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Malicious Defamation of Dr. Andrew Wakefield by Autism Science Foundation

Dr. Andrew Wakefield suit headshotNote: At last report, Ms. Singer indicated that she would remove the content from the ASFwebsite  until such time as she returned from vacation and had direction from counsel.  Screen shots of the letter are below the verbiage and you can read this letter in pdf form HERE.

Ms. Alison Singer, Director
Autism Science Foundation
28 West 39th Street, Suite #502,
New York, NY 10018       

August 20, 2013

Dear Ms. Singer,
Re: Malicious defamation of Dr. Andrew Wakefield by the Autism Science Foundation. Without prejudice

    I am writing to you in light of false and highly misleading, reckless, and defamatory statements made about me on the website of the Autism Science Foundation of which, according to your website, you are a Director. These statements have been brought to my attention today, August 20, 2013.

    The offending statements are to be found at For the purpose of litigation, the relevant pages have been captured.

    Specifically, I refer to your lead article that, since it is the first hit to come up when one performs a Google search on “Autism+Vaccines”, is likely to have been heavily promoted to the public by you and/or your sponsors.  

    I refer to your article “Autism and Vaccines”; subheading  “History of the Issue”, paragraph 4. You cite from a hearing in the English Courts, the specific purpose of which was for Mr. Justice Eady to rule on whether or not the Claimants [Andrew Wakefield] should be allowed to stay defamation proceedings against Defendants Brian Deer, Channel 4 Television, and Twenty Twenty Productions.

    Justice Eady set out by summarizing the “words complained of” by me –  potentially defamatory words that had been made by the Defendants against me. In those “words” he deliberately “confined” himself to “identifying” my meaning. Justice Eady stated:   

“The words complained of consist of very lengthy extracts set out in the particulars of claim from the television programme. For present purposes, I do not think it necessary to replicate them in this judgment. I shall confine myself to identifying the Claimant's meanings, which were to the effect that he had:

i) Spread fear that the MMR vaccine might lead to autism, even though he knew that his own laboratory had carried out tests whose results dramatically contradicted his claims in that the measles virus had not been found in a single one of the children concerned in his study and he knew or ought to have known that there was absolutely no basis at all for his belief that the MMR should be broken up into single vaccines." 

(ii) In spreading such fear, acted dishonestly and for mercenary motives in that, although he improperly failed to disclose the fact, he planned a rival vaccine and products (such as a diagnostic kit based on his theory) that could have made his fortune.

(iii) Gravely abused the children under his care by unethically carrying out extensive invasive procedures (on occasions requiring three people to hold a child down), thereby driving nurses to leave and causing his medical colleagues serious concern and unhappiness.

(iv) Improperly and/or dishonestly failed to disclose to his colleagues and to the public at large that his research on autistic children had begun with a contract with solicitors which were trying to sue the manufacturers of the MMR vaccine.

(v) Improperly and/or dishonestly lent his reputation to the International Child Development Resource Centre which promoted to very vulnerable parents expensive products for whose efficacy (as he knew or should have known) there was no scientific evidence".

    In the offending article on your website you have deliberately, recklessly, and I believe maliciously, taken these words and presented them to the public as the conclusions of Justice Eady in relation to my alleged guilt. This is evident on any reading of what you have written. Specifically, you state:

“The following year, on October 28th, 2005, the Honorable Justice David Eady concluded  that Wakefield:”

“Spread fear that the MMR vaccine might lead to autism, even though he knew that his own laboratory had carried out tests whose results dramatically contradicted his claims in that the measles virus had not been found in a single one of the children concerned in his study1 … In spreading such fear, [Wakefield] acted dishonestly and for mercenary motives in that, although he improperly failed to disclose the fact, he planned a rival vaccine… that could have made his fortune. [Wakefield] gravely abused the children under his care by unethically carrying out extensive invasive procedures (on occasions requiring three people to hold a child down), thereby driving nurses to leave and causing his medical colleagues serious concern. [And] improperly and/or dishonestly failed to disclose to his colleagues and to the public at large that his research on autistic children had begun with a contract with solicitors which were trying to sue the manufacturers of the MMR vaccine.”

