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Autism: If it were "Just" the Vaccines

Father's loveBy Jay S. Gordon (not the physician in CA)


If Autism is caused by vaccines, then conventional logic would dictate -- everyone who receives a vaccine -- would end up autistic. And that's the premise for why the vaccine schedule is still in place and won't be changing anytime soon. Today, it's not just "get pregnant and get tested" for the half dozen genetic problems. Unfortunately, there is a very, very scary waiting game...WILL MY CHILD BE AUTISTIC?

I was taught, back in the 70's, in high school science class, that a baby's nervous system and brain are NOT fully developed at birth. Which is why, and anyone who has had a baby already knows, their eyes don't open much and they sleep all the time. It takes an additional 3 months before a child becomes -- let's just call it -- alert. By the way, humans are not the only animal in nature where additional gestation is needed outside the uterus.

So what are we doing vaccinating babies at such a young age? Well, the answer is simple. 1) By 6 months of age, all of mommy's immune goodies that were passed to your child, are all but gone -- unless you breast feed, then it's probably a bit longer. 2) With so many double income families, day care centers are much more commonplace, so the risk of being exposed to illness is greater.

Autism Spectrum Disorders have no boundaries. So what makes "random" parents, who have nothing genetically in common, have children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder? And, why is the rate increasing? I have an idea on why the disorder is "random and increasing" and I'd like to share my thoughts.

About my children

I have three children -- a girl and two boys. Both boys have an "Autism Diagnosis". My advice for parents-to-be who choose to vaccinate -- buy a great video camera and take as much video as possible -- just in case something happens, you might be able to chronologically prove that vaccines were the cause.

I believe my sons autism started right after his first inoculation of 4 vaccines -- at around 3 months of age. Suddenly, he stopped eating and had to be fed while sleeping. He also started crying, whenever we'd try to sing to him. It took us a long time to figure this out, but the reason was simple; he was used to our voices as "talking voices," and when we sang -- our voices changed and he did not like that. (I know this might be hard to understand, if you have no exposure to it; autistic children's latitudes are very narrow.) Five years later, we still have to help him eat some of the food from each meal and only recently, after much therapy, has he started to ask for food when hungry or better yet, go and get it himself.

After my first child was diagnosed with Autism, I did not vaccinate my fraternal twins -- a boy and a girl. The boy from this fraternal pregnancy is completely unvaccinated and has an autism diagnosis. His autism is very mild and this leads me to believe -- IF YOUR CHILD IS PREDISPOSED TO HAVE AUTISM, THE MORE VACCINES YOUR CHILD RECEIVES, THE WORSE YOUR CHILD'S AUTISM WILL BE. Unfortunately, once you notice changes -- IT'S TOO LATE.

I also have another observation I'd like to share. My unvaccinated twins are actually much healthier children. When they get sick, they get over their illnesses much faster than my vaccinated child. My vaccinated child's immune system is now obviously compromised, which goes against the reasoning -- of why children are vaccinated in the first place!

What can we learn from the Amish

Back in the late 1970's, I took a trip to the (Pennsylvania Dutch) Amish country. I remember seeing farmers, carpenters, etc. Their lives are more parallel to how society lived in the "pre-industrial age" than how "I live today" -- you know -- the really cool electronic devices. (Yeah, they may not vaccinate -- but there's more to the autism puzzle than just -- vaccinations.)

According to research, autistic children are not being "assembled" how they are supposed to be and autism is a genetic problem. I don't believe it's a genetic problem. I believe it's purely an environmental problem that causes abnormal brain and nervous system development and that vaccines "just make it worse". The medical profession has come up with a nifty excuse on why the rate of autism has increased: "We expanded what the disorder covers". I feel they "had" to increase what the disorder covers, because more and more children are NOT developing typically and needed to be treated with therapy.

According to what I've read about the Amish, there has only been one child with autism in their community and that child was not originally from the community. They are a great control group.

It's a very random Pattern

Once your child has an Autism diagnosis, you become part of a group: "Parents with an autistic child". But the real question is, "what made us part of the same group BEFORE a child is diagnosed with autism? Again, if it were just the vaccines, every child would be autistic.

There should be no reason for couples, in their early 20's, in the prime of their reproductive lives -- to have children with autism. But they do. The odds are so much in their favor to have typically developed children. Parents who waited until their early 40's and had a child with autism, conventional wisdom would say -- they waited too long before they had children. But that not always true either. So what's the pattern?

How can people, who have no genetic connection, create children with a similar disorder, as if they had a genetic condition? That's impossible! The X-FACTOR must be something in the environment that more and more people are coming in contact with. Something completely unexpected or unlikely -- to have the impact that it does. What is it? Where is it?

A Disastrously High Rate of Increase

40 years ago, the autism rate was 1:2,000 and in a 40 year time span, the autism rate has increased to 1:88, which is a disastrously high rate of increase. Why did this happen now and not 200 years ago? Are we heading toward a future where more children will be born autistic than not autistic?

A parallel, instant life-changing illness

If you look at adults who have an "instant life changing illness," what are the common ones? Heart attack and stroke. The critical moment at which these two diseases hit are very quick and hit without warning. Yesterday you were fine, and one day later, you are not. I'm going to use this as an example -- which is similar for children who fall victim to vaccines. Yesterday they were fine, and one day later, they are not. The general cause of both heart attacks and strokes is -- reduced blood flow -- in the heart or in the brain.

Back to Pennsylvania Dutch County

The Amish may not vaccinate, but there are other factors specific to their life style that shield their children from developing autism. I believe what protects their children from developing autism is -- NO AMALGAM -- in their mouths. Amalgam is used as a dental filling and commonly consists of 50% mercury, 28% silver, 14% tin and 8% copper.

Three aspects of the Amish culture that excludes them from having children with autism are 1) they get married younger and reproduce younger; 2) their diet is much better with less processed foods and fewer sugars; and 3) less likely to go to the dentist because their diet is better. These three aspects of their culture -- limit the amount of Amalgam in their mouths -- all prior to reproduction.

So my hypothesis for the cause of Autism is -- Amalgam fillings in the teeth of parents.

Amalgam is 50% Mercury

This could be why Autism is "RANDOM and INCREASING". A nation eating more and more processed food, earlier and earlier in life -- causing more and more amalgam fillings to be installed -- all PRIOR TO REPRODUCTION. Also, as parents are waiting later and later in life to have children, more and more mercury could be leaching into their body and the levels are increasing.

Every time you chew food and drink hot liquid, mercury gas is released. I never went to the dentist, and at 17 years of age -- I had (1) cavity and it was filled with amalgam. At around age 40, I went to a dentist again and had almost all my teeth filled with amalgam. My skin has never been the same, I have allergies to many foods -- and I have two children with autism, both conceived after many of my teeth were filled with amalgam -- around age 40.

