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CBS and Autism Media Channel: A Prelude To a Tragedy The Case of Alex Spourdalakis

Alex S(Note) The video from this morning is below, if you would like to call in to thank CBS for running Alex's story the number  is 212-975-3247.

CBS and Autism Media Channel present a prelude to tragedy

When: Friday August 30, 2013, 8.00 am EST

In an unprecedented insight into the apparently senseless and violent death of Alex Spourdalakis, a 14 year-old boy with autism, CBS in collaboration with Austin-based Autism Media Channel presents a game-changer – intimate documentary footage of the unfolding crime. 

In a country where 1 in 25 children born today will develop autism, this compelling story is certain to create universal debate.  Alex’s tragedy is a story of our time, pitting the old against the new, capturing the iniquity of autism when perceived as a psychiatric oddity rather than a medical disease - an epidemic in an unprepared world. Using exclusive footage that followed Alex’s journey leading up to his death, CBS and Autism Media Channel present a story, unique in documentary history – one whose outcome should have been prevented; one that will change perception.

Polly Tommey, autism advocate, Autism Media Channel director, and founder of The Autism Trust, says the answers are staring us in the face. "Alex was one of millions of children at risk," she said. "Without a complete overhaul of our approach to autism treatments, therapies, and services, tragedies like this are inevitable."

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This report should be shown at the next IACC meeting.


The report says that doctors admit they don't know how to treat autistic children, yet they are full of criticism and venom for those doctors who have taken their responsibility to do their best for these children seriously by developing treatment protocols. Successes are ridiculed and shunned by the clueless. The medical profession should not be able to claim any expertise or authority when it comes to autism.


I did not see the report, but I don't understand why criminal charges aren't brought against the hospital and doctors.


Someone please help me here. How would chamomile extract, probiotics, vit d, glutathione building supplements (biomed) equate to child abuse or MUnchausen's by Proxy, as the Scienceblogs crowd likes to suggest? It is preposterous and sick given that the medical profession at the hospital did not help him with his abdominal pain. They didn't even figure out/diagnose/acknowledge that he had pain!


Yes Lou,sadly I need to agree with you.Murder and genocide would be a better description for this mercury and vaccine damage that started in the early 1970's and increasing ever since.They fight the war differently today,they keep the infra-
structure and they put the concentration camp inside the body
(vaccines).I learned about Modern day warfare in the late 1970's,everything I learned is happening today.

Paul S

When is this dysfunctional US Medical System gonna' provide treatment and support for the children they damaged and for the abandoned parent caregivers!!!!!


"The truth is the medical system had become dysfunctional"

This is putting the Medical Industries in the very BEST light.

I would state it differently.

Those parts of the Medical Industry, to include the political heads of HHS et al, who are keeping the eight year old freedom of information request demanding all the CDC's information on the harmful NET effects of "vaccines" and "vaccination" from being released are complicit in thousands of murders of our children from "vaccines" and "vaccination". They are also complicit the damage of millions of our children to include autism, serious mental problems, ADD, ADHD, asthma, allergies, digestive problems and MANY other problems that would not have visited these children had not the genocidal "vaccinations" been forced on them.


I am so sorry this is what it has come to. And it still won't be enough.

I also want to note that it was ironic that the add immediately following the report was about a drug for joint stiffness. I suffer from that and get alerts whenever new research comes about. Recently a series of reports were made on a study that showed a particular gut bug was hugely beneficial at putting arthritis into remission. It was a very specific bacteria originated in the mouth and populated the gut. Not your usual probiotic species. The next day when I had time to revisit this I clicked on the google links and all.....every single source....was gone. Like it never happened. I should have copied it because it named the specific bacteria and how one particular pharma company was trying to patent it. It's all about the gut. It's always about the gut and it's always about corruption.


Dr.Wakefield my apologies,sorry for the spelling mistake,I must had been half a sleep at 00:44.


