Is There Justice in Quebec? Special Needs Children Taken From Home.

Dachel Media Update: Abuse, Mistreatment and the Hunt for More Customers

By Anne Dachel

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July 2, 2013, NewsOne For Black Americans: Teen With Autism Allegedly Terrorized With Broomstick By Classroom Aides

July 1, 2013, KATC-TV Lafayette, LA: A mother speaks, concern for her autistic child

July 1, 2013, South Florida Times: Breaking News

NewsOne For Black Americans

"Wesley Malone, who is nonverbal, had been displaying aggressive behavior that concerned his father, John Malone (pictured). Malone also noticed that his son had been coming home from school with scratches and bumps on his head, which to him were telltale signs that something very wrong was happening at school." The consultant reportedly witnessed Wesley being disciplined by his paraprofessional aide with the use of a thick handled broomstick, which was reportedly banged on a table, floor and poked at the child. According to Malone's attorney, "Chris Vance, 'The parapro charges at Wesley and say to (the teacher), Give me my broomstick,' the report said. 'She's slapping the broomstick on the table, she's slapping it on the floor, she's slapping it at him, she's poking it at him,' Vance alleges."

The really scary thing here is that the educators felt justified abusing this boy. They didn't try to hide it. A boy who can't speak is someone who can be easily victimized. I think we're now getting used to stories about autistic kids being abused at school. This will only continue.

KATC-TV Lafayette, LA

"Now a mother from Carencro, with an autistic child is speaking out...Gabriela Angulo says at times her child is mistreated in public places, and the incidents are becoming far too frequent...Even waiting in the grocery line. "'Every person I would come across on the way over there was...What the "F" is wrong with him? Someone needs to give him a whooping...What kind of child are you raising?' Angulo said. "It's those reactions about her four-year-old Marcus Angulo that worry her. "'I wanted to cry bad, but I was like I have to keep myself together, keep myself together because if he's crying and I'm crying it's just going to make it worse,' Angulo said." If people react like this to a child with autism, imagine how outsiders will react when they become adults. I left a comment.

South Florida Times

"The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations and 15.7 million African-Americans churchgoers, and Autism Speaks, the world's leading autism science and advocacy organization, has announced a new collaboration seeking to reduce the average age of diagnosis and to increase access to high-quality early intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the African-American community.

"The collaboration will be piloted in 150 churches in the greater Atlanta area as part of the Autism Speaks Early Access to Care initiative Outreach in these congregations, seeking to increase awareness of the signs of autism and inform congregants, their extended families and community of available resources and services." On the same day that the NY Times tells us that Autism Speaks is trying to end the stigma of autism in the Korean American community and find more affected children there, the South Florida Times reports that AS is also busy looking for more autism in the black community.

As I've long said, there can never be too many children with autism for Autism Speaks. Their mission statement seems to be to cover up the truth about what autism is doing to our kids and make autism as American as apple pie.


Martha Moyer

I cry for our kids. Mine was squirted with vinegar; placed in a locked time out box; and denied use of the bathroom to go potty; just a few things in his life. A Dr. Lovas in California apologized for using a cattle prod on some children with autism. Ignorant people did ignorant things to our kids and still are doing it.

When my son with autism was a 4 year old child I took him to the circus. The autism society provided tickets. We went in the main entrance because we thought that was the way in. The hallway was decked with circus things for sale and we could hear circus music sounding prior to the performance. Then we found out that our seats were to the we needed to go out the door and go to the back entrance. I had his baby brother in my arms.

When I took my son with autism out the door he threw a huge tantrum. He was rolling on the ground crying out of control. I couldn't do anything but hold my baby and explain to onlookers that my son had autism and he didn't understand why we couldn't go to the circus but I said we can go but we were told that it was the back entrance. He didn't understand. I had to explain over and over. It was awful! At least no one said I was a bad parent. They just watched and finally my son quieted and I pulled him up and said "Let's go to the circus". He looked so shocked but followed and he finally understood and sat through the circus. I remember this just like it was yesterday.

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