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Dachel News Update: Red Tape

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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June 10, 2013, Hanover (PA) Evening Sun: Autism: Red tape can tie families in knots

June 10, 2013, News 12 Yonkers, NY: Ribbon-cutting ceremony held for New York Presbyterian Center for Autism and the Developing Brain

Hanover (PA) Evening Sun: Autism: Red tape can tie families in knots

"The parents of three autistic children, the Browns have been fully immersed in the world of autism for more than a decade. It was about 10 years ago when their twin sons, Josh and Chris, were first diagnosed with the disorder. Their younger son, Andrew, has also since been diagnosed.

"'Acceptance isn't something ever received,' Angela said. As their kids get older and older, she added, they will have to come to terms with their diagnoses over and over again....

"Despite their community-activist exteriors, Steve and Angela Brown are still struggling to navigate their way through the struggles that go along with raising children with autism. Starting with the 172-page Pennsylvania autism services guide, the one that Steve couldn't help but drag all around the house, finding any of the necessary services for their children is daunting.

"The guide is supposed to help parents of autistic children apply for a range of services offered by the state government and was actually designed to make the process of applying for them easier and simpler. But despite its original intentions, the packet in its final form stretches to what could more fittingly be called a book and is filled with an alphabet soup of organizations and page after page of complicated instructions."

Notice that this is about caring for children with autism.  We're not yet overwhelmed caring for adults with the disorder, but that will soon be changing.  Three siblings---all with autism.  So why don't we ever hear about three people in their 50s from the same family?  Where are the middle aged and elderly with the same rate of autism we see in our children?  

News 12 Yonkers, NY

WHITE PLAINS - A new autism center was unveiled today in White Plains.

"Hundreds gathered for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at New York Presbyterian Center for Autism and the Developing Brain in White Plains. The 11,000-square-foot facility will serve children and adults with autism.

"Statistics show one in every 88 children across the U.S. has autism."

It's great to see a new facility for autism opening, but it's hard to watch a ribbon-cutting where "hundreds gathered" and cheered the new "one stop shop for autism." 

Just a minute. This is a disorder that strikes one in every 50 children.  No one is alarmed about one more kid with autism.  No one sees anything wrong. 

Catherine Lord is featured saying they'll take care of everything!  I would love to ask Dr. Lord about the capacity of the Center for Autism and the Developing Brain.  How many kids can they handle compared to the number of kids in New York State with autism?  And furthermore, I'd love to ask Lord what's going to happen when they become adults since we really don't have autistic adults right now.  I posted a comment.


Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Lou, Respectfully, I somewhat disagree with you. I feel that the rate of autism has flattened out and is now falling- at least from what I see in California. The law banning the giving of mercury vaccines to children in California came into effect in 2006. Today, in the malls, streets , parks and other public places, it is rare to see an autistic or hyperactive child. Undoubtedly, this presents a dilemma for the public health personnel. They like to say that "we stopped the mercury and the autism is still increasing", because then people will continue to trust vaccines. On the other hand , if they say that autism is increasing, people may , at long last , become alarmed by that increase, particularly when schools are finding it difficult to manage their budgets because of the large number of autistic kids. Their solution seems to be to avoid talking about the topic, and most importantly, giving out no data for children born after year 2000 .
Here is my today's experience at a school in an upscale neighbourhood in Silicon Valley: This school has three rooms for the special kids. The room for the kids who are about age 5-7 has fewer kids than the other rooms, and the kids do not seem to have severe autism. I was able to speak to the teacher , saying " Excuse me, could I ask you a question?" She gave her assent, so I said, "Can you tell me if the number of younger kids with autism has fallen?"
Her face clouded slightly and she replied, "I really cant talk about that now." I think I will take that reply as a "yes, but we arent supposed to talk about this". but I wonder if anyone here can provide more information.
The other interesting observation is that nearly all the kids must be from homes that eat fish frequently. All or nearly all of the kids are from Southeast Asia or parts of India where fish is eaten frequently. This is a further implication of mercury in fish as causal for autism and it would be likely that these kids may have been vaccinated in countries , such as India that still use mercury laden vaccines, or they may have been given extra vaccines for visits to their parents home countries. I cant state that there was no Caucasian child in that classroom, but while I watched, only Indian and Southeast Asian kids left for home.


"Statistics show one in every 88 children across the U.S. has autism."

NO this "number" is ALWAYS out of date. Because the rate of autism is DOUBLING about every four years.

The rate of autism is DOUBLING about every four years. Now what if the big banks lost half their money every four years. Do you think something would be done to change this?

You bet your sweet behind it would!

But the destruction of a couple of generations of children (please remember autism and the ASDs are only MARKERS for the WIDE SPREAD destruction being done) does not cost the banks; at least directly.

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