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Weekly Wrap: Jenny and The Journalists

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Back when Time magazine was a cultural touchstone, a critic named Woolcott Gibbs wrote a parody of its staccato, object-first style that included this immortal line: "Backwards ran sentences until reeled the mind. Where it ends, knows God."

I thought of that for some quirky reason this week as I watched the screeching hysteria around Jenny McCarthy's appointment to The View. Backwards ran logic until reeled the mind! Claim taken as fact is link between vaccines and autism has been debunked, disproved, discredited or whatever other "D" word was being offered up.

Idea then follows that since it's been discredited, it's dangerous to otherwise say. Killing babies is Jenny! And therefore, modus ponens style, censored must she be. 

That's back-asswards. As John Stone put it here this week, Jenny is not wrong. Vaccines do cause autism. That's beyond D-E-N-I-A-L. Furthermore, in my view, based on my own reporting, vaccines and vaccine-type mercury are deeply implicated in the roots and rise of the autism epidemic. They are driving the autism epidemic. Anyone who doubts it ought to look at "How Mercury Triggered the Age of Autism," a short video on this page.

THIS discredit!

Also, check out the video above. It's a first try at a weekly video component to my Weekly Wrap. Thanks, Dan Burns, for getting it up and going. Next time, I won't sit in front of a sunny window.

Hey, a start it is. Where it all ends, knows God. Meanwhile, to Jenny, Godspeed!

Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism



That is tailored made - tailer -hmmmm -well there is that style now --with uneven skirts that look pretty sharp - they had little tails on the bottom of skirts and jackets that look. Tailer look could mean other things too.



Ohhhh too funny; Pharma reps -- Yes, they are beyond all tailer made, close fitting and all dolled up with perfect figures.

If your appointment follows right after one of them -- you can get loads of free, sampe medicine -- and the doc is almost in a fever -- well they are just a shiny happy person.

Shiny Happy Person

@ Jerry: "Who you gonna trust, a bunny or your doctor."

Ironic, isn't it, considering your doctor in turn places his trust in "bunnies"...?



China is cracking down on corruption by pharma-mafia, but in the US , UK and many other corrupted western countries this mafia is now running the government and the media, killing and maiming western children by millions.



I had my own chuckle thinking about how I have lived my worse night mare -- and it sure don't even come near being a nurse going to tell me how she stood at the bedside of a child dying of an infectious disease.

too funny --the brown nosing sycophant of basement dwelling Pedants


@ Michael B Schachter MD, CNS
You missed the part at the end where he said, "Next time, I won't sit in front of a sunny window."

@Gorski is a Quack
I know, her personal attacks are terrible.

Gorski is a Quack


I love how she thinks we're sliming her, but doesn't think that what she does (stalking commenters, speculating on their dating habits, etc.) isn't doing the very same thing.

Michael B Schachter MD, CNS

Dan, The lighting on your video was terrible. Videotape against a darker background--not against sunlight; so we can see your face.

For Ted


Jenny has not cured her son. She has never claimed to cure her son. He is, however, recovered. Those are two entirely different things.


Haha, Benedetta - I was thinking of Yoda too.

@ "Gorski is a Quack" - Lilady also said that Landau-Kleffner is a genetic syndrome. In reality there is no known cause. It may just be a name for regressive autism occurring at a somewhat later age - usually involving seizures and loss of language. A rose by any other name...

John, that's funny. Great comment on Wakefield.

Paul S

Jenny is the pushers of vaccines not tested to a standard “Of Do No harm” establishments nightmare (I.E., vaccine companies, the f'in pediatricians, so called know nothing regarding the effects of vaccines on children, and of course the suckers of the hind teat jumping on the bandwagon milking the vaccine issues all the way to the bank, a perfect example is Dr Profit.

Jenny is a mom that trusted the FDA and the rest of the establishment and had her precious infant baby vaccinated according to the recommended schedule. Disastrous results her precious child receded into the mysterious swamp of AUTISM. Being a woman of action tried every home remedy to try to get her child back.
She is the vaccine establishment because she exposing their failures and is bringing the word of her accomplishment to the public listening ears, so they have set out to destroy her.
Well it isn't going to work because she is on truths side!!


May I offer the quintessential defense of Jenny McCarthy?:
She and her team were able to cure her son's autism, which is no mean feat!

