Autism: If it were "Just" the Vaccines
Parents Speak Out on Behalf of Jenny McCarthy

Dachel Media Update: 867-6666 Jenny, Jenny!

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

July 24, 2013, 6ABC Indianapolis: Local theater hosts special movie days for kids with autism

July 23, 2013 NPR: A Scientist Debunks The 'Magic' Of Vitamins And Supplements

July 23, 2013, Science Daily: No Link Between Prenatal Mercury Exposure and Autism-Like Behaviors Found
July 23, 2013, The Toronto Star: Jenny McCarthy's new View job protested by Toronto Public Health
July 22, 2013, National Post: Toronto Public Health wants actress Jenny McCarthy kicked off The View over anti-vaccination advocacy

July 22, 2013, Niagara Falls Review: Toronto Public Health says 'The View' no place for Jenny McCarthy
July 19, 2013, UK Daily Mail: Charles in NHS homeopathy row: Prince holds secret meeting with Health Secretary to lobby for treatment denounced by top doctors as 'witchcraft'

6ABC Indianapolis

"Going to the movies is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, but for some children with autism, the low lights and loud sounds can be overwhelming.

"Several local theaters are making adjustments to try to create a more pleasant experience for people with autism.

"Sullie Thompson not only benefits by getting to watch a movie in a theater, but his dad said it also gives him the freedom to express himself."

Theaters are making "adjustments"? Aren't we all?

"A pediatrician who spent years defending childhood vaccines against the likes of actress/activist Jenny McCarthy has launched an assault on megavitamins and dietary supplements."
Phil Jones made this comment in response to one I posted: "I have known Dr. Offit since we went to school together many years ago. He is the soul of integrity and is not motivated by money."
Science Daily

"The potential impact of exposure to low levels of mercury on the developing brain -- specifically by women consuming fish during pregnancy -- has long been the source of concern and some have argued that the chemical may be responsible for behavioral disorders such as autism. However, a new study that draws upon more than 30 years of research in the Republic of Seychelles reports that there is no association between pre-natal mercury exposure and autism-like behaviors."
Read the headline.  It dismisses PRE-NATAL MERCURY EXPOSURE out of hand.  It must be that if mercury in fish is safe, ALL MERCURY EXPOSURE IS SAFE.  ...The wonderful world of science.
The Toronto Star


"Government agency says putting anti-vaccine crusader on TV "irresponsible." Is asking ABC to pull her from the show."
National Post: Toronto Public Health wants actress Jenny McCarthy kicked off The View over anti-vaccination advocacy


"Toronto Public Health is speaking out against ABC's decision to make Jenny McCarthy a co-host on The View.

"Citing the actress's anti-vaccination advocacy, the health agency announced its opposition Monday."


"Toronto Public Health is trying to get Jenny McCarthy dumped from her new gig co-hosting The View.

"Public Health came out Monday protesting McCarthy, a former Playboy playmate and actress, being tapped to join the U.S. daytime talk show starting this September.

"McCarthy's addition to The View, announced by ABC last week, has been met with criticism by some due to concerns over controversial comments she's made that autism can be caused by vaccinations. Public health officials maintain vaccines do not cause autism."

 UK Daily Mail

"Prince Charles has secretly lobbied the Health Secretary to back discredited homeopathic medicines.

"The Prince and Jeremy Hunt - both strong supporters of alternative therapies - held a meeting at Clarence House last week.

"Homeopathy and alternative medicines were on the agenda, according to well-placed sources. The NHS already spends millions each year on alternative medicines, at a time when it is restricting life-saving drugs for those with cancer.

"Charles is understood to be unhappy that government plans to set up a register of practitioners of herbal and Chinese medicine - designed to give them an element of respectability - have stalled.
"But a Labour MP accused the Prince of promoting 'voodoo medicine' and both the British Medical Association and the Commons science and technology committee say the NHS should stop funding homeopathic treatments because of a lack of evidence they work."

The key line in this story is "the Advertising Standards Authority said homeopaths were putting people's lives at risk by discouraging them from seeking medical treatment."  Homeopathic medicine is "bad" because these people aren't buying prescription drugs.


Renita Herrmann

It's just a matter of time. With the number of ASD children rising, those that see the connection with the toxins and toxic environment will demand people like Jenny McCarthy be given a voice.


Has the world gone mad? Vitamins are bad? Jenny needs to be fired for having an opinion? Seriously medical system, are you so weak you have to resort to these kinds of tactics. Desperate much? Maybe if they just tried to actually heal people, and didn't constantly push dangerous drugs and surgeries on people then they might already have enough respect without having to attack others to make themselves look better.

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