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Dachel Media Update: DSM-5, Autism in Black Community, Jenny

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

July 19, 2013, Augusta (GA) Chronicle: Back freedom of opinion

July 18, 2013, Boston Globe: ABC's 'The View' gives Jenny McCarthy a platform for crackpot autism theories

July 18, 2013, Clinical Psychiatry News: Stringent DSM-5 criteria may affect prevalence rates of autism spectrum disorders

July 18, 2013, Great Books Exposing Modern Medicine

July 18, 2013, Indianapolis Recorder: Autism challenge growing in Black community

July 17, 2013, New York Times: Just the Facts - No 'False Balance' Wanted Here

July 17, 2013, Huffington: Jenny McCarthy's Got the Wrong View on Vaccinations

July 17, 2013, Commentary: ABC needs to offer answers in McCarthy controversy over autism

July 17, 2013, TIME Magazine: Sick Before Their Time: More Kids Diagnosed With Adult Diseases

Augusta (GA) Chronicle

"Whatever one's beliefs are regarding vaccines, we all have a right to speak out. Tens of thousands of parents saw the same thing happen to their children that Ms. McCarthy saw. We now have one in every 50 children in the United States diagnosed with autism and nobody can tell us why. The debate is not over.

"I believe this media boycott is being fostered by the drug companies, especially those that make vaccines. Think about all the ads they run in the media and how much of their money supports magazines, newspapers and television.

"So, again, thanks to The Augusta Chronicle for pointing out the freedoms we have and those that are denied us or soon will be. Thanks also to ABC-TV for not bowing to those who would take away our freedom of speech."

Maurine had this excellent letter in the Augusta Chronicle today.  She is a relentless voice out there.  I posted comments.
Boston Globe

"Like it or not, people care what celebrities think. So ABC's decision to hire MTV-star-turned-medical-conspiracy-theorist Jenny McCarthy as a host of "The View" poses a certain risk. McCarthy backs a fringe theory that purports to link vaccines to autism, and the network is giving her a prominent platform that she could use to spread a harmful superstition."

"Superstition"?  I've never heard it called that before. It's like the Boston Globe is defending truth, justice, and the American way. Everyone is so adamant: JENNY MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK! The future of America depends on it!

Clinical Psychiatry News

"A recent study shows that 46.7% of toddlers diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) under the DSM-IV-TR (the previous version of the diagnosis manual) will no longer meet autism spectrum criteria under the DSM-5. The new version of the go-to psychiatric manual imposes a rigorous set of criteria for diagnosis, requiring more total symptoms to be met in the areas of social/communication deficits and repetitive/restrictive behaviors than did the DSM-IV-TR."
Of course. The whole purpose of the DSM5 changes was to get insurance companies off the hook.  Stephen Shore talked about it last year. 

On August 18, 2012, the Jerusalem Post  had a story about a non-profit organization called ICare4Autism and a recently held an international conference there. One of the keynote speakers, American expert, Dr. Stephen Shore, talked about the DSM 5 changes and the state of autism in America. There was some surprising information.

"Some health insurance firms are behind the restructuring of the DSM V definitions, [Shore] maintained."

"In 1976 Austrian philosopher and Catholic priest Ivan Illich, in his book Medical Nemesis, launched what was then considered 'the gravest health hazard we face today: our medical system.'

"Illich was unforgiving. The first sentence in his text reads: 'The medical establishment has become a major threat to health.' His second sentence: 'The disabling impact of professional control over medicine has reached the proportions of an epidemic.' Readers needn't have read another sentence but to obtain the details."

"Then in 1979 came Dr. Robert S. Mendesohn's memorable text: Confessions Of A Medical Heretic.

"It took a lot for Dr. Mendelsohn to become a medical heretic. ..."

I couldn't agree more.  Look at what modern medicine is doing TO OUR CHILDREN, at the same time they're doing nothing FOR OUR CHILDREN.

