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Witch Hunting Jenny McCarthy for Vaccine Talking

Parents Speak Out on Behalf of Jenny McCarthy

Jenny Evan BeachManaging Editor’s Note: If you haven’t yet, please sign the Change.org petition on behalf of Jenny McCarthy. Below, unedited, are the first 150+ comments from parents and supporters of Jenny McCarthy. A great reflection on our community!

“vaccines cause autism”

“I'm tired of all the lies in mainstream media and I'm a champion of free speech, leave Jenny and all the other parents alone!!”

“Tired of hearing from Big Pharma!! Vaccines gave my son Autism, go Jenny go!”

“Censoring Jenny McCarthy won't stop the science from proving her right.”
“With no known cause, no causes should be ruled out”

“Because Jenny Mccarthy has had to face a lot of adversity but has still managed to support a community of sick children. She is a decent individual trying hard to do the right thing.”

“I looked at the studies, my child's lab work, and worked with doctors familiar with biomedical treatment for vaccine injuries. Whether or not people agree with me or not, its my opinion that vaccines caused my child's issues. Why can't Jenny have an opinion about what caused *her* child's autism? What country is this??”

“My 3 1/2 year old son is Autistic. He is Amazing and my Hero. He has a immune defiency issue that he was was not born with, but did acquire. Something caused his immune system to crash which started our journey with Autism. I believe he was over vaccinated while his immune system was in a state of chaos. Been working on "fixing" his body and recover from his Autism diagnosis.”
“I believe in freedom of speech and a woman's right to WORK.”

“Because I KNOW these aggressive toxins in vaccines caused my sons autism”

“Our stories of vaccine injury and recovery are almost identical, however, my daughter is 15 years old and I am not famous.”

“The vicious attacks on a reasonable, thoughtful and smart woman that have been mounted by commercial interests are truly frightening, even more so if they succeed.”

“Those of us that do not vaccinate did not make this decision based on a celebrity. It was based on THOUSANDS of hours of research, injured children, and common sense. It's completely ridiculous to think that a movie star can actually be considered responsible for "massive deaths" by parents that don't vaccinate. She is a mom that went through what millions of other moms did, and her platform allows her to be vocal. God Bless Her!”

“My son has autism.”

“My daughter was injured by vaccines and now has a diagnosis of autism.”
“The truth needs to be told and everyone's opinion should count. If vaccines are so safe then why did the drug companies have Congress set up a Vaccine court in 1986 which took big pharma off the hook for any problems with a vaccine. If polio was an epidemic at 1 in 50,000 children then why is autism at 1 in 50 children not important? Quit bowing to the drug companies and covering for the CDC. I have a child with autism and it is rough knowing that very few people even care that childrens health is being destroyed by modern medicine and the greater greed.”

“We need an independent voice”

"it is a parents duty to their child to protect them, not just from bullies or disease, but from pharmaceutical error.”

“doing one's research and due diligence as a parent, checking out alternative vaccination schedules is not 'kooky'.”

“my child suffered massive seizures immediately after only one, the first immunization on the US schedule.later this child was diagnosed with autism. there is no doubt in my mind that my child, specifically, has an immune system that is unable to tolerated vaccines without injury. we don't vaxx...she is never sick. even when previously vaccinated kids are getting the diseases against which they were vaccinated, she gets none of them.
 it isn't okay to 'blackball' someone who merely stands for the right to research alternatives and decide for ourselves.”

“Freedom of speech. Freedom in medical choices. There is truth in Jenny's story. There is truth in our story.”
“Because I have children who have compromised immune systems and vaccines made them worst!”

“Basic human rights! Free Speech! Truth! Thinker!”

“I am signing because I support the work Jenny McCarthy is doing for Irish research and the Autism community.”
“Please welcome and support Jenny McCarthy on the View. I belong to the fast-growing group of parents in this country whose babies could not handle the 'one size fits all' vaccine schedule, and my children - and our family - have suffered greatly as a result. The 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act acknowledged vaccines are 'unavoidably unsafe' and also acknowledged there would be collateral damage from our national vaccination program (collateral damage in the form of children who may be injured, permanently disabled, or die from their routine vaccinations). Since that act (which granted the pharmaceutical industry complete immunity from liability for damage caused by vaccines) was passed, the vaccine schedule has more than tripled, and the number of injured, disabled and deceased children continues to climb as well. Jenny McCarthy bravely told the truth about what happened to her son. Her reality is unfortunately the reality for too many of us today. The fact that our children were harmed should raise red flags where vaccine safety is lacking - instead it has drawn scorn for the parents whose children are the unfortunate collateral damage of the nation's 'unavoidably unsafe' vaccine program. The spewing of ridicule towards Jenny because she chose to speak out is misguided. Vaccine injury (and death) are unfortunate realities in this country - a country which has both the most aggressive vaccine schedule and one of the worst infant mortality rates among first world countries. Jenny's truth is an inconvenient one - but it's the truth nonetheless and has likely saved many, many kids because their parents were led to educate themselves to make better informed vaccine decisions for their children. She deserves respect, not ridicule. I pray, eventually, the tide will turn and the truth will be welcomed in the mainstream media. I pray it won't take 60 years like it did for the smoking/cancer link to finally be admitted after being squelched and 'disproven' by study after study for decades... Please welcome Jenny and, more importantly, welcome truth telling.”