This makes sense to me and is a great area to study. The basic concept is that eating patterns and oral hygiene patterns are completely random, as with the cases of autism and mercury is a highly toxic substance. Once I started to "really think about the cause of autism" -- what always bothered me about "just blaming vaccines" is that other animals are vaccinated and their behavior(s) have no noticeable changes. I do understand that humans are a much higher functioning animal, but animals are also social beings. (But then again, when was the last time you saw a dog with amalgam fillings.)

Removing amalgam from your teeth is a very dangerous procedure and should only be done by a certified specialist. "Right there" tells me that amalgam should never be put into anyones mouth in the first place.

The Random Theory

My amalgam theory can work both backwards and forwards. Your first child could have an autism diagnosis and your second child could be fine. Or your first child could be fine and your second child could have the autism diagnosis. It all depends upon what you ate and drank to release the mercury into your body. Completely random, which seems to be the only logical pattern.

People who have amalgam fillings could have developmentally normal children, they just didn't release much or any mercury gas prior to egg/sperm creation through conception / gestation / birth and breast feeding. There is probably a multi-year window where mercury toxicity via amalgam could disrupt an ever so fragile developmental process.

Vaccine Delivery

Everyone knows the mechanism on how we get sick. The five holes in our heads. Two eyes. Two nostrils and one mouth. If these openings are how we get sick, why are we by-passing them by injecting vaccines into the arms and legs. Is it really better to inject into the extremities or is this just a matter of convenience? Mother nature spent billions of years perfecting how we fight infection and scientists come up with a way to by-pass "some, if not all" of those mechanisms. By-passing the natural protection with a vaccine, could cause what I will call an"Artificial Fever".

Artificial Fever

Could their be a difference between natural fever and artificial fever? As mentioned above, in by-passing natural mechanisms, are vaccines creating an "artificial fever" in the body where it wouldn't necessarily exist? What if the epicenter of this artificial fever ends up in the brain? The body is just doing its job -- Protect the brain, protect the brain, protect the brain. What part of the brain is most vital? Breathing and heart beat. What part is least vital? Pretty much all the areas that could define a person as autistic. During this artificial fever, the brain shifts to protection mode and blood flow is reduced to areas -- deemed not needed, at that time -- causing something similar to a stroke in the brain. Or maybe it's the body going into shock, due to low blood pressure, and the end result is the same.

Frost bite is the perfect example of the body reducing blood flow to certain sections of the body (the extremities) to preserve vital organs. Since its possible in one area of the body, could it be possible in others?

Mercury floating around in parents could be the cause of the "DNA change" that links people who have no genetic connection. The vaccine is just the trigger. Scientist have been saying this for many years now -- but they NEVER have produced the "Genetic" cause. Until science can figure out "what is" the predetermining factor(s), I believe its best NOT to vaccinate until later on in life -- when all the circuits and connections of basic development have been naturally activated. If you do end up with a child with a diagnosis, it most likely will be mild and manageable with multiple therapies.

The California Sperm Donor

Recently, I read an article about a California man who donated his sperm, which was used many times. Many of the children born to this man's sperm -- have an autism diagnosis. Hopefully, researchers were allowed to interview this man. I surely would like to -- just to see if I had anything similar (traits / exposures / illnesses / etc.) in common that could aide researchers. He fathered too many autistic children for this to be a coincidence and this leads me to believe that male DNA also plays a role in autism pre-disposition. (If I could do it all over again, I would never had put amalgam in my mouth.)

Prevention is always best

Reading the published research, on what part(s) of the brain are different in autistic children, doesn't really get me excited. I already KNOW there is a difference. I live with it everyday.

Stem cells might be the cure everyone is looking for, but the Bush Administration put U.S. Stem Cell Research many, many, many years behind. I'm actually excited about how stem cells could be the future of autism treatment. But as great as this medical intervention may be, as with any illness or disease, prevention is always best.


Since researchers don't have a clue what really causes autism, my theory too is just one of the many theories. But to me, it's definitely an area worth studying.

Everyone with a child with an "Autism Spectrum Disorder" has a similar story and that is a recognizable and sadly, an increasing pattern. Millions upon millions of dollars are being spent looking for the "why"  -- a "why" that will NOT include vaccines as the possible cause -- so that vaccines will never be considered the "cause" of autism. My family knows better.

Jay Gordon is a graphic designer and marketing/advertising executive with 30 years' experience working with FORTUNE 500 companies and the father of a child with autism.  He is not the Pediatrician in California.


B. Wood

This "article" preposterous. This has the reasoning of a small child. "If vaccines caused autism (or the numerous other neurological syndromes which now plague civilisation)then everyone would have it". If some people are deathly allergic to peanuts, then everyone would be allergic to peanuts because all people are the same and always react the same way at the same time. This is idiocy but perhaps the 49.55% Mercury in Thimerosal has affected this man's ability to reason and think critically. Mercury is stored in the brain and is a known neurotoxin just like Aluminum both of which are contained in vaccines.

With neurological disorders on the rise, new disorders appearing almost daily - debilitating conditions which mankind has only encountered recently, environmental and medical practices are logically correlated. Since we all react differently to these known toxins, we play a wonderful Russian Roulette as to what the effect will be and when it will strike.


I KNOW vaccines caused my son's autism! He was perfectly normal, and within 24 HOURS of his MMR shot he was not. NOTHING and NO ONE will ever convince me differently! So, I am not giving any credence to what he says.


Hi Benedetta;
yes, finding out so soon was a miracle in a way; it meant we could work on brain connective stuff from a very young age, and we knew what was going on and why.There were other physical problems he had that might have lead to a scan eventually anyway but knowing so early really did help.

Barry; I think some kids with autism diagnosis may have been born with ACC and not been scanned,but my own opinion is that many others regressed because of vaccines and would have been healthy without them. So no, I don't think all or even many kids with autism have ACC. But was Rainman misdiagnosed? As the vaccine committee well should have known, autism is diagnosed purely by symptoms ( the DSM IV has the official list of symptoms).In my opinion the vaccine injury committee was showing a major lack of good faith in somehow differentiating "symptoms of autism" from "real" autism (diagnosed how?)But then I have not felt any confidence in their statements for years.
No my son doesn't have an autism diagnosis. We already knew why he was having the challenges he was.
Jenny; sorry for not answering all your questions,(I'm trying to juggle not giving identifying info with answering your questions.)Short answer; no vaccines/mercury amalgams etc in pregnancy for me,but we suspect an anthrax vaccine my husband was given earlier caused this.
Thanks for your good wishes. He is doing really well and the sky is the limit.( By the way, if anyone knows of really good facial emotion programs or computer games, I would be really grateful.I'm looking for something that uses real peoples faces and can help say differentiate between fear and anger.)
Even though my son wasn't injured by vaccines post birth, I believe that the many children who have regressed following vaccination deserve a voice. I believe it is probably the largest public health issue effecting us today.


