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Dachel Media Update: Under Vax, Over Vax, High School

Dachel Interview: Dr. Toni Bark on Autism

Dr. BarkBy Anne Dachel

This past May at Autism One in Chicago, I attended a packed luncheon with lots of autism parents.  One of the speakers was Toni Bark, MD.  She was very impressive.  Her talk was a pointed attack on what I refer to as the pharma-medical complex which now controls government and our health care.
Dr. Bark practices family medicine in Chicago and she's a homeopath. Every time I hear about a doctor like her, it gives me hope.  Regarding the issues close to us, she is an incredible voice speaking out about the dangers of an unchecked, unsafe vaccination schedule.

Vaccination and Autoimmunity, is There a Link?

More Insight Into "Flu" Season and "Flu" Deaths"
Her blog is called The Center for Disease Prevention and Reversal.

I also found this story from Feb 2013, where Dr. Bark posted a number of damning comments about the ignorance of doctors and the lack of oversight when it comes to vaccination.  It was on a local story from Deerfield, IL.
Doctors like Toni Bark are rare.  Most physicians never deviate from the standard mantra, VACCINES ARE SAFE, VACCINES SAVE LIVES.  They risk huge reprisals if they dare to challenge official denials.  Because they are ignorant, afraid, conflicted, or just lazy, most doctors keep their months closed and their eyes shut.
Not so for Dr. Bark.  She's not going to stop talking about what's happening and I'm very grateful for her work.  I recently spoke with Dr. Bark about what she said at Autism One.  She described herself as "an outraged academic" because of the rampant corruption and malfeasance in our health care system.  There is no "whistle blower" protection for those who want to speak out about what's happening.  Pharmaceutical money dictates what legislators will do.
The following links are to parts of my interview with Dr. Bark:
The most important point in this first segment is Bark's charge that the claim, "studies show no link," is fraudulent.  She makes it clear that they've never done any study that would scientifically prove there's no association between vaccines and autism. They've never compared vaccinated and unvaccinated kids. 
Dr. Bark also told me, "There's no wiggle room.... You have to meet the definition to make that claim....They didn't look at the unexposed, so they can't make a claim about attributable rate of autism to vaccines.  You can't attribute zero autism to vaccines because you didn't look at the rate of autism to the non-vaccinated. You just can't make that claim. It violates a very basic rule of public health statistics."
Dr. Bark explained to me how she practices medicine as a homeopath.  Her attention to the total health of a patient is incredible. She said, "No two patients are ever alike."  She typically spends two hours on an initial visit with a patient.

On this video segment  she addresses Dr. Paul Offit's latest attack on alternative medicine.  According to Dr. Bark, it's the prescription and over-the-counter drugs along with unregulated practices that are truly killing people.
She also told me, "Doctors do all kinds of surgical procedures even though there are no controlled studies."
In addition, she stated, "I love that Paul Offit did this.  It brought such attention to it, I think it's backfiring on him.  He's not an industry outsider. He's an industry insider.  He wants to sell his book. He's had the luxury of these jobs where he's paid huge amounts of money for being a spokesperson for the industry.  People who didn't know who he was thought he was a good guy, he was promoting vaccines, [and then they] read his stuff and say, "Who the hell is this guy?..."
Here Dr. Bark talks about what doctors really know.    Some doctors trust the pharmaceutical industry and modern medicine religiously.
"I talk to enough doctors to know that they'll say things adamantly and when I question them, they actually don't know the research, they don't understand how the drug works, and I'll point that out to them.  ...And when I point out the level of corruption, a lot of doctors are very clueless.
"Now there are plenty of doctors who are sharp, who see the corruption, who get it.  ..."
Finally,  Dr. Bark summaries her views on the sorry state of health in America.  She sounds an alarm about the chronic illnesses and disorders that are now rampant.  Autism is just one part of a big picture of a sick society.
During our talk, she told me that "industry is very happy with having a sick society because that makes us chronic customers. ...Society is asleep.  Either [people] feel like they can't change this or they're asleep and are very unaware of the absolute control that all these industries have in running our government at the state and federal level.  But a lot of us aren't asleep and a lot of us are aware.  ,,,
"And the Canary Party is a political party and it's great.  We need to get everyone involved and say we're going to elect our own officials....  They're going to work for us, the people who are tired of being the indentured servants to the pharmaceutical industry."
"It's really beneficial that we look at all [the chronic diseases are children suffer from] under an umbrella and say these are manmade diseases."
Dr. Bark can't understand how officials deny the increase in autism.  "How do officials not...admit we're in an epidemic?  That makes no sense to me. ....To say that it's recognized better, then where are all the autistic adults walking around?"
It was refreshing and an energizing to talk with Dr. Bark.  She knows it all and she's not going to keep quiet.  Maybe, just maybe, other doctors who know what's happening will join her.
Dr. Bark is on @doctorsensation

(Technical assistance from John Dachel)



are you going to approve my obvious conclusion that her cancer was induced by a NWO agent, just like Bob Marley's was induced by MI5?

She went too far. She'd have awakened far too many zombies and needed to be silenced.

We lost out big time on this one, and her death needs to be investigated by some serious private detectives, because no gov't officials will ever be permitted to look at that with open eyes.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for the interview and links to Dr. Bark's blog. I really appreciate her straightforward representation of the poverty of safety research on which vaccines have been pushed and what is becoming understood.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Hey Anne, Im in there with Lisa- thankyou very much for your work.
My guess is that Dr. Bark meets a lot of people who already understand what she is talking about. and yes, there are plenty who do not, but the day is coming. This is why I talk about informing people, not just about autism, but moving on to some other topics such as Alzheimers. Imagine when all those millions of Americans who are worried about getting Alzheimers, or who have a relative with Alzheimers, discover that the public health folks never cared to tell them that there is a big heap of evidence linking AD with mercury -most of it from fish, vaccines and dental amalgams. They will catch on to what we are talking about pretty fast. and people like Dr. Bark are popping up all over the ground. How many of us will they crush ? Some months back I had a reunion with three old friends of many years ago. I was rather surprised to find that all four of us had,figured out the kinds of things Dr. Bark speaks of.


Few among us have this kind of spiritual depth and strength. That goes not only for Dr. Bark, but for Anne and all the other outspoken leaders in this fight.

Barbara J, you say that "they will get her". For sure they'll try, but they can't touch her spirit that is above their reach, and that's what counts.

Carter's Daddy

This reminds me of how blessed we are to have DAN doc for our kids. He thinks and acts like Dr. Bark. I hope I never take him for granted.

barbara j

Oh they will get her, look at the money and time they put into tearing apart Jenny, and she's just a mom. Take a look at the "quack pile" of educated, brilliant men and women who have dared speak out against the golden cash cow. Yes, they've degraded, stripped away, ridiculed and devoured men and women who dared stand in their way. Bring out the numbers, start with SIDS, make the remark "vaccinated, not vaccinated" a part of the death certificates. Let autism diagnosis have a similar remark section. as well as diagnosis of all autoimmune disease. Let the numbers show and they will speak for themselves.


Thank you Anne, for sharing this. I watched the videos. She is a great spokesperson on this topic -- very credible.

Anne, I just want you to know that although I usually don't post comments, I read everything you write and am so grateful for you for keeping up this fight. Although on a daily basis I am still very discouraged by what I see happening in this country, I know deep in my heart that the truth will eventually come out. Everything I have seen in my life until now has taught me to believe very strongly that TRUTH has a life of its own and can't be stopped forever; it can only be slowed...


I love this brave woman Anne. Thankyou for bringing her to our attention! Brilliant. There is a light on the horizon much brighter because of knowing she is out there.

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