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Witch Hunting Jenny McCarthy for Vaccine Talking

Barbara Loe Fisher vertical head and shoulders (1) 2013By Barbara Loe Fisher

In a July 24, 2013 written and video commentary by Barbara Loe Fisher posted with references on, she analyzes more than two dozen articles published in major print and broadcast media outlets that attacked ABC’s July 15 hiring of Jenny McCarthy to be a co-host with Barbara Walters on ‘The View.’ Fisher said: 

“Now that it looks like ABC-TV executives are backing Barbara Walters’ hire of celebrity Jenny McCarthy to join the popular daytime talk show The View, the blood spilled on the ground of the Fourth Estate during 10 hot days in July is beginning to dry. It was fascinating to watch the well-orchestrated response by online mainstream media, which took on the frenzy of an old fashioned witch hunt to burn a heretic at the stake.”

Reviewing 29 articles published in major print and broadcast media outlets  between July 9 and July 18, 2013 with 19 of them written by males, it became obvious that some of them are really upset about “blonde” girls expressing politically incorrect opinions about vaccine side effects, a topic that has become the biggest taboo talk in America. Several media outlets used her gender to take the first punch with headlines such as “Putting Jenny McCarthy on the View: Good Sex Over Bad Science” and “ View’ Host Jenny McCarthy’s Vaccine-Autism Claims: Beauty vs. Science.”

“The Pretty Idiot” or A Threat to the Survival of Mankind?

Some tried to bash McCarthy’s brain by focusing on her body. Cat calls like “buxom physique: - “blonde bombshell” - “sex symbol” – “object of teenage boys fantasies” – “ bleached blonde hair” - “pulchritudinous” – “ the pretty idiot” - “Playboy Playmate of the Year”– and so on were effortlessly tossed into the story.

Once the boys club firmly established that she is really only good for one thing, they moved on to alleging that if she is allowed to open her mouth and talk on ‘The View,’ she will in fact and without question threaten the very survival of the human race. One of them took bizarre name-calling to new heights by hurling the epithet “homicidal maniac” at her.

I am not sure how presumably well-educated men expected people to swallow the vacuous argument that the woman is both a dumb blonde and a threat to mankind but for some inexplicable reason that is exactly what they tried to do. And, further embarrassing themselves, they desperately tried to persuade all the rest of us to be as emotionally invested in her hire on ‘The View’ as they are and immediately write to the bosses at ABC to express our shock and horror.

A Call to Muzzle Vaccine Talking Moms

It could have been amusing summer entertainment watching guys fall all over themselves to up one another with hysterical hyperbole, but it quickly became obvious that it was about much more than slapping around a celebrity Mom because she has talked publicly about her son’s vaccine reaction and how she helped him get better.

Way more.

Read the full commentary or watch the video on here.



It's sad to see so many people believe propaganda.


Aye Joe keep reading ,We believed in vaccines at one time(not any more) if we hadn't our kids wouldn`t be so messed up!!with vaccine induced autism...


John Stone

What people have is their own experiences. We would be a lot more impressed with governments and the medical profession if they listened to what people were saying to them rather than harassing them and bullying the into silence. They are skewing the evidence, just as they have actually skewed the evidence in many of the studies.

joe petit

It's sad to see so many people actually believe this nonsense. Not ONE OF YOU have any evidence linking vaccines to autism. It's astonishing to me that you are willing to take a view that is dangerous and deadly with absolutely no evidence to back up what you so desperately want to be true (but isn't. )

Carter's Daddy

I'm ashamed to say my own city, Toronto, has jumped on that. Its health guy or health dept. or whatever it is has made a statement against Jenny. I am left wondering why they would care.


Gilded Thinker,

You so nailed it. I doubt much will be said on the show about vaccines; what really has their knickers in a twist is Jenny's relatability factor.

ABC is very smart as they now are adding another demographic to boost their ratings-the pharma industry police. Numbers are numbers and numbers mean money.


I agree. Definitely Barbara's best video yet!


How utterly obscene is that statement from the WSJ and a certain Michael O Hara...

'Even if true that some autism is caused by vaccination, so what. Those children are collateral damage in the war against disease'...

'So what??!!!' May God forgive this man. He trivialises the death and damage done by the medical establishment to children by obscenely (and incorrectly) using such militaristic terminology, as if that makes his statement ACCEPTABLE?
The fight against disease may well be superficially compared to a War and only in a purely literary sense, but that is where the comparison ends. And the reason why such an analogy cannot be taken further Mr O Hara? Because in the fight against disease in most civilised countries the INDIVIDUAL still has the choice of action and the choice of weapons he wishes to use, and long may this freedom be cherished and protected.


In the long history of Barbara's great videos, this is the Best One Ever. She absolutely nails it. Spread it far and wide.


We only have a few Jenny books at our house... what magazine is that ???

As they have no "real Science" or any damn thing to stand on, they only have the "Jenny witch-hunt."

As before, Jenny could avoid Autism all together and simply interview some of the SIDS parents following 8 or 9 vaccines the same day...

SIDS spikes and vaccines is another study that the CDC refused to do....

Gilded Thinker

I think their biggest fear is that the public's perception of Jenny will be changed. They have constantly tried to marginalize her with their "former Playboy bunny" and "blond bombshell" descriptions. The View is a mainstream show with a large following. They are worried people who have believed the character assassination on Jenny up until now will change their minds. And they just can't take that chance, now can they?

Sarah W

the real issue here is freedom of speech. This is obviously an orchestrated media campaign to silence Jenny McCarthy. She is a threat. Just because these groups disagree with her opinion doesn't give them the right to have her censored. If one is confident and secure with your own POV on a subject, there shouldn't be a cause for concern over what someone else says or thinks--given the huge outcry over Jenny Mccarthy being on the View, shows that maybe Health community is not so confident which is why they want to silence her. Maybe they fear loss of control.

John Stone

These are rent-a-mob opinions; research zero, intellectual content zero (narcissism levels going through the roof). The basic proposition is that anyone who has witnessed vaccine damage better shut up about it or else. Mainstream media publications like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are supposed be high quality but the impoverishment and the crudity are palpable. In the case of the New York Times under the column by editor Margaret Sullivan 'Just the facts - no "false balance" wanted here' I three times tried to post without success comments by US government officials admitting that vaccines can and do cause autism. So actually what we have is "false balance" and the basic information is ruthlessly suppressed (exactly the reverse position to that claimed by Sullivan).

I quoted Julie Gerberding as CDC director telling the latterly amnesiac Sanjay Gupta at CNN:

“….. if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it [vaccination] can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism.”.

And HHS HRSA officials telling Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News:

"The government has never compensated, nor has it ever been ordered to compensate, any case based on a determination that autism was actually caused by vaccines. We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures."

At least the Wall Street Journal did not interfere with the posting of such information. There the most telling comment in the end came from one Michael O'Hara:

"Even if true that some autism is caused by vaccination, so what. Those children are collateral damage in the war against disease."

And there in all its naked horror is probably the bottom line - just how much anyone cares until it happens to them.

Jenny Allan

Don't forget to sign the petition in support of Jenny, open to ALL worldwide:-

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