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Weekly Wrap: Jenny's View, the Plane Truth, Hidden Hysteria, the Crazy Drug

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

IN DEFENSE OF JENNY: Nice to see that Jenny McCarthy may land a spot on The View. Not so nice to see the same slithering "Science Says Vaccines Are Safe" crowd from Salon, Slate, Discover, etc., emerge from their respective rocks to attack her. As I've said many times, based on my own reporting, it is quite clear that vaccines are the driver of the autism epidemic. As I've also said, it's not just vaccines, it's not just mercury, and it's not just autism. Go Jenny!

GROUND CONTROL TO VICP: Have you noticed how quickly, thoroughly, openly, and fearlessly the investigation into the crash-landing in San Francisco has proceeded? Amazing what a zero-defects approach to consumer safety will do. Can you imagine the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program opening its files, fast-tracking injury claims, funding or backing studies like vax-no vax?

HYSTERICAL: In our book The Age of Autism -- Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-made Epidemic, Mark Blaxill and I propose, apparently for the first time, that many of Freud's seminal case studies around 1900 were not suffering from neurosis or OCD brought on by emotional trauma. Instead, they were mercury poisoned by exposure to medical compounds. 

You can read all about it in Chapter 2. While this may seem like ancient history, it actually points to a fundamental misdirection by psychiatry, which built its rickety psychodynamic edifice on a misdiagnosis of toxic exposure. When autism, triggered by the commercialization of ethylmercury, was first reported in 1943, the intellectual conditions were ripe to mistake it for parental coldness and neglect. This rest is history -- actually, tragedy, tragedy that keeps repeating itself. (See Chapters 5 and 6. See DSM-V. See Tom Insel and the IACC)

Parents are still getting the blame, sometimes in whisper campaigns ("they must be unhinged, hysterical to keep blaming vaccines") and more often in bogus genetic theories that place the blame inside the family circle, rather than outside in iatrogenic and environmental triggers that can be prevented and treated.

Just this week, a book review in The New York Times began this way: 

"Freud’s famous case studies, like Dora, the Wolf Man, Little Hans and the Rat Man, are psychoanalytic readings, suspenseful detective stories and elliptical narratives that have all the drama and contradictions of modernist fiction. Not only is Freud a powerful writer, but his methodology and insights also have a lot in common with literary criticism and novelistic architecture. His patient portraits showcase his skills both as a critic, intent on deconstructing his subjects’ lives, and as a masterly storyteller, adept at using unreliable narrators to explore the mysteries of love and sex and death. It’s no coincidence that he liked to write about characters from Shakespeare, Goethe, Ibsen and Sophocles (yes, Oedipus), or that he paid so much attention to the language and imagery employed by his patients."

Well, yes, it does read a lot like fiction, because it is. Take Dora -- her supposed psychogenic troubles were actually physical and mental symptoms of mercury exposure from her father's treatment for syphilis, we argue. She acted as his home nurse. The Wolf Man, we discovered, told an interviewer all about how mercury as a stomach treatment had destroyed his bowels; Freud seems to have ignored or missed that glaring clue, and claimed it was a symptom of hysteria. Little Hans -- worm treatment. The Rat Man -- a father with syphilis.

It is fascinating -- and, okay, a bit frustrating -- to see the psychoanalytic narrative roll on despite the monkey wrench we've thrown into the works of Freud and his successors. Because we also believe mercury causes autism, I suspect, no one wants to give serious attention to the evidence we present that mercury caused Freud's key hysteria case studies. But we just keep telling the truth, citing the evidence, and trusting the chips will eventually fall where they belong.

DRIVEN MAD: Speaking of missing toxic causes, I was browsing a Real Simple magazine in Barnes and Noble this week (I'm a sucker for those healthy 20-minute recipe cover stories) when I came across an article titled,  "A Change of Mind -- when someone suffers from mental illness, the family suffers, too. Sue Sanders looks back on the diagnosis that forever altered her husband, her marriage, and her life."

The diagnosis was depression and bipolar, but what caught my attention was the sudden onset: "Before he got sick, my husband Mike was one of the warmest, funnies guys around ... 

"But in April 1996, 12 years after we had first started dating, Mike did something that wasn't funny at all. 'See that guy over there?' he whispered to me in a voice so low I had to lean closer to hear. 'He thinks I'm CIA.' Mike and I had arrived a few hours earlier for our vacation in Saigon. ... We had eaten dinner and were sipping beers in the cafe at our hotel."

Mike got better, got worse, got committed, and never really was the same again. This looks like a presumptive case of Lariam (mefloquine) toxicity to me; a healthy traveler who suddenly becomes delusional in an area where malaria is a risk and the first-choice preventive (courtesy of the CDC)  was Lariam. Of course, it might not be, but that would need to be ruled out. 

