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Weekly Wrap: Another Medical Practice with a Sane Vaccine Schedule – and No Autism

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted
When we at Age of Autism talk about ending the epidemic, the “to do” list seems almost overwhelming – funding a vax-unvaxed study, getting mercury out of flu shots, proving the HepB shot is nuts, wresting control of the agenda from pharma, fixing Vaccine Court (this time in the good sense of “fix”), establishing that biomedical treatments help kids recover, and on and on.
But there’s a shortcut to all this, and it goes straight through pediatricians’ offices. The evidence is growing that where a sane alternative to the CDC’s bloated vaccine schedule is offered, and other reasonable changes adopted, autism is either non-existent or so infrequent that it doesn’t constitute an epidemic at all.
The latest example comes from Lynchburg, Va., and the pediatric practice of Dr. Elizabeth Mumper. She noticed a frightening rise in autism in the 1990s. Concerned that vaccines and other medical interventions might be playing a role – concerned in other words that SHE was playing a role -- Mumper changed course.
Fewer vaccines. Fewer antibiotics. No Tylenol. Breast-feeding. Probiotics. Good, pesticide free diets.
Since then, hundreds more children have been seen in her practice, Advocates For Children. But no more autism.
Mumper’s study (read it here), recently published in the North American Journal of Medicine & Science, begins with a useful way of describing the epic increase in the disorder – 100-fold since 1975:
“During the author’s career, reported prevalence of autism increased from 1 in 5,000 (1975) to 1 in 2,500 (1985), to 1 in 500 (1995) to 1 in 250 (~2001) to 1 in 166 (~2004) to 1 in 88 (~2008) to 1 in 50 (2013); all reflected birth cohorts born earlier. Further research into autism prevalence studies have debunked the initial contention that higher numbers could be explained away by better diagnosis and broadening of diagnostic criteria. …
“The horrifying increase in the numbers of children with neurodevelopmental problems happened on our watch. It was frustrating for me and my colleagues to see more children with autism while the debate over whether the autism epidemic was real, whether parents could be trusted to give histories about their own children, and whether there really was a regressive sub-type of autism went on for years. There have been missed opportunities for treatment and possibly prevention.”
Mumper’s modified vaccine schedule doesn’t follow the CDC’s, but still gives kids the shots they need to enter kindergarten unless they get an exemption -- see nvic.org.  Here it is (click to enlarge):
Mumper Vaccine Schedule

What I notice among other things is the absence of HepB starting at birth, no rotarvirus (sorry, Paul), no flu shot in pregnancy and infancy, a potent source of mercury; the MMR is pushed back to age 2 and chickenpox to as late as age 5.

This is not radical, at least outside the world of the CDC’s wacky, pharma-driven vaccine schedule. But the impact of this and the other changes on autism seems quite amazing. Mumper points out that because she made several changes in her practice, it's impossible to attribute the effect to any one cause. Nonetheless, the fastest-growing childhood disorder of our time just hasn’t been showing up – unlike the 1990s, when the increase was so stark it convinced her an epidemic was unfolding.
“Results: In the current research, there are no new cases of autism out of the 294 cases recognized and recorded, resulting in 0% prevalence of ASD. Based on the CDC background risk of autism of 1 in 50 for the cohort born around 2005 we would expect to have about 6 new cases of autism in our practice. … Using the CDC autism rate of 1 in 50 reported in 2013 (but based on surveys of eight year old children), the expected rate for our 294 patients starting in 2005 would be 5.88 children with autism. Zero new cases of autism would occur by chance 1.4% of the time (p-value 0.014, significant at 0.05).”

A further nuance: Another study out this week focused on the high risk of autism in younger siblings of children with autism, and its supposed confirmation of a genetic basis. Not so in Mumper’s practice:

“Examination of family histories identified 6 males with an older autistic sibling and 6 females with an older autistic sibling. Based on a recurrence risk for autism of 26.2% for males with an autistic sibling and 9.1% for females with an autistic sibling we would have expected 1.5 males with autism and 0.5 females (sic).”

But there were none, of course. While that didn’t reach statistical significance due to sample size, it suggests to me that even in families that may have a predisposition – the genes that are the be-all and end-all for most autism research -- a reasonably modest change in pediatric medical practices might forestall that outcome in younger siblings.