Indianapolis Recorder

"Autism is simply not discussed enough in the African-American community.

"It could soon become a serious health challenge among minorities if more is not done to address it, experts say."

We don't need answers. We need discussion, diagnosis, and awareness. Autism is something that just "appears in the first three years of life." This article brought up Holly Robinson-Peete so I mentioned that she has publicly stated IT WAS THE VACCINES. She did on Huffington and in the book about her son.  I posted comments.
New York Times

NY Times reporter, Margaret Sullivan: "I'm glad to be hearing more from readers about avoiding false balance. Nothing is more important in journalism, after all, than getting to the truth."
Actually, her piece advocated censorship.  I was happy to post comments telling her so.
All my comments have been removed.  So much for the First Amendment at the Times.

"With two books and countless speaking engagements to support it, her opinion about parenting inevitably circles back to one idea: vaccinations cause autism."
How can all the doctors and officials be wrong?  Jenny can't be right. I posted lots of comments.

"'We've had multiple, multiple studies from different countries, from different investigators and none have shown a link between any of the vaccines and autism,' says Dr. Margaret Fisher, president of the New Jersey Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. 'Our major concern is, this is a person whose track record has shown that she is very interested in spreading misinformation as well as opinion. . Misinformation often leads to fear and may dissuade people from protecting their children by immunizations.'..."

According to and there is no FREEDOM OF SPEECH when it comes to VACCINES. I posted lots of comments.

Jenny McCarthy, you threaten us all if you open your month.
TIME Magazine

"Diabetes, obesity and elevated blood pressure typically emerge in middle-age, but more young children are showing signs of chronic conditions that may take a toll on their health." 
We need to talk about autism in the context of the overall deterioration in our children's health.  I posted coments.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor of Age of Autism.



"Look at what modern medicine is doing TO OUR CHILDREN, at the same time they're doing nothing FOR OUR CHILDREN."

Modern medicine is not just abusing our children but all of society. Modern medicine is POLITICAL medicine. One of the tenants of NWO Politics is population reduction. HHS like ALL of our Federal Government is in the thrall of the NWO.

A disaster of biblical proportions is staring us in the face folks; we can turn our faces to the wall but the vast engineered sickness and death will not go away.

I can see no other way but to withhold both our children's and OUR bodies from this medical monster.


DDT was discovered in 1939 by Swiss chemist Paul Muller. He won the Nobel Prize for DDT in 1948. It was widely used to kill pests and boost agricultural yield and profits and was used during WWII. By 1962, there was evidence that DDT was detrimental to all life on earth, but it wasn't until 1972 that it was mostly, except for limited situations, outlawed in the US. Environmentalists, concerned scientists and citizens had to engage in a prolonged fight with agribusiness and industry in order to obtain the ban. It's still used outside the US and there was a time, I don't know if this is still the case, when our country exported huge amounts of DDT (reminds me of thimerosol laced vaccines).

It can be argued that DDT did save lives and saved many from malaria. The early one-sided view of DDT as a miracle chemical, ignoring any potential for damage, illustrates that science can operate from and even glorify ignorance, as Muller was honored with the Nobel Prize for saving lives while he was simultaneously poisoning the planet.

It can also be argued that vaccines, like DDT, have some benefit in preventing disease. But, like DDT, at what cost? Like DDT before the ban, there is a one-sided view. Unlike when DDT was being questioned many decades ago, today industry has a much stronger grip on government, public policy and science. Rachel Carlson's Silent Spring had a tremendous impact when published in 1962. If she released the same book today, if DDT was still in use and she was sounding the alarm now, I don't know that it would have any impact.

But clearly, anyone who accepts the status quo and blindly accepts any industry's claims without attempting to understand and without questioning, is a fool.

Fat Angry Hairy Man Dad 280lbs raging bull

Brent .....more military style mis-information ? we have had our fill of it .

Either way , if the prior abortion theory had any substance , surely just like my vaccine theory , it should be easy to test it out . but guess what , the Govt\Media , just keep on talking and nothing happens .

