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Dachel Media Update: Special Ed, GMOs

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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August 6, 2013, New Britain (CT) Herald: City to apply for grant for Saturdays for Special Kids

August 6, 2013, WNCN Raleigh, NC: Big Shortage of Special Education Teachers in Wake County

August 1, 2013, Huffington (Canada) Rachel Parent Debates Kevin O'Leary About GMOs (VIDEO)

New Britain (CT) Herald

"Saturdays for Special Kids has been a success and a safe haven for children with disabilities in Cromwell for years and city officials are hoping to duplicate the effort here.

"Chris L. Montes, director of the Community Services Department, will apply soon for a $10,000 grant to pay for staffing, supplies and food to bring a similar program to the city. The grant application will be filed with the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain by Aug. 9. If approved, the program should be in place by the end of the year, Montes said.

"'Evidence shows there are a growing number of young people with autism and other developmental disabilities,' Montes said in a recent interview. 'About one in 110 kids have autism.'"
Autism is such a part of our lives that stories about accommodating kids with ASD are everyday occurrences now. "Saturday for Special Kids" talks specifically only about autism. We're told "there are a growing number of young people with autism and other developmental disabilities," but we're not told why. We're so brainwashed with autism--the mystery--that we don't think about asking where they're all coming from. Look at the number, "one in 110 kids." That's from two rate changes ago.
No matter.  It could be one in 20 and we'd just read it and move on.  I posted one comment.
Raleigh, NC

"Karen Hamilton, Assistant Superintendent of Special Education Services in Wake County, said she was also baffled. 'I think we're seeing fewer candidates come out of the universities and we're seeing children with very specific needs so it takes some very special people who want to fill those positions,' Hamilton said.

"She said there are roughly 150,000 students in Wake County and about 20,000 of them are special needs.

"'We're talking about children with autism, children with intellectual disabilities and children who have serious emotional disabilities,' said Hamilton."

Several things stand out in this story. For one thing, no one is alarmed about 20,000 special needs kids in the county schools out of 150,000 total students.

Has it always been like this? The disability named at the beginning of the list is autism. The mother cited has a 10 year old, nonverbal autistic son who's still not potty trained.

No one ever asks why.
On the video: "One out of every seven students in Wake County have special needs."
Huffington (Canada)

"Anti-GMO activist Rachel Parent got in a spirited debate with Kevin O'Leary on CBC's "The Lang And O'Leary Exchange" Wednesday night.

"Parent, who scored the debate after a speech she gave critical of O'Leary's comments about GMOs was featured on HuffPost Canada, argued genetically-modified foods should be labelled in Canada and the United States. Europe, Japan, Australia and other nations require GMO labels, but Canada and the U.S. do not.

"O'Leary was quick to suggest Parent is essentially operating as a lobbyist for anti-GMO groups and said changes to the DNA of crops will save lives."

Here's a beautiful example of the media in bed with industry. Kevin O'Leary shows no concern about the possibility that GMO's are bad for us. His job seems to be to promote the interests of Monsanto and everyone else denaturing our food. It's exactly like they talk about vaccines.
Fourteen year old Rachel Parent is incredibly well-informed, much more than the interviewers are. She gives me hope that her generation will expose the toxic assault on us from our medicine, vaccines, food, cleaning products---you name it.



GMOs and the chemicals used in biotechnology are thought to be a factor in autism causation and pure food is essential for treatment and health...Today is worldwide March Against Monsanto day. Please search for March Against Monsanto with the name of your city and find out where your community will be marching and join!

Dr. Vandana Shiva on the march:

Jeffrey Smith put this out about the march:

Bob Guignon

He kept asking her do you really believe science has no value in "saving human lives". She could have said
1) There is no evidence it is saving any lives
2) There is phd research evidence it is causing autism
3) Who do scientists think they are - God? with 90 day tests? Whoever created the plan for natural food DNA knew a lot more than Monsanto so-called scientists with vested interests.
4) You call that science? 90 day tests by men with a conflict of interest?!?


Just found out that Dr. Bronner's Soaps has donated $1 million to the Washington State GMO labeling campaign, election to take place in 10 weeks.


"We're the lab rats,"

Oh so pathetically true.

Lets look at our "children lab rats". They are not doing so well, their rate of autism and the ASDs is doubling about every 4 years. Time to cancel the experiment on ethical, efficacy and other grounds.

May I suggest we pull our kids out of the labs (school labs and Pediatric injection stations). We cancel the experimentation ("vaccination" and Pediatrics) on our children. We TOTALLY reject and CANCEL the injection of PROVEN toxins ("vaccines" and "drugs") into our PROVEN damaged children.

With just a little study we can do MUCH better than these failed, con-men "experts".

"Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth." Albert Einstein


The more that I think about it, it confirms what some of us have said about the short term, useless, industry driven studies that supposedly back vaccine safety and efficacy. A smart junior high aged kid like Rachel can see right through the bull. I wonder how long it will take for the kids themselves to get active on this issue; I mean it's their health and they must see what is happening to their cohorts.


Rachel Parent schooled Kevin O'Leary on this issue. I cannot believe he actually had the nerve (not to mention irony) to call Rachel a "shill." That girl really held her own. When asked if she was "anti-science" she held her ground and stated that she was for honest, good, sound science (long term and independent which is similar to the issues with vaccine safety and efficacy). Oh, Kevin O'Leary tried to sound all calm and rationale but Rachel was not taking his crap. I love it. I hope there are more of these "Kids right to know" kids out there.
I really loved it when he mentioned his daughter's video and she basically dismissed it having watched it. It was comical when he said with age you tend to change your views (ya, in many, not all cases, it's called selling out for money, arsehole!)
And know this kids- there are many of us adults out there that consider oursleves liberal (are not anti-gay, believe in universal health care etc.) AND who believe that 'science' has been hi-jacked by the medical/industrial complex. You go Rachel Parent!


Let's just say his claim is correct, that yields would increase enough to feed the world, and additives could be grown right into the food that would supply the missing micronutrients back into people's diets. Not true, but let's pretend. What difference does it make, if the stuff is poisonous to human life and also probably a large factor behind the mass dieoffs of bees and birds? That's like saying that arsenic can cure lots of diseases! Which it can, but nobody really wants that kind of cure.

Enjoy the legacy O'Learys!

Kevin O'Leary couldn't have made a bigger arse of himself; which quite frankly was to be expected if you've ever seen O'Leary on Dragon's Den (where he rarely invests in any businesses. He is more likely only there to promote himself as a savvy hard ass businessman to impress his clients.)

Unbelievable nerve inferring that Rachel is a shill and there must have been some parental or legal discussion backstage as O'Leary's partner had to back off the inference when they came back from the break. He didn't have the balls to apologize himself.

And if that behaviour isn't bad enough, he stumps for his daughter's documentary on the GMO issue! He claims his daughter started out being against GMOs but after researching them is now in support. More like, after daddy informed her of the potential loss to his business she understood that might mean no more mansion in cottage country. I'm going to coin the phrase "being Kevin O'Learied" which is going to mean throwing someone else's child under the bus to promote your own business/family simply out of greed".


Wow! I watched the full video, just now, of Rachel vs. O'Leary. What an amazing young woman, and from where I'm standing she is the one to watch going forward. It's a 13 minute video but worth every second! Thank you so much for posting this and I hope everyone watches it who can.


Here is one for your update.

Vaccines And Autism: New Evidence Shows ‘Strong Link’ Between Autism And MMR Vaccine

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