Mumper calls this observation “modest,” and it is. (Mumper carefully notes that after the paper was reviewed, one child was referred on suspicion of autism but no diagnosis has been made. The findings would still be statistically significant “but just barely.”) But it’s part of a pattern that is anything but. Over and over, we’re seeing that even a modest adaptation to the CDC’s crazed vaccine schedule, and other out-of-control interventions, leads to a startling drop in autism – a drop to zero or thereabouts.

When I began with that long to-do list, I didn’t mean it could be discarded, sadly. The current Berlin Wall of denial around vaccine injury needs to be attacked on all fronts and from every side, to mangle metaphors. In a rational world, the testimony of so many parents, the Poling concession, the Verstraeten and Simpsonwood evidence, the Amish, HomeFirst, and now the Mumper study, would provoke massive and urgent changes in public policy.

But those policies are caught in the vise of public-private partnerships from hell that have caused untold damage in all kinds of ways. 

To range seemingly far afield, Rolling Stone has an article this week on how the unchecked tuition hikes that are behind the $1 trillion student debt catastrophe are the result of big business (colleges) and big government (via loan collections) raking in big bucks.

Nobody is representing the interests of the poor students, who are saddled with phenomenal debt and poor job prospects. This is bad not just for the kids but for the country.

The article is well worth reading because it shows pattern and practice that we see in too many places today. And it’s no coincidence that Rolling Stone is the publication that ran, and refused to retract, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s article on mercury, vaccines, autism, pharma, and the CDC. A public-private partnership from hell.

Rock on!


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


Elizabeth Mumper, MD

Thanks for the thoughtful comments. A few clarifications:
1)Parents in my practice are aware of the religious exemption in Virginia. My schedule is a starting point and is frequently delayed or modified by the parents.
2) Many patients opt out of polio vaccines early, since we discuss that the likelihood of an infant getting polio in the US approaches zero. Rationale for continued polio vaccine is a public health issue. We struggle with the balance between individual health vs. public health.
3) I used to give MMR as separate vaccines until it was no longer available separately.
4) Knock on wood I have not had any new cases of type 1 diabetes using my modified schedule. I have probably just tempted fate - hope I do not get a new diabetic this week.
5) I believe the Canadian study about delaying DTP reducing asthma was with the prior whole cell vaccine, not the current acellular DTaP.
6) A multi-variant analysis of various constellations of vaccine status using thousands of patients would be great, to correlate not just with autism but other chronic pediatric conditions.
7) No, I have not had deadly cases of pertussis or meningitis in my practice - but to be fair, my patients benefit from the heard immunity since other pediatricians locally adhere to the CDC schedule and sometimes send parents seeking modifications to the schedule to my practice.

Carolyn Flannery

Civil disobedience or fantasy?
Every time I see the flu short signs I want to circle them so it reads



Jeannette - I completely agree re: the whole university thing. Somehow or other, a basic education became not enough, then a college degree was not enough, now one must have a masters degree to complete? It's a false paradigm made to make people think that they are not smart enough. . . . and it makes someone else rich, right? Follow the money. Who is making money off of young adults being convinced to stay in college while at the same time corporations continue to offshore what used to be white collar jobs in the U.S. that were creating middle class power? What would happen if that middle class power had grown?

It's a common discussion in my circles that kids should no longer ignore private schools as an option for a college degree. Everyone around here is says that if you go to the private schools, they hand out grants & scholarships like free candy, i.e. no school debt when you get out if you know how to play the game. The rich just get richer or and least don't start out their paying careers with insurmountable debt obligations.

Maybe there will someday be enough folks that opt out of this false ideology to band together with their successful entrepreneurs and get those great brains to commit to hiring people with the idea that human being innately are learners & that with training and guidance, most people can step into a job and be successful at it, whether or not they hold a masters degree. George Washington, our first president, didn't attend college, but I think we can all agreed that he achieved great things. We can have great expectations again by changing the social perceptions that have been pushed down on the average citizen by others with a different agenda.


Jeanette Bishop,

Thanks for your insights on how human society eats its young. You are 100% correct.

Tim Stearns

How about asking Google to try a 4- or 5-way vaccination-history search? Give each variant combination a separate silo:
(1) mother and child not vaccinated; mother, not child vaccinated; mother not, child vaccinated; mother, child both vaccinated;
(2) child not vaccinated; child first vaccinated 0-3 months; child first vaccinated 4-12 months; child first vaccinated 12-48 months; child first vaccinated 49-months to adolescence;
(3) child vaccinated singly; child vaccinated multiple (piggybacked);
(4) child vaccinated but never with alum adjuvant; vaccinated 1-3 times with alum adjuvant; 4+ times;
(5) child diagnosed with allergies; asthma; ADHD; autism; type II diabetes... etc.

