The CDC Buys and Distributes Heavy Metal Mercury Preserved Flu Vaccines for Children
Danish Specialisterne Employing People with Autism in Delaware

Dachel Media Update: Texas, Connecticut, Oklahoma

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Aug 27, 2013, NBC News: Measles outbreak strikes North Texas

Aug 27, 2013, Hartford (CT) Courant: The First 10 Years Of Cash'an's Autism Challenge
Aug 27, 2013, News 9 Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Health Officials Stress Importance Of Measles Vaccine
Aug 27, 2013, We Need a New Pediatrician

NBC News

The doctor says opting out parents are "more middle class, upper middle class. People are deciding they're afraid of vaccines. They've bought the idea that autism is connected with MMR and that's a lie."
Reporter: "Health officials say well intentioned parents who choose not to vaccinate are needlessly putting their children and communities at risk. measles is so contagious, that if one person has it, the CDC says 90% of the people who are not fully immunized and come in close contact to that person will also get the infection."
Snyderman: "Vaccinations have been so successful over the last few decades. for a lot of young couples who forget that these illnesses can have a resurgence and they can kill. a reminder that vaccinations can protect not only your child, but they take care of your community too."

Hartford (CT) Courant

"I remember him saying 'God' before he ate something from his high chair, touching my face and saying 'Ma' before his words disappeared. I remember him climbing out the crib very early and understanding that if he pushed his rocking chair to the door, he could climb on it to get over the gate at the door. I remember him loving the pool - just being in the water, which he still does. I remember him biting my lip and arm out frustration because he didn't know how to talk, and finding a way to come and show me that he busted his lip after he fell off a stool. That was the first time he had ever shown me he felt pain. I remember just the other day how my stomach was exposed as I sat at the computer typing and he ran over from across the room just to pull my shirt down to cover it. It reminded me how in-tuned he is and that his routines tell a lot about what is important to him.

"Just yesterday, my son was taken to the hospital because some routines and behaviors posed potential harm to him and family members. I had never called 911 before because of behaviors, but it was something I remembered his nurse and staff at school suggesting I do if I ever felt Cash'an was in a spiral of behavior that I could not break. The hospital staff directed me to autism and crisis intervention resources to help develop a plan to navigate through those unpredictable and intense moments at home where no professional therapists are on hand."

So many parents tell the same story. They too had a son whose words "disappeared."

When will we have any real answers about what autism is doing to our children?

Why does autism overwhelmingly affect children? Why hasn't anyone been able to find a comparable rate among adults? Why is a once rare disorder now so common that everyone knows someone with an affected child. Why, despite hundreds of studies and millions of dollars spent, does autism officially have no known cause or cure? Why can't a mainstream doctor do anything to prevent a baby that was born healthy and is developing normally from also ending up on the autism spectrum by age two?

Why is the current autism rate, one in every 50 U.S. kids, one in 31 among boys alone, not a cause for concern in the U.S.? Why hasn't any health official ever called autism a crisis?

Where are all of these disabled kids going to end up someday as adults? How will we ever paid for their care?

This child obviously regressed. His mother isn't asking why. He's ten and doesn't speak. The mother had to call 911 yesterday because of his behavior.

Now imagine Cash'an at 21. This is the situation hundreds of the thousands of families find themselves in. I think I'd call this a lot more than a "challenge."

News 9 Oklahoma City

"Officials with the Oklahoma State Health Department explained that the close proximity caused some worry for them, especially since some Oklahomans choose not to use vaccines.
"They said that in the late 90s, some parents began to worry that the MMR vaccine was linked to autism cases. The health department refuted that claim and explained there is "absolutely no data that shows any relationship between the two."

"Oklahoma law provides exemptions based on medical conditions, as well as religious and philosophical beliefs. Just over 1 percent of children in the state are not vaccinated, according to health department tracking statistics.

"Measles is a highly infectious virus that is spread through airborne droplets. Infected people often exhibit a high fever, runny nose, cough and a signature rash that often starts at the hairline then progresses down the body."

Disgusting one-sided coverage and made up science: For every 1,000 measles cases, one or two people die.

(FOOTNOTE: I posted my usual comments and in response to my CBS News link on Hannah Poling, Dana Landers Roberts wrote: "I wish I had heard about this sooner."

People do read what we post. We do make a difference. And I post a link to NVIC on these stories so parents know where to look for the truth.)

"The reason we need a new pediatrician is rather involved. A while back, the pediatrician that our family has frequented for years came out with what was, in my opinion, a rather draconian and insulting policy regarding immunizations. The policy was simple; you will take the shots the CDC recommends, or we will not treat you. The written policy went on to refer to the unimmunized as 'selfish'. Their policy is reproduced here. When I read the policy I was incensed, and it lead to a number of family discussions. My wife wanted to stay with the doctor, and I did not. My compromise was that we would stay with his office until we were forced to leave by this issue....
"My issue is simple; it's my child, not theirs. Maybe vaccines are good, maybe they're bad. Maybe Wakefield was right and they attribute to allergies and autism, maybe they don't. Either way, I as a parent ought to be able to pick and choose what shots are given to my child, not the CDC. In the pediatricians defense, they are a private practice and can do as they see fit, but I think it's poor policy and a poor business decision to sever years of customer relations over the recommendations of Big Pharma and their lackeys in the government. I think it's poor policy as a parent to blindly sign on to whatever injections the government dictates from on high.