I've been on this case since 1999, and I still see horrendous cases that look like misdiagnosed Lariam toxicity all the damn time (a more colloquial way of saying, facts cluster around a good hypothesis). In 2002 Mark Benjamin and I wrote about it at UPI. Our story included a case from the same place, also called Ho Chi Minh City, at around the same time:

"Irish tourist Malcolm Edge, 27, was found hanging in a hotel room in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in 2000; he was taking Lariam. Edge had undergone a startling personality change on the trip, according to a traveling companion. The Dublin coroner notified the Irish Medicines Board that 'concerns were expressed at the inquest in relation to possible psychotic reactions to Lariam,' but the coroner made no conclusion whether Lariam was a contributing factor in the death."

In this spot last week, I wrote about Lariam and an Army sergeant's massacre of 17 civilians in 2012. The military and the government won't address whether he took it, although a report on file with the FDA (first reported here) says he did. Since then, both Time and Forbes have reported on the document and the Army's strange silence, even as it let the soldier plead guilty, taking the death penalty off the table.

Time for a Transportation Safety Board approach to drugs! The case of Mike Sanders, the Afghan massacre, and the autism epidemic show why we can't keep sweeping drug side effects under the rug. People and their families and bystanders and society writ large are harmed, they don't know what hit them, they don't know how to seek treatment or help themselves or each other. And it keeps happening. It keeps happening to travelers, to soldiers, to children who develop "regressive autism."

It's systemic, stupid, and it needs to stop. But it won't as long as CDC stands for Controlled by the Drug Companies. We'll keep on it till it does. I mean, what else, in good conscience, can you do? 


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


Angus Files

Bloggers block just now ..Nice song from a band in the UK

If you tolerate this your children will be next


Thank you very much vaccine killed kids, thanks for doing this for the better good of your country...RIP

Birgit Calhoun

I have researched fluoride for quite a while now. I started my research because the pediatrician I had consulted at the beginning of my first pregnancy had prescribed fluoride pills and now, years later, I was wondering whether fluoride might have contributed to my son's problems. What I found out was the following:

In German prison camps before World War II, fluoride was put into the prisoners' drinking water to calm down the prisoners, i.e. to make them more docile. I don't know how this effect was discovered.

Fast forward to the 1950s, the aluminum industry became more and more concerned about what to do with fluoride, a toxic by-product of the aluminum industry.

Making toxic by-products useful was an important part of the chemical industry already in those days (Thalidomide was one of the drugs that was the result of the search for the use of an otherwise useless toxic by-product). Back to fluoride, a person who had known about the use of fluoride in German prison camps drinking water thought that maybe a "good" use could be found for it. This "good" use became fluoridating drinking water to make "healthy" teeth. I could not find out whether this "good" use also included a secret attempt of studying the effects on the mind and whether it might help in mind-control. Mind control studies were en vogue in the ‘50s.

The fact is that several drugs (i.e. Prozac, Paxil) were developed that became "useful" to treat depression. So instead of the aluminum industry having to treat fluoride as a superfund item where they would have had to pay to safely dispose of it, it became a money-making boon to the aluminum as well as the pharmaceutical industries and the medical/psychiatric professions.

By the way, when I was pregnant with my second child, the pediatrician did not prescribe fluoride pills. At the time, he told me that I didn't have to have it. That statement always made me wonder why he had prescribed fluoride to me the in the first place.


Is Fluoride “Brain-Drain” Damaging Generations of Children?

Fluoride is one of 213 known brain-toxic chemicals that may lower the intelligence of generations of children, reports renowned physician and 30-year brain researcher, Dr. Phillipe Grandjean in his new book, “Only One Chance: How Environmental Pollution Impairs Brain Development,”

EPA lists fluoride as having “Substantial Evidence of Developmental Neurotoxicity.”

Fluoride, never safety-tested in humans for brain or many other health effects, is an unapproved drug says the FDA. Yet, physicians and dentists routinely prescribe fluoride supplements and endorse fluoridated water as a cavity-preventive.



All of my husband's health problems after the DPT shot are all autonomic.

Eileen Nicole Simon

For the IACC meeting held in Feb 2009 I suggested that we need something like the National Transportation Safety Board to investigate causes of autism. See:

For the same meeting I proposed a vaccine research strategy:

I included these in my book, Topics of Conversation, as chapters 11 and 12. This is a book for Kindle, a collection of comments I submitted to the IACC from 2008 to 2010:

This morning in PubMed I used search words: mefloquine brainstem. This displayed 18 citations several of which reported injury to autonomic and auditory system centers. These are the brain areas susceptible to damage from all toxic substances, including mercury, lead, and many chemical substances used as medical treatments.


@Rae N: you are absolutely right about fluoride.

My child had a sever reaction to the latest pediatric fluoride treatment. His reaction went on for MONTHS. He had intestinal problems, dizziness, passing out, exhaustion, facial pain, headaches, inability to concentrate, tingling fingers--and we saw a return of autism symptoms we hadn't see in 4 years.

This latest pediatric fluoride treatment is called "Vanish varnish" by 3M, and it is painted on each tooth and allowed to dry. NO RINSNG, which means, they swallow it.

It actually doesn't have FDA approval for pediatric use. It's approved as a whitening agent (that just happens to have fluoride) for ADULTS. Dentists are legally allowed to use it off-label for pediatric patients.