I.e., multivariate analysis. These variations clearly don't cover the complex morass of possibilities but I haven't seen any study that takes a good stab at sorting them out. Maybe Google could be interested.

Jeannette Bishop

(Sorry, another tangential rant...) I see quite a few parallels with the state of higher education/student loan debt and the vaccine schedule/vaccine injuries. It think it starts with both involving government interventions that prevent free-market principles working out the most beneficial balance.

Both were claimed to be a good thing, intended to help. But the rise in cost of college then outstripped inflation (which we also think of as normal now) by 9 times, and the vaccine program exploded in cost yet to be counted.

Both have much unthinking support/peer pressure even today. I showed one of my daughters information about how the student debt load no longer makes college a beneficial life option financially (i.e. the cost of debt and delay before earning a wage actually now sets an individual back financially more than equal to the advantage of having a college degree in finding employment), and how the availability of easy funds removed incentive for colleges to stay competitive in curriculum and sometimes to help students succeed. There are nightmare stories out there about colleges running mainly on the backs of first-year students with loan money, who stop supporting these students after getting them in, and whether or not these students have the skills and opportunities to finish the programs and then get out of the unforgivable debt are not operable concerns. I tried stressing to my daughter that college may be a good option for her, but not worth going into debt for. Then I find my daughter last year trying to apply for student loans, even though it was likely she would have enough help from us based on her plans, mostly because her school counselors are all saying "you can get student loans!" and they had an assembly plugging the process, I guess like going into debt is a wonderful opportunity provided by the government that one should not miss out on. The adverse reality for our young college graduates (and drop outs) hasn't changed the systemic process that seems intent to guide many into this debt bondage.

And on the vaccine side my daughter, with a vaccine injured sister and family history full of immune disorders, will be making her own health choices probably with a lot of pressure to take risks that are "good" for her, and I don't know if I've given her the skills, despite what would seem like more than enough understanding through adverse experience, to protect her health.


"Over and over, we’re seeing that even a modest adaptation to the CDC’s crazed vaccine schedule, and other out-of-control interventions, leads to a startling drop in autism – a drop to zero or thereabouts."

Yes this good doctor has made a great first step. She has demonstrated the insane "Schedule" is at least part of our problem.

IMO NO "Vaccination" no time no where for nothing.

BUT if you must "vaccinate.

1) No "Vaccination" until age 4. Let your poor child develop his brain before you assault it.

2) "Vaccinate" to the 1975 CDC Schedule. This was before the autism epidemic.

3) NO MMR and any other "vaccination" proven to be extremely toxic.

With these three provisos the "vaccination" is still going to damage your child but perhaps they may be able to recover.

Incidentally an amazing nexus just passed over my desk

1) Women are surpassing Men academically in quite a stark manner. Collage enrollment, IQ Testing, Medical School ect.

2) IMO this is a direct result of "vaccination". Autism is just a MARKER for the vast damage being done to our children. Just as the female's estrogen protects her somewhat from autism it is protecting her brain and body in MANY other ways from "vaccination".

Females are being damaged by "vaccination" they just are being damaged LESS than males.

We ignore this to our demise as a people. All species or sub-species which allow their offspring to be continuously and systematically damaged go extinct.


What you ended the article with caught my eye Dan. My daughter is starting her freshman year in college in mid September.

Due to her brothers more severe form of autism I have never worked outside of the home. This scenario- one income family trying to make ends meet and also fund specialized treatments that insurance does not cover left no money for a college fund.....that was never the plan but it is what it is.

I contacted several autism orgs and siblings of disabled person advocacy organizations and there are no scholarships or grants for siblings out there to be found.

Not only are these siblings "doing without" over their lives growing up -they too will be also straddled with debt if they want to go to college.

It would be nice of some of our advocacy organizations that collect all this money in the name of autism took this fact into consideration and started goving back and funding some scholarships for siblings.


As Dr. Mumper suggested, combining all the evidence/data from like practicing pediatric practices may be an important way forward. Dr. David Berger has also spoken about similar results from similar patient practices. I think a very important contribution that could be made by Age of Autism is to assemble a panel of physicians who have prevented autism and then facilitate the presentation of their finding to any media outlets that will listen.

