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July 10, 2013, (South Africa) Could Mom cause autism?

July 10, 2013, KIMT TV 3, Mason City, IA: Autism Center Now a Reality in North Iowa

July 9, 2013, TIME Magazine: Mother's Antibodies May Explain a Quarter of Autism Cases

July 9, 2013, US News: Mother's Immune System Might Play Role in Certain Cases of Autism

(South Africa)

"Researchers delving into the enigmatic disorder called autism said Tuesday they had found a group of maternal antibodies that target proteins in the foetus' developing brain.

A study that compared 246 mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to 149 women with healthy children found that nearly a quarter in the first group had different combinations of these antibodies."

"Could Mom cause autism?"

The answer is a definite "yes." When haven't moms been blamed for autism in children?
Remember the cold, uncaring refrigerator mother from fifty years ago?

She's been replaced by lots of new ways to BLAME THE MOM. Endless studies point to old, fat, drinking, smoking moms--ones who live too close to freeways, ones who hook up with older dads or don't get enough folic acid. Then there are the ones who have babies too close together. Finally there are the moms with bad genes and, as this study shows, bad antibodies.

Moms need to explain why they're doing this to innocent children. How could they be so thoughtless? It's time to stop disabling one in every 50 kids, one in every 31 boys.

And there should be some suitable punishment for what they've done.

How about a life sentence caring for a disabled child?  Sounds good. We'll move on.

KIMT TV 3, Mason City, IA

"A north Iowa family has been working for half a year to establish an autism center for children and their families and all that hard work is now taking shape.

"'When you get the diagnosis of autism that's hard enough to handle but then the feelings of isolation and being alone and that no body understands takes over, and if you don't have anybody to talk to its very lonely. I've been there.'

"Both of Christina Maulsby's sons have been diagnosed with autism and since then, Christina and her husband have dedicated their lives to help their sons."

"The center would be a first for north Iowa, right now families have to travel to either Minneapolis or Des Moines for this kind of center."

How can we watch things like this day after day? Here's a family with two young boys diagnosed with autism. The parents worked for over a year to start up an autism center. Why did they have to do that? Why was there nothing for them already? Why did the boys develop autism? No one ever asks. These are the scariest stories of all. I didn't post a comment because I don't want to seem critical of what these parents are doing.
TIME Magazine

A test for six antibodies in an expectant mom's blood may predict with more than 99% certainty which children are at highest risk of developing autism.

In a study published in Translational Psychiatry, researchers report that 23% of all cases of autism may result from the presence of maternal antibodies that interfere with fetal brain development during pregnancy. The work builds on a 2008 study from the same scientists that first described the group of antibodies in mothers-to-be. The latest paper describes the specific antibodies and provides more detail on what they do.

This was one of my comments....
"If and when the test is available, Van de Water says that it probably won't be used in pregnant women first. Instead, it could become a way to test women before they become pregnant to screen them for this risk of autism. Some women in the study who were informed of their antibody status have already decided against having further children."
When it is available, will it lead to selective abortions because a mother is afraid of having a child with autism? Is this how medical science will "prevent autism"?
US News
"'Autism is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma,' said autism expert Dr. Andrew Adesman, who was not involved in the new study. 'This latest research takes us one step closer to clearing away some of this befuddlement and suggests why some children may develop autism.'"
This is more autism junk science to fool the public into thinking that experts really care about the hand-flapping, nonverbal, head-banging 15 year old in diapers.
I posted lots of comments.



It would be interesting to compare generations of women within the same family too.


Carol, exactly! More and more mothers have now actually been exposed to a lot more vaccines than previous generations. The schedule did start to ramp up somewhere in the mid eighties. Many of us have always said that pretty soon it will be hard to sort things out because these 'most vaccinated' kids are now having kids. I would love to know the vaccination exposure of these mothers, too.


A study that compared 246 mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to 149 women with healthy children found that nearly a quarter in the first group had different combinations of these antibodies."


And if they randomly selected 246 women with no children, and compared to 149 OTHER women with no children, they would probably produce the same meaningless result.

If they were honestly looking for answers, they would have compared the vaccines records of the autistic CHILDREN of those 246 mothers, to the vaccine records of the neurotypical CHILDREN of the other 149 mothers.

But doing that would make too much sense. And would likely expose the very thing that THIS lame brained study is trying so hard to keep hidden.


And these bad antibodies became a really big problem around 1989?


If this is true (it still has to be confirmed) it may mean that mothers of these children had been previously exposed to toxic vaccines , which made their immune system overactive and "crazy". In past generations mothers did not produce antibodies against their fetuses (which is normal), because during pregnancy the healthy, normal immune system is remodeled to protect against this. Now poisoned by vaccines mothers produce such antibodies. This study is just an additional proof that vaccines are the main cause of autism.


Well, it could be that I got some extra vaccines a few years before I reproduced. I do know that I had trouble focussing after those vaccines -although I did not lay it on to the vaccines at the time. But I do remember that I felt like I did when I was back in grade school and took me real effort, to finish my last semester of college.

But my kids' father considering his state of health, and his sister's state of health, and her kids state of health -And how he fell down with a seizure at age 28 after a tetanus shot -like his kids did with their DPT shots -- FATHER TOO - HAS to PLAY a role in all this somehow too.

Oh, wait; nobody knows about us - no CDC at the door asking questions, or no doctors seems to be writing down what we are telling them.

Of course if anyone from the CDC did call - I would consider it Harassment!

Carolyn Flannery

What if the mother has more antibodies because she trusted doctors and got not vaccinations. And along with the antibodies got heavy metals in the shot.


Re Time:
"Scientists do not know why or when the mothers produce these antibodies, which appear to monkey with normal nerve development in the fetal brain by interfering with their growth, migration and genetic replication. It is possible that infections during pregnancy — a known risk factor for autism —can prompt the immune system to produce them. Exposure to toxic chemicals can also cause immune defenders to mistake healthy cells for invaders, Van de Water notes."

"The research is already leading to what could be the first biological test for autism.."

"Parents may be spared those difficult decisions, however, if medications become available to block these antibodies from crossing the placenta and affecting the developing child. And even if mothers who test positive decide to continue with their pregnancy, knowing their status could help them to take advantage of therapies..."

You'd think that the research would now branch off into 2 directions, one being how to use this information to help the already afflicted, and the other to determine how some women develop these antibodies so that autism can be PREVENTED. But no, they are working toward developing a "commercial" test, drugs and therapies, which will be available for a fee. Prevention? No money in that.

Researchers have a pretty good idea what environmental toxins are suspect. How about devoting some of the article to educating the public about what those are - specifically? Can't do that. Would involve steering women away from certain products. Can't hurt anyone's sales.

How about doing a comparison of how many individuals have these autoantibodies in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated populations since the desired outcome of vaccination is to force the development of antibodies? They should also look at the vaccination history of those already studied.

Jeannette Bishop

Doesn't this indicate that sometimes both mother and child have immune injury when the child has an ASD diagnosis, possibly due to vaccination/similar pollution exposures in both generations?


Someone correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't that mean more caution with certain medical interventions when the mother has any auto-immune conditions?

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