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Petition ABC's Ben Sherwood To Support Jenny McCarthy

Jenny Evan Beach

Managing Editor's Note: FREE signed Jenny book for a lucky commenter who shares his/her "thank you for signing the petition" verbiage in our comments.   We'll draw tomorrow.  

I am asking each of our readers to please take 2 minutes to sign a petition to Ben Sherwood of ABC News asking him to welcome Jenny McCarthy to the ABC family and allow a broader look at the vaccination safety and choice issue within his news organization.  Thank you.  Kim

Click Ask Ben Sherwood to Support Jenny McCarthy to sign the petition.  

To: Ben Sherwood, President, ABC News

Please support Jenny McCarthy's new position on the View.

Despite extreme pressure from pharmaceutical manufacturers, Jenny McCarthy has always chosen to speak candidly about a very controversial topic: childhood vaccines. Encouraging parents to exercise caution, consider each vaccine carefully, and do their own research is a responsible and productive message for all parents to hear. Receiving a vaccine is a medical procedure with known risks, and each child’s immune system is different. Why wouldn’t American want an honest debate about a very important topic?

Several media outlets and several nonprofit fronts for pharmaceutical makers are calling for The View to remove Jenny McCarthy from their fall line-up—we respectfully ask that Jenny’s right to free speech, like all Americans, be honored and respected. (Every Child By Two, the primary nonprofit group behind last week’s media assault, is funded by Wyeth and Sanofi, two vaccine makers.)

The American media this week repeatedly provided false reassurances to parents that the controversy over the role the greatly-expanded childhood vaccine schedule has played in the autism epidemic now impacting 1 in 50 children has somehow been resolved.

According to many of these stories “the science has spoken” and somehow vaccines have been exonerated. This is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. We ask all American parents to consider:

- In 1983, American children were offered a maximum of 10 vaccines, today that number is 38. In that same time, the rate of Autism has gone from in in 10,000 to 1 in 50

- First world countries, like Denmark as just one example, give less than half as many vaccines to their children and have much lower rates of Autism.

Here's Denmark's schedule:


- In 1986, Congress indemnified vaccine makers from any liability from the damage vaccines may cause--the explosion in the number of vaccines given to children expanded after this law was passed

- The national vaccine injury compensation program has paid out over $2.7 billion in claims to children injured from vaccines—more than 3,300 cases where injury victims have been compensated

- Many of the cases where children received compensation included children with Autism, although the vaccine court has continually side-stepped this issue

- Of the 10 separate vaccines administered, only one vaccine—MMR—has ever been studied for its relationship to autism. Saying that all vaccines have been studied is simply a lie (please go to www.fourteenstudies.org to see the facts for yourself)

- The majority of parents of children with Autism believe vaccines were the primary trigger

- Here’s a great article explaining how the CDC continually misrepresents studies to “prove” vaccines don’t cause autism, despite the studies they publish coming nowhere close to doing that

- If the US wanted to honestly study this controversy, they could assess the autism rate amongst America’s unvaccinated children (estimated at 3-4% of the US population), which they have never done. Anecdotal evidence supports much lower rates of autism from unvaccinated children.

Many of the groups the media pejoratively refers to as “anti-vaccine” are in fact supportive of vaccines, and simply argue for a safer vaccine schedule by either returning to the 1983 schedule or copying a country like Denmark. The pharmaceutical industry’s influence over vaccine administration and scheduling in the US is deeply troubling and very different from other countries. As one egregious example, the former head of the CDC is now the President of Merck’s vaccine division.

The View made a great, entertaining choice in choosing Jenny McCarthy as a co-host. Her willingness to be honest about a controversial topic should be celebrated and debated by all Americans, not suppressed!

[Your name]



Pure blacklisting is what the outcry is. The joke of it all is that the people whining about it don't even watch the View. The network probably realizes this. They keep making people like Jenny or Dr. Wakefield the problem. Once again, as Jim Carrey said, "the problem is the problem."
One writer in a Toronto paper proclaimed that the "entire medical establishment and scientific community concurs that vaccines have no role in autism." I beg to differ but there are many scientists, doctors who have doubts about that. The weak epidemiological studies done thus far are in no way the final word on the matter and they know it.

Carter's Daddy

Dear Brad,

Thanks for signing our petition, "Walt Disney Company, ABC: Support Jenny McCarthy on the View."

Can you help this petition win by asking your friends to sign too? It's easy to share with your friends on Facebook - just click here to share the petition on Facebook.

There's also a sample email below that you can forward to your friends.