"By 6 months of age, all of mommy's immune goodies that were passed to your child, are all but gone -- unless you breast feed, then it's probably a bit longer. "

Immune components and protection are conferred for as long as breastfeeding continues, even for years. The milk does change and is tailored to the needs of the growing child, but immune components and protection are conferred for as long as breastfeeding continues, even if for 5 years (according to anthropologists, the human sucking instinct can last for as long as 7 years). It is dose dependent, so a newborn nursing frequently (every 2-3 hours or more) around the clock will have a steady stream of mother's immune factors protecting him. A nursing 5 year old will likely only nurse once or twice a day, and so will take in less milk, but at that age, the child is stronger and able to mount a defense on his own. But those 1 or 2 feedings still provide superior body building nutrition and line the GI tract with immune factors that defend against invasion by pathogens and allergens. Human milk has almost as many live cells as human blood to protect our young.

I hope you don't mind my taking the opportunity to make these points. With Pharma influencing infant feeding education and press too, this information rarely gets out.


Barry; I no longer pay attention to medical literature that says the world "rare"

I believe lthat "Rare" was used in the paper I signed to get the vaccine said "rare" for side effects.

From where I am standing it don't look rare to me.

I also know this. My son started have really bad seizures - when he turned 12 - puberty and they did an MRI and said all was "FINE"

And -- expert read the MRI and said all was "FINE"

They sent it to our dumb @%* neurologist and he said all was "FINE".

When I called for the medical records because I was moving -- I received also the MRI. And there were two white spots on the front the brain on each side - about the size of a --well it is hard to tell on picture - but I would say a quarter.

Now my understanding of MRIs. Do they take pictures of slices of the brain--- 3 D ? Not just one or two pictures? Does anyone know?

It that is the case there was just that one picture that was in his medical records.

The new neurologist looked them over and said it was blurry so we would take another and we did and they were still there .

So Hera, it is a miracle in itself that you found out about the connection between the two hempspheres missing.

White Rose

Julie Gerberding was forced to admit that vaccines could trigger autism, although this has been conveniently forgotten:

“….. if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it [vaccination] can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism.”.

White Rose

A new peer reviewed study was published in the current issue of Open Access, Scientific Reports (Volume 2, Issue 3, 2013) linking the autism epidemic to the epidemic of vaccine induced type 1 diabetes. Growing evidence shows that a large percentage of cases of autism have an inflammatory or autoimmune component. The new data shows autism is strongly linked to type 1 diabetes another epidemic inflammatory disease where the epidemic has been proven to be caused by vaccines. The new paper is authored by immunologist J. Bart Classen, MD.
"We have been publishing for many years that vaccine induced inflammation is causing an epidemic of type 1 diabetes and other diseases. Our new data, as well as the extensive data from others regarding the role of inflammation in the development autism, leaves little doubt vaccines play a significant role in the autism epidemic," says Dr. J. Bart Classen, MD.
Dr. Classen's research indicates that the large number of vaccines given to patients is leading to an epidemic of chronic inflammation resulting in epidemics of autoimmune diseases, allergies, and a comprehensive inhibitory response manifesting as obesity and metabolic syndrome.
"The best data indicates that vaccine induced chronic disease is now of a magnitude that dwarfs almost all prior poisoning of humans including poisoning from agents like asbestos, low dose radiation, lead and even cigarettes. Most patients don't even realize that they are suffering from the adverse effects of vaccines. Even more concerning patients and or their parents are being harassed, accused of practicing poor dieting and exercise habits leading to development obesity and diabetes when in fact they suffer from vaccine induced obesity and diabetes," says Dr. J. Bart Classen.

Copies of many of Dr. Classen's papers can be found on the website

Classen Immunotherapies, Inc.


Hera, I believe you that you baby was born with the condition that the doctors called it, and I believe that it was a true MRI and I believe that it is the cause of your child's autism.

I consider it a label, as opposed to identifying what caused the condition. Everything is cause and effect. What caused his brain to NOT develop as nature or God intended it to develop? Is it mercury derived agenesis of the corpus callosum? The brain is not born in the course of childbirth. It has been developing since the moment of conception, exposed to the same things the mother is exposed to during pregnancy, and I believe the area you refer to in the brain is supposed to be formed by 20 weeks into pregnancy, though I could be wrong on that.

The University of Maine lists 2 of the possible causes of agenesis of the corpos callosum as "prenatal infections or injury" and "prenatal toxic exposure" among others. (are mercury in amalgams in parent or mercury in vaccines given to parents a possible cause?)

And we now know that the brain has a good amount of plasticity, which lends itself to why a person with autism or w/ alzheimers or dementia or head injury or coma can sometimes improve with certain interventions and treatment and time. I understand some may be so bad off that full recovery or even partial recovery may not manifest in meaningful ways, and I pray that your son's condition improves in any possible way, big or small. He deserves it and so do you.

You have not said whether or not you were given any shots during pregnancy, and have not mentioned whether you and/or your child's father have amalgams, or, other exposures like aluminum- containing antacids, fluoride, contaminated fish during pregnancy, pesticides, etc. I won't press for details as to why not.

It seems like such a condition, once diagnosed, though, may elicit a more sympathetic and helpful response from the medical community, who seem to be too intimidated to tackle the medical problems of a person with an autism diagnosis, and from the numbers, it doesn't look like agenesis is as rare as it sounds, and possibly underdiagnosed.

It makes me wonder what, exactly, was being found in the brains that were destroyed in the refrigerator meltdown.


But you seem to believe there can never be a case of autism that was not caused by vaccines; have you heard of the original "Rainman" from the movie with Dustin Hoffman?
What he had was something called "agenesis of the corpus callosum".
He, like my son WAS BORN with it.
Please spend five minutes to look it up, just so you can understand that rarely some children are BORN with autism type symptoms.

Hi Hera,

According to the Vaccine Court, "Autistic type symptoms" is not Autism.

After 5 minutes of reading, I learned that Agenesis of the corpus callosum is a rare birth defect, in which there's is a complete or partial absence of the corpus callosum. It occurs when the corpus callosum fails to develop normally, and it typically occurs during pregnancy.

If that defect was common to all autistic children, then the cause of autism wouldn't still be a mystery.

