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Dachel Media Update: Terror Suspect, Elderly

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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July 11, 2013, Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Autism conference begins in city

July 11, 2013, (UK)  CommunityCare.com: Autism in the elderly too often ignored, warns charity

July 11, 2013, Washington Post: Lawyer: N.Y. terror suspect teen has autism, is mixed up 

July 11, 2013, CBS Sacramento: Missing Person: El Dorado Deputies Seek Developmentally Disabled Woman

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"The nation's largest autism conference is being held here today through Saturday at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

"The Autism Society of America's 44th annual conference expects nearly 1,500 participants, including people on the autism spectrum, family members, doctors, researchers, nonprofit agency officials and politicians.

"The event's plenary sessions will start today with scheduled speeches by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett and National Institute of Mental Health director Thomas Insel."

I posted a number of comments, including one inviting Dr. Insel to speak at next year's A-1 Conference in Chicago.

"Study finds less than half of English councils have a diagnostic pathway in place for adults with autism.

Elderly people with autism are not receiving the help they require because it is seen as a condition that affects younger people, the National Autistic Society has warned.

"Research by the charity, published this week in Getting on? Growing older with autism, has found the condition is under-diagnosed in the elderly, and that less than half of English local authorities have a diagnostic pathway in place for adults."

Nothing like pretending that there actually are hordes of misdiagnosed/undiagnosd autistic adults out there somewhere. That should put our minds at ease.

So where is all the better diagnosing/greater awareness when it comes to adults?
Find them. Show them to us. I want to see the 50, 60, and 70 year olds who flap their hands, toe walk, bang their heads.... I want to see the ones who were born healthy but suddenly and dramatically regressed into autism as 2 year olds and stayed that way for life....
Still waiting.....
Washington Post

"A young New York man caught boarding a plane on his way to Yemen to fight with an al Qaeda affiliate is a mixed-up teenager who was diagnosed with autism and did not understand the gravity of what he was doing, his attorney told The Associated Press.

"Justin Kaliebe, 18, pleaded guilty in a secret federal court proceeding in February to a charge of attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization. He was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before he is sentenced Sept. 27, the outcome of which could prompt defense attorney Anthony LaPinta to seek to have the guilty plea withdrawn."
We will be seeing many more stories about crimes involving autistic individuals.  Hundreds of thousands ASD kids are aging into adulthood.  I wonder if having autism will become a defense in court cases.  We there be "autism courts"?
CBS Sacramento

"El Dorado detectives are seeking help in locating a missing Pollock Pines woman with developmental disabilities. Twenty-year-old Elise Hays was last seen leaving her home Saturday around 7 a.m. and is believed to possibly be in the South Lake Tahoe area.
"Due to her medical condition, Hays has the physical and mental development of a 12-year-old."
Why is the "man" or the "woman" always a young adult in their 20's?

Get used to this. With hundreds of thousands of at risk children entering adulthood, we'll be hearing more and more stories about missing, murdered, drowned, assaulted people who are developmentally disabled.


Joy B

On the case of the young "terror" suspect, this is just another one of the FAKE FBI terror patsies, if you'll notice, in the article: "Prosecutors allege Kaliebe began plotting to join al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula in 2011 while he was in contact with an undercover operative, who recorded their conversations."

This is the same story, over and over. There are literally dozens of these cases. Sometimes it's a guy with a low IQ or some other "mental defect", sometimes it's autism. THe FBI is the Lion, these boys are the lame gazelle. It's absolutely ludicrous that these cases are allowed to go unscrutinized by the media.

Carolyn Flannery

Alzheimers is Autism in the Elderly. And it has late onset too. I know. I saw it in my grandmother (who grew up surrounded by steel mills ) when I was a teen, then I recognized it in my son as I saw him slip into autism, and now it afflicts my mother. She never flapped her hands, but much of the other symptoms are there. Golly, you don't think . . . all the flu shots she got because she worked at a nursing home??? or the fact that she would go to a drug store, get a flu shot, then not be sure if she got a flu shot, so she went the next week too . . . As for my grandmother, when she was lucid, she would ask us to take a gun and shoot her to put her out of her misery. And my mother time travels. She thinks she's 6, then 20, then 40. I wonder if some of our children time travel. If they think they are 2 when they are 8, next minute, think they are 6. . . . my son is recovering. If I had the money, time, and lived there, I would try everything I tried on my son with my mother. Everything that helped. . . and maybe she could come back.

John Stone

For the last 15 years, since the Annus Mirabilis of 1998, the UK's National Autistic Society have been bandying around the figure 550,000 cases across the population. This was a projection essentially based on two studies one of which was conducted by Lorna Wing in the London Borough of Camberwell in 1975 (cases with an IQ <70) and one by Gilberg in Gothenburg (Sweden!!!) in 1993 (IQ >70). If Wing's figures had been replicated across the entire population this would have meant >100,000 completely dependent lower spectrum autistic adults who have never ever been identified (simply disappeared into the ether). This nonsense was of course compounded by the bogus National Statistics figures published in 2009.


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