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Agent Orange, Corporatism, Government, Coleen Boyle…. and Autism?


By Dawn Loughborough

“What’s past is prologue.”

Autism prevalence is 1 in 50 in the U.S.  How is the Agent Orange health compensation fiasco for Veterans the same as Vaccine Safety and Autism?  Thousands of Viet Nam Veterans exposed to the chemical Agent Orange were denied compensation, there was an obstruction of justice, and it took a directive from Congress to fix it over the course of 30 years.

Congress issued a directive for federal agency vaccine safety studies including baseline studies to show exposure and health outcomes (VICA Section 27). In a rising autism epidemic, unfettered science and detailed analysis hold promise for answers, but data is far from available and the process for collection and access to de-identified data remains stymied.

And according to information obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, obstructions of justice that may have denied thousands of vaccine injured children with Autism compensation in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program appears to have been revealed through malfeasance in CDC science studies, possible destruction of early 1990’s government studies showing mercury issues,  alleged removal of unvaccinated children from the data sources making it harder to perform vaccinated v unvaccinated studies, and barred transparency to the Vaccine Safety Datalink for independent research.

Chairman Issa of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, currently conducting the complex Benghazi investigation, says that when a plane crashes, investigators produce crash reports that record the tiniest details and put together the pieces to explain what happened. The public desires that same “crash report” approach for children’s health epidemics.

But Coleen Boyle, a director of the CDC department involved in childhood developmental Coleen boyledisabilities and autism prevalence studies has down played Autism as an epidemic and the science-related vaccine concerns in her congressional testimonies.  Autism prevalence has not been reported in terms of categories of autisms. It is unknown, for example, how many children developed normally and then regressed into Autism and following what exposures.

In reviewing prevalence counting and exposure concerns, the Viet Nam Veteran presents a historical context for the living history families are experiencing as part of the Autism Epidemic.  How is Autism like Agent Orange? Here is the story.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 1983 became responsible for the prevalence counting for Viet Nam veterans exposed to Agent Orange, a jungle defoliant chemical, made by Monsanto and Dow chemical companies, associated with causing complex multi-system diseases.

Viet Nam Veterans were denied acknowledgment of and compensation for debilitating illnesses after they were exposed to Agent Orange in the jungles of Viet Nam.  In fact, it was not until an Admiral Zumwalt testified via classified hearings in Congress in 1990 that Veterans started to see scientific studies confirming their illnesses and compensation relief from the health outcome atrocities they experienced through exposure to this chemical.

Agent Orange exposure was considered harmless by the government, and the burden lay with veterans who had to prove that there were chemical exposure health related illnesses. And then, after proving relationship in causation, the government produced studies that further denied claims of injured Veterans, thereby protecting the chemical companies.  Denial was based upon coincidence, but it turns out there were those who knew about the dangers of Agent Orange as early as 1964:

“DA NANG, Vietnam — James R. Clary was a young Air Force officer and scientist who designed the spray tank for the C-123 cargo planes that dispensed Agent Orange and other herbicides during the Vietnam War.

Thirteen years after the conflict ended, with serious concerns being raised in Congress about the effects of defoliants on veterans’ health, Clary dropped a startling bombshell: Military scientists had known that herbicides shipped to Vietnam were contaminated with dioxin and had “the potential for damage” to human health.

“However, because the material was to be used on the ‘enemy,’ none of us were overly concerned,” Clary wrote to then-Sen. Tom Daschle, D-S.D. “We never considered a scenario in which our own personnel would become contaminated with the herbicide.”

Full story here:

Similar to what parents are told after they witness their children’s regression into Autism following vaccine exposure, Viet Nam Veterans were denied answers. Having mystery around potential causes has obstructed medical treatment innovation, compensation, and justice to both soldiers and now children who are victims of the war on infectious disease.

The CDC was asked to report on prevalence numbers. The process the CDC went through was to determine who had been exposed and when. Later these studies were used to determine those who would be compensated for health related issues caused by exposure to Agent Orange.