The entire ruling can be read here:

    In a gross distortion and misrepresentation of Justice Eady’s statement you present his summation of the “words complained of” by me, the Claimant – words used by the Defendants – as those “concluded” by Justice Eady. You deliberately omit crucial elements of Justice Eady’s statement in order to achieve your meaning. In this way your article deliberately leads the reader to conclude that the English High Court has reached these conclusion about me, and my alleged guilt. This is entirely false. As such this is an extraordinary, deliberate, and highly damaging act of defamation against me on your part.

    There is a great deal more that is false, misleading, and potentially defamatory on your website that will be dealt with in due course. Suffice to say that if this is how those associated with the Autism Science Foundation misconstrue documented facts for public consumption, then in my opinion your website should be removed altogether.

    In the meantime the matters referred to above cannot be allowed to stand a moment longer. Given the prominence of your article on the Internet its effects will have been most damaging to me and to my reputation. Your article should be removed from the website and a correction and an apology, the wording of which should be approved by me prior to posting, put up in its place and given equal prominence on your site. Failure to do so will be taken as further evidence of malice and lead to appropriate legal action. You and your fellow Directors will be held jointly and severally liable.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew J Wakefield MB,BS
p.s. please acknowledge receipt of this communication.

Cc: various

1 Emphasis added

AS letter 1 
AS letter 2
AS letter 3



Thanks Isabella or this previous comment ...

"On the positive side because of amazing doctors like Andrew Wakefield hospitals in London are now quietly treating children with Autism and bowel disease carrying out the same procedures to treat this awful bowel disease the best way they can."

There is not totality acceptance of the BMJ story.

It is important to note that...

Isabella Thomas

Martha Moyer

What you are saying is happening to so many young people reaching adulthood with bowel disease and Autism, parents are being pushed out as adult services take over not understanding how sick these young people are and the kind of treatment they need. We all have to keep fighting for our loved ones and stick together as a group from all over the world. Change will come and on the positive side it is happening quietly in some hospitals. There are doctors out there now asking questions.

Isabella Thomas


Yes you have my permission.

no vac

@ Jen,

Yes, it is a scary thought, but it is truth which we must face. Medical science is dead now, it has been totally corrupted and destroyed by the greedy pharma cartels. The pharma sponsored pseudoscientists routinely cheat, manipulate, falsify, deceive and manufacture the data out of nothing, to produce the results and conclusions which pharma demands – that a particular drug is safe and effective, when it is neither. This has been proven over and over that about 80% of pharma sponsored studies evaluating safety and efficacy of drugs are falsified and are rubbish. But such studies are used by pharma-medical and political propagandists to push toxic, ineffective drugs on the population for profits. These pseudoscientists-crooks have completely destroyed the medical science, which cannot be trusted anymore, and they have indirectly killed millions of people. They are greedy, homicidal psychopaths.

Hence, people must relearn to trust their own instincts, experience and knowledge, as well as the collective knowledge of other people, who have no conflicts of interests. If thousands of parents claim that vaccines injured their children - this is a trustworthy wisdom and true science. Deceptive words written by pseudoscientific crooks with co called medical diplomas cannot be called science. It is pure forgery and propaganda. Aristotle said that the collective wisdom of many average people is almost always more accurate and dependable than an opinion of any authority. And these pseudoscientists cannot be even called “authorities”, they are only science whores, who have been put on pedestals by those in power.


@Isabella Thomas: May I have your permission to copy/paste your comment and post it on a parenting website (Mothering dot com)?

I think the many mums who read there might have their eyes opened about both vaccines and autism, if they could read your words. Indeed, you might want to post there as well.

Birgit Calhoun

I am always amazed how you are handling the kinds of abuse you have to endure. I hope you can still take out time to enjoy life. The abuse that comes with taking an unpopular stand must be very difficult to take.

I just found an article that might be of interest to you regarding gut flora. I hope this article will give you some satisfaction.

Thank you for your persistence.


No vac-"Science is dead now." What a scary thought.

John Fryer

The paper is now HISTORY as Maggie Thatcher might say of events ten years ago; referring to the planned takover of the then government of the UK by the secret services.

The event is most certainly history now and I for one am very pleased Andrew now recognises the harm from earlier vaccines, the harm from mercury vaccines, the harm from unnecessary vaccines and especially:

The harm from REPEAT vaccines as set out by Charles Richet and confirmed by him and 250 other vaccine researchers and 40 000 research papers of that time.

