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Dachel Media Update: Autism in America

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

How can autism be a crisis?  If you go to Google News as a concerned parent, you'll find stories like these three.  The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, NY Daily News--these are big news outlets. No one talks about autism as a crisis. There are dozens of stories out right now from all over the country focused on autism in some way. I can't find any that address autism as a concern.
Notice that the children in the Tribune and the Daily News stories CAN'T TALK.  The Post tells about preparing for a child having a meltdown at a Fourth of July celebration
The dad in the Trib story assures us, "First and foremost, Johnny is the 1 in 88 children in America with autism. It's OK. It's just a hurdle."
I blame the media for covering up the truth about autism.  We're expected to adjust to a nightmare destroying our children's lives.  The father tells us "it's OK." 
July 3, 2013, New York Daily News: The paintings by 3-year-old British girl with autism wows international art community

"Little Iris Halmshaw, an autistic girl from Britain who doesn't speak, takes the art world by storm with paintings that evoke Monet. With a little Jackson Pollack thrown in."
July 3, 2013, Washington Post: Tips for celebrating the Fourth of July with a child with autism
"The Fourth of July brings fireworks, barbecues, patriotic band music and lots of flag-waving crowds. For families of some children with autism or sensory processing difficulties, all of that holiday 'fun' can be a recipe for a meltdown."
"But families who want to venture out can with a few simple preparations, she added. The key is to know your child's limits and have an escape plan in case he needs a break."

"Have an escape route. Park nearby, if possible, so you can escape to the car if your child gets overwhelmed. Tell him to let you know if he's had enough and that it's okay if he needs to leave. Have soothing music or a favorite toy in the car to help him calm down.

"'Your child may have a meltdown and other people may look at you,' Weiss said. 'Being okay with that takes a lot of strength. If that can happen, you're calmer in the way you handle the situation.'"

July 3, 2013, Chicago Tribune: Helping son who has autism teaches value of patience - and persistence

"First and foremost, Johnny is the 1 in 88 children in America with autism. It's OK. It's just a hurdle."
"But from all the training we've received and therapy sessions I've attended, the most important tool to help him has been an endless supply of patience. We need it to cope with the challenges it creates for everyone around him. We need it when he doesn't understand what we're trying to teach him and he recoils and resists and loses interest. We need it when too many people are talking to him and he goes into sensory overload and melts down. We need it when his appointments make us late for work.

"We need it when he has a screaming fit at Denny's for no apparent reason that turns heads three booths over.

"The ironic part is that patience is the last thing we needed when we were trying to figure out what was wrong with Johnny after his second birthday



I hope the "Chicago Tribune" dad has an infinite amount of patience. He will probably need it in the future. His son must still be quite young. But of course he has to accept it ... the damage has been done. The war continues and the wounded come home.

White Rose

My answer to anyone who is following this , is this quote , which says it all ...... its as relevant today as it was then ......

"Dr Albert Sabin: …it was too much of a show, it was too much Hollywood. There was too much exaggeration and the impression in 1957 that was, no in 1954 that was given was that the problem had been solved , polio had been conquered"

Vaccines are all razzamataz , hollywood , and no actual concrete substance\science , they are no better than guesswork , a shot in the dark , and fook the children.

John Stone

White Rose

When it comes to media in the US they are completely bought out, while in the UK it is more a question of professional intimidation through agencies like Science Media Centre and Sense About Science (not to mention Ben Goldacre) in conjunction wiht government and industry. No editor will stick their necks out any more.



There is not very much mystery about how it is done.

White Rose

And I'll go further , its like looking at an unholy triumvirate alliance against the people of Pharma , Media & Government to me .

Why does government & media continue to deny vaccine damage ? Why do they continually protect and guard vaccine reputation ? Why are vaccines so celebrated and protected because I know the truth about them and the truth is , vaccines are a failed technology (look at the sheer numbers of autistics worldwide now as your starter .)

White Rose

I believe the inventor of the "edible vaccine" joked at a conference just a day or 2 ago , how vaccines coule be used to depopulate .

The wild outlandish rumours just will not go away !

John Stone

White Rose

While I agree about the maleficent (and co-ordinated) character of the BBC I don't really think that "eugenics" is what drives the pharmaceutical companies. It is not only the incredible captive market they enjoy


it is no doubt all the wonderful chronic health conditions that they are "pharming" as a result. Although, inevitably there is a death toll as well, the living "unwell" are a far more exploitable group and of course the relationship is predatory.


No doubt in the end they will break the system with the costs but what do they care?

As for the BBC, I really think that they get a kick out of misleading people. A classic example the other day was when they referred to the 1200 "reported cases" of measles in Swansea, knowing perfectly well that 999 in a 1,000 viewer/listeners will have missed the subtlety that "reported cases" are not actual cases: the language was seemingly carefully chosen to deceive - arrogant bastard, ruling class pathology.

White Rose

Its a eugenics holocaust !

and for its perpetuation , the media has to be onside , to condition the sheep-people that autism is the new normal .

In the UK the BBC is very much at the heart of the Vaccine Autism crime . The BBC is conducting the orchestra , leading the rest of the media . Allowing the continued effective poisoning of the masses .


There has to be some reality behind these stories but there is also another reality that is not reported. It is the world of the immune compromised, dyslexic, ADD, autistic spectrum whatever you call it. Kids that require all the parents energy every day not for a year or two years but ten years, fifteen years. And sometimes they get well as mine did, but it is not an existential reality that will ever leave me and not a day goes by when I don't think about what those people are living, the struggle and the exhausting difficulty; but what is most difficult is the dismissal by the world that ought to care and doesn't. I can't help thinking, though, that there will be a time in the future when everyone will care. These sick and forgotten children have redefined medicine, and those who don't understand them will eventually be living in the old paradigm.

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