Please,you must read Dr. Andrew Wakekefield's Reflections in the Autism File August 30th edition.The truth is the medical system had become dysfunctional and many of the children are not getting the proper medical care they need and they are stamped with autism diagnosis and psychiatric treatment instead of treating or eliminating the root causes of the problem.Alex had ulcerated stomach and intestines,to many to count.This puzzle has more than 10000 pieces,Dr Wakefield can see the picture,the media and most of the doctors are blind.We need to be strong and fight the system so a tragedy like this never ever happens.Again I demand a full INVESTIGATION of the hospital where Alex was left untreated, un-diagnosed and restrained for 12 days.OUR CHILDREN NEED REAL QUALITY CARE,(same level of medical care everyone else is getting)and NOT LIFELONG PSYCHIATRIC MAINTENANCE.The doctors and media need to smarten up and please pull out your head from the big pHarma sand box.


Excellent documentary to highlight the difficulties Alex and his mother faced.I can see the love in Dorothy towards his son,she was sleeping on the floor just to be with her son.The hospital where Alex was restrained and mistreated for 12 days or longer NEEDS TO BE FULLY INVESTIGATED AND PUNISHED FOR NOT PROVIDING THE CARE HE NEEDED / ABUSE AND IMPROPER CARE AND RESTRAIN FOR 12 DAYS.EVERYONE NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THAT THERE IS A LIMIT ONE MOTHER CAN DO.She had become drained,it is like when a river runs empty and dries up.Society and the doctors together with big pHarma created this iatrogenic illness (GI/Neuro/Immune system damage)so now they have to fix it,ASAP.
Big thank you to CBC,Sharyl Atkinson,Polley Tommey for presenting this very important documentary.OUR CHILDREN ARE PRECIOUS AND THEY NEED THE BEST CARE WHAT EVERYBODY ELSE GETTING.They should not wait 12 days for a treatment restrained to the bed.SHAME.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you CBS and Autism Media Channel! Somehow, government and pharmaceutical industry collusion possibly, maybe with other influences, U.S. healthcare has become one of the ugliest of monopolies. I hope the truth obtained in an attempt to help Alex will soon help others to obtain real healing where possible and end the industry descent towards forcing lifelong pharmaceutical maintenance.

Vicki Hill

Someone asked about ASAN. As a nonprofit, they are required to make their IRS Form 990 public. I just Googled and found their 2011 Form 990 quickly:

According to the Form 990, their largest contributors are:
The Arc: $137,642
Oregon Health Sciences University $51,119
Dan Marino Foundation $20,000
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation $20,000

In Part VIII of the Form 990, they classified $206,761 of their revenue as "Government grants (contributions). It is clear from the context that most, if not all, of the above contributions are included in this category.

Thus, it appears that CSS got the "government-funded" line from the Form 990. Unless things have changed since 2011, their funding is primarily through grants from other non-government organizations.


Ari Ne'eman does not understand pain. Agonizing, wracking, unending pain. Lucky him. How long would he put up with the misery Alex Spourdalakis endured? At least Ne'eman has the ability to ask for morphine or hydrocodone.

One correction to Sharyl Attkisson's reporting: she said "gastric," limiting the lesions to the stomach. Many children have inflammatory damage that starts with eosinophilic esophagitis and runs through 26 feet of intestines down to the rectum.

How many nonverbal children, teens and adults are trying to tell us that they feel excruciating pain in their throats and guts all day, day after day?

And why can't more medical professionals and psych docs figure that out?

Bob Moffitt

God bless Sharyl Attkinson for her continuing courage in presenting the autism epidemic as the national tragedy it has become. Kudos to CBS also ..

Sharyl stated autism statistics .. "1 in 88" and "673,000 children nationally".

How in God's name can ANYONE with a conscience continue to pretend the existance of these children is due to "better diagnosing or a broader definition"?

We live in a very troubled country when public health bureaucracies can no longer distingush between right and wrong.