"So we have no pediatrician at the moment, and there is a certified letter waiting ominously for us up at the post office from the pediatrician. My concern is not that we won't find another doctor, and my concern isn't that my son will catch meningitis. My concern at this point is that a visit from Child Protective Services comes out of all this. Out of concern for the staff at this misguided doctor's office, I've not released the name of the office, but I suspect we have not heard the last from all this."



re. We Need a New Pediatrician. It is unbelievable that because this father refuses HPV vaccine (a vaccine with so many adverse events it has been pulled from Japan, Inda, maybe Spain and which shows an uneasy adverse event risk compared to a similar-age given vaccine for meningitis /11?) he actually feels worried that he will be hearing from child welfare due to an accusation from this 'medical' practice. That is wrong and should not be happening in a free country.


"Gerberding admitted to Sanjay Gupta on CNN they do and the HRSA admitted to Sharyl Attkisson of CBS that they do".

That was in 2008 when the Hannah Poling story broke:


@barbara j

"At least 12 of those infected were not fully immunized against measles".

This is the new claim "not fully immunized" - the new weasel words. Watch out for them.

We were told the jab the second time around is for just 5% of the population because we were also told 95% "seroconvert" [that is test positive for antibodies] after the first vaccine.

So that should mean 95% of vaccinees are "fully immunized" on the first shot and only 5% are not.

The reality is the vaccine fails as people get older - which means even the "fully vaccinated" can catch measles.

That is what you are seeing. It is not the "not fully vaccinated" but vaccine failure.

The CDC folks want you to keep buying the shots forever to keep their buddies in the drug industry sweet because when they quit the CDC that is where they get their next job - just like Julie Gerberding. And that is why they hire fraudsters like Poul Thorsen to write papers claiming vaccines don't cause autistic conditions when Gerberding admitted to Sanjay Gupta on CNN they do and the HRSA admitted to Sharyl Attkisson of CBS that they do.

People have short memories.

[Poul Thorsen is still on the NIH's "most wanted list" and still "on the run".]

Vicki Hill

I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, so this is old news here...but just made national news this week (which is nuts; 16 cases of measles is NOT national news!)

Here is one local article. It says that only 9 of the cases are children under 10:

This article mentions those "too young to be immunized". Locally, I have heard that one 4-month old has had the measles:

Some of the ones they claim are unvaccinated are adults who say yes, they were vaccinated, but they don't have vaccination records to the satisfaction of the medical folks.

The person who supposedly brought the measles back from Indonesia is 44 year old. Local thinking is that these adults were vaccinated at a time when one dose of the vaccine was considered adequate. But clearly that is not proving to be correct.

So now we have a generation of those 25 and older who were supposedly vaccinated, and therefore didn't catch measles when they were young when it would have been harmless. Instead, they are at risk of catching it as adults when the virus can be considerably more harmful. The reason us older folks were purposely exposed (and caught) measles as children was to avoid the risk of catching measles as grown-ups. We took a mild childhood disease and turned it into an adult risk.

barbara j

USA Today "Those sickened by measles include nine children and six adults, ranging in age from 4 months old to 44 years old. At least 12 of those infected were not fully immunized against measles, Roy says. The other patients have no record of being vaccinated. The 4-month-old is too young to have been received the measles vaccine, which is typically given at 1, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."
So what is it..children who were on the schedule, but had not timed in for their boosters..adults who certainly aren't on a schedule..and a baby who was too young?..the news has been shifting away from "not fully" to "not" vaccinated. the herd in that county 98% immunized? A child entering high school requires a third shot these days to be considered fully immunized, most of us that had two are not fully immunized. We just can't get clear truthful information, only talking heads using this for their agenda, while contradicting each other.


I just saw a long piece on Anderson Cooper, him squinting with concern, with Sanjay Gupta, the news doctor. They were talking about the measles outbreak at a Texas church. It seems that 11 out of the 16 people who got measles were not vaccinated. That is almost one third who were vaccinated. This seems a bit weird. They brought up Wakefield and someone said he was "well meaning" but of course very wrong.


Jeannette Bishop You have always wrote with very few mistakes and with clear thought.

Don't worry about it; when you make a mistake just remember me and say to yourself - well at least I am not that bad!

barbara j

I don't want names or birthdates, but I would like birth years. There are so many rumors, one saying we are killing the children by not vaccinating, another saying, Texas isn't telling the whole story, most cases are in adults who have lost ,if they ever had, any immunity, another says a four month old has it because Mom didn't have natural antibodies as the result of this insane vaccine program. Another mentioned that particular county has a 98% compliance rate, and herd immunity a LIE. Where is the truth, what is the truth.

Shiny Happy Person

Smog - particularly from tailpipes - appears to be second only to smoking when it comes to lung disease and associated mortality in children and adolescents. I wonder how some of these same name-callers would feel if they pulled up to the pumps prior to their daily commute and the gas station attendant refused to sell them fuel if they were "selfishly" driving anything other than a Prius..?


We Need a new Pediatrician: that reminds me of a conversation I had with a firefighter. We were talking about flu shots (the family has never given their kids any and don't themselves). One of their kids is on the spectrum. At some point later in the conversation when we were talking about certain groups being forced to take specific vaccinations, he got very emotional and blurted out, "we just don't want to be told what to do."


Our ped said the same thing after we confronted her with the 'signs' and our concerns. We left. No problem since. Homeopathic doctors are around, you just might have to travel a bit.

Jeannette Bishop

Ughh, sumtimes I shink my poof-reading and gammar skills (and especiallily wining personality) are the perfectionate advertissment for value of dental (or is it don't-atall) amalgam (amaulgam?).

The verb should have been, I believe I think, "is" in my previous comment.

Jeannette Bishop

I'm always floored by the "logic" that it's the success of vaccines that are the reason people take exemptions.

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