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Tim Bolen Shoots Himself in the Foot From His Hip

FootYesterday Ginger Taylor posted this to her Facebook page.  Reposting it here with her permission:

Dear Everyone,

Over the last several months, Tim Bolen, whom most of you never heard of until all this drama started early in the year, has been writing truly bizarre newsletters about Canary Party leadership, and AutismOne leadership and "Autism leadership" in general. Everyone has tried to deal with this stupidity with dignity, but I am just fed up at this point. The guy just is just an ass.

So today he writes this piece that has no grounding in reality what so ever, on how "Autism Leadership," who is apparently us CP leadership, has done nothing on vaccines (my life's work BTW) and that in the MN hearings on expanding the vaccine schedule, that we were absent so Diane Miller of National Health Freedom Alliance had to be THE ONE to step up and offer testimony to try to prevent the vaccine schedule from being expanded. And that the Health Freedom Movement should take over the vaccine fight.

Which is really odd to me, as I have spent the last three weeks preparing testimony for the MN hearings! As have the rest of the Canary Party leadership.   And all our MN crew spent the day yesterday testifying (Our Executive Director Patti Carroll [who spent two months spear heading effort to get all the testimony together] and Exec Board Member Wayne Rhode), trying to get the testimony recorded (last I heard our Lin Wessles was trying to drive four and a half hours from IA to film the hearings for us), we were picking up the beautiful Karen Kain at the airport so she could tell her daughter's story... and coordinating with all the MN health freedom people... as the CP and HF people in MN are pretty much one big bunch of friends who work together on everything!

Then this article from Bolen on how we have done nothing and Ms. Miller has had to take over? Just not even remotely factual!

And pretending there are rifts or competition where there is NONE! I love Diane Miller! Have you met the woman? She is like meeting a hug! Sweetest most supportive person you could meet. She came to our last CP convention, and just last month CP was a part of her Health Freedom Congress. Our ED Patti Carroll went and had a great time. (Only sorry I could not go this year).

So for the record... Diane Miller, Brian Hooker, Mark Blaxill, Jennifer Larson, the rest of CP leadership, AutismOne leadership, Health Freedom leadership... we are all getting along great! Spent the week on an email thread with Blaxill and Hooker (who are friends and colleagues) as I was working on boiling down the 1 in 88 OGR testimony to the most important points to submit to the judge for the MN hearings on the vaccine schedule... We work with Hooker every week, he sends me nice notes, and we are total pals!

So strange how all these people are supposed to be at one another's throats, but somehow all these fun pictures of them hanging out and smiling together are popping up constantly on facebook.

The reality is that there are a bunch of us from all these groups, and EBCALA and GR and insert all the groups you have known and loved here... are working together on ... well everything. State vaccine legislation, following up on the OGR 1 in 88 hearings, prepping for the OGR VICP hearings that Issa has committed to this fall... and it is going AWESOME!

Bolen does not attend anything, is not in touch with anyone involved that I know of, he knows nothing about what is going on... and even Jennifer Larson tried to call him to discuss all his bizarreness MONTHS ago and he won't take her calls. He is on the outside throwing rocks, and can't even get his facts straight. (Even gets stupid facts wrong that you everyone on facebook knows... like saying that Krakow was supposed to moderate the Congressional panel, and they took it from him and gave it to Blaxill? KRAKOW MODERATED THE CONGRESSIONAL PANEL! There are one thousand pictures and videos on facebook of Krakow moderating! Bolen just makes crap up.)

And CP didn't submit testimony? Again... I myself did so from Maine! Excerpts form 1 in 88 hearings, I sent a thing on the lack of informed consent on the risks of the shots being added, I submitted the pre and post 1986 vaccine schedule, I submitted MY WHOLE CHAPTER FROM VACCINE EPIDEMIC! I will put them up on my fb page... (but not the book chapter... the publisher might not be happy with that)

So here is the deal... Bolen is not an activist, he is a PR guy. He calls himself a "crisis management" specialist, or something to that effect. Mark and David Geier are his clients. He apparently is trying to make them the heroes of the vaccine/autism fight, I guess... and that is likely why he is attacking Blaxill... as Blaxill is the one who gets called in to testify and speak most frequently. Not Geier or Geier. For obvious reasons.