It is now recommended that children start dental check ups at age 1, along with fluoride SUPPLEMENTS, fluoridated water, and topical fluoride treatments at the dentis "as needed" (which means at every visit, every 6 months).

And all that is now starting at around age 1; at exact the time they're getting the MMR. Every other dental visit will likely coincide with a flu shot at the pediatrician as well.

Yep. Mercury plus aluminum plus fluoride.


Just curious. After that article about the journalist recently, when I think of world travelers, I now also wonder about tavel vaccines/yellow fever vaccine. Would some of the same countries prone to malaria/lariam also be requiring/recommending yellow fever vaccine to travelers? I'm not familiar with what countries/when, etc.

I was reading a bit about the history of yellow fever vaccine, and there was a period where after attenuation, a line was developed which didn't kill the experiment animal, but unfortunately took on "neurotrophic" manifestations,also.

Later, a chance mutation happened to change a strain to lose its neurotrophic property, but it couldn't be duplicated in the other strain (hence a "chance" mutation), so the mutated strain ended up being used.

If mutations and attenuations can happen, either for the good or the bad, in the lab under the strictest conditions, how dependable can safety from adverse reaction possibly be after the stuff leaves the lab?

Also, in one case there were cases of jaundice 60-150 days postvaccination, so a traveler could, hypothetically, get sick from yellow fever vaccine even though quite some time passes before it manifests itself.

"Simultaneously, another complication was emerging. Starting in 1937, cases of delayed jaundice, sometimes clustered, were noted in England and Brazil [50,51]. Serum was suspected as the source [52]. Because the virus was unstable in water and saline, a small amount of human serum had been used as a protein source to provide stabilization during filtration. The use of serum was abandoned in Brazil, aided by sterile techniques to avoid filtration, and no further cases occurred. But this complication would appear again elsewhere.

The outbreak of World War II created new and huge demands for vaccine. An epidemic of yellow fever near the North African War zones early in the conflict made clear the vulnerability of the troops. In the United States, the vaccine was given to virtually all recruits. Between January 1941 and April 10, 1942, an astounding 7 million doses were distributed, all manufactured by the International Health Division of the Rockefeller Institute, at no charge. A strain in use in Colombia was employed, since more than 600,000 doses had been given there without serious complications, but with serum still used as a stabilizer. Eventually, 26,771 cases of jaundice, occurring 60 to 150 days after vaccination, were reported in U.S. personnel [53], and thousands more almost certainly occurred [54]. General Joseph Stilwell was among them [55]. There was a mortality of about three per 1,000 cases (the outbreak was later shown to be due to hepatitis B). The response of the press was generally quiet, perhaps recognizing the exigencies of war, but the Chicago Tribune reacted with some outrage, noting that 20 times as many soldiers had fallen victim to the vaccine as had been wounded thus far in the war. The paper called for an investigation, claiming inadequate testing and questioning the need for all soldiers to receive the vaccine [56].

There was indeed a comprehensive investigation. Almost all cases had received vaccine from a limited number of lots, and the data indicated serum as the most likely culprit. A conscious decision to use serum as a stabilizing agent had been made on the grounds that the link between serum and jaundice was not fully established and there was too little experience using vaccine without serum stabilization to recommend it on so large a scale. The high demand for vaccine required a weekly supply of eight to 10 liters of pooled serum, and procurement of serum was the limiting factor in production. Most of it was obtained from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, the donors being medical students, interns, nurses, and medical technologists, all presumed healthy. Later study of donors revealed that several had prior histories of jaundice. The amount of serum in a single dose of vaccine was 0.04cc, and the infecting dose in pooled serum would have been much lower [57].

The immediate action taken was twofold: Switch to a vaccine without serum, and restrict vaccination to personnel going to or through defined areas of yellow fever risk. These measures resolved the problem, and the overall experience proved helpful in the eventual clarification of the two main types of “infectious” hepatitis. An interesting 50-year follow-up study was conducted on affected vaccinees, showing a slight increase in incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma in the non-jaundiced cases only and no increased mortality from nonalcoholic liver disease in the entire group [58]."


The dissimulation of the totality of this only proves we should all be going to hell.

Truth Seeker

"K to 12 Online is one of the three or four biggest things happening in the world today."
Uh oh...looks like the medical/industrial complex may lose one of their largest leveraging tools.


Hear, hear! to everything you wrote!

Truth Seeker

I'm not sure that the "science says vaccines are safe crowd" (skeptics) are the ones watching the VIew, so The View should probably know their audience in this case! I just saw an ad on tv for online learning. It could be that more people will consider it if more and more vaccines are shoved down peoples throats and they think they can make all those shots mandatory to enter. In fact that's a whole industry that just may thrive in the near future.

shannon wasserman

Dan, you might be interested in a book by Susan Gilman called "Undress Me In the Temple of Heaven". It's a humorous travel memoir, but the author's friend became psychotic when they were both backpacking through China. The writer tried to track down her friend but only reconnected after the book was published. Turns out the psychosis was induced by the malaria drugs.

Rae N.

I notice that Lariam, the Crazy Drug (one of many) is a fluoridated drug. If the mercury doesn't git ya then the fluoride will.

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