It is still vitally important to continue to demand epidemiologic studies. These physicians have made a number of changes so it will be difficult to attribute their success to any one change. The development of autism appears to be a function of total toxicant load so all of these things may be contributory but we will not know definitively without the epidemiology. Please note that the only thing completely eliminated from these practices was the use of acetaminophen. The epidemiology of this potential causal component is completely lacking.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for the heads up.

This report, I think, is very important. Too many are pretending they can dismiss considering any role of vaccine injury... at the worst it's a triggering of a condition a child with "defective" genes would have "developed anyway." There is too much faith in the dogma of genes causing so many chronic illnesses, about as much as the "benefits far outweigh the risks" position that allowed the insane schedule we now have with no true counting of the costs.

May this help bring a general recognition that at least for some, maybe everyone, every vaccine, or every exposure to certain vaccine components, takes a toll, and further, the toll sometimes becomes something that has no problem holding a candle up to the face of any dreaded disease outcome, and we are all, minus perhaps those profiting off the damage, paying for that toll!

In principle, it's very possible all could benefit in personal health through a better understanding of the vaccine injury epidemics and methods Dr. Mumper and others are finding to reverse/prevent them. Our society should embrace such an opportunity that an honest counting of the cost of what's been done could bring, and then afford it first those most injured and those most vulnerable.


I admire Dr. Elizabeth Mumper for her parent education videos. Her vaccine schedule changes are modest but maybe she is a bridge between the extremes of most pediatric practices and the alienation of parents who may avoid doctors all together. Anyway, I guess I don't know what to do about public policy. I prefer the unvaccinating route but that means that day care is complicated, diet has to be better, nursing longer, and also there is the problem of treating these diseases properly. I am afraid that the vaccination schedule is partly a product of working moms and a hectic lifestyle. What is more complicated, though, wild measles or novel measles among the vaccinated? And what about all those booster shots year after year until death do us part. I had all the childhood diseases and I don't have any boosters but in my day parents stayed home with kids who had the measles and it was no big deal. Kids died of accidents like falling out of trees-- I don't remember anyone ever dying of a childhood disease--even polio. If I had to do it over again I would not have given my kids any vaccines and I'm hoping my grandchildren don't get any. Big pharm and CDC can fall off the planet as far as I'm concerned


Linda, re.' Pediatric MS', I am not surprised it is rising along with everything else! I am not sure as to the causes of MS, there is much research going on in this area now - Lyme disease, viruses, heavy metals, vit D deficiency, vein blockages, brain CNS leakage, chiari and NPH have all been mentioned. I do know that pharma is very active in trying to push the 'genetic' aspect of this illness and they are blocking (by putting up useless studies on angioplasty to try and disparage it) any kind of surgical solution. All pharma wants to push for are drug solutions! ( which would be fine if: a) they worked and b) they were safe. They're not. A good many more people have been killed by MS drugs than any surgery!)

Cynthia Cournoyer

If there were no protections against vaccine manufacturers, every one of those vaccines mentioned would be at risk of disappearing from any schedule. This would not be a bad thing. That would do more to improve the health of children than any modified schedule. Changing the "schedule" leaves out the point of the vax argument: all vaccines are potentially dangerous.

Marv Brilliant

Vaccines for Autism have a deleterious effect on the brain,leading to unforseen circumstances. In some cases,medications can be effective,but in many cases such as depression,adhd,bi-polar disorder,and Autism,they fail. It's all about the drug companies making large profits.

Regarding colleges and universities,the students pay higher tuition,while college president's and staff members rake in big bucks like the corporate world.They to are corporations. Great article! Time to wake up!!

JB Handley

Surely a vaccine schedule this brazen has resulted in the deaths of many children from vaccine-preventable illness. no? No? No?

Oh no!! Imagine the possibility: vaccinating safely, less autism, better for everyone except pharma's pocketbook.



Barbara J, my feeling is that ditching the hep b at birth (which is insane) would drop the numbers significantly. Good for Dr. Mumpers to do report on her approach.

