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Dachel Media Update: Induced Labor, Vaccine Debate

Cathy Jameson On Labor Induction and Autism on Fox 5 DC

Tmr bookThank you to Age of Autism's Cathy Jameson for her appearance on Fox 5 News DC last night to discuss the recent news that inducing labor could be related to autism.  Cathy is a co-contributor to book The Thinking Moms' Revolution.  And our favorite Sunday read here at AofA. Great job, Cathy.




W Ford

I am a legit high functioning autistic who was born late of an induced labor at Kaiser hospital in Bellflower Ca in 1990. My mother had a high fever of a vaccine most likely flu and I came out sick myself as a new born. I was a few weeks late and went home before my mother did from that hospital. this induced labor story has its merits and no mercury is not the only cause of autism it certain plays a role as do so many other toxic chemicals.


Old time vets, and horsemen will tell you that laminitis which is inflammation of the tissue between the bone and the hoof of a horse is often brought on after the mare foals and she retains her placenta.

No one every ask why a mare would retain the placenta in the first place.

It is of course a damaged hypothalamus and a impaired pituitary gland.

I was three weeks over the due date with my daughter. Gyno went on a vacation and when he got back I was in big, bad, trouble.

It may not be the drugs but the the women that are having to have their labor induced.

I had had a swine flu vaccine and a DPT shot a few year prior to bearing children. I may have been in trouble and did not know it.

Both of my kids were born healthy and in some cases above the mile stones until they had their DPT shot and then they reacted to them again and again as I was ignored by the peds until my son finally had a stroke like episode that left him with autism


I agree wholeheartedly with other posters....

This is a distraction from the real issue. All these studies just serves to water down the fact that Vaccines cause autism.

Makes me pretty cross when there is so much scientific and observational evidence supporting the very obvious cause of autism.

There may well be a bunch of other environmental triggers of contributory factors but dont ignore the elephant in the room.

Giving airtime to these studies suits government and Pharma- they want the mystery of autism to persist. There is no mystery.

Big old bunch of distraction !


Hmmm, let's see RhoGam injection then yes induced, then yes child has bad reaction to 2 month vaccine. Hmm a lot of dots,...


Is anyone looking into whether inducing labor can somehow predispose an infant to vaccine reaction? Perhaps the piton might deplete vitamin D stores, or somehow deplete glutathione levels?

The hep B vaccination 4 hours after birth could easily be the tipping point for any infant, but maybe especially one that was delivered after induction.

Donna L.

I don't get why they are making this sound like a new discovery...it's been talked about and studied for years now, with conclusions going either way. Not to mention all the discussions about it in the biomed circles. One in particular that always sticks in my mind is from the old CK2 yahoo group, around 2005. Out of 220 moms responding, 82% of us were induced with Pitocin. Now here we are almost a decade later, and mainstream medicine is still going to downplay/disregard/wait another decade before acting on this connection. Criminal.

Martha Moyer

Don't see talk about the positions children were delivered in such a breech or posterior and how this could also affect people having autism. My son was posterior and caught on the lip of the cervix so doctor used forceps and he came out bruised over both ears. They gave me oxygen while trying to pull him out. Was he oxygen deprived? He did cry lustily when delivered.

In general, birth issues of all sorts need consideration.


All the doctors declined??? The do not want to touch this hot potato.Obstetrics had become very interventive,there is more money in inductions and C-Sections.There is a mistrust exist
in the mind of the male care providers/OBs that the female body can not do its job.All this intervention is an un-natural push on the uterus to get the baby out.Diabetic mom's baby is at a
higher risk for hypoglycemia (low sugar)which can negatively effect the developing brain.Yes there is iatrogenic complications and outcomes that not been fully investigated by
the medical community-as to what the long term effects are on the baby.This issue is complex and all issues need to be examined by independent experts.It always takes for-ever to to find answers to difficult questions like these.Just remember what they did to Dr.Semmelweis and to Dr.Wakefield.

Kristine Nicholas

I just love how the interviewer ended it with the old "Listen to your doctor" routine. Remember, doctors know best! Listen and follow blindly. I am so sick of that mentality!


I had a very healthy pregnancy, went to doctor 2 days after my due date, was told that I had low amniotic fluid on left side, walked over to the hospital, was induced because I was not dialated, 22 hours of labor and finally delivered my son. I always wondered about that day and what if.... Finally a study that makes a lot of sense.


oh, anything...anything! rather than admit the vaccines might be at cause.

even the percentages given in this don't explain the much higher rate of autism.

i call bullshit

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Cathy. We are left hoping that people start connecting the dots themselves outside of the purview of corporate media, controlled research institutions, and corporate "healthcare" trying to channel and shape the message. Autism is a disease of a toxic society and our "healthcare" is likely responsible for a lion-share of the dots, and some of the most problematic exposures are the ones most denied.


"This study is another detour on the freeway of bullshit."

How could it be stated any better than that??? ...Well said Maurine...

Comments should be closed for this topic...

maurine meleck

This study is another detour on the freeway of bullshit. How can they even consider this study if another one hasn't been done on inducers prior to the early 1990's before the massive influx of new vaccines.
Tired of the bullshit

Lin Wessels

Thank you, Cathy Jameson for all that you do and all that you and your family have shared and endured in this journey. We very much appreciate you!!

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