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Induction At Birth, Pitocin and Autism: The Wrong Question Again Revealed

Pitocin-lg2By Teresa Conrick

It's in the news again.  Yet another study that shows a supposed cause to a future diagnosis of autism.  This time -- Induction and Augmentation -- I actually looked them both up to clarify what that meant:
".... When labor does not naturally start on its own and vaginal delivery needs to happen soon, labor may be started artificially (induced).....

Even though inducing labor is a fairly common practice, childbirth educators encourage women to learn about it and about the medicine for stimulating a stalled labor (augmentation) so that the women can help decide what is right for them.....

Oxytocin (Pitocin) can be given through a vein (intravenously) in small amounts to ripen the cervix. But it usually is given after the cervix softens, to cause the uterus to contract. Labor that is induced by oxytocin usually starts off harder and progresses faster than labor that starts on its own, especially in first-time mothers. If oxytocin does not induce labor or if the baby's heart rate indicates distress, a cesarean delivery (C-section) may be needed."

Interesting.  So here are some of the key parts about an alleged connection to autism that we are seeing from the mainstream media:

"Induced labor may increase risk of autism in offspring"

"Having labor that is induced or augmented may lead to a greater chance of having a child with autism, new research reveals.....Researchers looked at data from the North Carolina Detailed Birth Record and Education Research databases, which included 625,042 live births linked with school records. Of the group, 5,500 children had been diagnosed with autism.....Overall, the researchers estimated two out of every 1,000 autism cases in boys could potentially be prevented by not inducing or augmenting labor....C-sections did not affect the rate of autism. "

That's all over the news. 

Here's the actual pieces of the abstract : Association of Autism With Induced or Augmented Childbirth in North Carolina Birth Record (1990-1998) and Education Research (1997-2007) Databases 

"One in 88 children in the United States is diagnosed as having autism spectrum disorder. Significant interest centers on understanding the environmental factors that may contribute to autism risk.....Compared with children born to mothers who received neither labor induction nor augmentation, children born to mothers who were induced and augmented, induced only, or augmented only experienced increased odds of autism....Our work suggests that induction/augmentation during childbirth is associated with increased odds of autism diagnosis in childhood. While these results are interesting, further investigation is needed to differentiate among potential explanations....."

Potential explanations is an important point.  Let's actually look at 3 points that need to be addressed:

1. Wash, Rinse, Repeat, Regurgitate, Repeat, Regurgitate

We are continuously told in revolving and rerun studies so many conflicting things.
From the new above study - "C-sections did not affect the rate of autism,"

And here, the opposite - "Significant perinatal factors were breech presentation and primary cesarean delivery.. in autism spectrum disorders"

Or this: "No association was found between autism and head circumference, maternal diabetes, being a twin, or season of birth."

Season of birth  actually has had loads of wrong way turns - "Children conceived in December (OR = 1.09 [95% CI = 1.02 – 1.17]), January (1.08 [1.00 –1.17]), February (1.12 [1.04– 1.20]), or March (1.16 [1.08 – 1.24]) had higher risk of developing autism compared with those conceived in July. Conception in the winter season (December, January, and February) was associated with a 6% (OR = 1.06, 95% CI = 1.02 – 1.10) increased risk compared with summer."..

Really?  But right above it says ..."NO ASSOCIATION."

And diabetes of mom causing autism? Another that says, no association above ,yet -- "A major study conducted by researchers affiliated with the UC Davis MIND Institute has found strong links between maternal diabetes and obesity and the likelihood of having a child with autism..." 

No association with head circumference?  " Head circumference appears normal at birth, with a significantly increased rate of HC growth appearing to begin around 12 months of age...
Generalized enlargement of gray and white matter cerebral volumes, but not cerebellar volumes, are present at 2 years of age in autism. Indirect evidence suggests that this increased rate of brain growth in autism may have its onset postnatally in the latter part of the first year of life." 

