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Autism Community Unites Behind Poison Pen Letter Recipient

Dachel Media Update: Poison Pen Letter, Measles

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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August 20, 2013, NY Daily News: Family of 13-year-old autistic boy disgusted after hate-filled letter is slipped under their door urging them to ‘euthanize’ boy for being a neighborhood ‘nuisance’

August 19, 2013, NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth: Tarrant County Confirms 10th Case of Measles

NY Daily News

"The angry missive was sent to the Canadian home of Max Begley's grandmother, where he spends his summer mornings. The hate letter urged the family to 'euthanize' the teen because he's a 'nuisance to the neighborhood.'"

I have no words for this.

NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

"Tarrant County health officials say a 10th case of measles has been confirmed in the county....
"Health workers said Monday they believe the local outbreak originated with a person who recently traveled to Asia, where measles are much more common....

"He said many parents are still concerned about a possible link between vaccines and autism even though the study that initially prompted that concern has been widely discredited.

"Another concern for parents, Jones said, is the preservatives added to many vaccines. Many physicians offer preservative-free vaccines so people who are concerned about that should speak with their health care provider."

The reporter on the news video specifically said thimerosal was in MMR.  "You can get a thimerosal-free measles vaccine."   More proof that the media merely relies on what officials and doctors  tell them to say and they don't really know what they're talking about.



I can almost envision all the scared s***less parents running to their Pedi's asking for the "thimerasol-free" measles shot. I really do think that the blatant ignorance is just another part of the Pharma disinformation campaign.

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