“If you resist the blacklist, history will remember.”

“She has the right to voice her opinion on what she believes. The controversy surrounding her is based on her opinion of vaccines. She has the right to say what she wants. If you don't like it, don't listen! Let her have her say the same as any person has their right to free speech.”

“Because Jenny speaks the truth!”

“My child is totally disabled due to vaccine injury. It has made us all very very sad as we watch our boy struggle with his very uncertain life. He wants to do the things he sees others do. He will continue to regress
I have a son with vaccine-induced autism. I'm tired of those who don't live this daily putting in their ignorant two cents.”

“Jenny is a great person that speaks her mind on a subject important to those of us with children that have been vaccine injured. Thank you for having a fresh face on the view, I greatly appreciate the addition of Jenny McCarthy.”

“I have two children and teach many, let the truth come out.”

“Jenny Mccarthy echoes what thousands of parents of children with autism and related disorders already know- the overly aggressive vaccine schedule forced on children in America has compromised an entire generation of children's immune systems, creating an epidemic of autism, neurological conditions, and allergies- just to name a few. Jenny is not the only Hollywood figure to have the same beliefs, she's just the only celebrity to speak up !
Ms McCarthy is ray of sunshine who speaks with candor about a subject that parents need to way very carefully. She's the real deal.”

"The CDC and their corporate cronies can only win the argument by ad hominem attacks against their opponents. This is ugly politics and they are bullies. Statements by US government official have also conceded that vaccines cause autism. Julie Gerberding - now head of Merck vaccines - when she was head of the CDC told CNN:
“….. if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it [vaccination] can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism.”.
 And HHS HRSA told Sharyl Attkisson of CCN:
"The government has never compensated, nor has it ever been ordered to compensate, any case based on a determination that autism was actually caused by vaccines. We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures.""
But most of the time they just walk away.
“This is still America. I support the right to free speech and open dialogue about all topics.”

“Ms. McCarthy asks very important questions about vaccine safety.
Autism is the fastest growing disability in the U.S. and the world. Rational governments would include it among the Nation's top public health emergencies, but it has not. Having someone like Jenny on the view would bring some balance to a discussion that has been monopolized for too long by companies that produce vaccines and fund the studies claiming they have nothing to do with autism. Relatives of people with autism, now in the millions, ought to be able to have our views aired by a public person. Jenny does a great job in making complex issues accessible to the average person. Viewers and the Nation would be well-served by having Jenny as a regular on The View. Let her speak her mind on whatever she wants. People will listen.
the truth about what is in the shots we are giving our children needs to be heard.”

“I think Jenny McCarthy is perfect for the view, the vaccine debate is exactly what she should be talking about! Anyone who speaks against big pharma faces public ruin but thank goodness she is brave enough to speak out against conventional medicines mindless ignorance and arrogance towards the safety of vaccines. Jenny is speaking for all of us parents who have seen the effects of vaccine damage and the public policies that FORCE parents to vaccinate their children just to be able to keep them in school!!! I can't wait to see Jenny on the View”

“I have an autistic chile and Jenny offers help where most celebs run a mile...”

“I don't want to see the pharmaceutical industry control who is hired for a television show. I love that Jenny wants a conversation. Isn't that what talk show hosts are supposed to encourage - a conversation?”

“Jenny Mc C challenges the the vaccine companies to test all vaccines to a standard od "DO NO HARM" before bringing their product to market. All those profitting from the status quo have joined forces in trying to destroy her credibility. I believe Jenny McC is correct in her position regarding "DO NO HARM" vaccines..”

“Freedom of speech is vital - and suppressing anyone's right to speak is un-American and un-democratic!”

“My child has PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Strep) from a Pneumovaxx vaccine. Jenny deserves the right to voice her opinions, as does every other American. We want Jenny on The View.”

“Doesn't our county encourage the exchange of discourse? Will we censor individuals before they speak? That is an absolute tragedy.”
“freedom of speech no more witch hunts”

“Freedom of speech, and informed choice are inalienable rights for all people
"I have a son who became severely ill as a result of his MMR vaccine. He has never quite been the same since.”

“The right to oppose pharmaceutical dogma is ours.”

“Because censorship about vaccine injuries and vaccine safety and effectiveness is never right under any circumstances!!!!”


“As the mother of a child whose autism was induced by vaccines, I am VERY offended that people are trying to run Jenny off the view. I fully support her! The view is supposed to show BOTH sides, not just one. I will quit watching the view if Jenny is kicked off!”

“I have 2 sons with Autism”

“Freedom of choice is not negotiable.”

“I have a grandson and don't want him poisoned!”

“I believe in free speech and the right to choose. Jenny's stand should be supported.”

“She is a genius and right on with her vaccine debate stance
It boggles the mind that there are some that believe we have to be protected from Jenny McCarthy. She will be a GREAT addition to The View!”