And if your child (..or Rainman for that matter) has agenesis of the corpus callosum, and the've been given a diagnosis of autism ... then I'm pretty sure that's called is a misdiagnosis.

cia parker

Theresa has writeen about this subject better than I could. The Davis study found nine antibodies in women which seemed to predict autism in their children. Antibodies are not part of the original genetic makeup, but are only formed upon an abnormal immune response to a specific antigen. Hay fever didn't exist before the smallpox vaccine, nor did MS. It may be that all allergies result from a skewed Th-2 response when the immune system reacts in panic to antigens in vaccines suddenly appearing out of nowhere, and targets harmless substances as resembling suspicious vaccine ingredients closely enough that it chronically attacks its own systems. Theresa thought that the flu vaccine for pregnant women was an especially probable trigger for the body developing these antibodies. But back again to the starting point, no vaccines, no problem.

cia parker

Tony Bateman,
There's an autistic unvaccinated Amish boy who lives near a mercury-producing electrical plant, and the statistics for autism being so much higher in industrialized areas with lots of pollution would suggest that autism can be caused by mercury exposure by other means than vaccines. If you've read The Age of Autism, there were a few children in polluted London two hundred years ago who sound as though they had autism. There were people involved in methylmercury incidents of various kinds who seem to have developed autism as a result. Vaccines can alter DNA, so it's not inconceivable that this could mean parents with altered DNA might conceive children fated to be born with autism. I don't think there's enough evidence to say much on this at this time. I agree with you, though, that vaccines are by far and away the most frequent cause, probably 99.95 per cent or something close to that. But I think vaccine-induced encephalitis can cause autism even in the absence of mercury (etc.). Judy Converse in her book said that she thinks it's important to be clear that the hep-B vax, for instance, can cause autism even in the absence of mercury.


Hi Jenny;
The brain is made of two hemispheres, left and right. between the two hemispheres is a 'connection channel"
The channel is called the corpus callosum.

If a child is missing this connective channel,the left and right sides of the brain can't communicate as easily. This means certain things that most people can do don't work well and take a lot of effort to learn.
Speech is delayed. Poor social skills, probably because you need both sides of the brain working together to be able to understand non verbals and read facial expressions easily.
You can read about Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum on Wikepedia if you wish.
The Wikipedia article also mentions often the kids are misdiagnosed with autism or aspergers.

Yes in his case the cause of his challenges came at birth.

Do I believe that vaccines, round up exposure, GMO foods with additives that may well kill of probiotics in the gut , mercury exposure, all can cause harm in some (or maybe even all) individuals? Yes.
Jim Thompson; Thanks for the study.
I grew up in a time when mercurichrome was put on cuts and glass mercury thermometers were regularly used but autism was not common.
It seems likely imo that injecting mercury ( thimerosal in shots) is far more dangerous than swallowed mercury, at least from what I have read so far. Aluminium does not seem to be a great alternative for injecting either.
Avoiding mercury amalgams make sense but I suspect it is stimulating the immune system of vulnerable babies with shots that is the most frequent cause of autism,coupled with multiple exposures to various pesticides and toxins including mercury, BPA etc is combining to harm many kids.
Some studies have shown that Tylenol, used by almost everyone, is linked to both an increased risk of autism, and an increased risk of asthma. How does it mess with the immune system? I don't know but no doubt we will find out eventually.
But yes, Jenny in the case of my son, he is missing part of the brain. There is no real way around that. Unless the Doctors lied and faked an MRI to show me ?
And apparently faked an MRI for the original Rainman also?
And apparently faked it for other children who have the same missing part of the brain, and similar problems?

Rather like a headache, the same symptoms can have multiple causes. If you are asking though what exposures their parents had that caused children to be born birth defects, then that is also a good question.


cia parker

Royal Health list by year of measles notifications and deaths in England and Wales 1940-2005. I advise everyone involved in this combat to keep this address in a special file, as you won't be able to google it, even if you type in Royal Health measles statistics. I'll check it after I post this to make sure it works. This is great information, it shows that the death rate from measles there was only between one and two in every ten thousand in the last forty years. Much, much lower than in the US, where the death rate according to the CDC Pink Book Appendix G was, in the same time periods, close to one in a thousand. The difference had to be cultural, as it's inconceivable that the US have the same much more dangerous strain of measles virus over decades. I think it might be because the Brits accepted the fever of measles as natural, while Americans have always run for the aspirin bottle (in the old days), the Tylenol or Ibuprofen bottle in recent decades, convinced that they have to lower the fever artificially, not realizing that that greatly increases the death rate. Thanks to Wendy Lydall for her chapter on the biochemical reasons that fever is the best possible help for someone with a feverish illness, and Hilary Butler for her chapter on the horrible dangers of Pamol (Tylenol) when used to reduce fever, that go way beyond possible liver damage.

cia parker

Of course I am in favor of screening potential vaccinees to determine which are at greater risk of reaction. No doctor or pediatrician we have ever seen asked a single question about neurological or autoimmune disease in our family before vaccinating, much less suggesting any sort of test. However, personally I don't see why anyone would take the risk of getting any vaccination. Of course, it's their choice, but I think if they were well-informed, I just don't think anyone would take the risk. Harris Coulter said that everyone born since WWII had been brain-damaged by the DPT (and, of course, many before WWII had gotten the dangerous smallpox vaccination and the mercury-containing diphtheria vaccination, as well as several others which were given in different places at different times, like a scarlet fever vaccine and many others (thanks, Hilary Butler, for this information!)It's not that some people are completely unharmed by vaccines, it's more that the damage is not as obvious in everyone. If a child gets the DPT series in his first 18 months (booster before kindergarten), and at four is hyperactive or unusually agressive or cruel, unresponsive or distant, how likely is it that anyone will realize that it was caused by brain damage from the DPT (DTaP nowadays, which doesn't even prevent the contraction or transmission of pertussis)? If at six, he's dyslexic when he starts to write, how many will say, Darn, maybe we shouldn't have gotten him that vaccine five years ago?

Which vaccine is worth its innumerable risks for anyone?

cia parker

If you don't specifically say that you want a dental filling without mercury, all the dentists I have seen will automatically use a mercury one. Maybe in some states there are more advanced dentists, I don't know. Even this past October (of 2012) my dentist told me how safe mercury in fillings was, and how the mercury under the crown was even safer, being sealed off from the surface and the air. I am not a dentist, but I would imagine that there must at least be capillaries close enough to the mercury to transport it elsewhere in the body (like the brain). Andy Cutler is a chemist who was poisoned by his dental work and designed his protocol for chelating the mercury out based on the half-life of the chelators, to make sure that fresh ones were always picking up the mercury dropped by the old ones.