I met Bolen last year... and was all, "oh... we want to help you with the vaccine/autism fight." I was all, "great!" But as I got to talk to him more... his understanding of the problems was really shallow (kinda mercury only) and he was not saying the most constructive things (like the skeptic community was all child molesters). So I didn't stay in touch with him much. And he also told me a year ago at the Health Freedom Expo in Chicago that he was also courting Andy Wakefield as a client. He also told me last year that he was pushing for the merger of the Health Freedom Expo with AutismOne. So apparently he is looking at our fight as a cash cow or new business venture or what not. And that did not work, so he is just lying about us now.

IMHO... the guy is a jerk and full of hot air. He knows nothing about the vaccine problem, how to heal our kids and has not made any progress for us in any way in our fight. He cares absolutely jack about our kids, and is happy to slander autism parents... those who have been working for a decade or more, at great expense to themselves and their families, and who have made all crazy amounts of progress (and still are) ALL TO APPARENTLY LINE HIS OWN POCKETS and feed what appears to be an enormous ego.

Be advised... Tim Bolen just makes up his own reality. He is a carpetbagger who has nothing to offer us. He has no credibility.

I don't even know how connected he is to the Health Freedom Movement any more, as he was a part of the Health Freedom Congress two years ago, but sent a kinda mean email out to the whole group, insulting them and saying something to the effect that they were a do-nothing group and he was not coming to the Congress this year because it was a waste of his time. At least one organizer replied to him and seemed really hurt by what he said. It made me wonder if he had gotten so much push back for the way he had treated us that he didn't want to show and have to faced any music for all his crap.

I think it is time for Mark and David Geier to state for the record whether or not Bolen is or was under their employ, if they approve of what he is doing to community, and repudiate him and his tactics.

After all the web address that Bolen lists all these moronic hit pieces under is "bolenreport.com/Mark%20Geier/....htm." Clearly the folder he keeps his work on behalf of Mark Geier for.

So in short... CP is friends with HF, working well together in MN and DC and everywhere... and Bolen is just an ass.

Addendum:  Heard from as associate of the Geiers who says, "The Geiers and Tim Bolen are not working together and have not been working together for quite some time."  Very good to hear.

Ginger Taylor, Vice President of the Canary Party, is an author, speaker, new media writer and activist. She blogs on the politics of autism, health, vaccination, informed consent and both corporate and government corruption. Ginger is a former Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in adolescent and family therapy and hold a Masters degree in Clinical Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. She currently carries a caseload of one... her son Chandler who regressed into autism following his 18 month vaccinations. In 2009 she served on the steering committee of the first Maine CDC Autism Conference to educate medical professionals on the current state of research and treatment of autism. Ginger is the founder of Greater Brunswick Special Families a support organization for families supporting loved ones with developmental disabilities in Mid-Coast Maine.  She is a co-author and contributing editor of the recently published book Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed Biased Science and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights Our Health and Our Children.



Excellent email, Ginger!!

Ginger Taylor

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Information for your retraction
Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2013 15:14:08 -0400
From: Ginger Taylor
To: Tim Bolen
CC: Mark Blaxill, Jennifer Larson , Patti Carroll , Katie Weisman, Dan Olmsted, Kim Stagliano, Barry Segal, Diane Miller, Jerri Johnson

Mr. Bolen,

We have posted the information and video on the MN hearings, along with further information on what people can do to try to prevent the expansion of the vaccine schedule in that state.


The effort to fight the expansion was organized by Canary Party Executive Director, Patti Carroll (she began working on this last November) and we are thrilled that so many individuals and organizations stepped up and took part.

I am forwarding this information to you so that you have what you need to print a retraction of your last piece on what you have described as "Autism Leadership," in which you falsely characterized us as "organizationally constipated" and erroneously claimed that, "They simply cannot, and will not, form up." Please note that our action alert on the matter brought over one hundred people out to challenge the changes, four times what was needed to trigger an administrative hearing before a Judge. We are in the process of compiling the dozens of pieces of testimony that were submitted, but that will take some more time.

