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An Interview with Rabbi William Handler on Vaccination

Rabbie HandlerBy Anne Dachel

July 10, 2013, the story, The Measles Scare and CDC Politics,  in The Jewish Press caught my attention.  It was by Rabbi William Handler.  Handler wrote,
"At the instigation of the Federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), a number of prominent Jewish pediatricians have stepped forward to warn the Jewish community that they must immediately subject their children to the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) 3-in-1 combination vaccine.
"The reason given is that there have been a number of measles cases in the Jewish community, and, therefore, parents must immediately protect their children.
"I propose to give an alternative view, based on five years of research into the vaccine industry and the practices of the DOHMH and the CDC."
Of course I was interested in someone who'd actually looked into what New York and CDC officials are up to.  Rabbi Handler had done some very impressive research.  He knows about the web of conflicts and  money that influence what our health officials tell us.  Most of all, he knows about the scandalous record of vaccine safety in the U.S.  
"During the 1980's, the vaccine industry succeeded in passing a law that made it impossible for vaccine-injured children to sue the vaccine manufacturers. Instead, the Government set up a 'Vaccine Court' to hear cases and pay compensation from Federal Government taxpayer money.
"Billions of dollars have been paid out for serious vaccine injuries, ranging from paralysis to mental retardation and, yes-Autism Spectrum Disorder...."
"Unlike the general impression, the CDC is a heavily-politicized organization."

Rabbi Handler is aware of people like Dr. Bob Sears and Dr. Larry Palevsky, experts who challenge the claim that a one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule is safe.  He also knows that there are many peer-reviewed studies out there raising serious concerns about vaccine damage.  He's found lots of the evidence that show vaccines do cause autism, including Hannah Poling, the Georgia girl whose vaccine injury claim was compensated after the government conceded her case and Valentino Bocca, the boy the Italian government said developed autism because of the MMR vaccine. He even knows the truth about Dr. Andrew Wakefield because he actually read Wakefield's book, Callous Disregard. 
In addition, Handler discovered that Julie Gerberding, former head of the CDC, now heads Merck's vaccine division. He learned that the vaccine makers get to do their own safety studies--the FDA just accepts their findings, at the same time no one has ever done a simple study of fully vaccinated and never vaccinated children to compare health histories.
It was a shock for someone like me who rarely finds an article about vaccines that is as thoroughly and honestly written as this one is.  Why can't members of the press pick up on even even one of the many points Rabbi Handler made?  I'm sure it's because the truth about our unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule is a topic very few in the media would have the courage to write about.
I called Rabbi Handler to thank him for his work and to ask him about his research and how it's being received.  Here's what he said.
Q: Rabbi Handler, how have doctors responded to what you've written about vaccines?
A: Although my article in the internationally-read Jewish Press has drawn an unprecedented 102 comments to date, no doctor has commented thus far, to the best of my knowledge.--Perhaps they're on vacation.
In other venues where this issue has been debated, local pediatricians have defended vaccines by attacking vaccine "refusenicks" as freeloading parasites, who take advantage of the safety offered by "herd immunity"--almost universal vaccination--but do not subject their own children to the dangers of vaccine injuries 'for the greater good."
There is great resentment by parents and doctors who worry that their own children may become sacrificial lambs on the altar of vaccine worship, while these vaccine protestors will enjoy healthy children without such worries.
Q: Are the parents you talk with also concerned that vaccines aren't safe, despite official claims?
A: Parents I speak to, including my very own children and grandchildren, are extremely fearful of what might happen when their little babies and children are vaccinated. Whenever they see the pediatrician, they are pressured to "bring your child up-to-date" on his vaccination schedule. In one case, the pediatrician pressured one of my daughters to allow 7 shots in one visit, because she was "behind schedule"--totally crazy.
Q: With an autism rate of now one in every 50 children, what are your fears about the future if the present situation doesn't change?
A: I am very fearful of the future. My daughter got a taste of it when her baby accidently spilled some hot tea on his hand and got burned. At the hospital, the nurses called in a social worker who subjected her to adversarial questioning, looking for evidence of "child neglect." Child Protective services were called in, and my daughter had to suffer 60 days of in-home visits by those busybodies. Her doctor advised her to immediately bring her baby "up-to-date" on all missing vaccines at once, lest that be used against her as evidence of child neglect.
All this for a simple accident with a glass of hot tea.
The people of this country are slowly losing their freedoms, as the Government becomes more and more intrusive, controlling almost every aspect of their lives.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Moishe kahan

Leviticus 18:21

Prohibition of sacrificing child to Molech, Idol worship.