And the list keeps getting longer and longer- "The obstetrical complications that have emerged as significant risk factors for autism in the current meta-analysis suggest a possible role of fetal and neonatal hypoxia. In particular, growth retardation, fetal distress, umbilical-cord wrapping around the neck, low Apgar score, respiratory distress, resuscitation, meconium aspiration, and Cesarean delivery"

Yet this conclusion pretty much disregards all of them - " There were no significant associations found between autism spectrum disorders and neonatal factors." 
2) Regurgitate With A New Conclusion

Ten years ago, this study came out.  Same idea - look at Pitocin and inducing pregnancy as a cause to autism.  NO association was found yet how many more studies will be done and for what purpose?  Are we to keep believing these conflicting reports or instead realize that these can often be detours from true research?

Brief report: pitocin induction in autistic and nonautistic individuals.

"It has been proposed that exposure to high levels of exogenous oxytocin at birth, via pitocin induction of delivery, might increase susceptibility to autism by causing a downregulation of oxytocin receptors in the developing brain. This study examined the rates of labor induction using pitocin in children with autism and matched controls with either typical development or mental retardation.....There were no differences in pitocin induction rates as a function of either diagnostic group (autism vs. control) or IQ level (average vs. subaverage range), failing to support an association between exogenous exposure to oxytocin and neurodevelopmental abnormalities."

3) Deny, Ignore, and Never Mention the BIGGEST Toxic Exposure

How is it possible that this question has never been asked in any of these studies - Did mother receive a flu shot in pregnancy and/or vaccines for the child post-natally?  Study after study, looking at pre-natal and post-natal risk factors but not once has anyone added that question as "potential confounders,"  such as -- "socioeconomic status, maternal health, pregnancy-related events and conditions, and birth year." 

Why not develop a study looking at births in the years, 2002 - 2012, same as this current Pitocin study, looking at "625 042 live births linked with school records, including more than 5500 children with a documented exceptionality designation for autism " but instead of looking at induction at birth, ask about flu vaccines -- pre-natal and/or infant/toddler. It needs to be asked. 

We know that autism made its first appearance with those 11 children Kanner first identified in the 1930's. Thimerosal, the mercury used in flu vaccines, first made its appearance in the 1930's, too. The evidence keeps mounting  on the dangers of mercury :

Immunosuppressive and autoimmune effects of thimerosal in mice.

Dose-response study of thimerosal-induced murine systemic autoimmunity.

Organic mercury compounds and autoimmunity.

"Low concentrations of HgCl(2) affect immune function in human cells by dysregulation of cytokine signaling pathways, with the potential to influence diverse health outcomes such as susceptibility to infectious disease or risk of autoimmunity."

"The different forms of mercury differ in the type and range of immune disorders, and ethylmercury (thimerosal) and inorganic mercury are similar in that they cause systemic autoimmunity, characterized by a marked increase of IgE and systemic immune-complex deposits"

"This study provides further evidence that mercury exposure may lead to autoimmune dysfunction and systemic inflammation in affected populations."

"Mercury compounds may cause immunosuppression or immunostimulation, autoimmune reactions, or hypersensitivity."

"Evidence is emerging that exposure to mercury (Hg) may elicit many pathological manifestations, including immunomodulation."

"Hg was shown to actively increase the reactivity of the immune system in rodents. This immunostimulation led to the development of immunotoxic problems such as allergeric responses and autoimmune disease."

"..mercury exposure has been associated with cellular autoimmunity and mercury accumulates in the thyroid gland. "

"low-level, nontoxic iHg preexposure may interact with other risk factors, genetic or acquired, to promote subsequent autoimmune disease" development.

We can't waste anymore time.

That would be helpful information. That would make sense.  That would be welcomed.

The children are so worth it.



I don't know where the resources for this "study" came from, but if there isn't, there should be a particular law creating it a criminal activity punishable by jail time and exemption from any other openly financed allow cash when "conclusions" do not coordinate the information



It's like this... Doctors should inform mothers on all possible risks, and then let them decide. They totally overuse drugs during labor. I'm sorry, but 50% or more of American women don't NEED to be induced. God knew what He was doing when He designed us. So many women go in, trusting that they're doctor is doing the best thing. I had my son totally un-medicated... Not because the doctor said I should or even could. I was put under tons of guilt for not augmenting labor with pitocin after my water had been broken 24 hrs. They even asked me if I could live with myself if something happened to the baby to cause him to die. He was monitored and his heart was fine, so I waited it out. I'm greatful that I did. Not because I'm saying pitocin is THE problem, but I believe more mothers would be willing to suffer a bit more through 1 day of hard labor if they knew of any possible link between a drug and autism. My son is completely healthy. I urge women to research all you can about labor before the time comes. I recommend "Natural Birth The Bradly Way". Not saying everyone should go un-medicated, but the book is an awesome resource for ALL things related to labor

Joey Hammond

I find it interesting that people write what they believe to be true and do not do the research.
Blame pitocin, blame epidurals, blame vaccines...blame everyone other than yourself.

