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Dachel Media Update: New Day, Same Stories

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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July 8, 2013, Seattle Times: Autism ads raise ire, pulled off buses

July 8, 2013, KPTV Kelso, WA: Police: 18-year-old sexually abused autistic girl

July 8, 2013, Staten Island Advance: Autistic teen in critical condition after being struck on Staten Island Expressway

July 8, 2013, PARADE Magazine: Jenny McCarthy Reportedly in 'Serious Talks' to Join The View

July 7, 2013, US News: Struggles With Motor Skills Compound Social Problems in Autism - US News and World Report


Seattle Times

"Seattle Children's is pulling its ads from King County buses after complaints about its call to "wipe out" autism."

I can't believe this. It's insane. Wait till we're paying for this nightmare. Wait till more children are dead. Seattle Children's apologized for the ad.

I posted a comment. Please join me.
KPTV Kelso, WA: Police: 18-year-old sexually abused autistic girl

"An 18-year-old in Kelso is accused of sexually abusing an autistic child.

"David Cahill was arraigned in court Monday on charges of child rape and child molestation.
"The investigation began in April when the alleged victim told a school counselor that her 'cousin' had touched her inappropriately, according to court documents. Investigators said Cahill is not related to the 13-year-old girl, but they did know each other.

"The girl, who police said was nonsensical at times due to her autism, said Cahill would sexually abuse her in an alley as they walked to church."

There are stories like this everyday. It'll only get worse.

Staten Island Advance

"A 13-year-old autistic girl was critically injured when she jumped out of a sport-utility vehicle on the Staten Island Expressway Monday and into the path of another vehicle in the HOV lane, according to police sources  "The girl, whose name was not immediately available, was a passenger in a 2011 Nissan Rogue when, at about 6:15 p.m., she got out of the SUV about 200 yards before the Hylan Boulevard overpass, on the highway's Brooklyn-bound side, police sources said."

Autistic children drowned, missing, hurt...It's all just part of the mystery of autism.

PARADE Magazine

"Will Jenny McCarthy join Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd on The View couch? The model and actress, who has made frequent guest appearances on the ABC daytime talk show, is reportedly in "serious talks" to join the show as a permanent host, according to Us Weekly.
"McCarthy, 40, would replace long-time host Joy Behar when she leaves the show in August. McCarthy currently hosts her own talk show on VH1, but some think she might have more success on the lively panel of The View....

"McCarthy began her career as a Playboy model in 1993 and went on to build a successful career as a television and film actress. She later wrote several bestselling books on parenting, relationships, and her experiences raising a child with autism. Her activism work promoting alternative treatments for childhood autism, and specifically her claims that vaccines can cause autism, has drawn criticism from the medical community in recent years."

This seemed like a setup. I really think the purpose was to discredit Jenny. Note the mention of her stand on vaccines.
US News

"Fortunately, help is available for kids to improve abilities like throwing and catching
"Problems with motor skills such as throwing and catching can add to the social struggles faced by children with autism, a new study says."
This is almost as exciting as the study that showed that autistic children often don't make eye contact.  This is autism pretend science. It's designed to make it look like people are working hard on the mystery of autism.  It's smoke and mirrors designed to cover up a national health emergency.  I posted two comments.



Sure enough, Respectfu Insolence has organized a hate campaign petition. Just go to the site and tell them what you think of that.


I hope the management at the View doesn't fall for all the hate campaign crap put out by "Science"blogs. I'm sure they're scavenging all the social media sites to mention how much they hate her and her views, similar to how they encourage "poll-crashing" to skew opinions. I honestly think most viewers would like her lively and refreshing presence (oh ya, and her tendency to not bullshit which is a real asset to a talk show).


I do think there are people out there who really don't know about Autism Spectrum Disorder and the complex set of symtoms, such as motor problems. On Facebook I saw a photo of a child who has the whole complex of issues (I know his grandmother) such as rock hard bowels, toe walking, speech delays, and an unusual interest in "cleaning;" yet no one seems to notice that these might all add up to something. So I saw this picture of him on Facebook covered in a rash and eating some green looking cookies, and I thought well has anyone checked out that rash or is that just another one of those strange passing phases of normal development. As is said so often, until it actually affects you, you aren't even aware it exists.

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