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Please join us in welcoming Autism Free Brain to the AofA family.

"AutismFreeBrainTM is a non-profit organization established to generate support and funding for research of specific molecular mechanisms contributing to focal brain inflammation leading to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and how it may be diagnosed, treated, prevented and reversed.

AustimFreeBrainTM was initiated and is maintained by doctors, scientists, and families with ASD children hoping to enable an in-depth scientific and clinical exploration of the inflammatory cause of ASD primarily based on the findings of Professor Theo Theoharides, MS, PhD, MD working in Boston, MA. He has published evidence of increased levels of unique neuroinflammatory markers in the blood of young children with ASD, and proceeded to develop a novel, patented, formulation containing a highly pure chamomile extract of the flavonoid Luteolin, formulated in olive kernel oil to maximize oral absorption.  Two clinical trials and numerous anecdotal reports indicate significant benefit in attention and sociability with reversal of gastrointestinal and allergic ASD symptoms in over 50% of children and verbal gains in about 20% in 4-6 months."



@ Lou, where did you find the reference for the amount of "200-400 nano grams" as a residual? I've looked in many places and never managed to find it. Would appreciate the source. Thanks in advance.


Really wonderful work from this man and group.


"It's important to note that Thimerasol is not the only vaccine ingredient that can cause autism."

A typical pathogenic analysis of a typical autism victim USUALLY IMO does include "vaccination" and mercury. Even so called "mercury free vaccines" typically contain 200 - 400 nanograms of mercury. Mercury is used in the "vaccine" manufacturing process and need not be directly added to a "vaccine" as an ingredient.

As mercury was being phased "down" in many childhood "vaccines" "flu shots" usually containing 25 mcg of mercury were being phased into the WHOLE population to include fetuses. IMO getting mercury into these fetuses may be the MOST IMPORTANT factor in autism. One nanogram of mercury going into a 12 gram fetus is going to have a lot more negative consequences than one nanogram of mercury going into a 10,000 gram infant. "Low mercury" flu shots, which MANY fetus do not get, typically contains 1000 to 2500 nanograms of mercury. "Vaccinating" pregnant women is INSANITY we must not tolerate. "Vaccinating" anyone especially infants and children with developing brains IMO is an outrage against humanity.

There are a lot of factors in autism I list most of them here I do believe that if you eliminate most of these negative factors your risk of autism is very low; less than one in 30,000 or so.

But in all my examination of the autism factors IMO if you just eliminate "vaccination" to include "flu shots" et al you will eliminate most risk of autism and the ASDs.


Thanks for the link Michael.
Mine are all short on L-carnitine and so they take a supplement - don't know if it helps or not though.

Most good neurologist will take those levels. It took 17 years to find a good neurologist just to do his job.


Note: My previous comment was a response to the video "HOW MERCURY TRIGGERED THE AGE OF AUTISM" that appears on this page, and not related to the post/description of AutismFreeBrainTM


It's important to note that Thimerasol is not the only vaccine ingredient that can cause autism. I heard a presentation from an MD who showed the mechanism of demethylation occurs with aluminum just as with mercury. And Dr Blaylock shows the mechanism of how immuno-excito-toxins such as MSG can cause autism. And, of course Dr Wakefield's work showing vaccine-induced inflammatory bowel disease and the gut-brain connection. Then there is the recent research on autism caused by acquired mitochondrial dysfunction by Dr Brian Hooker, et al, such as in this study

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