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Weekly Wrap: Honestly.

Dr. Koran Boggs Bogged Down in Defending Vaccine Science

Canary logo 4 22Thank you to our friends at Thinking Moms' Revolution for this guest bog - I mean blog post From Ginger Taylor, Canary Party Director.  Ginger - able to dissect merde-du-taureau in faster than most of us can whip up a supplement smoothie.  Read her 60+ studies that show a vaccine/autism link, despite media crackdown to the contrary.

Thank you, TMR and Ginger.



Thank you for the post ginger ! We have been doing AC chelation on our low functioning autistic daughter for over three years now and she is now in main stream kindergarten , her therapists now tell me they think her diagnosis she received at two years of age was incorrect! She went from a child who didn't speak and had severe utistic features to a friendly loving intelligent and completely appropriate 5 year old. Without a doubt in my mind vaccines caused the autism in my daughter I hope that other parents can look past the medical world who say their is no cure for autism because this vaccine imposed disorder has hope for relief and improvement and also a cure!


Very interesting. Thanks Ginger for bringing this misleading mismash to our attention. Boggs really got bogged down--I couldn't resist--in the no fact zone. Please, as others have suggested, post this on You Tube.


This video needs to go to You Tube to educate the public.
Super job,Ginger.

Victor Pavlovic

Fantastic Ginger, all these doctors that are clueless should be embarrassed, they are so 'out of it', if we depended on them all of the disabled children would be institutionalized as their history of practicing ignorance shows.


Great job, Ginger. YouTube would be a great place to send folks who need the video that backs up the words.



Anne Dachel

Ginger!! Fantastic summary of how doctors fail us everyday!
They have to be held responsible!


You don't do U tubes!!!
You should -- you are great.

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