According to Admiral Zumwalt’s 1990 testimony, which is now unclassified, the studies were abysmal. Admiral Zumwalt’s testimony stated that the CDC diluted results to deny claims of veterans and the Agent Orange prevalence method was manipulative against Viet Nam Veterans seeking justice. He stated:

“After reviewing the scientific literature related to the health effects of Vietnam Veterans exposed to Agent Orange … I conclude that there is adequate evidence for the Secretary to reasonably conclude that … there is a relationship between exposure to Agent Orange and the following health problems: non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, … bone cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, birth defects, skin cancer, porphyria cutanea tarda and other liver disorders, Hodgkin’s disease, hematopoietic diseases, multiple myeloma, neurological defects, auto-immune diseases and disorders, leukemia, lung cancer, kidney cancer, malignant melanoma, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, nasal/pharyngeal/esophageal cancers, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, liver cancer, brain cancer, psychosocial effects and gastrointestinal diseases.

 I further conclude that the Veterans’ Advisory Committee on Environmental Hazards has not acted with impartiality in its review and assessment of the scientific evidence related to the association of adverse health effects and exposure to Agent Orange.”

This is similar to the concerns raised by parents of children with regressive Autism who have witnessed the cascading effects of vaccine injury and multi-system damage. Thousands of families were involved in an Autism Omnibus class action suit that would have been one of the largest government compensation programs mounting potential pay outs in the trillion dollar amounts.
One family alone had received compensation ordered for $20 million dollars for vaccine damage that led to the child’s symptoms of Autism. Imagine the incentive to deny vaccine compensation for Autism and hide the fact that there were problems with vaccines, such as mercury in Thimerosal, from the public to protect the National Vaccine Program.

The admiral continued:

“Unfortunately, as hearings before the Human Resources and Intergovernmental Relations Subcommittee on July 11, 1989 revealed, the design, implementation and conclusions of the CDC study were so ill conceived as to suggest that political pressures once again interfered with the kind of professional, unbiased review Congress had sought to obtain.”

He went on to describe how the prevalence counting methods were changed and re-issued, how veterans were re-grouped creating further delays and confusion around identifying prevalence and how the numbers were manipulated to describe specific outcomes. The CDC said the company-specific records were unreliable, however, military records and peer reviewed data by the American Legion showed a reliable exposure classification system essential to epidemiologic studies of Vietnam Veterans.

The CDC studies protected the industry over the veterans and up until Admiral Zumwalt’s testimony negated compensation and health justice for our veterans. In an article written in the Chicago Tribune Watchdog here is what was stated about veteran Jack Cooley:

"The government has been slow to recognize the connection between wartime service and debilitating diseases that strike Vietnam veterans decades later. Even when they suffer from conditions officially linked to Agent Orange, veterans can wait years for their requests for disability compensation to run through the VA system.”

So what was Coleen Boyle’s role in Agent Orange? In 1984 she joined the CDC as part of the prevalence reporting team for Agent Orange on the VES Mortality Study Staff.  In 1987, this study staff said that there was not a causal connection between Agent Orange exposure and health outcomes of veterans.

“As part of the Agent Orange staff, Dr. Boyle served as the principal investigator for the Vietnam Experience mortality studies and as senior epidemiologist for a large, multi-centered cancer case-control study.”

After the date of the congressional hearing with Admiral Zumwalt, Coleen Boyle was listed as part of a study that looked at the prevalence of Viet Nam veterans who had children with spina bifida called “The Embryo Study”.  The study showed that those men who had reported a higher exposure to Agent Orange had a higher than normal likelihood of fathering children with spina bifida.

