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Dachel News Update: Vaxxing Sick Kids Now OK?

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's comments after the jump.

June 7, 2013, Madison Journal, Madison County GA: OPINION: Anti-vaccine movement must not take root

June 6, 2013 KTVZ--Bend, OR: Bend moms-to-be weigh in on vaccine debate--Ore. Senate votes to tighten rules for exemptions
June 5, 2013 Reuters: Skipping shots at sick visits tied to vaccine delays

Madison Journal

"Likewise, I recognize that all things carry risk - vaccines, too. A small percentage of people will have adverse reactions - though the supposed autism connection was rooted in a fraudulent study (look it up)."
I tried to post comments, but none have appeared.  It seems Zach Mitcham has his mind made up and doesn't want to really learn about this issue.
KTVZ--Bend, OR
Crystal Nelson: "I would rather know that my kids are going to be safe and possibly even avoid death rather than being autistic."
This is extremely one-sided coverage.  I posted comments.

"'It's very clear that vaccinating at sick visits improves the vaccination rate,' said Dr. Alexander Fiks, a pediatrician at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, who was not part of this study.

"'For parents, what I would say is, don't be afraid to get vaccines at sick visits because, for most kids with minor illnesses, it's really no problem. Medically, it's fine,' he added."

Since doctors see nothing wrong with injecting mercury, aluminum and live viruses into kids, I'm sure vaccinating them when they're already sick is fine too.  I posted a comment.




Oh yeah, I forgot glyphosate. Every other county in the sane world is limiting it, but our EPA is raising it? What's up with that? Oh yeah, might cause similar issues to autism. " ... Could push those numbers high before the CDC updates the A-list again. When is that new DSM taking effect? If we do things right, we can really make it look like we didn't f-up on the whole mercury thing. . ."

If anyone cares, the deadline to comment is tonight!

Khawar Nehal

Please see my research. It might help find a cure.


These people aren't stupid. When a sick kid doesn't get well or gets worse after vaccination, they'll blame the initial illness, not the vaccine(s). It's hard enough to prove causation in vaccine court when vaccines are given to healthy children. Try convincing the judge when your kid was already sick.


Yes, Joanna, his "findings" were that they were "worse off" because they had a slightly fewer routine visits- maybe the Peds should take a hint? Maybe parents think or are starting to realize that the Peds have NOT stood up for what is really in the best interest of their child. Hep b at birth? Chicken pox? Flu shots (with thim) for babies and pregnant women? Give me a break. Find a backbone AAP. The Peds have not been advocates for kids and that fact is not going unnoticed by the parents. Use a GP instead, people!
This is a 'study?!!' Sounds real professional ; ) - I think it deserves a lot more scrutiny than Dr. wakefield's case series.


They are looking for a million ways to up the injury rate in case the mercury in medicine gets taken down, one of which would be to vaccinate more sick kids. Can't you hear them in the back room?

". . . more combo vaccines, even without mercury - get that pentavalent back on the market quick, and how about that brilliant idea to put aspartame in milk without labeling, it's already been shown in labs to cause holes in a brain, might look a lot like symptoms of autism. We could really cut some corners on that one. Keep clamping those cords early, and let's top that off with lots of procedures requiring anesthesia, something came out last week showing it's affecting the brain and memory. Every bike injury is an opportunity. What can we do about keeping these moms on anesthesia during birth, it probably crosses that placenta, right, and with a little cord clamping we might get a double hit even if they skip the Hep B . . ."


Oh, I just thought of something!
After the very first vaccine - they are never well afterwards.

Constant ear aches, runny noses, allergies, and those fevers out of now where so that would make it impossible to find a moment in time that the kid is well.

Oh - of course - they would have to vaccinate a sick kid - cause they are never going to catch it well.

Bob Moffitt

"It's very clear that vaccinating at sick visits improves the vaccination rate," said Dr. Alexander Fiks, a pediatrician at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, who was not part of this study"

At least this idiot .. from Offit's own Children's Hospital of Philadelphia .. is telling the truth .. vaccinating at sick visits "improves the vaccination rate"

The hell with what is best for the child .. these people are only interested in what is best for the "vaccination rate".

John Stone

The hit and run vaccinators - I wrote a piece about this a couple of years ago:


I hope to God physicians do not reference this utterly inadequate excuse for a "study," which encourages medical malpractice.

Some of the worst stories of post-vaccine regression I've heard have been in children vaccinated while ill.


They cite the problem of not vaccinating during sick visits results in under-vaccination. Wouldn't it be more worrisome to a parent if it resulted in more children with (so-called )vaccine preventable illnesses? Yet, the study never says that. Aren't they basically admitting that there main concern is with vaccination rates (i.e., profits), and not illness in or health of children.


And what is new about that?
They have always vaccinated sick kids.

IAngus Files

Vaccines lead to health.. Duh! that's why we are all here stating the most cases...

Funny as Files



This is just typical asinine medical advice. These medical experts really are idiots or slaves of Big Pharma or both. The important thing to stress to parents, I think, is that they will be the ones living day to day with any consequences, not the doctors, so think long and hard about following terrible advice that even contradicts package inserts.


Clearly, they want to speed up children's holocaust by vaccination.


Did I hear that right?! Don't be afraid to get vaccines at sick's really no problem?? Even the inserts mention not to vaccinate sick children- I mean come on, if you are going to the doctor because the child is sick and you think something is wrong that just doesn't make sense. I like how they turn it around, too, and say they worry that if some of the vaccines were split up, the parents would not come in- it just doesn't make sense.

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