Thanks again -- together we're making change happen,

Fourteen Studies

Mary DeLaOsa

I support Jenny! Found the The View getting a bit boring. Look forward to watching it again with Jenny at the table. I too recovered my son from Autism.


Welcome to Gattaca! please read:

"World's First IVF Baby Born after Preimplantation Genome Sequencing is Now 11 Months Old"


and watch this:

Designer Babies - Comments by Princeton professor Lee Silver .


Vincent: [narrating] "I belonged to a new underclass, no longer determined by social status or the color of your skin. No, we now have discrimination down to a science."


Antonio: "We were just wondering if, if it is good to just leave a few things to, to chance?"

Geneticist: "We want to give your child the best possible start. Believe me, we have enough imperfection built in already. Your child doesn't need any more additional burdens. Keep in mind, this child is still you. Simply, the best, of you. You could conceive naturally a thousand times and never get such a result."

- Quotes above from "GATTACA"

John Stone,

That is exactly the master plan isn't it that is to rid the human population of disease so the end justifies the means. These people have the audacity to ask us for our kids DNA for the Human Genome registry to they can assure that children with "defective" DNA are never born in the future. Our kids are sacrificial lambs in a global eugenics project for the so called Greater Good.

Sick puppies!


If such a diagnosis hasn't already been described, I propose an addition to the DSM - a disorder where one is pathologically compelled to seize absolute control over nature and one's environment to such an extent that infanticide and homicide is justified in the diseased mind.



Re Michael O'Hara's comment...It is not hyperbole to say that what he's referring to is a "final solution" to "purify" the human race by ending disease and that the "ends justify the means". In this sick, twisted mindset that history, of course, has seen before, the weak should and must be sacrificed. Absolutely chilling.


Just signed the petition and got the "Thank you for signing the petition "Walt Disney Company, ABC: Support Jenny McCarthy on the View" but I do not see my comments, maybe because I asked for my name not to be shown... Anyway, started something like "When I heard Elizabeth was no longer on The View, I had no interest in watching. Then I read Jenny was chosen to join the cast...

John Stone

Someone has said it (WSJ blog about Jenny)


Michael O'Hara:

"Even if true that some autism is caused by vaccination, so what. Those children are collateral damage in the war against disease."

To which I responded:

"Thank you for stating it so eloquently - this is what it is all about isn't (it)? Plus, of course, silencing the witnesses."

John Stone, UK Editor www.ageofautism.com

For Brian Seveland

Brian Seveland

No science?

Statement from the HHS HRSA to Sharyl Attkisson at CBS:

"The government has never compensated, nor has it ever been ordered to compensate, any case based on a determination that autism was actually caused by vaccines. We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures."


Of course, the real point is that everyone who steps out of line has to be shut up: that's how "science" is done these days.


Barry said, "The medical community that should be beating a path to her door, is doing everything in its power to keep her mouth shut."

That is so true. In a normal world, instead of sitting around saying, "La-la-la-la-la, no cause, no cure, just a mystery!" our govt would so excited about studying recovered children like Evan McCarthy.


To ban Jenny McCarthy would be a new form of "McCarthyism" - like in the 1950's when actors and writers were banned from working simply due to inflated fears of Communism. Why is talking about vaccines considered so dangerous? This is nonsensical. We don't need totalitarianism in order to make good medical decisions. We need the right to make informed medical choices. This is America, and science has always been about raising questions, not about oligarchy.

Brian Seveland

Why I don't support Jenny... she has no science to back up her claims. She's a fraud.


A vaccine researcher tops the Fraud "Most Wanted" list at the US Office of Inspector General. Former Merck virologist whistleblowers have filed a PA legal case so they can testify in court that mumps vaccine efficacy data was falsified.

Yet corporate media's repeater reporters are attacking Jenny McCarthy, whose clinically dead child was revived by EMT's and has required medical treatment for MMR vaccine injury.

The appropriate public response should be, "We're sorry this happened to you, and glad that your child is feeling better; how can we prevent adverse reactions to vaccines?"

Katie Kagan

Hi Kim,

I just saw this. I know it's late. I would love to win Jenny's autism book. :) I signed the petition. Feel free to go and check. For anyone that doesn't know or can't remember me, I was featured in Autism Media Channel's YouTube video, "NOT born with it" (there's 2 photos of me there).

- Katie K


Here is a woman who did everything in her power to care for her sick child, and when she started to see the light out of all the darkness, instead of going forward without looking back, she turned around and extended her hand and made it her mission to help others to heal. The sexist pharma controlled media has attempted to discredit and belittle her because of her beauty. But the truth is that Jenny McCarthy is an American heroine.