Vaccine versus Unvaccinated study never done .

Danish thief of $2M Poul Thoresen authored 21 safety studies to say vaccines didn't cause autism .....All in tatters , and why Denmark anyway ? Why not a study by Russell Blaylock in New Jersey .....would the results be too damning ?

why the constant state censorship ? Hg-enocide

Fat Angry Hairy Man Dad 280lbs raging bull

Michael - some doctors quietly in agreement that vaccines have caused the autism epidemic not good enough !

It is at the Doctors hand that my child was poisoned , the surgery that did it has pathetically threatened legal action against me for saying so .

If there are doctors out there , like you say , they have to take the risks of sanction and speak out .

30 years of denial of the vaccine link so far . An accelerated & expanded vaccine program worldwide .
Refusal of the WHO to remove mercury from vaccines (despite discontinuing mercury amalgams 2020) . What does this really look like ? Is it the "cull" that the Bildebergs have talked about for 40+ years ? Hg-enocide .

The autism rate is at 1 in 25 , and greater in some communities . And that's only autism . Many people in our community are predicting waves of cancers, diabetes , & MS to come . Is the obesity epidemic vaccine related ?
So this is the biggest health crime of all time .
The architects and authors of this project must be very pleased with their progress so far , and the minimal resistance (in particular from the medical industry).

Dr Wakefield can expect a blue plaque in the end for his lone sole stand . Its pathetic how few doctors have defended him .

Michael B Schachter MD, CNS

Some people post that all doctors oppose the notion that vaccines have anything to do with autism and how can they all be wrong and Jenny be right? All doctors DO NOT OPPOSE THE VIEW THAT VACCINES MAY CONTRIBUTE A LOT TO THE EPIDEMIC OF AUTISM. Many of them quietly and privately express this view, but keep quiet out of fear of sanctions by the medical community, state regulatory agencies or their academic employers. Pharmaceutical companies play a prominent role in supporting medical organizations, politicians and the media. It takes a brave soul to oppose the prevailing view that "we have no idea what causes autism, but it certainly has nothing to do with vaccines."

One clear casualty of the possible vaccine-autism link has been Andrew Wakefield MD, who in an excellent journal research article about 15 years ago, merely suggested that there might be a link between the MMR vaccine and autism and that further research should be done. This highly intelligent, articulate, caring physician and researcher was attacked unmercifully by articles in medical journals, the media as by Anderson Cooper of CNN (and many others) and regulatory agencies in his home country the UK. He lost his job and became a villain to the general public while a hero to the few in the know. Currently, legal cases involving Dr. Wakefield are working their way through the court system.

About 60 or 70 years ago, the AMA and organized medicine opposed the notion that smoking had anything to do with lung cancer. With accumulating research, it gradually became impossible to reject the smoking-lung cancer link, but it took a great deal of time, effort and resistance to attacks on tobacco opponents for this link to finally be accepted.

I think the overall control by the pharmaceutical vaccine-making industry over medical organizations, politicians and regulatory agencies, and the media is far greater than the control that the tobacco industry exerted over these same elements of society. Furthermore, in spite of all of this information relating smoking to lung cancer and other fatal medical conditions, which is widely accepted by everyone, many people continue to smoke, especially outside the USA. So, clearly accepted knowledge is not always sufficient to bring about change. Addiction is an incredible thing!!

The history of medicine is replete with examples of ideas that were ridiculed and criticized as having no value or being harmful with reversal occurring many years later. In their extremely well researched book "The Age of Autism", Olmsted and Blaxill trace the possible role of mercury in autism and similar conditions, but also as a possible cause of many other illnesses, such as suffered by many of Freud's "psycho-neurotic" patients. Freud was convinced that the cause of his patients problems were psychodynamic in nature, but Olmsted and Blaxill present a rather convincing argument (at least to me) that mercury played a role in the symptoms of these patients. The importance of mercury as a causal link to a wide-ranging array of medical conditions is yet to be recognized by the medical community, governmental agencies and the media. I don't think that this will change anytime soon.