What about the mom's that claim to do it right? No epidurals, no pitocin, no vaccines, organic food and still wind up with an autistic child? What about that?
What about nature? What about genetics? what about diet and exercise and the like? What about evolution? What about society as a whole?

Don't you realize every day another study comes out and says coffee is is bad. Salt is good...salt is bad. I could go on and on with those. oh and don't let us forget about eggs being bad, or is it good?
I believe the ultimate choice is up to the individual. but stop blaming someone. Take accountability and responsibility. That's what's wrong with our society. Too quick to blame somebody else. I didn't make you get induced. I didn't make you get an epidural.
Most women these days are selfish and are tired of being pregnant and beg their providers for inductions. And if the doctor says no, then "patient satisfaction goes out the window"
I think we should wise up. i think we should all stop being selfish and think about someone other than ourselves


Look at who conducted the study and/or funded the study. It is common that studies finding a drug has no danger causing any adverse reactions are studies conducted or funded by that drug's manufacturer.


In Germany, they stopped giving Pitocin in the 1990's due to the rising autism rates in that country and the suspected link. After a couple of years, the autism rates dropped by 50%! Google it!

Fred Noelke

My son's mother was given a stress test with petocin. It was only a test and not meant to induce labor. 20 minutes later, my son was born by emergency c-section. He had meconium in his lungs due to the distress. When he was 2 and a half, he was diagnosed with developmental delays. A neurologist said that it was caused by hypoxia at birth. He did not say that it was caused by the pitocin. He was the last neurologist to bring it up. The best neurologist in Colorado did not even bring it up as an issue. Autism is probably caused by multiple events, but trust me the doctors are covering up the damage that pitocin has done. Just as Cerebral Palsy is not a real disease, the Autism diagnosis is used as a part of a cover up. I was doing research again today. My son is 24 years old and going through a very, very difficult time with speech and social problems. I cannot legal sue the drug company, but I am going to find out if he can. There is also underlying trauma caused related to my son's birth that is ignored. He was drowning at birth. He has suffered from symptoms of PTSD his entire life. He was in shock and withdrawn and still is.

David Rodgers

Our autistic son showed clear signs of mental failure to thrive from birth. He had trouble learning to nurse, he behaved in a reduced manner to standard stimulation like play or interesting toys from infancy and I could go on. All these things were already showing themselves strongly before his vaccinations or his initial opportunities to start interacting with his environment. He was showing odd signs right from his time in the hospital. He was delivered with Pitocin.

Now, I am only his step-father so my genes do not come to bear. However, I was delivered with the use of Pitocin as well and I have Ausberger's Syndrome and have acted in ways that demonstrated initial autistic-like behaviors from infancy.

One story. Doesn't prove a thing. But we are still in what was (for AIDS patients) the 1980's where nothing was yet known for sure. A lot of erroneous questions MUST be asked and evaluated carefully and scientifically over time. When we have had the needed time (decades) no doubt a more clear picture will emerge


Significant levels of Pitocin was used to induce labor for our son which was not effective. He was delivered via c-section six days later and diagnosed with Autism a month prior to his second birthday.

Crimson Wife

I feel guilty for requesting an induction purely for convenience when I went past my due date with my 3rd child. I was sick of being pregnant and I'd successfully had two previous (medically necessary) inductions. I never heard anything about a potential link between autism and inductions until after my 3rd child was diagnosed. Maybe the induction played no role in the autism, but if I'd known of the possible risk, I think I would've been a bit more patient about letting nature take its course.