In 2001, Dr. Boyle transferred from Viet Nam Veterans to Children. She was named the Associate Director for Science and Public Health for the then newly created National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) at CDC.  In October 2004, Dr. Boyle was appointed the Director of the Division of Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, NCBDDD.  Dr. Jose Cordero, director of CDC's National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disability, announced that Dr. Coleen Boyle had accepted the position of director.  Dr. Boyle joined the Interagency Autism Coordinating Council (IACC) as a Federal member in 2010.



Monsanto: The Donald Rumsfeld of Corporations, a Brief History (from 2009)


I am an adult child of a Vietnam Veteran, and I'm also a Gulf War era veteran. I personally believe there is a correlation between Agent Orange and autism rates that have been ignored.

There are children of Vietnam veterans who enlisted themselves and served in the military with undiagnosed autism spectrum disorders. Take on one hand the Agent Orange exposure my generation of veterans had in-utero through epigenetics by their Vietnam era veteran parents and combine that with the chemical storm given to us by the vaccines given during basic training and deployment, you have created the perfect situation to cause chemically induced autoimmune disorders and cancers.


I showed this to a guy at work who is Vietnam Vet Agent Orange victim, he is now a cancer survivor. Wow, was he livid after he read it! Says that they dragged it out hoping they would all die.


How is it that Coleen Boyle was not indicted for TREASON decades ago? She did not just sell out, she sold her soul for what? A govt. paycheck and a govt. pension? I cannot fathom the depths of man's inhumanity to mankind.

wendy maxey

Hello ~ my ex husband served in Viet Nam. He has filed and won compensation for agent orange exposure. I gave birth to a daughter with Down Syndome and severe medical priblems. She lived a little over a year before multipe surgeries had their toll on her.
We are no longer married, i get that, but shouldn't i be compensated in some way also? Could i be? Anyone have a similar situation? Thanks
[email protected]

Sue Morgan

That Harry Potter Professor was Dolores Umbridge. Colleen Boyle is her twin.


Agent orange is responsible for my child's heart defect which required open heart surgery at 8 months of age just prior to our adoption of her completing. She is from Vietnam and her province is still suffering with birth defects and disease.

It will never end. She has a 50% chance of passing this genetic mutation onto her children.
I hate everyone. Boyle. Monsanto. The Military. Big pharma. All of them are headed for hell. I hope.

Jeannette Bishop

Anyone know if the Vietnam vets were vaccinated as well, perhaps more than soldiers would have been prior or with something experimental as in the Gulf War? I can't help thinking how so many Vietnam vets had psychological troubles that weren't so widely associated with previous wars (though I can't be sure the earlier wars weren't similar but less discussed especially when subjects like shell-shock in WWI come up) and it seems like most attributed this to the lack of public support for the war, the greater questionability of motives for the war, etc., perhaps a younger age for the draft. I'm also wondering if they were dealing with an unprecedented toxic insult, perhaps with a preference to give agent orange all the credit if concerns are raised?

As we may be seeing with Gulf War Syndrome: first denied, then attributed to a cloudy possibility of multiple exposures with vaccines being only one. And I think vaccines were only included because individuals were speaking out about losing health following vaccines for Gulf War service. It's hard to believe the government couldn't have been more specific in pinpointing the most culpable exposures with some study if there was honest intent, but I wonder if because vaccines particularly are in use all the time with everyone, and because I think they are hoping to establish the use of a new adjuvant (like squalene) in some of our vaccines (maybe because they are aware they can't keeping using more aluminum or al/hg in combination without toxicity issues becoming more than can be denied?) if that exposure in military isn't getting more protection than it deserves, perhaps historically?

Kathy Sera

So sad! These boys were in High School one day and on a battle field the next. Most of them had no idea why the hell they were even over there. Fighting for what?? To make the rich cats in Washington richer?
Same thing applies with vaccines today. Our Government has given the okay to poison our kids with so many toxins. 1 in 6 with learning disabilities. 1 in 50 with Autism. Meanwhile they have the Pediatricians and Nurses doing the pencil pushing for them.
For those who continue to watch Good Morning America and the Today show and actually bye into the bullcrap that vaccines are actually safe, you are nothing but a fool!
Remember this..if you think you have escaped Autism and other horrific damage that comes from vaccines, think again.
Your typical children will grow up and have kids of their own. The stats keep growing every minute of everyday.
Don't be a fool, read the insert package. We are being lied to. All these parents can't be wrong,
Educate For Our Injured and For your own kids, and grandchildren!