If you are interested in helping, rather than hamstringing or harming, efforts to roll back the epidemic of vaccine injury in this country, it might be a helpful choice to run this information in its entirety so that your readers can join in the effort in MN. It is my understanding that when presented with a similar opportunity to tell your readers about the attack on the vaccine exemptions in your home state of California during the last legislative session, rather than help spread the word on the fight that Canary Party members were putting up against the bill, you called one of our activists leading the fight and told her to be happy that the bill was not worse... and declined to tell your readers that their rights to forgo vaccines with out coersion in CA was under attack.

I respectfully request that you let your readers know about the efforts of the Canary Party in MN, and the wonderful coordination that we had with our sister organizations, and correct the record so your readers are not left with the false impression that CP had no role in the hearings, and that Ms. Miller's organization was the only one that showed up to offer input on the vaccine expansion.

Also.. please correct the very strange accusation that the Canary Party did not say the word "vaccine" at hearings about the "vaccine program," as it is both inaccurate and nonsensical. (Video of our ED, Patti Carroll's testimony on the "vaccine" schedule and Pharma/MNMDH's malfeasance and conflicts on this issue


Ginger Taylor, MS
The Canary Party


John, your mention of lies in science brought this recent petition to mind (the field of neuroscience is starting to question study results/procedures. Perhaps it is a start to more questioning. I'm sure the 'scientists' have to be realizing the marketization and pharma-slanting of their field has cheapened it sickeningly.



Yes. My point is that even if Dr. Wakefield would be the only beneficiary of a victory, it would be a disgrace, unthinkable, to abandon him. I don't know what kind of a person could even suggest such a thing.

Actually, I do know - the cold, ruthless people that he is up against would suggest abandoning him. Losing his support would serve their purpose.


There is an old saying I have always liked; Those who can, Do. Those who can't criticize the ones that Do.
I've found it true in many many spheres.
I know Gingers name and have enjoyed reading her Adventures in Autism blog on and off for years, note that she helped start the Canary party, and has written a chapter in a published book about autism and vaccines.
The only time I've really heard Tim Bolens name was in the context of criticizing others in the vaccine injury prevention field. I haven't heard of his actual achievements in the vaccine injury fight at all.
Is there something I haven't heard of that he has actually achieved?
Or is he more a case of sound and fury signifying nothing?
To be fair, maybe he has great plans and can put them into action. In that case go for it.
To Paraphrase one of the recent Star Trek movies; Ginger has helped start a political party and helped write a book that details the autism-vaccine connection...I dare you to do better (Please. Because we need all the help we can get.)
If you can achieve something good in this fight for the children, Tim, I'll add your name to my evening prayers..

John Stone


Absolutely, but it is not only the lies that have been told about Andy, it is the lies that have been told about the science, and about the children, many of who continue to be denied proper treatment - so much more hangs on it than just his reputation, so I think there is zero to be said for this analysis. This is not the building business and these are not losses to be cut.



Re Barry Segal's comment:

"Andy Wakefield, good guy, and he is right. But the community spending time and effort raising tons of money for his isn’t going to accomplish anything."

To suggest that Dr. Wakefield should be left to fend for himself when he bravely chose to walk right into the front lines of this battle knowing he would be brutally attacked, when he did it alone as his colleagues and the majority of the medical community held back and played it safe choosing instead to allow Pharma to continue to market MMR unchallenged, when he sacrificed everything he had, when he doesn't even have a child with autism, is completely despicable. Talk about morally compromised.

Mark Blaxill

I am grateful to finally have a civil, if harsh, critique of the autism movement from Barry Segal, an overly silent player in recent events. For those of you who don’t know him, Barry is a wealthy, retired businessman (he made his fortune distributing building supplies) who became interested in autism and began sprinkling money around the autism “rebel alliance” groups. Shortly thereafter, seeming to think his donations had made him everyone’s boss, he began issuing orders and ultimatums, none of which seemed to make much sense to anyone. So we all parted ways, with more discord than was necessary. It’s interesting to see Barry rise to the defense of Tim Bolen. Bolen is a smart and unscrupulous internet troll (I’m sure he’s appreciating the free advertising), one I doubt launches any attack campaign without getting paid for it. I have a hypothesis about who’s paying Bolen for his latest campaign, but I don’t want to speculate publicly.