“Whether you agree with Ms McCarthy's opinions or not, I think she will be great on the show. No one wants a "View" with all the same points of view. How boring! I think Jenny McCarthy is a great and welcome addition to the View. I welcome an open debate and sharing of differing opinions.
The truth should never be suppressed.”
“I would like to see opinions voiced that are not controlled by Big Pharma- parents should always be able to decide what is best for their children
its important to be aware of all the dangers to vaccinate and not to, then a PARENT makes the choice. Without being insulted.”

“Vaccine injured –Gardasil”

“While the autism debate is one consideration (with equal argument son both sides of the topics) no one seems to mention the additives and preservatives that are included with these vaccines. I have a two year old daughter who is allergic to sulphate preservatives, but these are present in quite a few vaccines. Imagine injecting these in to her small body and what effects would this have”

“Basic rights of speech and choice!”

“I do not believe that there is a direct link between vaccines and Autism. I DO Believe that every parent must make their own informed choices. Jenny McCarthy has just as much right as any parent to speak her mind and voice her opinions. After all, isn't that what the American soldiers are still fighting and dying for everyday?”

“Mother of two boys with autism”
“I'm tired of people/govt/businesses thinking people are too ignorant to make our own choices. Let opinions be heard, and let us choose.”

“My son regressed into autism immediately after a vaccine. Doctors never mentioned that he could get better. Seeing Jenny talk about her son on Oprah gave me hope for the first time and sent me searching for a way to help him heal. My son has recovered completely, and I will be forever thankful to Jenny for her courage to speak up. She's not wrong, but even if she were, we live in a country with freedom of speech. She should not be denied a job based on her beliefs. Faith in the safety of vaccines has become a religion in this country, and Jenny and others are being persecuted for not worshiping at the alter of Big Pharma. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to pursue life and happiness- do we really want to start taking these away?”

“I have a son and a niece with autism....son was adopted, niece is biological....there is a vaccine connection and those that feel so should have the right to free speech...if you disagree, you don't have to listen....as I do on the opposing views.....”

“Vaccines cause many auto immune s disorders and damages nerves”

“Lets start with the basics of freedom of speech shall we?! Then how about freedom of choice?! The right to choose how we look after our own bodies and the health of our precious children. One day this will all be exposed for the lies and manipulation and cover ups and greed that it is!”

“Because the anti-vaccine argument needs to be heard!”

“"My son had a bad reaction to the MMR vaccine. We were never given adequate information about vaccines, just fear tactics and a bullying stance from doctors.”

“I appreciate parents being educated, empowered. There are alternatives to vaccinations that protect children, very glad we found them."

“This is important because corporate America should not be able to restrict freedom of speech. Ms. McCarthy is not representing herself as doctor, she is simply telling her story and should not be silenced.”

“Free speech is vital on this issue”

“Jenny will be wonderful on The View. She voices what many of us have lived, This is why her supporters are so strongly behind her.”

“People need to know that Jenny is asking for MORE science and studies. She is pro vaccine safety.”

“The government Institutes of Medicine have come out with a book on how the US is now one of the unhealthiest nations on earth. How has this happened? We also have one of the highest rates of vaccinations of young children. We also have one of the highest infant mortality rates. We need to stop fixating on vaccines as the savior of all US health problems and focus on rebuilding the health of the nation. Vaccines have caused many allergies and auto-immune problems. They overstimulate the immune system. But at any rate, I don't think you or Jenny should be bullied off the show. Why not give her a chance? She has certainly generated a lot of publicity for you. I have read one of her humorous books that was not about vaccines. There's a lot more to Jenny than her vaccine activism.”

“This is important because we live in America and have the freedom of speech! Not to mention The View is supposed to be a show about women with DIFFERENT opinions and ideas. My little brother also suffers with an auto immune disease caused by a vaccine! Everyone needs to stop panicking and just educate themselves. Jenny McCarthy speaking her mind on something has no control over someone else's actions or decisions they make for their kids and this whole thing is ludicrous. Treyvon Martin's killer is free but God forbid someone voices an opinion "against the norm".”

“I believe my son was also damaged by vaccines and believe Jenny McCarthy has helped many others by speaking up and helping other parents try to reverse their children's autism.”

“Because when big businesses start silencing free speech, there must be something to hide.”

“Jenny McCarthy is a fabulous, talented entertainer, and she should be judged for her talents!”

“A lot of what Jenny has said and written about has helped thousands of families to help their children regardless of the vaccine issue. Please let her speak at the table.”
“My son has also recovered from vaccine induced autism and suffers from Epilepsy. I understand Jenny's point of view, and I love her honesty!
the care and health of children should be important to everyone,,they are our furture”

“My understanding is that there is no data to confirm or deny that the extremely accelerated rate of vaccinations among current infant population is at fault. They did not do this in the past. But drug companies want more cash. Time to stop this until there is more data. Loading infants up with contaminants may be a very stupid thing to do.”

“Family members of mine have been vaccine injured. I am sorry I was not more informed about the risks of vaccines prior to administration.
Because it's okay for a woman to be smart, have an opinion, be a great parent, fight for children's health, point out the dangers of vaccines to a certain subset of children, and share the truth that the symptoms of autism CAN be alleviated. And if anyone doesn't like her possibly mentioning the danger in vaccines, they can take it to the Supreme Court, which recently determined vaccines to be unavoidably unsafe.”