Shawn Siegel

As current realities are epilogue: by 2017, 1 in 10 boys will be on the spectrum; by 2022, 1 in 5; by 2022, 1 in 2... and on into Never Never Land.


"This is absolutely sickening. It leaves me speechless with a knot in my stomach. This has been done in our lifetime to these men and their families. Who could be foolish enough to think it wouldn't happen again, only those paid to say it won't."

During the Vietnam war about 500 US troops went AWOL in country and set up a mini CIA-like drug running operation. They were well armed and good fighters. It was decided to spray these troops with a chemical weapon, Sarin. This would provide a great human testof this weapon. This was done; the Sarin worked poorly.

We must realize our "government" who is supposed to be "of the people" OFTEN ends up murdering the people for all the good reasons.

Autism is just one more instance of this general rule.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Benedetta, That is extremely interesting about spina bifida and the folic acid solution.. You have great historical perspective and that is really what this particular topic is all about. Its very interesting that the soldiers actually realized that it was the vaccines causing their health problems. That could be one reason for so many young parents looking critically at vaccines in todays world.
I think this article implies just more work for all of us (smiley face) We now realize that we cant just stay in the narrow area of autism (actually not so narrow) - but we have to get out there and fight for health freedom. We have to roll back this current culture of chemicals, medicines and vaccines, before it is too late . By late I mean that the US could have a populace that is so used to these things, that they continue to travel on this current trajectory.

Jim Thompson

Thank you Dawn. Here is an excerpt of the testimony of Coleen Boyle before the congressional committee. She reponds as follows to questions about the safety of vaccines, the safety of Thimerosal, and related studies co-authored by Poul Thorsen:

“Mr. POSEY. My time is very limited here. So, clearly, definitely,
unequivocally you have studied vaccinated versus unvaccinated?
Ms. BOYLE. We have not studied vaccinated versus unvaccinated.
Mr. POSEY. Okay. Never mind, so just stop there. That was the
meaning of my question. You wasted 2 minutes of my time.
What steps has the CDC undertaken to ensure the integrity of
the research that was performed by Dr. Thorson, who, as you
know, has been indicted for misconduct and misallocation of resources?
Ms. BOYLE. So Dr. Thorson, who was a co-investigator on a couple
of studies that came out on autism, was really just one investigator.
And that body of evidence related to vaccines and autism.
Mr. POSEY. Have you gone back to validate the variety of studies
he participated in? I mean, you know this guy is a humongous
scumbag, one of the most wanted men on earth, and you relied
upon him for data to determine whether thimerosal had a negative
Ms. BOYLE. So two studies don’t conclude a body of work. The
body of work that is relating vaccines to autism is a large collection
of studies.
Mr. POSEY. You told me you only had two studies related to vaccines,
vaccinated and unvaccinated, so you must figure two studies
must have some weight. I am running out of time quickly here.
You mentioned that you only have thimerosal in multi-vial. Why is
Ms. BOYLE. I was actually going to get that information for the
Mr. POSEY. Okay. Because I would think if they only have it in
multi-vial, if they eliminated having it in all the other vials, there
was a reason.
Ms. BOYLE. There is definitely a reason, so I was going to clarify
that. There are single-dose vials and multi-dose vials.
Mr. POSEY. And they took it all out of everything but the multidose
Ms. BOYLE. That is correct.
Mr. POSEY. How many multi-dose vials are there?
Ms. BOYLE. I can provide you that information.”

See , page 50.

