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Italian Court Finds that Hexavalent Vaccine Killed Baby Girl

Vaccine-injury-shotsBy John Stone

An Italian court has found that the administration of a hexavalent vaccine was responsible for the death of a six month old baby girl in her cot in 2003. According to the Italian on-line journal Informasalus  a judge in the Civil Court of Pesaro has found the Italian Ministry of Health guilty and awarded compensation of 200 thousand Euros, plus a retrospectively dated pension of 700 Euros a month and further compensation yet to be decided.

The court accepted evidence of a causal connection between the vaccine and the child’s death from a number of medical experts retained by the family as well as the court’s own expert. The little girl had received at one time four mandated vaccines and two optional ones including polio, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and haemophilus influenza B (HiB).

The family’s lawyer over several years, Luca Ventarolo – a specialist in the field and advisor to the Italian vaccine safety organisation  Comilva - told the journal : “The child very soon began to manifest a number of symptoms related to vaccination: continuous joint pain, complete loss of appetite, disruption  of sleep-wake rhythms, and so on.”

The report states that the little girl died in her sleep one evening in February 2003 and an autopsy determined that she died of terminal interstitial pneumonia. Winning the case against the Italian Ministry of Health opens the way for further action against the health authority of Pesaro.

Compensation is granted according to a 1992 statute (No. 210) “in favour those harmed by irreversible complications due to mandatory vaccinations and blood transfusions”, and the compensation provided by this Act is paid by the Italian Ministry of Health.

This case follows on Ventarolo’s successful prosecution last year of the case of Valentino Bocca who was left autistic after receiving MMR .

In the UK an Oxford based group within the NHS has been trying to pilot a hexavalent  vaccine with similar components to the one in the Italian case in conjunction with Sanofi Pasteur    – hitherto the Hep B vaccine has wisely not been given routinely to British infants. It is contemplated that it will be administered with Meningitis C and presumably the rotavirus vaccine just introduced.  A significant feature of multivalent vaccines is that they deny the opportunity of choice about individual components (as with MMR). It looks as if British parents will soon be being bullied into routinely allowing 8 vaccines to be given to infants in one go. 

Some refs:

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John Stone is UK (and European) Editor of Age of Autism



Alright then Cindy: I ordered it. I did not go cheap as in 1.75 -- a little higher for 3.95 cents and the same amount to mail it to me.

I don't think I can stand for my eyes to be opened anymore than what they are already - or I might look like someone with a thyroid in overdrive. Hmmm which someday could actually happen, but for now it is on under drive.

I'll keep it around though and read it this winter - and have it handy when judgment day approaches.


Just an added note-- The book I recommended on the politics of vaccines is NOT your run-of-the-mill vaccine politics book. I've been studying this stuff for quite a while, and believe me this book is DIFFERENT. It names names, and it is fully cited. It will open your eyes in a way they haven't been opened before.


Nurses take a course about politics in medicine and they too have their text book and chapters written on the matter.

There are several authors that have their names on these text books, and they spout what NIH will allow Univeristies to teach.

I am keeping my daughter's copey when the trials begin.

White Rose

Cindy .....thanks , already looking for my copy .

IAngus Files

Seems like if your giving birth your best bet is Italy.


Multi-vaccines have been part of a world plan for many years. If you ever want to know the history behind the politics of what call "the children's vaccine" -- a one-shot, one-stop administration of multiple antigens to children -- you need to read "The Politics of International Health: The Children's Vaccine Initiative and the Struggle to Develop Vaccines for the Third World." You can find it used for under $2. I bought it about 3 years ago, and what I learned about where the world health authorities want to go with vaccines for children was mind-boggling. Quite honestly, it's more about ego and pride than actually caring about whether they're helping children or not. I'm not being paid to promote the book. I just think more people should get it before it's out of print and unavailable.

John Stone

Thanks Jeannette

I don't know all the answers but the situation is unlike the UK in that some of the vaccines are mandated and it is the government being sued. But again the legislative framework is very different from the US: these are proper courts in which these cases are heard. I know Luca Ventarolo has brought other cases successfully beyond the two mentioned above.


PS In the UK it would not only be hard to get the funding given our politicised Legal Aid Service you would probably be unable to get British experts to testify for fear of retribution from the General Medical Council.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for the information. I wonder if the Italian system, which I assume is funded by the public is more comprehensive than the U.S. compensation program, or if also there only a small fraction of the harm done is recognized and compensated and the lion-share of effort/resources are spent on cover-up? We have a pretty good idea also, through MMR handing how the U.K. will handle any harm done by this vaccine combination.

And if choice is eliminated, will we have mega combo vaccine(s) pushed on the public for every actual and potential outbreak of any one disease with all the costs born by those not given a choice?

Mercky Business

This is what is wanted, of course: courts to function properly and exemplary damages. Then we would soon see an end to this nonsense. This good family as the result of their child's untimely death have not had to endure the lifetime of bills and extreme physical and mental exhaustion that follow on disablement by vaccine, but the court marks that something should not have happened and determines to exact punitive sanctions against the offender.

Well done to our friends in Italy where legal accountability has not yet quite died.


The cramming in of all those vaccines shows a complete disregard for health. Sickening.

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