Today we have no answer to anaphylaxis except propaganda and medications to cover it up so the parents do not know of the biochemical destruction that the repeat vaccine is unleashing slowly on their child.

Yes, more history but little or absolutely nothing on the long term effects of anaphylaxis after repeat vaccines.

Unless anyone knows different than the accepted: There are no after effects!

How can there be no after effects when a head has exploded in size by over 90 per cent after an anaphylactic vaccine reaction?

Or again:


And talking of history: What happened to the methylmalonic acid finding on that paper that Alison sings about as so, so, so bad for the vaccine industry?


Anthony Cole

The article is much more than a simple misunderstanding. It is pure malice.


Thank you for posting this article about Alison Singer. She really is a piece of work. At the last IACC meeting she championed shock therapy for children with severe autism over recovery medicine. Its time for her to go. She does not represent the Autism community. It should also be noted that her organization is affiliated with/sponsored by Dr. Paul Offit.

1. Dr. Wakefield's work has been exonerated in the U.K.
2. Dr. Wakefield's concerns were raised by other physicians in the 1990's prior and in addition to his team raising the concerns about autism bowel disease pursuant to MMR
3. His work has been recreated in peer reviewed publications
4. Who is Brian Deer? Is he an industry attack dog? He could show his tax records to reveal his source of income. He claims the children from the Lancet article did not have bowel disease.
5. Dr. Wakefield is currently suing Brian Deer, editor Fiona Godlee, and the BMJ in Texas for defamation.

John Fryer

SBS and AUTISM are two sides of the same coin

See here

and the work of Christine.

Please help if you can, even if only by learning about the thousands put in prison and millions excused of this crime that doesnt exist.

Is this the reason some say just be grateful you have a child not 100 per cent healthy and normal? (on the ASD sclae)


NOT in prison like this mother in a months time? Baby As parents.

Perhaps the reckoning is that if there is a dead baby it costs little to put the parents in prison for life and it protects big pHARMa from pressure by the parents to find out WHY.

But if there are survivors, it costs too much for the state to look after them so dont go after the parents.

And say:

YOU caused your sons AUTISM ( The Witch Hunt tactic used by Roy Boy and now the SBS EXPERTS

John Fryer

Read the Nobel lecture by Charles Richet:


Known for thousands of years.

Studied by 250 and more research scientists in the early 1900s.

Enabled Professor Charles Richet to get the Nobel Prize.

Has never been contradicted or disproved. How do you disprove FACTS? Just malign doctors by Witch Finding today perhaps?

Remedies for anaphylaxis stop the external and dramatic effects but what about the internal biochemistry and long term effects which are still denied and certainly never investigated though millions suffer seizures and anaphylactic events?

Anaphylaxis - one of the best kept secrets of repeat vaccines that (anaphylaxis) is admitted by all authority to affect more than 2 per cent during their lives.

And read his biography and see his 2 cents cure for epilepsy now replaced by 10 000 dollar a year treaments that cause more sudden epilepsy deaths than SIDS and of course not forgetting epilepsy remedies of today are KNOWN causes of AUTISM!

Anthony Cole

Singer has clearly - at the very least - misunderstood the context of Justice Eady’s statement, and Andrew Wakefield deserves - at the very least - an apology.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Dr. Wakefield, many times over.

Not an MD

Dr. Wakefield, I am still astonished by the level of nastiness and the complete lack of respect shown to you, in particular, and to a much lesser extent to others who dare question the wisdom of a one-size-fits-all vaccination schedule. The ones who attack you, and others, are clearly devoid of morality and of reason.

I wish you only resounding success in your lawsuits against all of these very bad people, and in your life as well. These maligners have no right to keep saying whatever outright lies they want to say about you at your great, continued, personal expense. These pharma-funded whores should be brought to justice in a very special courtroom, complete with a judge who has vaccine injured children, and a jury consisting of parents with similarly affected children.

