Dependence Day
People Who Get #$%& Done



I want to congradulate Tom Insel on his new grandchild. Which was why he was late for the IACC meeting.

I too took a long time to get around to even seeing the the meetings on the U tube - since I too have - not grandchildren - for my daughter of child bearing years -- well it did not help that she wanted to be a nurse and haa a Hep B

Speaking of Hep B and a new grandpappy and all -- I do wonder if being in high places and have to know the truth would he try to save a child - esp his own?

Katie Wright

Buie was phenomenal. You must watch.
It was like he was describing my own son.

Lee Watchel of KENNEDY KRIEGER then goes on listing the same symptoms as GI disease and
calls it "catatonia" and advocates ECT

Basically her definition of "catatonia" is anything but HF autism. This woman is dangerous to the community.

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