“My baby was hurt :-( I watched it happen...”
“Healthcare should be an individual decision and there are many approaches besides those that big pharma try to show down our throats”

“Jenny is NOT anti vaccine.......she wants INFORMED parents who don't just follow the " herd" of the doctors ......”

“Freedom of speech. Jenny McCarthy is not anti-vaccine, she is for green vaccines.”

“Main stream media needs someone like Jenny McCarthy!”

“Freedom of speech”

“I have 2 children with vaccine induced autism”

“Vaccines have no been proven to be safe. Autism is not the only health concern effecting vaccinated children. Freedom of speech and choice are fundamental to our democracy. We can not trust drug companies or the government to make safe choices for us.”

“My daughter has profound autism. I don't agree 100% with Jenny, but I appreciate serious discussion of potential causes. I certainly don't want profit-driven pharmaceutical bullies to push her out of a job.
I care about freedom of speech!”

“While Jenny McCarthy is a celebrity, she is also a mom who struggled, but also fought for her child and helped him overcome his challenges. She is one of thousands of parents who have done the same and should be welcomed as a person who is willing to devote her time supporting and helping other parents do the same!”

“I knew there was a link between vaccines and autism years before Jenny McCarthy because my daughter suffered 8 seizures after her 4-month old shots and was autistic by 5-months old. I support her because autism sucks it destroys families and she tells it like it is. The only ones that tote the science has spoken haven't read the science and refuse to do so. Welcome Jenny to the View and let her lead a few debates on the issue. Your first topic could be where is the vaccinated vs unvaccinated autism study, where are the safety studies for the current vaccine schedule.”

“To ban Jenny McCarthy would be a new form of "McCarthyism" - like in the 1950's when actors and writers were banned from working simply due to inflated fears of Communism. Why is talking about vaccines considered so dangerous? This is nonsensical. We don't need totalitarianism in order to make good medical decisions. We need the right to make informed medical choices. This is America, and science has always been about raising questions, not about oligarchy.”

“My son has autism, but he wasn't born with it. The parents are telling the truth.”

“Our daughter is affected by Autism and Jenny shared honestly and helped give our children and their parents a voice and hope.”

“Is this about free and open debate or big profits?”

“Great Tragedy in our family--our most beloved son's autism and death aged 20.”

“Freedom of choice and freedom of speech. It is a natural human right.”

“My 13 yr old son has Autism, and we feel the root cause was too many toxins from vaccines while his immune system was compromised. It has been 13 yrs, and we haven't come much farther in finding answers. I feel it is high time to openly discuss these issues and Jenny should be allowed to voice her opinions on behalf of the millions of parents who need help and answers.”

“Human rights issue, corporate dictatorship”

“We selectively vaccinated our son. He has a very bad speech delay. He was doing his first words fine and progressing along well then he got vaccinated and his speech became very limited. He has to see a speech therapist which is helping. He is going into a special program in school (early) to help with his speech. Our daughter has not received any vaccines of any kind and will never receive them. All of the nasty things they put in it are disgusting. Ignorance really is bliss for the ones who blindly shoot their children up with these nasty chemicals. Makes my heart sink every time I think about it. Also I am pro-life so vaccines are against my beliefs anyways.”

“I have seen hundreds of parents bullied because they've spoken out about vaccine injury. If this bullying campaign works even more parents will be bullies into silence.”

“A vaccine researcher tops the Fraud "Most Wanted" list at the US Office of Inspector General. Former Merck virologist whistleblowers have filed a PA legal case so they can testify in court that mumps vaccine efficacy data was falsified. Yet corporate media's repeater reporters are attacking Jenny McCarthy, whose clinically dead child was revived by EMT's and has required medical treatment for MMR vaccine injury. The appropriate public response should be, "We're sorry this happened to you, and glad that your child is feeling better; how can we prevent adverse reactions to vaccines?"
No one should underestimate the significance of this attack against Jenny McCarthy. This is about free speech. This is about who runs this country and about who controls American media. It is well known that honest reporting about vaccines and vaccine reactions is taboo. Hence the pressure to blacklist the intelligent and outspoken Ms. McCarthy. It is disgusting that Jenny McCarthy is being accused of being dangerous to America's children when she has generously committed her time and resources to helping thousands of families struggling with autism. It is obvious that in response to her hiring by ABC that media outlets have regurgitated ghost written propaganda, so full of inaccuracies, but so similar in tone and content, that it is obvious that it all comes from one source. Parents the world over can see this. The American public, which includes Ms. McCarthy, has a right to question. We have a right to the facts, not spin, not half-truths, not Pharma written propaganda about pharmaceutical products, including vaccines. If this vicious campaign against Jenny McCarthy succeeds in getting her taken off The View, while the world watches, it will be a sad and embarrassing day for America. It will confirm, for the world to see, that we no longer have a free press, which is an essential element of a free country.
Compulsory vaccination denies human rights XX”

“We want the truth based on science not propaganda”

“Having a choice.”

