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Dachel Media Review: Brit Boys, ER Lessons As Epidemic Ages

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's comments on the mainstream news reports after the jump.

Sept 3, 2013, UK Daily Mail: Five-year-old children arrive in primary school still in NAPPIES and unable to speak or recognise their own name

Sept 2, 2013, Pittsburgh Tribune: Autism experts help ease ER trips

Pittsburgh Tribune

"'I said long ago, everyone in a hospital should know about autism. An ER is a scary place to any kid, and with these kids, it's just magnified,' she said.

"Joann Migyanka taught children with autism for 10 years before she joined the faculty at IUP. She now teaches at the university and consults on autism.

"She said professionals in all fields need additional training to deal with individuals with limited communication and social skills.

"'That first wave, who were children when we started to see the rise of autism, are becoming adults.

They are in the community. They're accessing health care just like any other adult or adolescent,' Migyanka said, adding that people with autism can become combative if restrained or approached briskly. ...

"In emergency room nurse practitioner at York Hospital, Bleecher said the association's members report seeing more patients with autism every year.

"'They definitely present some special challenges. We're going to do more education on it next year,' Bleecher said."

This is insane. We're told how difficult it can be for ASD patients in the ER. Doctors and nurses need more training--"the first wave" of autistic children are now adults.....they present a problem in the ER.
This is how willing we are do see the disaster unfold and do nothing. NOTHING. We won't ask why. We won't sound worried. We just surrender to autism becoming more and more of a crisis. We're adjusting. How much worse can it get?
Three comments were posted when I read this. They were from people who sounded happy about the staff getting this training because they're worried about their kids. I didn't post. Autism is just a fact of life for kids now so anything I might say wouldn't make any sense.

UK Daily Mail

"Poor British white boys less likely to succeed than nearly any other group.

"More than 60 per cent of primary school staff reported increase in number of children wetting or soiling themselves at school.

"Almost one fifth of four-to-five-year-olds could not sound or name the letters of the alphabet
Report suggested that traditionally white working class families put a low value on education."
Are we really to believe that kids can't speak and lash out because parents don't value education?  Maybe we should blame video games, DVDs, or cell phones.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

Do you suppose that any of the "experts" who gave their opinion, actually spoke to the parents of those children?

Vicki Hill

When I read that article blaming the 'working class families', I kept thinking - But nearly everyone was working class in the Middle Ages and during the Industrial Revolution. And the parents were illiterate, plus had lots of kids. Often one or both parents died while the kids were young, leaving one parent to raise them alone or they were orphaned. Yet still - the kids learned to talk and were not wearing diapers at age 5. There are no reports of large numbers of feral kids roaming the streets back then.

It boggles the mind that so-called professionals can come up with such a weak theory as blaming the parents for 5 yo's who can't speak and who aren't toilet-trained.

beth johnson

The comments about the British boys wearing nappies who can't speak were ridiculous. Yes, the parents just don't care about education, it's their fault their boys are like this. I thought Americans were the kings of crass and stupid internet comments, but apparently not.

Beyond a Mad Mad World

So, 1/5 kids show up not able to talk - and it is because the parents jyst did not teach them.

So there was no talking going on around them at all -- they are like the wild children put out in the woods to be raised by dogs?

Only they are raised by poor white parents - that never speak period and don't bother to potty train their kids.

But they are wearing diapers -- some one cares enough to buy those expensive bigger diapers and change them too. But those evil poor parents don't care enough about thier kids to train them to potty.

I am confused and dazzed and confussed?

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