about the thousands of other kids in PA?

Long Beach Post
"These practices and much more will be presented and discussed at the first-ever Natural and Holistic Baby Expo (NAHBE), being held this Saturday at the Bungalow Arts Building from 11AM to 4PM.

"NAHBE, which will bring together families and expectant parents with natural and holistic practitioners, products and information, is the brainchild of Kawani Brown, with help from her husband Edward Yniguez, who opened Zen Baby Shop Downtown just over a year ago to offer 'all things natural, organic and holistic.'"

I'm stunned.  This is mainstream media allowing people to promote natural and holistic approaches to childcare---including alternatives to vaccination.

I posted comments.


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