Poul Thorsen is still listed as “most wanted” here .

barbara j

Monsanto knew their phenol was contaminated with dioxin, and that mothers all over the country were spraying their pails and cribs with lysol..anyone care? Was this front page news? Is this the first you heard of this? and..that folks is how it works..
We took "most thimerosal out", yet the prospect of ending autism suggested "we" really couldn't take that we put it back in for pregnant women and kids in their flu vaccines.."we" call it trace amounts in many others...and that's how it is. We stand by our belief that it was never used in live viral vaccines, yet mumblings suggest small amounts in processing..I can't prove it..but I do believe that's how it is.. It would be a disaster of huge consequence if the truth emerged, so we don't protect the children we protect the vaccine industry and the government that sponsors it. and...


Wow - I wonder where she was at prior to 1984? Did she come out of college, the military, tobacco science, cancer "research," or did she come straight from hell?


Did anyone ever pay any kind of penalty for Agent Orange? I don't mean compensation to the soldiers and civilians. I mean, did anyone lose their job or pay a personal fine or did anyone go to prison for releasing it and for the cover-up?

Son In Recovery

On April 11th I received a letter from my attorney and a check for reimbursement of my filing fee for vaccine court. I so didn't want to cash that check - I didn't want to acknowledge that I accepted the ruling by the court. But then I thought about how many supplements I could buy and went to the bank. The way I see it is that my son is at least on a list - maybe 30 years from now he and all the other vaccine injured kids will be compensated.

Cynthia Cournoyer

The scary thing is, if government is capable of so much deception, what role could they possibly play in fixing it?


WOW she was trained early on. Cold hearted-fill in the blank.


Coleen -- you might have to take a position in Denmark?

Anne McElroy Dachel

Agent Orange--vaccines...both topics concern government programs. And when it comes to the vaccine program, the real question is: Who will be held responsible if it's clearly shown that a government mandated vaccine schedule is behind the exponential increase in disabled and chronically ill children?

"According to Admiral Zumwalt's 1990 testimony, which is now unclassified, the studies were abysmal. Admiral Zumwalt's testimony stated that the CDC diluted results to deny claims of veterans and the Agent Orange prevalence method was manipulative against Viet Nam Veterans seeking justice."

What's the difference between the CDC's cover up of Agent Orange and how they've unfailingly talked about autism? Every increase has been no real increase. Nothing to worry about. And if they can't show a true increase, then the ever-increasing vaccine schedule is off the hook.

NY Times 2007:
Autism rate one in 150.
"And the new numbers are not likely to settle the continuing debates about whether there has been a true rise in autism and, if so, the underlying causes of that increase.

"'Our estimates are becoming better and more consistent, though we can't yet tell if there is a true increase in autism spectrum disorders or if the changes are the result of our better studies,' the disease centers' director, Dr. Julie L. Gerberding, said in a statement. 'We do know, however, that these disorders are affecting too many children.'

"Dr. Fred R. Volkmar, director of the Child Study Center at Yale University School of Medicine, said, 'It appears that the rates are unchanged over the past 20 years or so, but it is important to track these numbers.'"

NBC News 2009: Autism rate one in 110.

"The increase may be due in part to better diagnosis and changes in how well records of it were kept in the study sites, said Catherine Rice, a CDC behavioral scientist who worked on the new report."

"'At this point its impossible to say how much is a true increase and how much is identification,' she said, in a Friday news conference."

CDC 2012: Autism rate one in 88:

"Study results from the 2008 surveillance year show 11.3 per 1,000 8-year-old children have been identified as having an ASD. This marks a 23 percent increase since the last report in 2009. Some of this increase is due to the way children are identified, diagnosed and served in their communities, although exactly how much is due to these factors is unknown. "To understand more, we need to keep accelerating our research into risk factors and causes of autism spectrum disorders," said Coleen Boyle, Ph.D., M.S.Hyg., director of CDC's National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities."

Mar 2013: Autism rate one in 50.