A lactation consultant's view of the effect of epidural and pitocin on mother and baby (Marie Davis RN IBCLC):


Just wondered if any of you have heard of the Harvard and the UCLA studies which showed that environment may play an important role in a child developing ASD? Pollution does cause problems so why not ASD? That makes more sense then saying vaccines that they have stopped using mercury in yet the ASD rate is still climbing...
he genetic malady known as Fragile X syndrome is the most common cause of inherited autism and intellectual disability. Brain scientists know the gene defect that causes the syndrome and understand the damage it does in misshaping the brain's synapses — the connections between neurons. But how this abnormal shaping of synapses translates into abnormal behavior is unclear.
A collaborative team of researchers including scientists from UCLA has uncovered evidence that a specific genetic alteration appears to contribute to disorders of brain development, including schizophrenia. They also found that schizophrenia shares a common biological pathway with Fragile X mental retardation syndrome, a disorder associated with both intellectual impairment and autism.
conclusion: Measured and estimated exposures from ambient pollutant monitors and LUR
model suggest associations between autism and prenatal air pollution exposure, mostly related to


Wow. Very interesting. Perhaps this will take some "heat" off the vaccine theory? We here have paused on the vaccines, not so much because of the autism theories, but we watched our 1 year old son go downhill after a vaccine. All is well now, but an eye opening experience.

I think I read that the pitocin drug comes from cattle. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe we need to look at Cattle. "Give your baby whole milk at one years old" us new moms are much "Got Milk" in our face. And the one year vaccinations happen to be many including the MMR (which has had controversy). Combination of both perhaps since autism is diagnosed usually after 3 years of age, 3 years of drinking milk, plus vaccines. All those synthetic hormones in cows milk plus the vaccinations.. Just a thought...I'm no scientist.

Jacqueline VW

Anecdote moment -

I was given Pitocin during labor with my first child, as well as IV antibiotics. My baby's heart rate dropped because he was in distress. In my fearfulness, I requested an epidural. My body was FULL of chemicals. Being a diligent young mother, I dutifully vaccinated my baby. At two and-a-half years old, he was diagnosed with autism. I don't doubt for one second that the combination of all this garbage bombarding his fragile, developing immune system wreaked havoc on him and gave way to him regressing into autism.

Inducing birth is something that young moms are all too quick to jump on board with. There are very real dangers that no one acknowledges or warns these moms about. It is simply accepted as standard practice, and undeniably safe. It is the same way vaccines are marketed; undeniably safe. It is a facade to silence any questioning and quell the guilt of new mothers by convincing them that they are doing the best thing for themselves and their babies.

Shell Tzorfas

One in every 6 kids now has Developmental Disabilities.This has occurred only since US passed a law blocking people from suing vaccine maker's in regular courts and kids went from under 10 vaccines to more than 70. 3 HOUR old babies were vaccinated starting around 1991 to prevent a sexually transmitted disease that babies could NOT get and AUTISM grew exponentially Most people did not hear about autism until after 1991.

Come on now... People have been conceiving babies in November through March since the beginning of time, families lived near highways for many decades, moms had babies close in age for centuries. These ludicrous studies are funded by the vaccine maker's to keep thinking people off track. There is little to no autism in cultures that do not vaccinate. The vaccines contain deadly chemicals such as aluminum, thimerosal (Mercury) embalming fluid, parts of; rats, cows, pigs, chickens dogs, caterpillars, Peanut by products in the manufacturing process, latex, squalene, Fetal Cells, and a host of ingredients to trick the immune system. We have been Tricked enough! Shell of "Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs."


At least with augmented or induced labor, there's a name for the drug, even if dosage and timing is a question. But, consider that most women have an epidural, either to give birth vaginally or for a C-section. How many women can say what drugs and dosages were in their epidural?


