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Dachel Media Update: Drug Trials, Vax Propaganda, More CA Autism

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

July 23, 2013, 9 News Denver, CO: Full vaccine schedule safe for kids, no link to autism

July 22, 2013, UK Guardian: Big pharma mobilising patients in battle over drugs trials data

July 22, 2013, Sacramento Bee: Report: One of every 90 Sacramento students has autism

9 News Denver, CO 

"At least 10% of parents of young children skip or delay routine vaccinations, often out of concern that kids are getting 'too many shots, too soon.'

"A new study finds that children who receive the full schedule of vaccinations have no increased risk of autism."

The story text is from USA Today, so it's totally one-sided.  BUT, the video is balanced.  We hear from a chiropractor and parents with vaccine concerns.  How unreasonable is that?  Maybe USA Today could learn something about fair coverage.  I posted 11 comments.
UK Guardian

"Drugs companies publish only a fraction of their results and keep much of the information to themselves, but regulators want to ban the practice. If companies published all of their clinical trials data, independent scientists could reanalyse their results and check companies' claims about the safety and efficacy of drugs."

"...the information might be misconstrued, or intentionally cherry-picked, and spark damaging health scares around certain drugs or vaccines."
Sacramento Bee

"Statewide, the number of autistic students rose by 6,300, or 9 percent, to almost 79,000. The number of autistic students statewide has risen by between 5,000 and 7,000 most years for more than a decade. In 2001, there were about 14,000 autistic students in the state."
"Theories for the rise, which is a nationwide phenomenon, include improved autism screening, broader definitions of the condition and a genuine increase in autism cases."

No alarm over the numbers  Only vague reasons for the increase.  Life goes on as autism buries us. 
I posted a comment. 



I find it very interesting that the USA Today reporting about the new study supposedly confirming that vaccines do not cause autism, doesn't give any details at all - none - about the actual study. It doesn't mention who the investigators are or where it was done. Nothing. I guess we aren't smart enough to understand. We should just take their word for it. What we do learn from a condescending MD is that parents are worried about too many "owies" and that vaccines have improved since the days of the old whole cell pertussis vaccine. What they don't mention is that in those days, before they came out with the new safer pertussis vaccine, they swore up and down that the old whole cell pertussis vaccine was perfectly safe, just like they're claiming that current vaccines are perfectly safe. Then at the end of the article parents are directed to Offit's new vaccine promotion front group where they will find more propaganda.

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