“It is important to hear opposing views even if you don't agree with them. What is the point a show called the view if they all agree? What are they so afraid of I wonder?”

“because until we have evidence of what causes Autism, we should not dismiss the fact that it could be from the vaccinations. I have 3 nephews who were all 100% healthy up until they received their vaccination for MMR - they are all autistic. As a result, I didn't vaccinate any of my 3 children who are all teenagers going into adulthood and are very healthy - indeed they have not even had to visit a GP for anything!! The mere fact that they are silencing this issue is wrong. Worse than the tobacco industry all those years ago!!
My 13 yr old son has autism schizoeffective disorder.... and she helped me save his life. Jenny McCarthy is my hero!!”

“Because I feel strongly that people should be informed of their choices and possible repercussions of their choiceswhen it comes to vaccinations.
Everyone has the right to speak their mind, without being harassed. Jenny's career and life shouldn't be destroyed just because she share an opinion. She as a parent, has every right to be upset about what medications are harming her child.”

“single mom of autistic daughter who contracted autism after MMR and other vaccines 2002”

“As a mother all I have ever asked for is an open and honest debate about the safety of vaccines.”

“I respect Jenny McCarthy. I've read all her books and they are really good. She's funny, smart, and compassionate. What she says makese sense AND her personality is fantastic. My husband thinks she is gorgeous and we both enjoy hearing what she has to say.”

“my grandson has autism and when he had his mmr vaccination my daughter had to take him back to the gp the next day because he had a very serious reaction to the vaccine. She had been assured by the nurse at the health centre that Josh (my beautiful grandson) would be absolutely fine. She had major concerns about the vaccine and she was told 'rubbish' by that nurse. I look forward to the day when it becomes official.”

“Jenny questions the establishment and is wanted by The People. Shame on those who oppose her right to do so.”

‘"The View" is a show showcasing women with strong opinions on various topics--some of those topics being controversial. Why should her opinions be considered different from any of the other people on the show?’

“Vaccines arent the answer for everyone. As parents we need to have rights & make our choices too, the government shouldnt Demand that we vaccinate when so many children have had adverse reactions to vaccines. any reaction should be looked at and its not.”

“people should have the right to free speech and to hear both sides of the argument and then make up their own minds”

“free speech should be the right of every person on this planet”

“1. This is a Free United States of America? 2. Freedom of Speech 3. Jenny earned it and works hard. 4. This is people backed not pharma bought 5. Tanner deserves a voice. Do I need to say more... tears”

“blatant suppression of free speech”

“I support Jenny McCarthy. And, personally feel pharmaceutical companies are just Legal Drug Lords. All they care about is the Benjamin's; not human interest.”

“Because of my own experience of vaccination effects and because of what I have seen happen to others taking multiple prescribed vaccinations.”

“Jenny is the reason why I am where I am with my son. It has nothing to do with vaccines either. I read her books and started my own journey”
“I have no doubt that vaccines led to the death of my son and father - I believe everyone should have the right to voice their views without being shut down by pro vaccinators”

"To ABC: Allowing Jenny on The View honors our great tradition against censorship of unpopular ideas. Some such unpopular ideas (eg ""the Earth is round"") deserve open discussion. Don't give in to pressure. Robust speech = progress. Don't cave to pressure. The truth will come out-- be on the side of looking for it, not stamping out unpleasant suggestions.”

“I have a grandson on the autism spectrum. Jenny has given our family information and hope!”

“We all have a right to free speech.”

“There are plenty of intelligent women out there who have a lot of information and opinions of value, so why pick some idiotic bimbo just because she has boobs?”

“I have 2 Autistic children.I feel that EVERYONE should be open.To trying to help find answers about this horrible disease.That has affected so many many children and adults.Even if it means questioning the all mighty pharmaceutical manufacturers and the want to play GOD doctors.To do more testing on vaccines. Looking at each vaccine seperate and very carefully. Seeing if all 38 vaccines are REALLY safe.Seeing if all 38 vaccines are are REALLY needed.Even the time frame and amount look at every variable.Doing whatever needs to be done that might help in the fight against Autism.Just look at all the people who now have Meningitis due to a PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY'S screw up.When making steroid injections for pain.My friend being one of those people.NO ONE IS PERFECT AND NO ONE PERSON , PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURER OR DOCTOR HAS ALL THE ANSWERS.The HPV vaccine that has been given to so many young girls.Now some off those girls and mothers are very sorry they listened to some of the same people.Who swear the 38 vaccines for our children are SO CALLED "safe".So be open to listening to Jenny McCarthy.She has watched Autism rob her son of many things.She's just wanting to help in the fight against Autism.I would hope and pray that we all want just 1 winner in all of this THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!”

“Because people should know of the real risks associated with anything they are asked to consent to, especially in the case of vaccines where there is suspected/known side effects, and if there is mental illness or other neurological disorders in families which could jeopardise our health, and the health of our kids”

“I chose not to vaccinate my 3 children because I was concerned it could damage their health after a friend's little boy suffered a seizure at 6 weeks as a result of his injection. I now support this as my now adult children want to make their own choices for their children.”