In retrospect who in their right mind would do that ?

Isn't that how next generation will look at us?


"I see this all as no less brutal, disgusting, and unnecessary than the Aztecs and their brutal sacrificial practices,"


But oh how the Aztecs of old would envy their successors, our high priests of POLITICAL Industrial Medicine. Imagine the Aztec priests of today are demanding and mostly getting the sacrifice of each and every child of each and every mother.

cleo gold

Thank you Rabbi
My Jewish son was born perfect and vaccines gave him autism.
A vaccine almost killed me and hurt others in my family. The cost is so extreme we cannot afford to belong to our local shul. Also autism isolates us from daily Jewish life. Why is it everyone is so concerned with keeping kosher with food, but seem oblivious with the chemicals they inject into their bodies?

John Stone

Oi Vey!

No, I didn't think that - I picked up on what you were saying and referred to a Biblical example, which was a bit different.


Oi Vey!

John: I'm sorry if I implied that the sacrifice was voluntary, this was not my intention at all. I don't really think that was the implication, either, of the person who wrote the Aztec article to which I linked.

However, it does imply the horrendous results of misplaced, illogical beliefs and how they can be propagated by those in power and manipulated to provide benefit to those in power, and, as I mentioned, become protocol by UNWITTING accomplices making up the rest of the population. The article in which I see a parallel mentions all the same extraneous issues in their day that may have led to their horrific practice that I feel are present surrounding today's issue:
overuse and depletion of local (food) resources, leading to nutritional shortages (deficiencies,)external war and internal power disparities, handled inappropriately by those in power for their own benefit and disguised as being necessary, leading to destruction, disease, religious compromise, and the loss of respect for the lives of the expendable 99%, to the point of not "conquering" the enemy and eliminating them completely, just capturing them as needed and using them as an ongoing resource and future market for the ruling elite.

History repeats itself over and over in many different forms and that is something that can't be overstated. Reality is, unfortunately, terribly dramatic at times. If we cannot recognize it as such, who will there be left to be alarmed at its repetition?

John Stone

Oi Vey!

In Biblical tradition - both Jewish and Christian - "Gehenna" (Greek) or "the Valley of Hinnom" outside Jerusalem, the place where children were sacrificed by apostate Jews to the pagan gods such as Moloch and the Baals, became the name for "hell" (the word as you would find it in the King James Bible).

I would not like to overstate the parallel: people who don't question the vaccine belief system are not deliberately sacrificing their children. Nevertheless, vaccinology has become a kind of total belief system which goes well beyond reason or good sense - an angry, aggressive thing which keeps demanding subservience despite fallibility.

Oi Vey!

I see this all as no less brutal, disgusting, and unnecessary than the Aztecs and their brutal sacrificial practices, using their enemies and commoners for the benefit of the powers of the day, indeed convincing those underneath them of the need for the practice and highjacking religion as a vector of transmission. The medical/pharmico/military complex are the new Aztec-ian highlords, and the commoners and the civilized religions of the day are falling under their influence. Someday, will people realize that "Germ Theory" was simply the new "Sun God" and that sacrificing people to it was simply justification in making people expendable and using them to destroy each other, for what reasons, ones that could have been addressed in perfectly civilized other ways? Will the priests and churches of today be able to see past the masks of those about to bring about the destruction of the churches, or are these representatives of sacrifice being invited in unwittingly by those charged with protecting God's children, the human race.


"Placing someone in danger for the sake of the herd"

When I think of a herd I often recall bow the ancient hunters would build a trap to slaughter a whole herd of deer sized game by driving them off a cliff.