I lived in Sweden for a while, and in Sweden, as well as in many other countries, it is ilegal for dentists to use mercury in fillings or in any other uses, because they are convinced of its dangers. They also prohibit fluoride in the water, it can cause bone cancer and premature aging. But it is undeniable that it reduces the incidence of cavities. So it's something that every parent should research, but filters like our PUR filter get out the chlorine, pesticides, and heavy metals, at least to some extent, but not the fluoride. We'd have to get a reverse osmosis system to get that out, and then have to supplement to get back the necessary minerals in the water that would also be filtered out.


Jenny: I am with you on this.
I am sure you received the DTaP.

Lisa of TACO: You said that some parents did not vaccinate -- I am not sure I understand and would like more information on that. The parents were not vaccinated either? Is that what she was saying?

If that is so, then why would these parents not be vaccinated. That is two generations not receiving vaccines, and that would mean that the grandparents must have seen some problems in the vaccines and stopped them because believe me those vaccines are pushed hard by those in power, and the people around us.

That is really scary. How many generations will it take for the immune system to unlearn what it learned? Does it ever forget? I think how the Europeans could cope with measles. How we think of chicken pox as a mild disease, or mumps. It might be forevermore

I too thought why just our family -- and I am talking YEARS HERE, I have thought on it. It is been almost all consuming. I have prayed to God, if it could not be taken away; then at least let me understand why. .

For a long while I thought; Okay, so maybe it is genes in combination with vaccines, and that is just the way it is. As I gave my husband's family a long hard look.

Then again it could be - Vaccines plus some other environmental insult. Yeah, something else. Could it be the fluoride drops that the peds gave my kids since we had well water and no fluoride in our water. I held them down to give it to them.

Maybe dental care and fillings, except dental care in the United States is given to everyone just like vaccines. I doubt dental care is getting to the masses in Africa though that now has autism. .

As the years tic away -- I have had plenty of family members to observe, and I can also see how regression could occur slow, and gradual making vaccines very hard to pin down and be suspected. All I have to do is look at the difference in my son and daughter.

Sure she reacted to the DPT shot with 103 or 104 temp but what kid don't -
Sure she had a knot on her leg from the third one but what kid don't.

Yeah she had Kawasaki's -- 7 to 8 weeks later -- but that is a long time.

But I also got to see immediate reactions in my son - encephalopathy and that I knew would lead to something bad.

And I witnessed an immediate reaction in my husband too -at a late age- that I know had to lead to something bad, too.

And finally-- finally immediate reaction from my daughter of 105 temp, rapid breathing, and passed out cold.

AND since they give vaccines at all ages --- it never ends-- so I got to see later-- in my daughter's life ---several more vaccines - and I finally know what to look for;. Yeah, what does a vaccine reaction look like, I know -- which means I know more than the medical doctors. Or maybe they do - they just are not saying.

I knew what a Hep B vaccine reaction looked like in my adult daughter three weeks s later - of extreme stiffness and blood test that found high Sed rates. BUT I LEARNED WHAT TO LOOK FOR, after a life time.

AND ---- It is not just us;--It is everybody too - except they don't know it. .

When I moved back home - where I know more about people than I did in other communities; what stands out is the community has been eaten up with drug abuse. If you look close at these guys on drugs --invited into their homes, talk to them, and their parents; You know there is some type of mental illness going on before they got on those drugs.

And if some one shows strange behavior wether they are on drugs or not -- everyone thinks they are on drugs. As the nurse did - the night my daughter was in the hospital for psychosis. Bipolar is a result of a vaccine injury and depending on how bad it is -- a lot of people can go a life time without knowing they have it. After I had my own breakdown-- that night from stress, and told the nurse it was inflammation going on and no one was doing anything to calm that immune system down, or to make sure my daughter slept --- the nurse wheels in the computer to show me, my daughter was on drugs. Well she wasn't which left that little nurse something to thing about. .

Not only that, but everyone in my community has a weight problem. I mean you have people running up and down the road as hard as they can, or the whole river is filled with people kayaking in the local wild river. The coke machine vendor at the school was on edge when I simply was asking if I could get a coke before lunch since I was an adult. Almost everyone has diabetes and they don't seem to pay much attention to it than those with a thyroid problem - just pop a pill or give yourself a shot.

And even if I was not in a close knit community -- it was not too hard to see there is something wrong in the other communities too.

Just watching the reality show "Hardcore Pawn" about the day-to day operations of American Jewelry and Loan, it may be entertaining that there is a some crazy acting guy/gal going off in every episode, but disturbing that in the city of Detroit it really - really is happening. Detroit has been in trouble for a long time -and so goes the rest of the country, and no one knows the reason.

So, I don't think it is synergy with anything else; (For the Majority of the population) , it is the vaccines. It hits the hypothalamus that as small as it is; controls everything, making reactions to vaccines vary among individuals. .

Of course I am sure there are plenty of environmental insults out there that will damage the hypothalamus besides vaccines. And it maybe synergy. Yeah, plenty of stuff I am sure turns on that inflammatory pathway in the hypothalamus for some part of the body. Except it is the vaccines that were designed to do just that.

In the end it keeps coming back to vaccines, AND it makes a difference if the parents were vaccinated. Immunity is learned.

Tony \Bateson

I am sorry to have to take issue with those who say that it's not just vaccines that cause autism. I have not ever seen a single bit of evidence that suggests there are other causes. I argue that if you put every autistic person in one corner of a very big room and then you subdivided those into separate groups according to whether they had had amalgam dental work or not (including their parents) or any other touted characteristic and then finally moved all those who were vaccinated into yet another corner of the big room then every corner except the last would be empty.

I believe vaccination is the only cause except where the child's mother had Anti-D/RhoGam during pregnancy. Not older parents, not rainy regions, not Fertility treatment, not diet, not poor parenting, not inherited, not genetic, not medical accident, not hot lots, just vaccines meeting a predisposition to harm either through inability to process mercury compounds or through a coincident testosterone anomaly. Note on the latter the biggest single anomaly in amniotic fluids taken from mothers of autistic children is elevated testosterone. Simon Baron-Cohen says testosterone runs through autism families like a river!

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK


Hera, So at this point are you saying that you do not buy into the epigenetic affects that various chemicals can have on the body, including the brain?

Are you saying that you and your child's father both have NO amalgams in your mouth? Are you confirming to us that you had no injections or vaccines during your pregnancy? No rhogam for having negative type blood? No tetanus or tetnanus combo shot?