“Autism education/freedom of speech”

“The suppression of opposing viewpoints is the hallmark of fascism. Civilized people should be able to agree to disagree, and the lively discussion of opposing viewpoints should be what The View is all about.”

“Please don't allow rich and powerful pharmaceuticals to determine which "views" should be censored!”

“Free speech! Plus I support her "views" and that she has the guts and heart to SPEAK UP.”

“I have a nephew who was diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum when he was just over 2 years old. I do believe that there is some truth to the vaccine theory. Prior to him being a year old, he was developmentally on track with other children.”

“I have a vaccine damaged child.”

“Big Pharma should not be able to stifle free speech for the sake of their profits.”

“I have two children with autism. For twenty years I've been saying vaccines damaged my child's immune system. Jenny is an intelligent and brave woman and a dedicated mother. Evan is a lucky boy to have her. Jenny is a strong asset to The View. Stand strong!”

“yes, this is important to me because I am a mother of an ASD child who regressed developementally to autism, mitochondrial dysfunction and encephalopathy after receiving MMR and DaPT.”

"As a new RN working a Maternity unit 39 years ago, I counseled moms to get their babies vaccinated just as I was trained to do. Several years later when I had my own child and vaccinated according to schedule, imagine my surprise when she began to show clear signs of vaccine damage. Fortunately, I stopped them after her 1- year shots when the damage was unmistakable. So grateful I stopped before the MMR, but I wish I had known then, what I know now. I would never have vaccinated her and I never would have tried to scare my patients into vaccinating either (as I was taught to do!)”
“My daughter never had any other vaccines. It took several years to heal her body from the damage. We were lucky; others are not. I had my eyes opened; others have not.”
“Jenny McCarty is responsible for some of the spotlight put on vaccines (others have too, but the media loves to viciously go after her). God bless her for her willingness to publically put her life, livelihood, and reputation on the line to bring a warning so other parents might not be blindsided as all of us were. BigMed, BigPharma, and Big Gov’t tend to crucify and destroy anyone who brings problems to light. People can and should RESEARCH for themselves and make the decision they can live with. So please allow for dissent, watching talking puppets all day gets tiresome.”

“I respect Jenny and what she has done a great deal. I also love the way Jenny connects with audiences of all types. I have not been a regular viewer of The View in the past, but I most certainly will be when Jenny joins the show.”

“Jenny has inspired me and taught me so much about my children with Autism. Please support her!”

“I have two boys with autism and other medical conditions resulting from vaccine injury. My daughter has had no vaccines and is a healthy, typically developing child.”

“Because many families facing Autism can't accept they can significantly ameliorate their plight. To accept this is to accept an onus of incredible gravitas and difficulty. Everyone should hear more about this vital issue -- from all sides.”
“Freedom of speech is important. Media should protect the right of free speech.”



Yeah Sherry Jarret; scare tactics, You are scared to death of diseases, but not the supposedly cure at all. You would be wise to be scared of the vaccines since, vaccine safety is none existence. At this time there is no vaccine manufacturer, or anyone that administers vaccine are in any way held accountable.

My, my, my but you have faith in the human heart that lives far away, does not know you, and yet collects money by requiring you to roll up your sleeve and injects something into your body.

If you come back here, and read quietly without comment; we will be glad to educate you with real life, street education stories of how we trusted, were betrayed, had to live regret, and on top of all that we have to put up with society's obdurate and callous humans. You might fit the bill.

We can also point to science, in which all the inserts, and all the information provided by the CDC, the NIH, and all the vaccine manufacturers clearly states that all vaccines have listed as a reaction ; brain injuries.

So, it is a fact that vaccine do cause brain injuries; but what is not know is: how often.

However; LOL - those are brain injuries, and brain injuries are -well brain injuries, and could never manifest into some mental illness described in the DSM book like autism, or bipolar, or schizoid, or anxiety,or OCD, or depression, or epilepsy, or any other of the host of mental illnesses. Cause brain injuries are, well; brain injuries, and mental illness is mental illness, and the two would never, ever meet. Does that make sense to you?

And a product, like a vaccine that by it's very design is to tinker with the immune system would never, ever, ever tinker with the immune system in a bad way. Right? It could never, ever cause an autoimmune disease. Right? Hypothyroid, diabetes, are just a few of what we know are autoimmune diseases that are growing rapidly, but it is all caused by those weak genes, and gosh darn those people that get all this stuff just deserve it, cause it is the survival of the fittest and has nothing what so ever to do with the environment.

Autism in the 1950s was 1 in 11,000 and now it is 1 out of 32 (in New Jersey and probably every where else too) Can you have a genetic epidemic? .