I am fairly sure this is how this whole "vaccination" deadly farce could play out. "vaccination" is steadily degrading our immune systems. Today's over "vaccinated" kids are so immunocompromised as to be easy game for the pandemic(s) when released. The recent H1N1 scare showed this in spades as many were surprised at the large numbers of young victims. Normally the elderly vastly outnumber the young victims as normally a young person has a much more robust immune system. Now, thanks to the wonder of "vaccination" we have people 70 years old with stronger immune systems than their grandchildren.

What drove the deer off the cliff were men waving their arms in which were held burning torches; much like doc offit with his medical position, bill gates with his billions and the CDC with their official sounding lies.

Picture yourself running in the middle of this herd of soon to be mostly dead individuals. What do you do? First you work your way to the outside; get out of the middle. Then you LEAVE the HERD.

Sarah W

Rabbi Handler is right about losing our freedoms. Its downright scary. Last year while we were visting my mother my son wandered upstairs into my mother bedroom and found my mothers prescription pills for Ambien on her night stand. The pills were pink in color. Thinking they were mints, he swallowed them. Next thing you know he came down stair, sat down next to me and nearly passed out on the couch. I called 911 and he was taken by ambulance to Boston Childrens Hospital where they treated him for an overdose. they kept him overnight- I stayed by his bedside. At one point a group of doctors came by and I told them what happened, one sarcastically remarked "The story's good" (like she didn't believe me) The next day before my son was released from the hospital, a woman came in and said they would have a social worker come to my house to follow up. I asked why since the overdose happened at my mothers house not mine and besides I don't keep prescription pills in my house. She said they would be calling me anyway to schedule a home visit. I could tell they were blaming this on me even though this was an accidental overdose. In todays climate, it's blame the parents. Parents are under a microscope these days. You really have to keep your guard up.


"The people of this country are slowly losing their freedoms, as the Government becomes more and more intrusive, controlling almost every aspect of their lives,"

The ongoing disaster that is obama-care includes an initiative for "preventative care". Guess what it will include? Yep forced "vaccination"

There are some 200 to 300 new "vaccines" in the development and testing pipeline. YOU and your family are expected to take your assigned share. If you refuse your "preventative care" you will be denied "care" in the end.

I say fine. Learn to provide your own care because in reality you just may live a lot longer that way.

Media Scholar

ישעיהו: 52:7: כמה יפה על גבי הרים הרגליים עליו מביא בשורות טובות, כך מפרסם שלום; זה מביא בשורות טובות של טוב, אשר מפרסם הישועה; זה נאום בפני ציון, טורקיש איירלייס אלוהים שולט!

Cherry Sperlin Misra

The people who want safe vaccines , have to be so diplomatic and careful about what they say. Pro vaccine folks apparently get to say anything. Liability for not vaccinating your child: How does that work? I sue my neighbour for not vaccinating and his defense is that I didnt keep my kids titers up at the last quarterly titers check-up . (This system will end unemployment) Or do we just make things simpler by having the vaccine police pick people up and take away their kids.YOu know, actually, lets face it- Those Communists did have some good ideas. Could Little Dorit Reiss give us the details?


Rabbi Handler: a true Mensch. <3 and thank you, Sir.


@ John Stone: I followed your link and read Dorit Reiss's diatribe against Mary Holland.

This jumped out at me:

"Addressing the other factors, the harm is probably foreseeable, since we know of cases where unvaccinated individuals spread disease to others (see also “Medical Care for Unvaccinated Children“), its extent can be severe, and the results to the community from imposing liability, whether the result would be that more people vaccinate and hence less outbreaks would occur or that there will be coverage of the plaintiff’s health costs, are positive. To me, this would suggest a pretty strong case for creating such a duty, that, to counter, needs powerful arguments in response."

At first, I thought she was talking about vaccines, not failure to vaccinate. EVERY ARGUMENT SHE MAKES COULD BE USED AGAINST MANDATORY VACCINATION.

My slight alterations in CAPS:

"Addressing the other factors, the harm IN VACCINES is probably foreseeable, since we know of cases where CHILDREN SUFFERED EXTREME REACTIONS TO VACCINES), THE extent OF VACCINE DAMAGE can be severe, and the results to the community INCUR ENORMOUS COST. To me, this would suggest a pretty strong case for DISMANTLING THE CURRENT VACCINE PROGRAM UNTIL SUCH TIME AS IT CAN BE MADE SAFE FOR ALL.