Martha, too many parents have witnessed their children's dramatic regression immediately following vaccination.
Yeap that sums it up for me


Determining the relevance of pitocin in autism causation would hinge on identifying obstetrical standards and practice over the past 5 or so decades, in any changes to the drug itself and to drugs used with it and any other potential contributing cofactors over that time period. It is notable that obstetricians are not talking.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

So exactly HOW MUCH increase in autism risk comes with induction? Since inductions were being done long before 1985, when the autism rate skyrocketed, and in fact, were common in the days when almost no doctor had even seen one autistic child in his career, this does not appear to be a major risk. On the other hand, if pitocin has risks of any kind for any child or mother, they should not be swept under the rug , as autism has, they should be discussed and researched. The factor that I think should not be missed is- How much aluminium is coming into the child through the IV fluids that accompany the Pitocin? Aluminium makes the mercury of the vaccines much more toxic. the real culprit for autism is clearly the mercury , with all else secondary, but occasionally of importance. This is largely a diversionary tactic, for sure. Will doctors look anew at inductions? Not likely. It is very important for obstetricians to CONTROL the labor- otherwise they have diminished importance and are close to being midwives, (who should be respected but largely are not) - so dont expect them to give up inductions easily, no matter how primitive, barbaric and unscientific. Remember the doctors' egos please


Martha, too many parents have witnessed their children's dramatic regression immediately following vaccination to dismiss it as a cause of autism. Especially considering the vaccine/autism cases conceded in the NVICP, and the children who lose autism symptoms after treatment with antivirals and the like.

The Pitocin route to brain damage is just one of many possible paths to autism. And many children get hammered more than once by medical treatments gone awry.

interesting study

The study makes total sense from a medical perspective. It will not be the only reason for autism but very well could be one of the reasons or the "set up" for the perfect storm. At present, "Autism" is diagnosed by behavioral symptoms. There will likely be multiple disease processes underlying the diagnosis should clinicians actually begin to look...our environment is so toxic with very little controls in place.

The number of Pitocin inductions has skyrocketed across all demographics areas. What if, due to Pitocin induction (especially just for convenience and to "move things along" for example, prevents the mother from releasing oxytocin every time she had contractions? Have we forgotten how many "false starts" woman have when they begin the process of going into labor? These contractions are getting the cervix ready but what if it was also getting baby ready by releasing oxytocin? What if the injection of a synthetic hormone to mom inhibited mom's natural release of oxytocin so baby is deprived of a very important hormone for their development? Does not anyone here find it interesting that oxytocin is being given to children with autism and it is being found beneficial?

We have swung the pendulum clear across from not giving mom or baby anything prenatally or during their first two years to giving them next to everything.

barbara j

Can the MMR cause autism on it's own? I think we've all read enough to know that a thimerosal vaccine serves to pave the path, and now we have to consider an immune system skewed by pitocin, as well. We know that science can prove all day that the MMR doesn't cause autism, that HepB vaccine doesn't, and pitocin can't either.
I found this so interesting..
Eighty-five percent of the autistic samples and 82% of the normal
controls had a positive titer for anti–measles virus
antibodies, which was not a significant difference.
However, nearly 70% of autistic sera had anti–myelin
basic protein antibodies and 57% had anti–neuronaxon filament protein, whereas none of the control
sera were positive for these autoantibodies. In the
autistic subjects a positive association between serology and autoantibodies was indicated (Singh et al,
1998). A second study by the same group compared
125 autistic children between the ages of 4 and 10
versus 92 normal controls between the ages of 4
and 13, 28 of which had other behavioral diseases
(Singhet al,2002). ELISAs and immunoblotting were
used to screen serum antibodies. The ELISAs showed
that autistic children had a significantly higher level
of anti–measles-mumps-rubella antibodies than normal or other disease children. The immunoblotting
showed that 60% of the sera from autistic children
had antibodies against the measles hemagglutinin
protein as compared to 0% of control sera. No control
children, but 56% of the autistic children, had autoantibodies reacting to myelin basic protein.


