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MSM Covers Autism Wandering: 60 Children Dead in 4 Years

Shock and Autism

Fear_in_advertising_1950sBy Cathy Jameson

I try to stay as current as I can on autism topics and how they relate to Ronan’s situation.  As I read, I’m exposed to the God-awful truth.  Despite how much it sometimes hurts to learn what I’ve had to discover, I keep reading. 

Not everything I’ve seen has been useful though.  Sometimes I run across fluff pieces pawned off as the Gospel truth.  This happens more than it should and occurs in more sources than I’d expect:  magazines and books, on the internet and across the pages of newspapers worldwide.  Apparently, the more sensationalized and inaccurate a piece is the better.  

A few months ago I wrote a piece about an in-your-face  advertising concept I’d heard about on the radio.  Many of us in this community have used ‘in-your-face’ writing to get our point across for some time.  What if we added images that are visually honest also?  The other side gets to sensationalize how safe and effective their products are in their high-dollar advertising programs.

So why can’t we, too, with our stories?  I’m not saying that we would glorify what’s happened to our children.  We’d continue to be 100% factual and add pictures that correspond to what our kids have had to bare—an unfathomable burden that came as a result of what’s been claimed as safe, but is rather, undeniably ineffective.   

What if? 
CJ Herd2

Not a pretty picture, huh?  

I’m sure we couldn’t get away with those types of headlines or images.  We’d probably be asked to take it down because it’s too ‘graphic’.  Sadly, the truth hurts.  Well, our children are hurting, too.  They are hurting from their insides out.  We know it. The other side knows it.  It’s time the general public to know it, too. 

Mainstream source say autism is really nothing to think about let alone worry about. In their fluff reporting, they won’t tell us reasons about why or how the epidemic started.  They won’t offer any information on what can combat or reverse it either.  You might see a pull-at-your-heartstrings type of story about a high functioning person who needs no support, but you’ll never see our gut-wrenching or call-to-action type stories we post here daily. 

To continue to keep the masses calm, I’m sure the mainstream media will feed us their recycled stories peppered with inaccurate statistics.  They’ll go on to state that all is well, that there is no epidemic and that some of our community’s heroes are wackjobs.  That type of piss-poor reporting is appalling, and I believe they’ll someday have to answer to their inactions.  Until they do, I wonder if they’d appreciate my attempt to create a more accurate layout for them. 

If they’d choose to actually report on how some of our children landed their autism diagnosis…

If they really wanted to expose the truth…

If all the news was fit to print….

CJ Herd

Surely, I jest.  I wish I didn’t, but yes, in this case I do. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



With all your irony the posters make strong points and hit home. They are about the industrial machine, its obliviousness to damage, its propaganda tools and the intellectual vacuum. bestnewever

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Totally agree with Greg It is obvious that the public health machine has known the cause of autism since at least 2001. And I find it difficult to imagine that the pharmaceutical companies who kept rolling in the drums of mercury with a skull and crossbones on it didnt begin to suspect circa 1990, as autism rates zoomed. It cant be that not a single doctor was telling them that he found kids showing strange symptoms after vaccinations. Its long past time to take the attitude that "Pal, you know what causes autism and so do it, so spare me the debunked Wakefield story for the 100th time
About the posters, its amazing to me to see evidence all over the place, of people no longer willing to trust doctors. Wish the doctors would get to realize that, but my impression is that they are too busy going to conferences and hospital and managing their homes with little children who dont get enough of their time.
And by the way, I recently got a clue from somewhere that illustrates how they pull the wool over the doctors eyes. Its like this- You publish a list of symptoms of mercury poisoning, and its actually a list of symptoms of severe mercury poisoning. so the doc takes a look at that and says, "The symptoms of autism are nothing like that!" You dont give him the list of symptoms of low dose mercury chronic mercury poisoning. Oh doctors!- So gullible!


Sorry I meant wheel not will.

There is also a picture of my son at the bottom of the pool sitting calmly - how he was going to get to the surface and breath - had yet to enter his mind.


I have two pictures of my daughter with a brand new two will bicycle. And my son grabbing the bike trying to get on.

The second picture is her peddeling around and him on his tricycle trying to peddle and can't and crying about it.

I don't know if people would understand the concept of a child desire to do something, with the strength to do it - but for some reason still can not though.

tara mcmillan

Wow! I like it! I really like it!

I think it will cause many to "think" but of course there will be those that can use it against us...in some way......



I agree the time has long past to have cool, rational discussions with the other side about 'what causes autism'. We know what causes autism and so do they. Their pretense of wanting to stick to the hard scientific facts is the ultimate sham. The 'hard scientific facts' is nothing more than their well brewed pharma concoction.

Where these pro-vaxxers are really vulnerable is on the conscientious level. They really don't want to hear about the nasty side of autism: Keep talking about the head banging, screaming, poop smearing and they will accuse you of being an ableist. Yet, quietly, in the back of their heads you got their wheels turning.


John Stone


With all your irony the posters make strong points and hit home. They are about the industrial machine, its obliviousness to damage, its propaganda tools and the intellectual vacuum behind it all. They bear a potent truth.


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