Sherry Jarret, if you have been reading on this site, you will have read of many parents describing how there child had a life damaging reaction to vaccines, whether seizures, loss of the ability to speak, or in some cases paralysis or death. The damage to none of these children is apparently somehting yo are not worried about,( or maybe, to be fair you just haven't heard about them yet, so I have included links if that is the problems) but if you know about them, and if they don't matter to you, who are these mythical children you are concerned about? If neither death,
https://hopefromholly.wordpress.com/2010/06/06/hope-from-holly/ may little Holly rest in peace,
( nor brain damage Bradley Banks
nor lifelong paralysis ( Cecilia Black) are enough for you to even give a kind word, what do you think is going to be so much worse that could happen to these"allergic" kids that is going to mean they are suddenly important to you?
And who is identifying these mythical "allergic kids who can't be vaccinated" anyway? As far as I know, there is no allergy testing done before any vaccine is given. "A bad reaction to a previous vaccine" means the kid has already been injured..The ones who shouldn't have been getting the vaccines, are the ones whose parents are here, right now, telling you about what happens when vaccines go wrong.

Sherry Jarrett

I believe you’re putting children at risk that CANNOT be vaccinated due to allergic reactions. You’re big pharma theory has virtually saved many people from polio, small pox, measles, and mumps. Do you believe this was an accident? Your child may have had other genetic disorders, that caused their autism or whatever you’re claiming. Be responsible, and stop the scare tactics!


Now is the time to hear the truth.Let Jenny represent all mothers,let the change and the healing of our children begin.


Very intersting how reg. practicioners became more open minded WHEN their kids all of the sudden get diagnosed with Autism . Thats when they consider all possibilities and do whatever it takes to heal their love ones. Jenny went through that, recovered her kid, and made a promise to help others on this lonely and exhausting road. Stop attacking her, and start helping instead. Research...question, and only then share your educated opinion. ( but whos goign to take the time to do that? Only those who are on this road)


Why don't we just let the people that want to vaccinate vaccinate and ones that don't want to not vaccinate? After all if they(vaccines) work then what do the vaccinated have to worry about?

Lori Soto

Government is QUICK to punish or charge a parent with endangerment if they don't cooperate with medical guidelines but yet they NEVER protect the parent or child when the child is harmed by Big Pharma's poison that is unsafe. Just because they paid thousands/millions of dollars to pay a so-called expert to claim that the vaccines are safe, when clearly thousands of children are being harmed by them. There is no just compensation for a child damaged by unsafe vaccines that are loaded with harmful ingredients, therefore vaccines should be made optional. This is the constitution that our founding fathers intended for this country after all. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of health decisions for our own bodies. Thank you Jenny McCarthy, your efforts are truly supported by many.

John Stone

Hi Benedetta

According to Wiki Barbara Walter's sister was older than her and Barbara herself born in 1929 so this was before the autism era. But I think it might be very much to do with the perspective of age, and an unwillingness to be brow-beaten by noisy people of no insight.



May be we should be taking the corrupted politicians (federal and local) and government officials to the court accusing them of injuring or killing our children. They are responsible for the worst crime against American children in US history. If they were not forcing the parents to vaccinate their children and were not participating in the genocidal activities of big pharma, the autism tragedy would not have happened. The current vaccination policy in the US is nothing less but a civil war against American people and the US, because it destroys this country's future.


Keep the good work up, as loud as you can. Ill be yelling behind you. In the hope that we can save some babys. I just wish parents would do the reseach before they put drugs into their babys. They might end up saveing a daughter or son. Have less trust in the Gov but save their baby. And realise that money talks and has the biggest voice. We need to change that.


Barbar Walters had a sister that was mentally disabled.
Does anyone know if she had autism?

Barbar Walters feels like she put her career way ahead of her sister and there was some kind of event happened with Barbara Walter's career when her sister died and she is regretful about it.

I do wonder if Barbara Walters is thinking about what Jenny has witnessed and her own sister?

Would love to know.

Candice Chamberlain

It is not a coincidence that thousands and thousands of parents are telling the same story about having a normal and healthy child who gets physically and mentally sick after multiple vaccinations.
It doesn't take a genius or a doctor to figure out something is not right here and it needs to be investigated by a reputable,non-biased organization OTHER than the CDC or AAP.
Jenny McCarthy had a normal one year old who suffered seizures in his crib shortly after getting his routine one year vaccines. His seizures continued, he lost speech and regressed cognitively. That situation would scare any parent and make them question safety of vaccinations. She has every right to speak out about what happened to her son. If it causes fear and society to question vaccines then so be it. She is persecuted and judged most likely because of previous career in film and print, such as Playboy. If this happened to Julia Roberts and she spoke out, the criticism may have been less harsh.....maybe.
I think it's sweet justice she has landed this position in the public eye after being ridiculed for many years by the media.

Shelly Jones

Go Jenny! I admire your dedication and commitment to learn and speak out about vaccines. Our family supports you and appreciates the impact you are making toward the improvement of childhood health.

Marie Klarich

Luckily, my child only had moderate side effects to vaccines. But it was enough for the doctor to advise me against giving her any more. Advice I heeded until she was 14 and had the Rubella vaccination - big mistake! Had a skin reaction the doctors couldn't cure, but homeopathy did! Jenny McCarthy is brave for speaking out and fighting Big Pharma.