Wonderful article. So refreshing to read an educated voice of reason and compassion.

If Rabbi Handler's children and grandchildren are healthy and free of autism, then his choice to delay vaccines until age two was safe and effective. Results speak for themselves.

Anne Dachel

Talking with Rabbi Handler in the writing of this article made me realize that religious leaders need to speak out about what's happening to our children. Why aren't they all asking questions and demanding answers?

Something is seriously wrong with the health of our children. This rabbi knows it and sees how it's being covered up.

I think back to 2006 when I made my second trip to Washington for a march.

Outside the Capitol, Rev. Lisa Sykes led those gathered in prayer "for the greedy and those who love power so much that they would seek profit over safety, and sacrifice children instead of wealth. We pray for those who have surrendered the truth, and government officials who have failed to seek it. These, too, like so many of our injured children, cannot see, they cannot hear, and they remain silent."

It was a powerful moment. Rev Sykes is an outspoken advocate about how mercury is damaging our children. (That was also the day I met Dan Olmsted in person for the first time.)

Somehow people have to wake up to what's happening to our children. There is no oversight. There is only corruption, collusion and cover-up.

Rev Lisa Sykes:

Rae N.

Although Rabbi Handler belongs to the most orthodox branch of Judaism and I am a mostly "fallen away" type, he makes me proud of my Jewish heritage this day.

Shell Tzorfas

Dear Rabbi and all humane people. The next step is to write about the pig products (Non Kosher) and fetal cells that are harming our kids as they are shot into innocent babies and children. I suspect that the Jewish population is way more damaged by the toxic ingredients in vaccines. More Jewish kids with Autism, ADHD, and severe challenges. Your leadership is requested. There are hardly any in the community that will write or support a Jewish Religious exemption. The time is now. Also many are becoming infertile and the stats are not fully in..yet. Shell "Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs."


I'm brought to tears by this--what a wonderful voice for the side of reason! This excellent Rabbi gives me hope.

John Stone


"Voices for Vaccines is an administrative project of the Task Force for Global Health, an Atlanta-based 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to Voices for Vaccines are tax-deductible."

Sounds pretty top-down to me.


Not an MD

Rabbi Handler, you are, quite honestly, a wonderful mensch in addition to being a wonderful Rabbi. May God bless you and keep you and your family safe from the fanatical idolatry of vaccination that too many in power apparently have.

Thank you so very much for being vocal in your community about the harms caused by vaccination. Far too many look away and do nothing as the truth is just too disturbing to admit or acknowledge.


What a great article Anne. Thanks for pointing to the Rabbi's article in The Jewish Press. So much wisdom:

"By the time a baby is one year old, the CDC recommends that he receive 21 injections against 10 diseases (some injections are boosters for the same disease).

This, despite the fact that, during the first year of life, the baby is unable to mount an effective response to any disease, because a full-fledged immune reaction would damage the baby’s brain—God, in His wisdom, designed the baby’s body that way."


Placing someone in danger for the sake of the herd, that's a decision we can make for ourselves because we're adults. But our children have only us as advocates and we're obliged to make decisions with their personal interest foremost.



As I'm sure you know, the Scientific Advisory Board of Voices for Vaccines contains none other than the infamous Dr. Paul Offit. A grass roots parent organization? I think not.

White Rose

I'm a Roman Catholic (nominally - everything changed after autism - & my church has done nothing to help us or acknowledge this crisis - so much so I'm no longer interested in them) , but if Rabbi William Handler was indicative of the jewish faith as a whole , let him know please , I'd be willing to convert , if they'd have me .

John Stone

Sad to report that Jewish Press removed comments by Anne, myself and I think Maurine Meleck and Cia Parker, all of course well mannered. This may have happened after I criticised Prof Dorit Reiss of Voices for Vaccines:

Reiss recently came to attention as the proponent of parent liability for not vaccinating in Harvard Law Review in debate with Mary Holland.

I intend to write some more about this next week.

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