Martha Moyer

Isabella..I do not know if many children with bowel disease ever reach adulthood. Many die due to neglect when they end up in institutions. My son had bowel issues all his life and I think many start out with terribly big bowel movements. If they get so they can go on their own I don't know because an institution chose to stop potty training with mine and he had such a hurtful bowel impaction that he never could evacuate again. It is unpleasant to talk about feces and stuff like that so we try to say there are no issues or parents caused it. This is pure ignorance! For my son, Wakefield wanted money up front; although, he had Medicare, private insurance and Medicaid. Some people just can't come up with the money. My son is nearly 40 because I rescued him and found out about a device, American made in Ga., and the only option in the USA. It saved his life. See An option is there if people will just pay attention. I do not fault Wakefield for his bowel research. Someone had to come forth, unfortunately he is the one who suffers because of what he believes.

no vac

People like this corrupted to the bone Allison Singer are the ones, who caused that society has stopped trusting science, because most medical science is also corrupted and unbelievable. Trust your own instincts and observations, trust your family and neighbors, ignore the corporate pseudo science. Science is dead now!


I am still seeing this defamation being spread like wildfire from the mouths of doctors no less. It's heavy.


Really this is just about unbelievable. I can't even believe it. The level of manipulation and plain evil is astounding.


Alison Singer personifies the corrupting lure of money. She's happy to sell out the health of everyone else's children, while simultaneously funding the wishful illusion that vaccines have nothing to do with the neuroimmune damage mislabeled "autism."

Reality may at times be unpleasant and impoverishing, but at least it's honest.


Go Dr. Wakefield! There are precious few of you who stand up to their malicious bullying tactics. Just as there is a special place in hell for those who cover up truth in children's health, there must be a special place for brave, honest people!


Oh, I am sorry to post again. But one more thing that the fermenting bacteria action makes and that is tons of B vitamins and that seems to be the problem all of our kids and family that have been damaged by vaccines seems to be having.

And as in Dr. Wakefield's book
"Callaus Disregard" These kids are having problems with tons of B12 in their blood because it is not being used and so methyl B 12 needs to be used instead.

And so it goes for a host of other B vitamins and their helpers to the point I feel overwhelmed.


And Dr. Wakefield who said it first, it is coming down to the masses on day to day living.
I went to Krogers grocery the other day, to find pickles and sauerkraut that had not been pasteurized (not really convinced it matters if the bacteria is alive or dead - just lower in carbs-- but at this point I can't afford to take any chances)

I could not find sauerkraut in the usual meat isles.

I asked the meat man and he smiled a knowing an very curious smile???

He said - we have established a separate and special refrigerated unit in Isle 2 for just the unpasteurized fermented foods??? !!!!

What more proof do you need that it is reaching the masses than supply and demand of certain food items!


Meanwhile Dr. Wakefield there is a growing awareness underground of your work and that you arrived there first and formost.

As in

Or Sandor Katz -- in wild fermentation - who is obsessed with bringing to the masses the importance of fermented foods - because of the brain and gut connection - bacteria that lowers the carbs in fermented foods, that can colonize the gut.

And you said it first.

Singer will pass -- not however before receiving my sincere hatred of her actions.


I am so sorry Dr. Wakefield. I thought right would have won out by now. That is the disadvantage of being a moral person in this world, but without those that stand on what is right it would be a far darker, bad place.

Singer - hmmmm you might think about just how dark the place could be if all were like you.

Kathy Blanco

Clearly this woman thinks vaccines have nothing to do with autism....I guess all these CRAZY autism moms and dads are delusional when....we immediately saw our kids cry, convulse, aggressively dismantle all developmental milestones, brain inflammation...and the most telling, complete wipe out of the gut which is the gateway to the brain. How much science does this "science foundation" need? It's mess with the gut, you mess with the brain, period.

There is no mystery to autism, so long as people like Alison reign supreme in a highly favored pharma backed organization. I call them "fronts for pharma agenda".

Clearly, autism is an epigenetic disease, which, when a child is forced to endure so many attacks on their methylation weaknesses, results in a severe vulnerability to toxic and viral insults, such as is found in vaccines. Yes other things contribute or add to that damage, but vaccines it seems is the final and last
straw. We have the PERFECT STORM right before our eyes.

Science should not be held back because it implicates a product, a regulation, an idea or with vaccines, a heralded program of insult. PERIOD!