Anyhow, I'm not sure when the vaccine-autism link will become clear to everyone, but I doubt it will be anytime soon. Hopefully, the hiring of Jenny McCarthy by ABC will help to open the door for a discussion and perhaps even some action on this very important issue, the recognition that the change in the vaccine schedule over the last 15 years has played a major role in the autism epidemic.

My fear is that the media will use this as an opportunity to bash Jenny and anyone who thinks along these lines.

Michael B Schachter MD, CNS


Mayer Eisenstein:
Too funny, I had a good laugh.
Sounds like my Mother for the last 40 years. No one listened to her either about her flu shot deal.

Dad did not listen to my deal with my kids and hubby and had a flu shot for five years in a row and now he stands for five minutes at a time trying to take a step - he has Parkinson.

The flu shots that did it? Oh, now come on -He is old and it was his time to get parkinson besides his Mother had a touch of it. He has other environmental factors in his past that could be responsible and it is a "coincidence" that Parkinson slowly started kicking in during those five years.


What about:
Parents against MERCURY in vaccines! and/or "Give our babies a single dose, months apart". OR "Stop censorship, Let us hear both sides of vaccination, We're not stupid"

Gorski is a Quack

If you want some nice entertainment and want to see one of Gorski's sycophants making a complete fool of herself, go look at the comments on the HuffPo article. I promise, it's a riot!

Mayer Eisenstein

BS in BS out:
Vaccines are Perfectly Safe and More BS from the Medical Past

1. Smoking does not cause lung cancer

2. Mercury, aluminum, squalene, in vaccines is perfectly safe

3. The earth is flat

4. Autism does not exist in part from vaccines

5. Oswald did not kill Kennedy (oops maybe that is true)

Need I go on!!!!

The Wall Street Journal said it best 3 years ago:

They Shoot Flu-Shot Skeptics, Don’t They?
Wall Street Journal
November 6, 2010

Two weeks ago, at the insistence of my wife, I went and got a flu shot. I am one of
those people who hates getting flu shots because I subscribe to the addled,
scientifically insupportable, just plain stupid myth that if you get a flu shot you'll
get the flu. But because my wife runs a senior-citizen center—pro bono—in our
town, I understood that it would look bad if I did not get a flu shot. It would lend
credence to the scientifically insupportable and fundamentally idiotic myth that
getting a flu shot will give you the flu.

Three hours after I got the flu shot, I started to feel sick. Headache, mild sore
throat, rasping. I mentioned this to a friend and she snapped, "You can't get the
flu from a flu shot. They use dead flu virus in the serum they inject you with. It's
just a coincidence." The next day I felt worse, and the next day, and the next. Each
time I mentioned the flu shot to friends, they got really defensive and said that I
must have already been incubating a nasty cold, because the flu shot could not
make me sick. They referred me to assorted websites where I could get more
information. They made me feel like a moron for even suggesting that there might
be a connection between the flu shot and my deteriorating physical condition.

Five days later, fully prone at death's doorstep, I went to the doctor. He told me
that I had a throat infection and an eye infection, and that my ears didn't look so
good, either. He wrote me prescriptions for cough syrup, antibiotics and eye
drops. When I mentioned how weird it was that I got sick—like, really sick—right
after the flu shot, he laughed as if I were a four-year-old.
"You can't get sick from the flu shot," he chided me. "The cells in the flu serum
are dead."
"So it was just a coincidence?"
"Yes, just a coincidence."

