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Dachel Media Update: Diagnose Movement, Mercury

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

July 24, 2013, Chillicothe (OH) Gazette: Vaccinations remain a good idea

July 24, 2013, Forbes: Mercury And Autism Not Linked, Again

July 24, 2013, Fox News: Novel screening technique uses movement to diagnose and treat autism

Chillicothe (OH) Gazette

"However, I am a parent, and my children received the typical series of childhood vaccines, thankfully without incident. I'm also an amateur historian and I have access to a century's worth of public health history as it occurred in Chillicothe and Ross County.".

"First of all, in an effort to find a link between vaccines given to children and the development of autism, at least two dozen studies have been completed by a lot of smart people. None of them have found a connection. The advocacy group Autism Speaks agrees that there is no connection between the two and encourages parents to have their children vaccinated...."

Yoakum works for the country health department and he links autism to pesticides and plastic, but not vaccines. His kids were vaccinated, so it proves they're safe. To me, I can't image a more invalid and thoughtless claim than than one.

I posted over a dozen comments. Too bad none of the folks who refuse to look without their rose-colored glasses can see all the autism that no one can explain.

"One thing they note is that the study population comes from an area with almost 100% vaccination uptake and where vaccines contain thimerosal, so exposure to thimerosal-which contains a different form of mercury (which I explain here)-was considered to be consistent across the group."
Emily Willingham can't say enough good stuff about methylmercury and throws in ethylmercury to boot.  She removed my link to a talk by Dr. Thomas Burbacher on both forms of mercury, so here it is:
Fox News

"For decades, diagnosing a child with autism has been a difficult process. There are no medical tests capable of detecting the disorder, and current screening methods tend to rely solely on analyzing a child's behavior.

"But now, researchers from Rutgers University and Indiana University have developed a brand new screening tool, which can be used to both diagnose and treat children with autism. The new method focuses on measuring a much more objective quality: movement."

Many of us in the autism community wonder how many more years there'll be of studies linking autism is every imaginable cause and new ways of diagnosing it. In the face of millions of dollars being spent, autism remains the epidemic (one in every 50 children) that no one can stop. The one thing officials know for sure is that vaccines don't cause autism, and they have lots of pharma-funded studies to prove it.



Re Forbes -

It is possible that the population studied is uniquely able to tolerate more toxins. It's also possible, actually likely, that the "study" is BS. They also conveniently don't mention exactly what the vaccine schedule looks like in that part of the world and how it compares to ours. I highly doubt that they vaccinate as much or as early.

I've never seen a journalist so aggressive to comments. That Willingham is NASTY.

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