Autism either happens with one insult or my book vaccines is the bigger one. Depending on the timing of that insult, depending on the immune and metabolic and methylated capacity of that child, is the diagnosis of severe to ADHD. Weakened immunity, food sensitivity, seizure tendencies, gut problems numerous, heightened sensitivity to toxins are just a myriad of complaints we parents see in our children have. Our kids were ROBBED of a normal healthy life, period. It is not harmful to discover why this is so. It is more harmful to NOT discover why this is so. Since ninety five percent of autistic children are undermethylated (according to Dr Bill Walsh and many others), we should not be willy nilly vaccinating just any child without asking severe probing questions and asking parents if their child is conclusively sitting duck children based on tests and family histories of autoimmunity and methylation capacities. We should be holding back what "we think is best for them" (their best meaning, vaccinated at all cost)...and begin to answer WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM?

I applaud Dr Wakefield's constant cool and well mannered approach when attacked by such amoral people. The only thing we all have left is the court system when it gets this nasty.

Whistleblowers have been getting the shaft lately, Manning, Snowden...all because they are up against the big boys, the boys who control the cartels of pharma and military and our "national interest"....while doing so...they create for themselves a living testament that those who tell the truth, will be SORRY for that action. I am sure there are in the recesses of Dr W's mind this equation....however, when he has witnessed a blanketing of damage like a massive chemical attack, how could he not see and tell the truth?

I am not sorry for what he has done for our community. I praise it, because it thoroughly explains my children, your children, and the future of our children. As a grandmother now, I delight in the fact that my grandsons are not vaccinated and have no autism. Their uncle and aunt who befell the DPT/MMR greatly damaged scenario have become in essence their saviors from the modern medical system. They don't have problems developmentally, they are inquisitive, healthy if not advanced. No otis media in a child ever, not food sensitivites AT ALL... ever hear of that? That's because they never got the MMR vaccine or any vaccine for that matter. They mount an APPROPRIATE immune response to the environment, to their foods, etc...they have bodies intact. Thank GOD for that.

Since the tipping point was not met for those grandkids....I ask those giant questions that Wakefield asked, as a scientist and doctor, what thing did all of these children have before their regression? It is a simple yet complicated question. It is obvious that the approach of finding out what is wrong with the gut, would have been asked ANY CHILD, who had burning diahrreah and backed up constipation for months and months, along with developmental decline.

Alison, you may think that YOUR child is purely obtained by genetics. That is your right. But what is not your right, is to claim MY CHILDREN are not the result of vaccine damage. How unscientific of you! YES...there are GENETIC immune and metabolic weaknesses...this is the only GENETIC aspect of autism other than the known hydrabranches such as Fragile X etc. IT is apparent, that these children have incompetent intestinal and blood brain barriers, weakened and damaged immune function, reduced enzymes, yeast overload, depressed glutathione, cystein and metallothionein, copper and even iron overloads, zinc and selenium deficiencies, undermethylation, inability to control inflammation and hypersensitivity to metals, lead and mercury and aluminum. What would a VACCINE TO DO SUCH A CHILD ALLISON?



ARE YOU, ALISON on the RIGHT SIDE? Or are you committed to foil attempts to explain this epidemic? What makes you so purely evil? What makes you and others like you our enemies? Why not WORK WITH US? Oh yeah, that's right...your higher uppers, money grubbers don't want to appear "controversial" want to be "sensed as a scientific organiation"..right....

Your explanations that autism is purely genetic are overthrown years ago. Scientists can't find the ONE GENE...they however are finding a multitude of JUNK GENES, which when foiled/messed with by our environnment, EXPRESS. Not only do we have oxidative stress in utero, we are subjecting our kids to GIANT and OVERWHELMING oxidative stress via willy nilly vaccinating our kids. Yes, there is gene expressions being laid down, tendencies if you will. What mothers and fathers are being exposed to now, in wicked combinations, is explaining the lay down network for a child to not react well to insults such as vaccines. These histone marks are being altered by man. The deviant marks are maintained during future cell divisions...which causes the condition of autism and the worsening of it.

If you call me a dumb parent, go on a head...I have done my research. I could have an organization like yours and run it much more in the interest of families who want answers, rather than an organization who runs it for the interest of false science and lies. If I had your amount of money, I would have by now, done an unvaccinated vaccinated study comparison, I would have investigated why our kids are so vulnerable to toxic and viral insults, and discovered why our kids immune systems don't mount a response appropriately to this insult....or is it, they ARE mounting a response...just not an EXPECTED ONE? GEEZ Alison...are you for real?

