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Dachel Media Update: Genius, Diagnosis, Diet

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

July 2, 2013, Minneapolis Star Tribune: 'Genuine Genius': Edina nonprofit website stresses things autistic kids do well

July 2, 2013, KGOU TV Norman, OK: Autism Diagnosis Numbers Rise in Oklahoma, Services Availability Insufficient

July 2, 2013, Fox News: Eating healthy fats during pregnancy may reduce baby's autism risk

Minneapolis Star Tribune

"'I am constantly thinking of about what the possibilities are for him and others,' she said.
"As a parent of a child with autism, Ries said she often gets questions from well-meaning friends and relatives about Jack's limitations. Genuine Genius focuses some much needed attention on the strengths of children with autism, she said."

We've had decades of lies about autism and we're expected to buy into all of them:

Autism is a genetic disorder that's always around and hasn't really increased.

Autism is merely a "lack of communication skills and an inability at social interaction."

Autism may have environmental links to fat moms, old moms and dads, smoking moms, moms on antidepressants, moms who have babies too close together, moms who don't get enough folic acid, moms who don't eat healthy fat, and moms who live too near to freeways.

Most of all---we've subtly told that autism is nothing we have to worry about. You'll never hear officials or legislators alarmed about what the future holds as hundreds of thousands of disabled kids age out of school and become dependent on the taxpayers for their support and care.

This story from the Minneapolis Star Tribune is another example of the cover-up. We just need to learn to live with autism--no questions asked. They calmly tell us that autism affects one in every 50 CHILDREN. We're not told why. More and more kids are being diagnosed; we just have to deal with it.

Stories of abuse and neglect of ASD kids in our schools are now common. That kind of coverage will expand eventually to young adults with autism in residential care. I'm sure that we'll learn to live with that too.

Of course I want services for autistic people but I won't pretend that all we need to do is be aware and focus on "unique abilities."

KGOU TV Norman, OK

"In 2010, Oklahoma was estimated to have 3,062 children ages 3 to 21 identified as having Autism. That number has risen drastically from 2002, when those reported in the same age group was 844.
"Oklahoma Autism Network Director René Daman tells Emily Summars with eCapitol added diagnoses and improvements in the screening process contribute to the increase.

"'We have better awareness nationally and in Oklahoma because there have been so many efforts,' Daman says. 'We have screenings for all children. Those things contribute to it [the increase in numbers] but the bottom line is: we're seeing more kids.'"

I posted a comment but it really doesn't matter when no one sees anything wrong here.

Fox News

"Women who eat certain types of 'healthy fat' during pregnancy may reduce their risk of having a child with autism, a new study suggests.

"In the study, women who consumed high levels of linoleic acid a type of omega-6 fatty acid found in vegetable oils, nuts and seeds were 34 percent less likely to give birth to a child with autism compared with women who consumed low levels of the nutrient."...

"The study found only an association, and not a cause-and-effect link, between pregnant women's fatty-acid consumption and a decreased risk of having a child with autism. In addition, the study was small, and future research will be needed to confirm the results, the researchers said."...
"The researchers took into account other factors that might have influenced the risk of autism, such as the mother's age, total calorie intake and smoking status during pregnancy. But it's possible that other factors not included in the study may explain the link."

Here's the latest guess at autism. Of course it's just an association, not causal. Every couple of weeks there has to be some news about autism. ANYTHING. It has to look like someone somewhere is doing something. There too much autism for officials to just ignore it. There was no place for comments.


Rae N.

Does anyone but me remember the days when studies were actually allowed to conclude something? Now the most they can do is "suggest" - even though the use of the word "may" already weakens the conclusion to the point where it's not really a conclusion anyway.

In other words, back it the day - say 40 years ago - it was OK for researchers to CONCLUDE that A might possibly cause B, or even that A DOES (or DOES NOT) cause B. Today, the most they can report is that their study "suggests" that A might possibly cause B. Are you still with me?

The switch to squishy, uncertain language in matters which used to be bound by real science has led to open-ended funding (through grant money, or course) of more and more worthless studies and perpetuates the endless cycle of non-discovery that Big Pharma, Big Medicine and all their friends so prefer.


Well; My diet was oaky- this was at the time that all the doctors was pushing low fat - and fake butter was considered the healthier way to go.

My son was born in excellant health. He knocked the socks off of that new born baby test. They put him in with the others in the nursery and he practically got up on his hands and knees getting ready to crawl out.

Even have two DPT reactions he was way ahead on those kiddo time line scales. My gosh he said Jack O' Lantern at less than 6 months of age, walking at nine months It took that third DPT shot and a reaction to ruin all of that.

Now the girls of generation - like his sister - wonder what kind of kid they are going to give birth too? They are going to need a lot of very good oils and fats, and no GMO foods and not flu shots.


I agree with Linda's comment. Also, possibly a lowered intake of GMO's would be associated with the described diet.


Re healthy fats...sounds like a predominantly vegetarian/vegan diet, usually adopted by the more educated, those who are more likely to question vaccines. Just saying.

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