Freedom of speech, my child has rett syndrome


All to often no one cares about this topic - until they know someone who has been injured by a vaccine. Our friends daughter almost died - previously perfectly healthy and living life - now permanently disabled due to complications from the Gardasil vaccine.
What infuriates me MOST about this are the blind attacks. If you choose to follow the MD orders - who are TOLD what to say by the AMA - who are in BED with the BIG PHARMA - feel free. But the REST OF US have a right to choose - and a lot of us believe in vaccines - green vaccines that make sure our children aren't subject to unnecessary risks. The ridiculous schedule our kids are subjected to now and the combining of vaccinations are just plain wrong. WHY is questioning something not allowed anymore?? We USED to be a Country that was founded on free speech - that's a joke now.

Elise Telesco

I have never heard Jenny say don't vaccinate. I believe she has always favored a staggered schedule and a parents right to choose. I think the pro vac people trying to deny her the right to make a living are very ill informed and vindictive. Grow up. I dont really want to listen to Nancy Schneiderman or Dr.Offit pontificate yet they are on the TV quite often to my dismay! But what I can do when they are on is turn the channel.


Well let me tell you , I believed the dr.s I had my daughter vaccinated...then I started noticing my daughter loosing her speech, eye contact.ability to do simple tasks.Still I did not believe it could possibly be the vaccines...I trusted the dr. What I was told so I had her vaccinated again...that is when I realized that the dr.s did not have all the facts with in minutes my daughter lost any language she had left. Started stimming hitting her head against a wall. at that point I realized she was in pain and could not tell me. Mind you I will never put through that again...or any of my other children. After years of ot,,pt and speech she is coming along . I am not for or against vaccinations but do your research before you choose one way or the other. Know the facts research and learn. I wish there were safer vaccines cleaner vaccines. Tests to see if a child can handle the vaccinations....until a parent or person walks a mile in our shoes they will never understand...(not everyone but the majority)they can not understand because they are not living it..therefore they trust the dr.s and do little to no research...
People know what they know and if it does not pertain to them...it must be you who is wrong. Remember the FDA approves everything before they can tell you it is unsafe...

Living the Dream

I have Jenny to thank for my daughter's start on the road to recovery. It was because of her book Mother Warriors that we decided to try biomedical intervention instead of continuing to wait for improvement (the course recommended by our pediatrician!). I find it astonishing that she is dismissed as an idiot with no credibility yet branded as dangerous. Which is it?! The truth is that she has a strong opinion based on personal experience, is incredibly courageous , has been a beacon for parents committed to healing their very sick children and is PRETTY. It's just an opinion.....right? I'm sure many would agree that the opposing reaction to Jenny's hiring to The View smacks of the Shakespearean "... thou doth protest too much"!

Tiffany Ramsey

I support Jenny mcCarthy and her cause because I am for knowledge-based, and not merely educational-based, opinions when it comes to the bully Big Pharma and the unhealthiness of some vaccines are children have been( and are still being) subjected to. As a mother of an autistic daughter this effects me personally, to the core.


Will history, if an honest one is written, remember those who lied to us, those who made billions on the autistic and damaged bodies of our "vaccinated" totally innocent children, those who betrayed their medical oaths given or implied as they lied to cover up the truth OR will history remember Jenny?

My money is on Jenny.

cia parker

These were very moving comments, and I added my name to the Change.org petition. The bad guys have their own petition on Change.org: http://www.change.org/petitions/abc-s-the-view-just-say-no-to-adding-jenny-mccarthy-to-the-view
and at this time they have 11,186 signatures, while we have only a little over a thousand. Is there some way to get out the vote, so to speak, to show the public that we are a force to contend with?


If it weren't for people like Jenny my daughter would be on antipsychotics for her head banging and injurious behavior instead of me changing her diet and supplementing to heal her... Bless the warriors who speak out!




After reading pros and cons, I believe that the thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines caused my youngest son, 1989, and my first grandson's (1998) autism. If Jenny can get the message out for parents to read the science, then maybe some children can be saved from this poisoning of our children thru vaccines. The big Pharm companies could go back to single vital doses like my older children had, that does not or did not contain thimerosal....but their profits might go down a bit. Let's demand single vital doses with thimerosal.

Josie Elliott

Jenny absolutely speaks for a large segment of enlightened parents whose children have been vaccine-injured, resulting in what is known as Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is a quick-witted and intelligent advocate who speaks the truth because she has experienced it firsthand. Thank you, Jenny, for your fearless approach in the face of much resistance. I will forever be grateful to you for your message of hope.

moon batchelder

thank god for people like jenny mcCarthy who aren't intimidated by big pharma and the status quo of mainstream media pundits. many folk have at least been enlightened as to choices they can entertain before swallowing hook, line and sinker the exorbitant vaccine schedule practiced here in the states.


My son's were on the road to recovery a lot sooner because of Jenny McCarthy. She is in our daily prayers for life. The campaign against her is ridiculous. She can have an opinion. Heck, my opinion is ALL I have since the world of medicine has nothing to offer me!! All our love Jenny!

Krysti Michener

After my son's DX of ASD (which had been confirmed as a vaccine injury). I was given Jenny's first book. I laughed, I sobbed,got angry,but most of all I got hope. She saved me and thus put my son on the road to recovery. Thank you,Jenny!

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