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Italian Court Finds that Hexavalent Vaccine Killed Baby Girl

Dachel Media Update: Increases, Training, Einstein

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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July 7, 2013, Houston Community Newspapers: Autism Awareness Day scheduled for July 15

July 7, 2013, Greensboro News-Record: Enrollment of autistic students on rise

July 6, 2013, Two stories--Training police/EMTs about autism
WDAZ-TV Grand Forks, ND: Bringing autism awareness to the valley and law enforcement

Montgomery News (Fort Washington, PA) EMS personnel train to help those with autism

July 6, 2013, The Buffalo News: Autism diagnosis often made by third birthday

July 5, 2013,  Miami Day News: Jacob Barnett Who was Diagnosed with Autism Exceeds Einstein's IQ

July 5, 2013, China Daily: Kill or cure: Vaccines in China

July 5, 2013, Washington Times: EPA raises levels of glyphosate residue allowed in food

July 7, 2013, Houston Community Newspapers: Autism Awareness Day scheduled for July 15

"It will be a day of fun for families touched by autism as the Kingwood Country Club has agreed to host the first Autism Awareness Day July 15.

"The Kingwood Country Club has partnered with Including Kids, a nonprofit located in Atascocita that serves all of the surrounding communities, to host the special event at their pool where families with children with Autism or adults with Autism can enjoy a day by the pool."
Autism has its own fun day, it's never a problem. We only ask for awareness, never answers.
Will we ever get sick of AWARENESS? Go to Google News sometime and look up "autism."

Hey---we're all pretty aware.

July 7, 2013, Greensboro News-Record: Enrollment of autistic students on rise

"The number of students with autism enrolled in Guilford County Schools has almost doubled over the past six years.

"In 2007, more than 570 children with autism were enrolled in local public schools. Some expect that number, which had reached 985 in April, to top 1,000 this fall.

"But funding the school district receives to serve all children with special needs, including those with autism, has not kept pace with the rising demand for services."

Look at the message here. Autism numbers keep going up. No one knows why (although it may be that the district in Greensboro just attracts these students because of the great services they provide).

We say the ever-expanding vaccine schedule is harming kids. They say it isn't.

We say the proof is everywhere, look at what autism is doing to our schools. They say it's better diagnosing and greater awareness.

We say it's brain damage. They say it's genetic.

We say we'll never be able to pay for all these disabled children as adults. They say............. NOTHING!

I left a comment.

WDAZ-TV Grand Forks, ND

Montgomery News (Fort Washington, PA)

The proof is everywhere. Autism is a new phenomenon. We hardly could have just missed these children 25 years ago. We're trying to deal with it as best we can, all the while pretending that nothing's wrong. I hope the training includes the fact that this nightmare will only get worse. A significant part of the population can be a danger to themselves and to others and no amount of training will make autism easy to deal with.
The Buffalo News

"In general, autism affects three areas of a child's development: language, social interaction and behavior. Some children may show symptoms of autism in early infancy. Others develop normally for the first several months or years of life, with symptoms appearing later. Most children with autism have significant symptoms by the time they reach their third birthday."
Dr. Jensen is hardly interested in autism. If your child is normal and healthy and then regresses, hey--that's just what happens with autism.   I posted two comments.
Miami Day News

"Jacob was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a condition within the autism spectrum. Yet, the 14-year old is currently working his way to a master's degree in quantum physics and is on a path that might lead him to win the Noble Prize."
Currently there's a story out in the news about a 3 year old autistic girl in England who's a brilliant artist, producing paintings that sell for thousands of dollars each.

See New York Daily News story:

Neither Jacob or the little girl in Britain have much in common with the vast majority of autistic children who struggle everyday with communication and socialization. We have an epidemic of children with autism that is ignored by mainstream medicine and health officials. This boy's story has no relevance to what autism is doing to our children.
China Daily

"More than one billion vaccines are given to Chinese people every year, but for every life they help save from disease - the dreaded jab also harms more than 1,000 children, according to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

"Those harmed children suffer from vaccine sequela, meaning a condition or event which can be anything from nerve damage to death.

"Most countries have online reporting systems, but in China everyone agrees more can be done to improve the country's vaccination system....

"Li Baoxiang, whose son was left paralyzed after a H1N1 flu vaccine in Linyi city, Shandong province, wrote, "the needle of the vaccine landed on our family like a nuclear bomb and destroyed our children and our family. Since no country can ensure the vaccine is 100 percent safe, there should be an effective aid system for those who suffer adverse reactions."

"The Southern Metropolis Daily spent three years following nearly 50 families with similar cases. The following are some of their stories. . . . ."

A sobering look.  Story after story of vaccine damage. The head of China's CDC blames a lack of "advanced vaccine technologies." So how much thimerosal are they still using? Who makes their vaccines? And I hate to say this this, but they're wrong.  There's just as much damage in countries with "advanced vaccine technologies."
Washington Times

"The bottom line is that the items in your produce department may be a little more poisonous today than they were a few months ago. "
"While FDA did not perform independent tests on whether higher residue levels of glyphosate were dangerous to humans or the environment, it relied on tests and data provided by Monsanto."
I posted two comments.  I'd like to add, "The bottom line is that the mandated childhood vaccine schedule may be a little more poisonous than it was a couple of years ago."

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Autoimmunity is on the rise in most major health conditions, it would not be too surprising that there is some fetal immune intolerance. Vaccines are not out of the scene in this event. I posted a link in another thread that eventually speaks about gut changes in the mother possibly effecting immune fetus interaction. Here it is if you have missed it.

Why does mother's immune system not attack the embryo?

Which pathogens or factors may be at work here or in synergy would be the question. How many attendant immune irregularities may have accompanied part of the pregnancy in that cohort we are not told, but consider the above with these two below.

and the proteins UC Davis mentions involve...


Nearly a quarter of autism cases could be due to antibodies found in the mother’s blood

We cannot forget to go back to blaming the moms for the autism explosion since it cannot be vaccines.
When will the madness end?


I don't know where China Daily fits into Chinese media, but the reporting is the opposite of what we have in the western "free" press. I don't ever remember seeing vaccine injuries covered that honestly and to that extent, if at all, in our media. What we see is fairy tale reporting with drug marketing for commercial breaks, and politicians being crucified for questioning vaccine safety and for daring to acknowledge injuries (Michelle Bachmann). The contrast between this article that openly shows the tragedy in words and images and the denial of the western articles is striking.

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