"Conclusions-The results of the cohort analyses increase confidence that differential survey measurement error over time was not a major contributor to observed changes in the prevalence of parent-reported ASD. Rather, much of the prevalence increase from 2007 to 2011-2012 for school-aged children was the result of diagnoses of children with previously unrecognized ASD."

"Together, these findings suggest that the increase in prevalence of parent-reported ASD may have resulted from improved ascertainment of ASD by doctors and other health care professionals in recent years, especially when the symptoms are mild. Changes in the ascertainment of ASD could occur because of changes in ASD awareness among parents or health care professionals, increased access to diagnostic services, changes in how screening tests or diagnostic criteria are used, or increased special education placements in the community."

Christina Waldman

I heard Colleen Boyle say in the latest Congressional hearings, "I don't know anything about vaccines."


My understanding is that Agent Orange was developed for agricultural purposes by scientists at Yale but once the DoD got a hold of it they used in a way it was never intended. The Yale scientist involved in the original research wrote letters and tried to warn against its use but DoD used it anyway. They knew. Just like the CDC docs know.

Watch this "Dark Matters" episode about the history Agent Orange here:


Are you kidding -- really!


Ahhh, What was that little bitty woman that always wore pink in the Harry Potter books-- she seemed so sweet but was so very evil. How did J.K. Rowlings know about Coleen? She has to be the perosn that Ms. Rowlings based that character off of????

We lost another Viet Nam veteran in our community five years ago to brain cancer, he was a wonderful person and he went quietly into the night, telling us all it was Agent Orange, but how do you fight a government for compensation that they have decided not to give you?

And as for spina bifida -- it was very common in in the community and churches for such children. When I went in to have my kids - the gyno offices were filled with postures of little kids in leg braces and then there was that big push - that if mothers would just take folic acid -- all spina bifida would go away.

And it did finally stop happening.

It has just been one big lie after another since I can remmember and I keep thinking it is all in Washington but it is right here - in my own backyard.

Coleen if we look hard enough will we find you sitting in the middle of the mess of when the veterans came back from the first Gulf War and started getting sick from the vaccines. Same game - the officials said they would find the cause to this mysterious disease too- and would help the veterans --- it would not be like it was in Viet Nam. A few years later while we were sitting at a dinner table with my husband's co workers, we discussed vaccines - what it did to my kids -- and a young guy at the table said his brother was in the Gulf War and they all knew it was the vaccines.

What is next -- we find Coleen is in on the Lariam deal too????

We are supposed to have the best government that the human race can think up --- and still it is no better when it comes to poisoning it's people than some dictator in the Mid East is in yielding Saran Gas. Only in a dictatorship we hold one man responsible -- while our many criminals hide behind and among the ranks of bureaucrats.


"Military scientists had known that herbicides shipped to Vietnam were contaminated with dioxin and had “the potential for damage” to human health.

“However, because the material was to be used on the ‘enemy,’ none of us were overly concerned,” Clary wrote to then-Sen. Tom Daschle, D-S.D."

Isn't that chemical warfare?

Dan E. Burns

Good work, Dawn. Someday we might want to look into "Peace Villages" like the ones in Vietnam for Agent Orange victims, paid for in part by vets who participated in the poisoning and by the US Military. Worth a Google. Would Pharma and government fund "peace villages" for our vaccine injured children?


This from A-CHAMPS is relevant to this topic- shows the CDC has it WRONG on the Thorsen thimerosal studies.

This has got to be an "Awww sh-t!!!!" moment for CDC when they realize that their own 2013 study so thoroughly debunks the early 2000's coverup.

I've been saying it for years- people are going to go to jail over vaccine safety tobacco science.


This is absolutely sickening. It leaves me speechless with a knot in my stomach. This has been done in our lifetime to these men and their families. Who could be foolish enough to think it wouldn't happen again, only those paid to say it won't.


Great article! Thank you!

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