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Canary Party Video Highlights US Vax Injury Compensation Program Failures

Canary final logoThe Canary Party Highlights the Failures Reported by Families of the U.S. Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to Perform its Intended Role
Why do 1 in 50 U.S. children have autism? Do vaccines cause autism? What is the VICP? How does the U.S. government really treat children injured by vaccines?

Those questions are answered in a compelling video from the Canary Party, a political group that stands up for victims of medical injury, environmental toxins and industrial foods. Though dozens of published studies show that vaccines are linked to autism, and tens of thousands of reports per year of post-vaccinal regression continue to roll in to the CDC, according to The Canary Party, the U.S. government and pharmaceutical companies routinely deny it – and prevent vaccine injury victims from receiving treatment and justice.

The new video is narrated by actor/comedian/activist Rob Schneider, a parent concerned about government intrusion into families’ healthcare choices for their children, and the increasing reports of vaccine-injured children. When the SNL alum was approached about the project, he was eager to sign on, saying, “This fight is like the Civil Rights fight. I only hope this is 1963... not 1953!” Schneider does not have a vaccine injured child, but was disturbed by what he learned about the vaccine program while looking in to vaccinating his own baby, “What upset me the most is the inequity in this system. Parents vaccinate their children after being told that it will keep their child healthy. Then when some suffer devastating disability instead, the system abandons them and sweeps the damage under the carpet. No one is accountable, these families are left devastated and it’s wrong."

The video illustrates The Canary Party's understanding of how the current autism epidemic is rooted in the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which Congress passed to shield vaccine manufacturers from liability for injuries and deaths caused by vaccines. “Reports of adverse reactions to the diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (DTP) vaccine had caused consumers to question its safety, and manufacturers lobbied for relief from potential lawsuits,” said Ginger Taylor, Vice President of The Canary Party. “With that financial obstacle removed, pharmaceutical companies then pushed government agencies to add more and more vaccines to the recommended childhood schedule.”

In the 27 years since VICP was created, Congress has never investigated the program to explore the possible negative health effects of giving 70+ vaccinations to a child,” said Wayne Rohde, who has submitted dozens of FOIA requests to CDC on vaccine safety issues only to have them ignored. “Currently 1 in 6 children receive special education (3) and HHS reports that 50% of children have a chronic medical condition such as asthma, allergies, diabetes or immune disorders (4).” ...

“We are thrilled that Rep. Darrell Issa will be holding a second round of vaccine hearings this fall in the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, to examine just what is happening in the VICP,” said Canary Party President Jennifer Larson. “We are eager for Congress and the American people to see just how far the program has strayed from what it was intended to be when Congress put it in place in the 1980s. It has failed families and become nothing more than a tool to protect vaccine makers and cover government malfeasance in the vaccine program, to the detriment of countless children.”

The Canary Party hopes that the video will help people understand the true reasons why the vaccine debate on autism continues, and focus public and media attention on the upcoming Congressional Oversight Committee hearings in November 2013.


trina Aurin

I will forward this to many of my friends but I sure wish this could be on network TV! People just do not know this info...I am one person and will share but all America needs to know this!

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you Canary Party and Rob Schneider. The video is very well done. May it lead to more awareness that even trusted and well-meaning practices need checks and balance and sometimes reform.

John Stone

With respect to Wayne Rohde's comments I think my old article 'Paul Offit and Milgram Experiment' puts in perspective what a try-on this is.


It doen't matter how many vaccines, don't ask, don't think - that's someone else's job. Or is it?

Creating the open ended mandate is most one extraordinary and most negligent deeds imaginable - a three decade liability free corporate orgy, with global consequences.

john p. crouch

Government mandated product + lIA bility sheild = Disaster !!

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