Judy Brasher

I for one am delighted and grateful for this study. TACA and Ginger Taylor have really good lists of a large number of studies that connect vaccines and autism. However, you must have some knowledge of what is going on in autism to connect the dots. To my knowledge this study is the only study that directly, with simplicity that even a novice can understand, implicates vaccines to the increase in autism. For that I say kudos to Dr. Mumpers for giving us ammo to use when we are told that there is no published study linking the two. Whether you agree with her alternate schedule or not, she needs to know that there are some in our community who appreciate the effort that she made in publishing this study.

barbara j

Is it the delaying of vaccines or the removal of the huge amount of mercury? Would a child vaccinated in the 90's, with a mercury load intact, continue to be at risk if given a booster of almost anything on the schedule? Surely we can't be surprised that hepb with it's full mercury load set our kids up for this epidemic of autism, it's gone, we should be reverting to autism numbers of the past, isn't that all she's showing. All of the teachers are reporting this, as an anecdote of course, that they are seeing more "autism light", an almost consistently undiagnosed condition in the classroom. It's only a few now who are baring the burden of their mother's thimerosal laden flu shot that are regressing at the time of their mmr. It's not in the schedule, it's the part each metal and antigen plays on the child's immune system. That "1 in 50" spanned the ages, no one has done a study on kids born after 2004, when the bulk of the thimerosal shots were off the shelves. This is all she did, and it's probably the case in all practices that make just "one" adjustment, not giving moms flu vaccine. My son, born,2004, does not have autism, I delayed until he was almost 3yrs old, however, he has asthma, he lost his place on the growth curve, he's easily frustrated. I've played every permutation of the schedule, and until I stopped, and gave NO vaccines, as with my 2007 baby, I didn't have a well child. Now I have one!

Paul S

Did Dr Wakefield's suggestion of going back to individual Measles, mumps and rubella vaccinations separated in time, until such time that studies are completed that show that a damaging synergism does not exist when these vaccines are given at the same time!!1


I agree with getting rid of vaccines altogether, we need good antibiotics.

no vac

I would not give any vaccine to my child now, I know to much about them. They are nothing but poisons and even don't protect against any disease. We don't need vaccines, we need a good selection of antibacterial and antiviral drugs, if needed. Vaccines are 19th-century medicines, not different than bleeding with a dirty knife. Also, I see to many unnecessary "healthy baby visits". A healthy baby does not need to see a doctor more often than once a year, in infancy may be 3 x a year just for a check up development. Usually, a healthy person visit to a doctor leads to iatrogenic disease.


Saw my first "Flu Shot sign" in front of a pharmacy this week. Also saw a child at a bus stop about 6 years old, running back and forth on 20 feet of sidewalk over and over and over....

Other great research out this week. The FLU SHOT PREVENTS HEART ATTACKS, big news on the Saturday morning shows, The study found a clear LINK to this fact which cannot be debunked...

It was almost like a FREE FLU SHOT COMMERCIAL provided by the networks for pharma. Many might have missed this flu news if the study had come out on a Tuesday.

I would suppose TWO OR THREE FLU SHOTS would be even better for someone with a heart condition. I am sure there will even be some ....FREE FLU SHOTS.... in most communities soon.

Perhaps ....next Saturday... they will have a segment on the Simpsonwood meeting with Dr. Haley and RFK Jr.


I guess we are all have been so hurt - that we have missed the point. I did get it, as Truthseeker 2 said just a reduced a few vaccines and the good doctor reduced the numbers of kids with autism.

But do I want to go back from 1 out of 50 to again 1 out of 350 and just be satisfied?

Or will it this lead to something more kinder than that?

Gerry Gillung

I agree with Shawn Siegel and Kathy Blanco. We need to look at more than just autism in a vaxed vs unvaxed study. There are so many illnesses that plague children today that we should be looking at all of them. Along with those already mentioned, we should be looking at all of the neurological and behavioral conditions. I look at my daughter's friend's kids and I am appalled at the behaviors. I am not talking about bad parenting. I am talking about kids who are so difficult that kind, caring, young parents can't handle them. Neither can the schools. They are sent to psychiatrists and put on meds. They have health problems as well. This should not be. Additionally, I am seeing other kids who have such poor social skills, yet they are extremely bright. They must have a type of Asperger's. What have we done to generations of children?
Support groups for kids health and behavioral conditions need to wake up. They should be looking at vaccines, too. They need to back a vaxed vs unvaxed study along with the autism community.

Shawn Siegel

At two months, a child following Mumper's schedule is given a polio vaccine, despite the conclusive evidence that it was the radical changes the CDC made to the diagnostic parameters of paralytic polio in 1955, following on the heels of the release of the vaccine, and the subsequent total elimination of the diagnosis of non-paralytic poliomyelitis, the incidence of which had made up almost 60% of the cases annually reported as polio in the years leading up to the vaccination program, and a couple of other such deceptive and manipulative statistical devices on the part of the CDC, that eliminated the diagnosis of polio, not the vaccine.