Incredibly well said.

I think the pharma controlled media is less sexist right now, than it is scared. Jenny is one the lucky few who both tried, and had success with recovering her child from autism.

The medical community that should be beating a path to her door, is doing everything in its power to keep her mouth shut.

The longer this battle drags on, the less Jenny McCarthy is going to need to say.


A lot of what Jenny has talked about or written has helped a lot of families and children regardless of the vaccine issue. Helping children is her main concern-not telling people what to do about vaccines. Please let her speak at the table.

Christina Fam

There are many reasons to support Jenny.
1. Free speech
2. The rights of parents to listen to her comments and form their own opinions
3. Science. The debate is far from settled. Emerging translational medicine is supporting the cytokine and exitotoxin theories. Additionally, discoveries of predisposing gene polymorphisms is shedfing light on vulnerable populations. Antibiotic burden without standard advice to take a probiotic. Besides, noone is saying all children should not be vaccinated ever. Informed minds are saying, 'hey, there's a definite signal here (tsunami) which correlates with this phenomenon (increased burden of vacc.) lets step back and evaluate and allow for those with vulnerable children to make some decisions. And by the way, lets do some retrospective research.
Lets also get the word out that parents can consider a modified vacc schedule or opt out if they decide to take that informed risk.

These concepts don't seem radical do they? Its because they aren't. Before I started reading the science and reversing my own child with interventions, I thought this was lunacy too. But, the theoretical basis for concern is solid, the data and science is more than compelling and the stories of reversal addressing the injured guts, resulting allergies and inflammation are legion and beautiful. As are those where removing metals spurred recovery.

Not radical, especially superimposed vs. statistics like 1/50 little people just like you and me deathly ill, in pain (they are in terrible constant pain the ones that can they tell us they were as soon as they are able to) and robbed of time and the opportunity for a safe and happy childhood and a normal life.

Allow her to speak and let people decide. Better yet, bring on a few recovery stories and see if your ratings don't skyrocket and if you, personally don't feel indelibly elated and change your perspective.
We need more long term research, vacc safety registries and we need to identify bio markers for risk and act accordingly.

Trina Aurin

Thank you so much for adding Jenny McCarthy to The View. I do not know why there is so much fuss because you have all different kind of women on your show but showing your support makes you an individual and I will watch her every day if I can BECAUSE she is on the show!


Just signed the petition, and forwarded it to everyone I know! I FULLY support her. My son would not have autism if it were not for those stinking vaccines!


Here is a woman who did everything in her power to care for her sick child, and when she started to see the light out of all the darkness, instead of going forward without looking back, she turned around and extended her hand and made it her mission to help others to heal. The sexist pharma controlled media has attempted to discredit and belittle her because of her beauty. But the truth is that Jenny McCarthy is an American heroine.

Marvin Lewis

Thank the heavens that someone who can stand up is allowed on TV. The evidence is overwhelming that adjuvants in vaccine are related to autism.

Jenny Allan

This petition is open to signatures worldwide. I've just signed from Scotland.

All our UK media sources are vigorously pro vaccine, including the BBC, financed by a compulsory licence fee and SUPPOSED to be impartial and (by law, not allowed to advertise or promote any commercial or business interests. Why should the hugely profitable vaccine manufacturers apparently be exempt from this law? The BBC is also supposed to be free from political interference. (What a farce!!)

I wish we had brave ABC channels here-complete with the lovely Jenny McCarthy of course. Good luck to them. I pray ABC will resist all the nasty pharma sponsored smearing of Jenny. She will be a huge asset to them.

Dan's mom

My comments: Jenny McCarthy echoes what thousands of parents of children with autism and related disorders already know- the overly aggressive vaccine schedule forced on children in America has compromised an entire generation of children's immune systems, creating an epidemic of autism, neurological conditions, and allergies- just to name a few. Jenny is not the only Hollywood figure to have the same beliefs, she's just the only celebrity to speak up !

Donna Bateman

Parents have responsibility for children in every aspect. WE are the ones who sign consent forms. Giving us the form implies we have the right to say, "NO"! Don't send the message that parents should be rubber stamp dummies to everything SOMEONE ELSE thinks we should do for our children. Trashing Jenny McCarthy on this issue is trashing the individual responsibility of parents.

Jimmy Peterson

Please welcome the beautiful Jenny! I have an autistic son and I believe in her!

Dan E. Burns

Why I support Jenny: she won't shut up.

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