Eileen Nicole Simon,
Thank you for sharing your slides and I am planning to contact you through your e-mail.Yes,I agree with you the fatal brain
must be protected AT ALL TIMES,the chance for hypoxia(low oxygenation) and asphyxia (no or unsatisfactory levels)must be eliminated during
deliveries. A late cord clamping is a MUST,as birth is a PROCESS (that is still happening after baby is out of the birth canal)It may take 8-10 minutes for the newborn to reach good saturation of oxygen (95% plus) and never in our life so many structural and physiological changes occur in that AT THE TIME OF THE GOLDEN MINUTE or two,at around birth.When higher blood volume is available the placenta is preparing the lungs to expand and the alveoli-s (air cells of the lungs) to become open and clear the amniotic fluid and take in the environmental oxygen(21%)(a slow switch from wet to dry environment);But still LET the maternal placental blood flow to allow for this adjustment period,increase the newborn's hemoglobin and oxygen carrying capability and iron reserve.We must take EVERY STEP TO MINIMIZE HYPOXIA OR ASPHYXIA AT BIRTH.THE RULES OF INDUCTION
MUST BE CHANGED,to make it more gentle,slower,more similar to the natural process for those who may need to go to this route.(Now with ACOG or SOGC this may take several years or decades.)Yes,OUR CHILDREN DESERVE ONLY THE VERY BEST.
PS: JAPAN ELIMINATED ALL VACCINES UNDER AGE OF 2.In Japan Infant Mortality Rate 3rd in the world,USA ranks 34th.(2009 data)The numbers speak for themselves.
Time for a change USA??????????????????????????
My advice as a professional: Please do your research and do not vaccinate under age 2.Let you baby's blood brain barrier,brain connections and internal organs mature and strengthen. Please try to breastfeed as long as you can.
I did not know,what I know now,it is to late for my precious son,please learn from my heartache,from my research,from my advice.


It's too bad that the experiences of the AOA readership can't be studied. Anecdotes might be discounted (wrongly), but there are medical records that can be examined. Just a thought.

Martha Moyer

Like I have been is not vaccines...not just this talk about induction of birth or augmentation but could be lots of factors such as birth presentation...breech..posterior...complications of any sort. Lots of things could be. My son was conceived, yes in December and I was very sick with the flu a day or two after...born posterior and caught on a lip of the what caused his autism? I may never know.

Eileen Nicole Simon

What happens to the brain is what matters. Many parents don’t want to think of autism as a neurological disorder, because they hope so much that a cure can be found.

My labor was augmented, and made the contractions too strong and too fast. My son’s head was also too large for my “contracted pelvic outlet.” Excessive molding made his head look like a banana (as my husband put it). Then he developed a cephalhematoma, which is recognized as ominous.

The too strong and too frequent contractions may have interfered with placental circulation and oxygen delivery. I will continue to point out the research on brain damage caused by asphyxia at birth, as I described in a presentation at an IACC meeting 5 years ago

Donna L.

I agree with Michelle. There is nothing safe about Pitocin. There are thousands of malpractice lawsuits involving Pitocin-induced brain damage in infants, and it has been linked to asphyxia and neonatal hypoxia...which ties in with everything Eileen Nicole Simon has been reporting on here for yrs now. And any mom who has been induced with it can tell you it is brutal, brutal labor, labor that cannot possibly be safe for any infant. Throw in a Hep B vax a couple hours after birth and you have a recipe for disaster.

I actually see this study as a step in the right direction. Here, you have doctors openly admitting that a medical intervention at birth may not be safe for infants. This article reads like on big "D'oh!" from the medical profession:

Maybe in a couple more decades they'll work up the courage to ask and study whether the birth Hep B is causing unnecessary damage...and so on and so on. And maybe by that point, if there are any healthy young people left to reproduce, they'll be spared the agony of having a child with physician-induced autism. One can only hope.


Did the Pitocin study compare autism rates in children delivered vaginally versus those delivered via caesarean section? Also their head position at delivery? Were any CT or MRI scans done at birth and/or afterward?

One might ask whether infants whose skulls were pushed with increased force for hours against resistant pelvic structures displayed more negative intellectual outcomes throughout early childhood developmental stages.

Jeannette Bishop

Though both my daughters were conceived around July and one of them still did not escape--as things worked out, she was vaccinated in a rather more aggressive and reckless fashion I believe than her sister--the timing of conception correlation is interesting, and may suggest something to do with vitamin D levels throughout much of a pregnancy. Though it may implicate flu vaccine also.


If there is an association between labor induction and autism, my guess would be that it has to do with the microbiome. Maybe women who actually need pitocin don't have the gut bacteria that acts as a neurotransmitter to activate kisspeptin and cause release of oxytocin in a timely manner (just a theory and different from barbara j's). If the study looked only at women who actually needed pitocin and left out cases where pitocin is used for convenience, I bet the association would be stronger. The babies are starting out with a suboptimal microbiome, not because of pitocin, but because that was what the mother had to offer. Then you add in our friendly "gentle bacteriostat", ethylmercury, and what is left of the already suboptimal microbiome?