Why?, when, made obvious by the above, in reality there's not a shred of proof that the polio vaccine has ever prevented a case of polio, while 734 IPV-associated deaths alone have been recorded in the CDC's database in the U.S., and we know that as few as 1% of actual serious adverse reactions ever get reported? - as per study findings once published in JAMA, and as per the mountain of anecdote from parents who witnessed their kids damaged by vaccines, but were oh so rarely made aware of the existence of a reporting system.

Statistical manipulation is the standard operating procedure of the vaccine industry. This is not only the age of autism. It's the age of three-year olds diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis; of infants in daycare, half of whom must receive nebulizer treatments several times daily because they're asthmatic, as well. The existence of a vaccine schedule, rather than its modification, is the issue.


Her practice may be a relatively small study but a lack of 6 expected cases certainly seems significant. More Peds should show the courage she has in going rogue from the AAP. I am glad she published this.


Unfortunately, as far as I know there is no Dtap brand available in the US that is 100% thimerosal/mercury free in the U.S. Someone, please correct me if I am wrong.

I believe one can special order a mercury-free tetanus-only shot from Germany, and in my opinion that is the disease of concern for the Dtap anyway.


I just got a petition to support finding a cure for pediatric MS. "Pediatric" MS? That's a new one on me. MS, like Type 2 diabetes, was always an adult disease as far as I know. According to this petition there are 8-10,000 children battling MS.

I'm glad to learn of Dr. Mumper's work, and I applaud her efforts, but I'm afraid that her altered schedule doesn't go far enough. How many kids that get Hep B vax before kindergarten will develop MS before junior high?

kathy blanco

is any vaccine safe? IMHO, it is not. On any schedule. A predisposed child may be the problem here. If that child has enough oxidative stress, enough methylation weakness...one shot could cause autism, one. So the luck or the protocol she prescribed may be the reason, not the varied later schedule. Perhaps we can get a softer response from AAP if we said to them, stop giving antipyretics during vaccines, no abx's, and hold off for a while would actually hold off kids contracting autism? It would be worth going with that message, I suppose....but as I stated...minor brain dysfunction is not fun to go through life either...all vaccines harm...all of them. They are mutagenic and carcinogenic, and are ripe with contaminants, retroviruses and mycoplasma. NO THANKS~ If one child does not get the "A" word diagnosis....it can be the ADHD word, or minimally brain damaged, or worse SOCIALLY INEPT and VIOLENT the rest of their lives.....via accute to minor brain damage by inflammation? Or how about investigating if those same non autistic kids have allergies, asthma, obesity...shouldn't we continue the vax un vax question to include those disorders too? I would rather take my chances to contract INNOCUOUS non life altering week long illnesses meant to PURGE TOXINS...than a lifetime of life altering brain problems, behaviors and other "non autistic diagnosees".

Cathy Jameson

"Mumper’s modified vaccine scheduled doesn’t follow the CDC’s, but it still gives kids the shots they need to enter kindergarten"
I appreciate the modified and slowed-down schedule benig proposed, but I think it's important to note that in Virginia, where Mumper practices, "kindergarten" shots can be waived per the state vaccine exemption: http://www.nvic.org/Vaccine-Laws/state-vaccine-requirements.aspx
If all parents realized that "No shots? No school!" is incorrect, imagine how many more children will have the chance to grow up sans vaccine-induced autism!


Thank you to Dr. Mumper for practicing medicine and not whatever else it is that the majority of her colleagues are doing.

I wonder what impact Dr. Mumper's vaccine schedule and other practices have on the incidence of other disorders, especially, since she gives Hib, of Type 1 diabetes.

Jennifer Black

This evidence doesn't necessarily point to the vaccines as the cause but more that the things she is doing supports a healthy gut and perhaps it was all the things in conjunction that led to the lower incidence of autism in her practice. While I do not support vaccines, based on their own fallacies, I do not agree that they are solely responsible for autism, but more a contributor since being injected into a kid with a leaky gut, in addition to antibiotics etc, is a recipe for disaster, leading to autism.


2,500 (1985), to 1 in 500 (1995)
all reflected birth cohorts born earlier.

1 out of 350 was "A Shot in the Dark" back in the early 80s.


The DTaP at three months on the this peds schedule --hmmmm I have big problems with this one.

True they changed it from DTP to DTaP.
But I have had so many friends that have had problems with the DTaP. Including my own daughter just this past year.

There is severe autism and immediate regression.
And then there is the slower stuff and minor brian injuries -- if you call bipolar minor.

Canadian study: Delay DTaP and it reduces asthma 50 %.

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