Before the Pedants attack

"But, I can tell you that she is a stalker with delusions of grandeur and a largely over-inflated sense of self importance"

Wanted to correct that. I do know how those faux skeptics like to be pedantic.

To Benedetta

Oh...my...goodness! The megalomania in this mindless sycophant is truly epic! She really thinks that what she does matters.

"Last April, you kept taunting me..”who are you lilady”? I’m your worst nightmare come true Jay…a retired public health nurse who stood at bedside watching infants and children die of vaccine-preventable diseases and as long as you keep posting here, I will remind you of your responsibilities as a health care provider to reject your ignorant “feelings” about vaccines and do right by the youngsters intrusted to your care."

Oh, dear lord! LOOK OUT! She's our worst nightmare. I'm positively mortified, I am. Yes indeed. Absolutely quaking in me boots.

Does anyone else hear Sylvester Stallone saying "I'm your worst nightmare?" Dear God! She thinks she's Rambo!

Doesn't matter that she's left many clues here and there that let me know exactly who she is. I can guaranty you that she is NOT an R.N.,BSc-Nursing, Public Health Nurse/Clinician-Epidemiologist (retired).

But, I can tell you that she is a stalker with delusions of grandeur and a largely over-inflated since of self importance. It must be absolutely terrible to be so worthless, so pathetic, that you have to trump up credentials so that you'll be accepted amongst a bunch of basement dwellers.

Highly amusing, though...


Dan Burns quotes on Rimland of the coming of zombies I too did watch.

Much killing of zombies on video games a favorite pass time of my so'sn. We might be the zombies, a decade ago; Told him, I did.

I feel sort of like Master Yoda

And quoting Yoda here -- for John Stone and Lilady URRRRRRGGGHHHHH

Yes, a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side. Anger, fear, aggression; the dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did Obi-Wan’s apprentice.”


Jenny has eye appeal, and that scares the drug cartel the most. It explains the viciousness of the attack, similar to the attacks on Sarah Palin. "Who you gonna trust, a bunny or your doctor." But Jenny can make the tactic backfire. Just speak well, Jenny, and look good!


Maurine, how about DAN inside the computer screen? :) KIM

maurine meleck

So where's the elephant inside a perfume bottle like I was expecting?

Cat Jameson

So glad to be a part of AofA because the truth reveal we will!

Gorski is a Quack

I've seen her parroting her lies everywhere about how Jenny "cured" her son. She claims to be a retired nurse, but doesn't understand the difference between a cure and recovery?

Seeing how her credentials have changed over time, I'm under the strong impression that she is, in fact, not a nurse.

Another lie; that Jenny said that her son has Landau-Kleffner Syndrome (LKS). She has never said this. The quote that the sycophant uses to prove her point is clearly taken out of context. It also specifically says that his symptoms are *similar* to LKS. She never actually says that it *is* LKS. This lie was begun by someone who has never seen Evan in person and has never seen his medical records.

And yet, the sycophant and Gorski's drooling bum-lickers continue to propagate that obvious falsehood.

According to Gorski, only anti-vaxxers propagate lies and misinformation...

John Stone

Immortal Lilady!

I commented on Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff's HuffPost blog (yes she's a professional PR lady!):

"The hounding of Wakefield (and now Jenny) does not show the medical community in a good light - they don't monitor or follow up adverse vaccine reactions, so when one of their number tried to they had to make an example of him. Last year his senior colleague and co-author of the controversial 1998 Lancet report, Prof John Walker-Smith, had the UK General Medical Concil findings against him completely quashed in the English High Court - Mr Justice Mitting dismissed claims of mis-reporting of data, of innapropriate or unauthorised investigations, he found no evidence that paper was commssioned by the UK Legal Aid Board, or corresponded to a study protocol proposed by them. Unfairly, while these things have been shown not to have happened the findings stand against Wakefield (who was not funded to appeal) and a third colleague Prof Simon Murch. No doubt Wakefield's enemies will relish this anomaly, but that really says a lot about them.

"What is really shocking are the waves of hysteria directed at anyone who dares to cast any doubt on the vaccine programme, which has nothing to do with science but with protection of vested interests. Good scientists would follow up reports of vaccine damage, not try to destroy the reputation of anyone who mentions it."

To which Lilady responded:

"Off topic and spamming"!!!

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