John Stone

Hi Isabella

I think technically incorrect to say that Simon Murch was exonerated. The same findings were upheld against him as John Walker-Smith but he was allowed because of his technically subordinate postion at the time of the events (a consultant of a mere 40 summers) to continue practicing without sanction. On the other hand he has been visited with the same anomaly as Andy that the findings remain against him even though they have been disproven in the High Court by John Walker-Smith's appeal (indeed, in SM's case the charges were virtually identical with JW-S). As I have often remarked it says something about AW's enemies that they are happy to hide behind this disproven farago and legal anomaly - it is the sort of people they are.


Erik Nanstiel

Shame on you, Alison Singer. I consider you a detriment to the entire autism community.

Isabella Thomas

'gravely abused the children under his care by unethically carrying out extensive invasive procedures'

The above comment sickens me. Firstly Andrew Wakefield did not carry out any procedures on the Lancet children. Dr Simon Murch and Professor Walker Smith did and they were both exonerated by the courts.
None of the parents ever complained about the children's treatment. My boys were part of the study and were treated with the utmost respect and I as a parent was there at every step of their treatment. One nurse told me she was shocked at the pain my boys were in and how it was allowed to go on for so long. She had never experienced Autism and bowel disease before and I assume this is because Autistic children were just ignored for so long as doctors had not listened to the parents. Some Nurses at the Royal Free Hospital never experienced Autism in children before and what that can entail and I assume watching the pain the children were in from their bowel disease would have been very upsetting. For children to be referred to such a top hospital in the first place means that their suffering would have been ongoing for a long time. Thank god Andrew Wakefield, Simon Murch and Professor Walker Smith listened to the parents and found this terrible disease in the children. This in turn opened the flood gates for hundreds of sick autistic children to be treated at last. After the study doctors and local hospitals were referring so many sick children with bowel disease and Autism to the Royal Free Hospital that the hospital could not cope. Funding was then stopped by the NHS so the Royal Free hospital had to refer sick children back to their doctors. I know this because I was at a meeting with two other concerned parents at the Royal Free Hospital in London to discuss this. The hospital said our children were putting other children with bowel disease 'at risk' because of funding! On the positive side because of amazing doctors like Andrew Wakefield hospitals in London are now quietly treating children with Autism and bowel disease carrying out the same procedures to treat this awful bowel disease the best way they can. They will not do research into this condition partly because they cannot get the funding and partly because they do not want to be attacked as Andrew Wakefield was but they do acknowledge the truth. Most of these children are now reaching adulthood and adult services will be inundated with sick young adults needing ongoing treatment. The sad fact is that their are many children in the UK and the USA still not getting the treatment they deserve and this is all down to people who spread lies about the very doctors trying to help these children.
Shame on you Alison Singer. Who are you to say how my boys and others were treated when you have not asked us but just listened to the lies of others. How can you sleep at night knowing there are so many sick children with Autism and this very serious bowel disease out there. Thank you Andrew Wakefield and others for giving up your lives in the fight for justice for our children.


Thanks John! I forget sometimes that not everyone understand the game...but it's a GOOD strong state of affairs folks!


Thanks Dr Wakefield for this.One day we will all get justice truth always wins..


John Stone

Patricia is using a cricketing expression btw.


This is outrageous and leaves me speechless. They have become so brazen and emboldened that they will clearly stop at nothing demonize the one person who THEY have assigned as being responsible for the public's rejection of their terrifying agenda.

Dr. Wakefield, we are solidly behind you and will continue to do everything possible to see justice for you, our children and future generations. They must be exposed for this corruption, and failure to do so will only embolden them further.

Please tell us how to help.

Jenny Allan

Alison Singer, has already revealed her hypocritical 'colours' by making sure her younger child received SEPARATE individual vaccines for Measles Mumps and Rubella. Plainly she had concerns about the MMR vaccine she heavily promotes and was not prepared to take any autism risks with her OWN child.

Ironically, it was Dr Wakefield's suggestion that single vaccinations for Measles and Rubella were reintroduced in the UK child vaccination schedule, pending more research into the MMR vaccine, which led to the UK medical and political establishment sponsored vilification of him and his Royal Free colleagues.


Batting on a strong wicket are the words that come to my mind....wonderful to read.

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