I would love to see studies on how mercury affects the microbiome and how the microbiome affects the toxicity and excretion of mercury. I think we'll find many answers in the makeup of the gut bacteria.



It's amazing how in relation to vaccines we are told over and over, "Don't confuse correlation with causation!" and yet whenever a study shows a slight correlation with some other factor this is trumpeted all over the news as causation.

Are babies whose labor was induced or augmented also more likely to receive more vaccines, such as the hep B at birth? Or does induction/augmentation make the baby more susceptible to adverse reactions to vaccines, such as via the possible mechanism described by barbaraj? Or does whatever causes a need for induction/augmentation also cause some kind of vulnerability in the infant?

If anything, this study only shows correlation, not causation.

Still, it's crazy to induce for the sake of the doctor's or mother's convenience. The baby may not yet be ready to be born. Due dates are only estimates. Induction for the sake of saving the life of the mother or infant is quite another matter.

Thanks for all this info, Teresa.


Pitocin very well may be the only, or a contributing, factor to the increase in autism in some children. Maybe for some children it is all that is needed to do the damage. For other children Pitocin could be the first insult to the brain then coupled with vaccines, and any other environmental insults, may be what is causing the damage. I would recommend you read the research and treatment that has been done by Elaine Delack at regarding the affects of Pitocin.

barbara j

I wasn't as disturbed by this study as I am by most. In looking around I found a theory, by Deborah Lindsey, that seems plausible, albeit not representative of most autism
The author explained the shift from a T1 immune system to a T2 in the mother during pregnancy. This action insures the mom doesn't reject the growing infant as a pathogen. At the time of birth, the baby secretes oxytocin as a signaling process to shift the immune system back to the original T1, making birth a kind of rejection process.If all doesn't go as nature intended the shift doesn't occur ,pitocin is used and mom and baby remain T2 dominant. All is not lost, mom will naturally shift back to T1,as will baby through breastfeeding. This should be an uneventful switch. However, baby is vulnerable during that time with an immune system that is more reactive, which pre-1990's before the introduction of HepB at birth would have been a benign circumstance. However for these infants HepB may well have created a circumstance in which these children become highly allergic and reactive .No one knows exactly what happens, but they do know something happens in the digestive tract to the metallothionein proteins, allowing damage to occur from exposures to metals disrupting information from flowing between both sides of the brain. This author claimed these children do go on to experience ADD/ADHD/ and autism, along with an array of susceptibility to fungus, and intolerence to the proteins in many foods. This could have applications , if true, and maybe it's not, however, it would clearly suggest a huge "DO NOT VACCINATE" sign should be placed on the bassinet of all children born with the help of pitocin . It may as well call for testing to insure that the baby has converted back to T1 before introducing any vaccines , and for those that choose to vaccinate a reason for delay,delay, delay until a return to T1, and in children that don't make the shift they should NOT be vaccinated!!


I am confused?
So, one study will come out and say it is associated, and that is followed by another study that says there is no association.

And they can do that because the study that comes out that says something causes autism -- is really saying quote: "Only experienced increased odds of autism..."

And that statement is perhaps a judgement call about odds?

Am I understanding that right?

Behind it all is something more sinster - I do believe.

Christine Thompson


Thank you for the much needed perspective on this current study. I don't think I'll take it too seriously until someone funds a pitocin lobby to bribe our elected officials into sneaking a no-fault rider into some 11th hour legislation. That's where I tend to look. From the Lilly Rider to the current Monsanto Rider it isn't difficult to suss out which industries are worried about their roles/potential roles in contributing to autism and other health issues.


I don't know where the funds for this "study" came from, but if there isn't, there should be a specific law making it a crime punishable by imprisonment and exclusion from any other publicly funded grant money when "conclusions" do not match the data discovered.

Or maybe, for publicly funded research, the authors, by law, should not be allowed to publish their conclusions and may only publish the data, allowing others to draw their own conclusions. It would also have the indirect benefit that media "experts" would be more responsible for the news stories they publish, couldn't as readily point fingers.

Thank-you for discussing the details, Teresa.

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