Such as .. it is patently WRONG for our government to prioritize funds for Ari Ne'eman's "autism self-advocacy group" .. while at the very same time .. DENYING this poor child treatment at a hospital .. with a properly trained staff .. that may have alleviated his suffering.

Indeed, had this been the staff of an animal hospital .. someone would have gone to jail for doing NOTHING while a dog or cat "writhed in pain for 12 days".


It's absolutely breathtaking to see some real journalism on this subject -- for a change.

One question: Sharyl Attkinson reported that ASAN is a "government-funded" organization. I did not know that, but certainly that would compromise ASAN's independence. My sense is that ASAN says nice things about Obama administration officials and was not terribly militant about opposing the DSM-5. Can anyone tell us more? Which government agency is funding ASAN, and what are they getting for their money?

John Stone

Courageous as ever from Sharyl Attkisson and above all Polly.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Thank you, Polly Tommey and Sharyl Attkisson for not letting this sad story just fade away as so often happens.

The question remains: "Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis?"

Sharyl Attkisson points to the answer. "A system ill-equipped to handle autistic children."

At the hospital where Alex was retrained for 12 days without doctor's orders, there had to be "retraining" of ER staff.

Polly Tommey: "Dorothy was like any other autism mother, desperate to get help for her child. His death didn't need to be. It was because there wasn't anything in place for him."

A GI specialist found Alex to be suffering from stomach ulcers, "too many to count," but "no facility would keep him and insurance wouldn't cover it. Dorothy's emails reflected growing desperation and exhaustion...."

What was done to Alex and his mother was neglect and abuse bordering on torture. "Every door closed. She had nowhere to go. She had nowhere to take her son. There was no help for him."

Alex's life and death is a prime example of the abysmal lack of attention autism receives in this country. Health officials and doctors remain clueless. They guess at autism's cause. They have no answers for parents--NONE--except that their vaccines don't cause it.

The really big lie has always been that autism is a genetic developmental disorder kids are born with and we're seeing more of it only because the definition was changed and doctors are better at recognizing it.

Autism seems to be an annoying issue that just doesn't go away. Officials have never called autism a crisis. Doctors still aren't being trained to adequately deal with it and don't offer parents any real help or hope.

Anne Dachel, Media


Here is the link for the story:

Please press the recommend to FB under the video and also share this in your contacts to make this story go beyond viral and keep it in the recommended stories on the ABC This Morning so it is front and center where needed.

Seeking medical choice is something that is needed and it is possible to obtain when done with assistance and in utilizing the system. However families need support and agencies that are paid to assist need to get on board and provide this.

There is much more to this story, but the bottom line is that Alex and Dorothy were left with no means to access medical care needed for Alex. He was sent home with no safety net and ended up dying because of it. That should not be happening to families but is all across the country and has been for many years. There have been other Alex's and other parents that have taken their children's lives and their own due to very similair circumstances.

Lastly I'd ask that folks give Ari at ASAN a call and ask him what he did while on the IACC to ensure individuals with ASD were obtaining the right to medical choices. Also ask him what ASAN has done since Alex's death, other than to ask than to judge Dorothy and ask she be charged with a hate crime as well as murder, to ensure adequate and appropriate medical care. Also where was ASAN when many of us were asking for assistance on the abusive physical and chemical restraint use that violated Alex's rights under CRIPA.

Sorry but my patience has run thin and this case needs to have a full factual reveal from many angles, especially where federal agencies dropped the ball including HHS and the DOJ.


Did the segment run on CBS This Morning? And I can't access Autism Media Channel. anyone else having a problem?

Alison MacNeil

I just watched this and I feel like it will be very helpful in reaching the mainstream with the information that severe GI pain causes aggression, we need to train medical personal across the board to look for the underlying causes of aggression with autism, and that there were no adequate services for this child. Sharyl Attkinson did a terrific job.

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