All these days later, my infection is abating, but only slowly. I still feel terrible. I
still can't sleep. I still have headaches and a sore throat, and I can't clear my lungs,
and I'm coughing a lot. But I'm not mentioning my wretched condition to anyone
anymore. I'm tired of the abuse. I'm tired of being singled out as a flu-shot
agnostic. There's something about questioning the efficacy of flu shots that
automatically puts you in the same category as climate-change deniers. People
hate it if you say anything bad about flu shots; it's worse than saying that you
believe in the Laffer Curve.
"If you got a flu shot and then won the lottery, you wouldn't think you won the
lottery just because you got a flu shot," sneered one friend, quoting a popular
website. "It's just a coincidence."
"You don't take care of yourself, and then you blame the flu shot," said another.
"You already had a cold when you got the flu shot," my wife insisted.
"If I already had a cold, why would I agree to get the flu shot?" I fired back.

"You don't always think things through," she suggested.
Let me be clear on one thing: I do not seriously believe that my hideous illness
that has now dragged on for more than 10 days is connected in any way, shape or
form with my getting that flu shot. The science is clear on that. And I certainly
don't want to be responsible for old people in my town getting really sick or dying
because they deliberately didn't get a flu shot after I perpetuated some imbecilic
myth. I don't want blood on my hands.
So I'm letting this thing go. I got a flu shot; I got really sick; it was all a strange
coincidence. Still, next year, come flu-shot time, I'm going to start coughing and
wheezing and hacking and spewing a few days before I'm due for my shot, so
my wife will let me take a pass. I'm not afraid of needles, I'm not afraid of my
wife, and I'm not afraid of the flu. But I'm deathly afraid of coincidences.

Copyright 2010 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Carolyn KylesMom

To say Jenny McCarthy is anti vaccine is like saying MADD, which asks us to drive without overdoing alchohol, is anti-car. MADD formed from people who had suffered losses from drunk drivers. Jenny and so many of us are parents who have suffered terribly because our children were harmed by the toxins in the vaccines.

If we call ourselves Parents Against Over Vaccination, is it possible more people will get it?
Anyone have an idea for a great acronym?


But Brent I do think that the Mother's health as well as the Father's health is important.

As in prior to becoming a mother I had the swine flu shot in 77 -- just one in the series of three and a DPT shot in 78.

My husband worked for the forest service in his late teens and early 20s had many - and I do mean many tick shots and tetanus shots (AKA DPT)

So I am sure that even though my kids were born healthy -- our own immune systems had set our kids up to react to their vaccines (and they did) with extreme inflammation.


So the rise in abortions is causing the rise in autism?

Please raise hands out there of mothers that had prior abortions, Please.

Meanwhile while we are waiting show of hands - I did not have any abortions.

Brent Rooney

Brent Rooney (my humble self) can not
rule out that future research will show that
vaccinations are a DOMINANT cause of
the escalating Autism epidemic in the
U.S. & other countries. However, to just
presume that this is the case is quite
a gamble for young parents to be. Please
be aware that there are three published
statistically significant studies finding that
women with prior induced abortions have
higher risk of a future newborn later
diagnosed with Autism. Here is just one
of those studies (but you will have to skip
ahead to page 1091 to find the admission):
Most researchers, to protect their careers,
will not even pose the question of whether
abortions elevate autism risk. All three
significant studies are listed below; I have
PDFs copies of the 'Burd' and 'Lyall'
studies (to get a PDF copy send the
words "Autism Choice" in the subject
line to email addr. ).

Brent Rooney (MSc)
Research Director, Reduce Preterm Risk
Vancouver, Canada


1 Burd L, Severud R, Kerbeshian J, Klug MG.

Prenatal and perinatal risk factors for autism.

J Perinatal Med 1999;27(6):441-450

2 Lyall K, Pauls DL, Spiegelman D, Ascherio A,

Santangelo SL. Pregnancy Complications and

Obstetric Suboptimality in Association With

Autism Spectrum Disorders in Children of the

Nurses' Health Study II. Autism Research 2012;

5(1):21-30 URL:

3 Wilkerson DS, Volpe AG, Raymond SD, Titus JB.

Perinatal Complications As Predictors Of

Infantile Autism. International J Neuroscience


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