The day I went in for a urine pregnancy test at an OBGYN office, it came back positive, they asked me if I had had a tetanus shot recently. I said I didn't remember and then bared my a** for them. I have no idea what kind of tetanus shot it was, but have to assume it was a combo shot. I was maybe 4 or 5 weeks pregnant at the time. I naively assumed that somehow tetanus vaccines had something to do w/a healthy pregnancy. Why else would they be giving it as a matter of course.

I do believe many cases of autism are not regressive, but can still be caused by shots/mercury - in the parents.


White Rose:

Here is a study from pubmed;

Results of that study: Thus, children in high-fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those who lived in low-fluoride areas. Subgroup and sensitivity analyses also indicated inverse associations, although the substantial heterogeneity did not appear to decrease

It also likes to do strange things in the body with aluminium, calcium and arsenic. Of course arsenic should not be in the body to begin with - kind of like mercury.

Jim Thompson

Hera: Goldman et al (2001) concluded that “Mercury in all of its forms is toxic to the fetus and children, and efforts should be made to reduce exposure to the extent possible to pregnant women and children as well as the general population.” See .

Also look at the Maths Berlin presentation, starting at 23 minutes at .

White Rose

In my opinion the only reason we managed to get mercury amalgams discontinued by 2020 , and of course this remains to be seen , is because mercury amalgams are no where near effective enough for the "powers" in control .

And its for the very same reason that mercury will remain
in vaccines . Because vaccines are doing exactly what they want them to do ! They are exporting full strength mercury in vaccines to the third world knowing full well the outcome !

White Rose

Amalgams worrying you? Try looking where sodium fluoride comes from and what it actually does!

Jim ....interesting .....can you please elaborate .
dont leave me hanging like this !

Jeannette Bishop

I have a pretty long list of potential straws that likely burden the health of all of us to varying degrees.

Amalgam goes on my list of something that is for certain a source of straw(s) daily with individuality in accumulation. It is also something that changed, some believe to a higher Hg leeching composition (no FDA testing required...around 1976?), possibly in time for my some in my generation to have a higher level of Hg burden in child bearing years than often occurred before, and we don't have any industry generated epidemiology disproving an amalgam connection to autism so that we can get a feel for how hard of a link it is to disprove.

On the subject of links hard to disprove, I think each vaccine is a lot like throwing (maybe catapulting) a whole faggot up on that camel's back (assuming they are careful enough to miss the head)--and hey, our newborn infants get to carry one around often before they learn to nurse and our two-month-olds supposedly can handle four or five lobbed at them at once!


Hi Barry,
As you probably know by now, I believe that vaccines have likely caused many cases of autism, and I am a firm proponent of vaccine safety and the need to truly look at vax/unvax studies. Not really so convinced about the tooth fillings being a major cause, but am willing to follow the evidence.
But you seem to believe there can never be a case of autism that was not caused by vaccines; have you heard of the original "Rainman" from the movie with Dustin Hoffman?
What he had was something called "agenesis of the corpus callosum".
He, like my son WAS BORN with it.
Please spend five minutes to look it up, just so you can understand that rarely some children are BORN with autism type symptoms.
My son had a seizure while in the NICU. They scanned him and found that the part of his brain that connects both sides is missing.( he also has other physical issues, but that is not really relevant here.)
Like missing an arm , a leg or part of your heart; when the corpus callosum is missing, it doesn't grow back and it effects how the brain can work. Common effects of having this part of the brain missing include high pain tolerance, speech delay, and poor social skills. Do these traits sound familiar?

(Also often poor math skills, but that is not typical for most kids with autism).The Rainman was a savant with an excellent memory; my son is not a savant , but he has better social skills and more typical interests.
100% agree with you and everyone here that many cases of autism, particularly regressive autism, are caused by vaccines. However, the reality is in some cases the same symptoms can also have different causes. By the way, my son never had a regression. He kept progressing slowly, and is learning new things, after working really hard at them, bless his heart, all the time.


"In by-passing natural mechanisms, are vaccines creating an "artificial fever" in the body where it wouldn't necessarily exist? What if the epicenter of this artificial fever ends up in the brain?"

Doctor Russell Blaylock tells us "vaccination" creates a systemic inflammation in the brain.

“Vaccination may inflame your brain for as long as TWO YEARS after you get the vaccination.” Doctor Russell Blaylock MD Brain Researcher

Doctor Moulden show us that "vaccination' creates a systemic inflammation throughout our entire body.

"ALL vaccines are and have been causing ischemic (impaired blood flow) damages - to all - creating a plethora of chronic illnesses, disease, and in some instances...death. The injury from vaccination is additive, each vaccination further injures.” Doctor Andrew Moulden MD, PhD

Doctor Shiv Chopra tells us "vaccines" act as "cluster bombs" as our poor immune system is overwhelmed by forces it has little ability to handle well.

Chopra says that anyone knowing the basics of biology should know:

1. That all vaccines by their very nature are antigens and that every antigen by defintion must be a foreign protein …;

2. That no foreign protein can be absorbed into the blood stream unless it is digested in the alimentary canal into its basic amino acids;

3. That it is these amino acids which after being absorbed into the blood stream are reconstituted into one’s own proteins and it is these proteins which distinguishes every being of existence into self and non-self.

4. That any interference or tampering with these laws of existence can bring calamity to the being in which it occurs such as by causing auto-immune conditions like autism, etc.

In how many ways do we need to see that the practice of "vaccination" is an insane anti-human fraud? The theory of "vaccination" is weak and much of it disproven. Not one single "vaccine" has ever been shown to confer more reward than risk.

Time to take out the trash folks.

Does "vaccination" cause autism? IMO "vaccination" is the sine qua non of MOST autism and the manifold diseases of "vaccination"

Stop all "vaccination" and autism mostly disappears and
our children grow far healthier as the diseases of "vaccination" disappear.

Stop all "vaccination" and 90% of our seniors may not become Alzheimer's victims via "vaccination" and 25 mcg of mercury

Liora Pearlman

hi, our first child had an adverse reaction to her 2 month shots (looking back, she also had adverse event after her birth dose HepB and BCG as we live overseas....whimpered all night and did not sleep at all. Her second night out of the womb. She had gotten the shots around 5 pm that afternoon, less than 24 hours after birth).

BUT we stopped the vaxes after her 2 month adverse reaction.

She had MANY problems and they changed over time in nature. Infancy: crying constantly, arching, reflux, constant nursing, sleep disruption. Waking up SCREAMING bloody murder after 20 minutes every time, and green frothy diarrhea for many months, changed later to Long Tantrums, having to manage her environment entirely. Late to sit. Did not want to play or hold toys, or use her hands. Sensory problems, walking into walls (this was a careful inhibited child not an ADHD thing), oversensitivity to fabrics, noises, warm bath water was too hot, needed it just tepid. OCD like fears and behaviours emerged around age 2.5, and also at age 3 developed a very bad facial and vocal tic, and "stereotypical" shoulder movement after a few months of which I broke down and visited a knowledgeable MD after staying away from doctors for years, and she got a PDD NOS diagnosis and a dairy allergy dx.

