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HandHold Adaptive Offers FREE iPrompt PRO Pre-Release App Suite Download!

HandHold Banner

We have a special treat for readers this week. Our friends at HandHold Adaptive (a local Connecticut company founded by an autism Dad and Uncle) are giving us TWO free downloads of a pre-release version of iPrompts PRO, HandHold Adaptive's latest suite of apps. iPrompts PRO combines iPrompts (visual supports), StoryMaker (Social Stories) and SpeechPrompts (prosody exercises) into one powerful, research-based app.

Leave a comment to enter. Check out the HandHold Adaptive website to learn more. Good luck!



This App would be amazing in my life. I have a 12 yr old daughter with Autism and I am also a para-educator for students with Autism. My world is surrounded by Autism.


Ooooo me me me! Pick me! Love their apps, have wanted them for a long time!


love the different prompts for time and pictures.been looking for something like this.


I have a 21 year old non-verbal son who just transitioned into a day program and is currently using Proloquo2Go on his iPad. I would like to try this app to see how they compare.


Wow this would be great for my minimally verbal young adult on the spectrum to make him more independent and practice his speech. I wish these things existed a long time ago.

tina m

I would love this! So portable!

Angela Saenz

I would love to use this for my non verbal son because he does so much better with visuals.

Leora Smith Appleby

I would LOVE to try these out, use them withy kiddos, review them, and then share them with my community of families and friends and the cyber community with which I share such apps! It looks fantastic and would be amazing with the kiddos With whim I work as well! Thanks for the opportunity to win this!!

Barbara Bucknam

I would love to try these apps!

Mary C.

I would really love to win one of these for my non-verbal son who is 16. He would really benefit from this. Thank you!


This looks awesome...I would LOVE this app. Thanks for bringing it to our attention - we've been looking for something like this to utilize with our family and all of our son's therapists!!

Anne J.

I would love one of these apps. Looks very interesting/useful.

Robyn Clark

I would love to receive a copy of this app. This woukd be so beneficial to my 4 year old nonverbal son.

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