We changed her diet to dairy free, gave vitamins and probiotics, at the wise dr's recommendation. And she made such progress in 2 months that I joined parents groups online who were healing autism. We went GF, eventually did anti Yeast and Anti viral protocols, the "mito cocktail", and some chelation and more. She was normal by age 5.5 but continued to have headaches and backaches for 2-3 more years. We did acupuncture and chiropractic and these really helped. Finally age 9 all are fine (some backaches, need to go to acu again ) but we all know she NEVER could have recovered unless she "only" had 5 vaccines, not the thirty something most kids get.

Our second and third child (she also has Down syndrome, #3) are Totally Unvaxed and VERY healthy and advanced. In a way, I didn't realize the severity and abnormalities of #1 till #2 was born and vax free, so alert, so easy to calm, slept normally...

Warning parents, listen to your gut! Just delaying vaccines a few months, can, IMO protect your child a TON.


Ugh, Bush - for all his many faults - did NOT put stem cell research behind. ADULT stem cell research and non-fetal cannibalizing research has been having phenomenal successes, but the abortion promoting industry is trying to find a "noble cause" to make abortion more justifiable so all the politicized money is going to fetal stem cell research which, in addition to cannibalizing little human beings, has produced nothing but tumor manufacturers.

The ETHICAL stem cell researchers have been begging for research money, pointing to all their successes, but because it doesn't fit the MSM's ideological views (just like the vax controversy) they can't get hold of the mic. Google it for yourself!



Your M.D Daughter - had plenty of vaccines though - right? Like the series of Hep Bs, flu and of course DTaP in trying to stop the spread of whooping cough.

I had a friend from college visit me a couple of weeks ago. She had become a medical doctor. She received a tetanus shot (DPT) same time I did and she was telling me how she had always had thyroid trouble, even in college. So now her thyroid is even worse - although she puts if off as an easy fix. So I asked her how she came out with the Hep B.

I saw a trace of worry go across her husband's face (also a doctor) - he said that everytime they change practice and they test her titers they find they do not exist for Hep B so she has to take another series of Hep Bs. This has happened twice already.

So I question the titers. Dr. Andrew Wakefield in challenging Salisabury w---I think I will go back and see what exactly Dr. Wakefield wanted tested.

If I can find it again on the U tube.


A little aside: Do tread carefully before getting frequent dental X-rays unless there is good reason to do so.
Consider refusing routine annual dental bitewings for the heck of it and be wary of the 'blanket' waiver you may be asked to sign for refusing to get an annual dental X-ray.

The FDA has guidelines for dental X-rays and people with good oral hygiene do not generally require annual bitewings.
Moreover, if the X ray is of poor quality, it does not even serve a diagnostic purpose.


".... The boy from this fraternal pregnancy is completely unvaccinated and has an autism diagnosis. His autism is very mild and this leads me to believe...."


If your child wasn't born at home, then there's no way that you can say with absolute certainty that he/she is completely unvaccinated.


Amalgams worrying you? Try looking where sodium fluoride comes from and what it actually does!


Three neurotypical children in 1970's, same parents 1989 child with autism spectrum. Oldest daughter (born 1970) has son in 1998 with classic, nonverbal autism. So, I believe that the thimerosal in vaccines caused my youngest son's and oldest grandson's autism. My daughter, (who is an M.D.) has no amalgams. Her son's autism is a nightmare.


I think autism is a 1+1+1 or more environmental incidences plus genetics that equal autism. There are many combinations. Add in that our environment and the assaults are constantly changing.

There are families in the TACA database that have never been vaccinated and still have a child diagnosed with autism. There are many ways to acquire autism.


In Chicago, Homefirst Medical Services has treated thousands of never- vaccinated children. And Homefirst's medical director, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, says that he is not aware of ANY cases of autism in never-vaccinated children.

In fact, Dr Eisenstein has reportedly said that "We have about 30,000 or 35,000 children that we've taken care of over the years, and I don't think we have a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines. "

Those 35,000 or so kids would have been exposed to the same environmental incidences as the rest of nations kids. With the obvious exception of vaccines.

And there's no reason to believe that genetic variation in the parents of these un-vaccinated kids, is any different than in the parents of vaccinated kids who ARE falling victim to autism.

If there are so many ways to acquire autism, can you explain how these 35,000 completely unvaccinated kids, have managed to avoid every single one of them?


I have 3 fillings that were done 17 years prior to having my daughter, I'm healthy, always have been, I'm not vaccinated, she's not vaccinated. She has regressive autism. When we did testing she has high aluminum, lead and uranium, no mercury. She also has GI issues, yeast and clostridia in the gut, brain inflammation and immune issues. It's not so simple, autism seems to be triggered by toxins, all toxins, but there is definitely more to the story. It's not always mercury and vaccines, but I don't deny its a factor for some.

White Rose

One of the first articles we read on our autism odyssey was about the condition Vaccinosis in dogs ....neurological damage and there were no canine dental amalgams ever involved .

The proliferation of mercury amalgams can be traced back to around the year 1974 (Kissinger NSSM200) and these are no less criminal than the vaccine ingredients that I know are the cause of autism .....intravenous themiserol, aluminium , formaldehyde carcinogenic, polysorbate80 sterilizing agent . The autism epidemic didn't surface until another 15-20 years later when the childhood vaccine proliferation began in earnest .

Fair enough the mercury amalgams can quite easily be linked to the condition multiplesclerosis , and in fact that association goes right back to their very first invention in Paris 1830 1840 .

I am so convinced vaccines are the cause of 99% of all autisms , and if the authorities are so sure I am wrong they would conduct a simple vaccinated versus unvaccinated study in either the US or UK .Doing studies in pirate states like Denmark\Thoresen is unacceptable .
In fact we already know the data is available in the UK because of the huge numbers of unvaccinated here (shhh don't tell anyone) but still they wont do it - the data is there and available right now.

The only people I've ever heard of cured from autism were cured using protocols that were designed by scientists who designed their methods assuming the toxicity was from vaccine - & I contend you cannot fix any problem without knowing what first caused the problem .

Have you looked through the damning quotes from SimpsonWood . It was a secret convention about vaccine toxicities and the link to autism (not mercury amalgams) .

Lisa@ TACA

Great article.

I had 3 amalgams, my husband had a mouth full at 22.
and yes, we have a child with autism.

I think autism is a 1+1+1 or more environmental incidences plus genetics that equal autism. There are many combinations. Add in that our environment and the assaults are constantly changing.

There are families in the TACA database that have never been vaccinated and still have a child diagnosed with autism. There are many ways to acquire autism.

Whatever the parents truth is and what they have witnessed in their child. I believe them.

Birgit Calhoun

I may be digressing, but most of the reactions to mercury are noticeable even among people and children who think they have no reaction. It's just that you have to know what symptoms to look for, and most of those have been categorized as psychological or psychiatric. But one thing should not be forgotten. It is now an accepted fact that certain genes allow a person to detox with much greater efficiency than others. The evidence is overwhelming that if you have ApoE4 genes you are much more likely to get Alzheimers. If you have ApoE2 genes you are much more protected against Alzheimers. If you have any of the variation in between you are sort of in the middle. You may or may not get Alzheimers.

Boyd Haley did studies on Alzheimers patients, and he is the one who was one of the first to discover that connection.

Anyhow, it is thought that the ability or inability to detox is connected to the ApoE gene. Translating that to autism, and I believe that autism is basically the same thing as Alzheimers; the reason why it doesn't show up at autopsy in the same way is because a baby has a much greater ability to regenerate neurons and other damaged structures in the brain. This is just a hypothesis. But going from there, there are all kinds of reasons why not all toxic reactions are identical.

beth johnson

Jay, did you wife have amalgams?

(I had 16 amalgams. Mother of a child with autism)


Autism is on the rise in Africa.
Diabeties in on the rise in Africa
Vaccines is on the rise in Africa.

Dental Care in Africa?

Just saying!

cia parker

If you have amalgam fillings, you need to get them out certainly. I never had many, but after I was diagnosed with MS in 1990 and saw a 60 Minutes program about mercury in amalgams causing MS, I had my dentist take them out. It wasn't a big deal for him, he used no special equipment, and we may have breathed in a lot of mercury particles, but it was done. My current dentist used mercury under a crown two years ago, even though I had talked to him about not using mercury. When I started Andy Cutler mercury chelation at home last year with DMSA and ALA, I had a really bad reaction after my first round, probably because I still had the mercury in my mouth. I had it removed by the same dentist, who thought I was ridiculous, $1,300 to replace it, but I haven't since had anything like the same reaction as I continue to do the chelation for three days a week. It is FDA approved to remove mercury, the ALA from your brain, the DMSA from blood and body tissues. Read about it on Everyone should remove all the mercury possible before old age. My brother has had very low blood pressure for the last ten years, leading to fainting at work and other places, wobbly walking, and numbness in the extremities, all symptoms of mercury poisoning, and he gets another flu vax every year. An old boyfriend has extremely severe sinusitis and is starting to have problems with his memory. More signs of mercury poisoning, and he always gets his flu vax every year. My father was paralyzed for the last three years of his life by a flu vaccine, I and my daughter were both mercury poisoned by vaccines, my mother had Alzheimer's from the yearly flu vaccine for the last fifteen years of her life really not worth living for the last ten. It used to be called paralytic dementia of the insane, caused by mercury treatment for syphilis; now it's called Alzheimer's. But of course the drug companies have to deny it for all they're worth: can you imagine if they had to pay out millions for every case of autism, asthma, allergies, and Alzheimer's their vaccines had caused?


I was interested in your story. Vaccines don't obviously cause all the cases of autism. The health of the parent can also be a factor as the recent study from U.C. Davis just demonstrated--that is, the antibodies from mothers with autoimmune diseases crossing over into the placenta. The same antibodies were injected into pregnant monkeys and the baby monkeys got autism--and they weren't on the vaccine schedule. They estimated that 23% of autism could come from moms with autoimmune diseases. More and more women giving birth now have autoimmune diseases that were triggered by vaccines--such as my own daughter. In terms of mercury another source might be soft drinks. I guess that corn syrup is made using mercury and so supposedly there is mercury in corn syrup sweeteners that are in soft drinks. I wasn't aware of a lot of fillings made with mercury now. Basically, though, I think not vaccinating is the prudent way to go especially if you come from a family that has autoimmune disorders. In addition to being gluten free, eating organic food, and avoiding sugar; my daughter takes the vitamin D, the cod liver oil, and the magnesium. She is pregnant, and the baby seems healthy but as you say you don't know until the baby is born. Remember when moms smoked, drank, and never let the coffee pot go dry, and they had a lot more kids than they do today all healthy. Something has definitely changed.

Theresa 66

I would love to see a study on dental personnel and autism, but of course, vaccinated and un-vaccinated would be top of my list. Not going to happen, either.
There is info in one of the dental mercury books about amalgam changing in the 70's also, when many parents of children with autism were receiving fillings. More mercury or a different mixture, can't remember which.
Mostly I think its a combo, vaccines, dental fillings, mold, and lots of food we are not meant to be eating, but my child went into this spiral of ____ after a flu shot with mercury, so that is my main culprit. Different genes, different exposures to make this disorder.


I recently saw a Dr. Oz show that was really horrifying. He had this phony mouth set up with amalgam filling installed in it. It was encased in clear plastic. A Jerome meter to measure mercury was also inside the mouth. He reached in and brushed the teeth with amalgam and the Jerome meter read over the EPA limit just from brushing! Frankly it was appalling. This was on TV recently and may be on You Tube.

Erik Nanstiel

Amalgams are a contributing factor, absolutely. We know they slowly off-gas mercury vapor when we eat hot food, drink hot liquids, etc. and that poor methylators (like those with the MTHFR defect) slowly accumulate a body burden from it. Poor methylators also accumulate environmental aluminum, such as from their pots and pans...and using anti-perspirants (easily absorbed). But Amalgams and these aluminum exposures have been around prior to the massive explosion of autism. Nothing corresponds so well to this massive increase like the tripling of the pediatric vaccine schedule. Vaccines are unequivocally the BIGGEST culprit. And we shouldn't water down the message. Let's look at ALL the exposures and GET RID OF THEM.


"If Autism is caused by vaccines, then conventional logic would dictate -- everyone who receives a vaccine -- would end up autistic."

I've heard people say that and it dumbfounds me that they don't take into account human variation and the fact that immune response varies from individual to individual. I respond with well not eveyone had a peanut allergy but some do and we go to great lenghts to protect those children even though they are in the minority.

Regarding adverse reaction to vaccines, the CDC said this on their own web site:

"Vaccines are developed with the highest standards of safety. However, as with any medical procedure, vaccination has some risks. Individuals react differently to vaccines, and there is no way to predict how individuals will react to a particular vaccine."

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