There’s one thing I’ll agree with Barry about. We’re all not getting it done.

That said, the answer to our performance problem is not more friendly fire, it’s harder work, greater focus and more effectiveness. One way to be effective is never to ask for a nickel from Barry, I made that mistake once and don’t plan to repeat it. I’d encourage the rest of the “rebel alliance” to do the same.

I do want to respond publicly to one claim about me that Barry has repeated; this is the first and only time I will do it. Barry repeats a false story that Bolen published about me that goes something like this

I was introduced to Gary Kompothecras at an AutismOne reception in May 2011 by Tim Bolen.

This is the one true part of the story

Dr. Gary told me about the planned Congressional hearings in November for the first time and my face turned ashen white.

This is simply false. I had already heard about the hearings through the grapevine and had had an in depth discussion about them the previous day (I have witnesses). Further proof? Bolen misses my “tell” completely, I never get pale, I blush. Bolen just makes things up.

As fast as I could, I persuaded SafeMinds to hire Beth Clay to lobby against Dr. Gary’s work and his colleague, Brian Hooker.

False again, Beth Clay was already working for SafeMinds on government affairs and lobbying and I had nothing to do with her hiring or her oversight. I will happily acknowledge that I left AutismOne motivated to get involved in hearings preparation. My first initiative was to reach out to my friends at EBCALA, who I knew to be involved in the discussions. Then a group of us began working on materials that we hoped might give some focus to the hearings. Only later did I begin to work more actively on the SafeMinds government affairs committee and (only at some distance) with Beth Clay.

Beth Clay maneuvered behind the scenes to have Brian Hooker replaced with me as our sole representative.

Lobbyists work behind the scenes always and since Beth is a lobbyist and SafeMinds was Beth’s client, I don’t doubt she worked to get SafeMinds placed on the panel. But this part of the story is false on two fronts: 1) Beth Clay wasn’t trying to get me on the panel, she assumed Lyn Redwood (by virtue of her IACC seat) would represent SafeMinds; I was only put into the slot because Lyn couldn’t attend the hearing, and 2) no one hoped to get a “sole representative” on the panel, it was the committee staff who decided to limit “our side’s” representation. Brian’s exclusion was a highly unfortunate outcome, one I hope we can fix soon by getting him in front of Congress to represent his important work.

Once on the panel, my testimony was insufficiently hard-line and not focused enough on vaccines, thereby missing an historic opportunity to reveal the truth to the world, that vaccines cause autism. Game over, the celebration could have begun but I screwed it up.

I invite anyone to review my written and oral testimony (http://www.ageofautism.com/2012/12/safeminds-mark-blaxill-testimony-at-autism-hearing.html) . I am proud of it. In the few minutes allotted to me, I made arguments that were consistent with what I’ve said and written for a decade about the autism epidemic. My main objective in that testimony? To help open the door for future hearings (remember that we were all testifying in front of a lame duck congress at the request of a retiring Representative) so that we could build momentum rather than lose it. It’s true that, in my five minutes, I pulled some punches I might have thrown; I think I made the right decision. Some disagree, but most were extremely supportive of my testimony (which was only a small part of the event anyway).

By now, many of you know that Jake Crosby believes this story is the truth and promotes it aggressively. I don’t believe Jake is lying; I do believe he has interpreted some true statements inaccurately and accepted other false statements as truth. The end result is a narrative that is false in many specifics and delusional overall. How do I feel about it? Jake’s criticisms of me make me sad, in part because I believe Jake has so much potential to do good work and in part because I don’t know how, in good faith, to heal the rift between us. What can I do about it? Not much, I fear. All I can say is, Jake got this story wrong. That’s all I have to say. I have no intention of getting into any flame wars on this subject. I’ll leave that to the trolls.


Mr. Bolen has written about the Wakefield witch hunt, so I can hardly think that he does not know what we are up against - how hard the pharmaceutical companies, as well as the governments that mandate vaccines, will fight to suppress the truth. The money and power that oppose us in this fight is enormous.

Those who have taken leadership roles are mostly parents who have been generous enough to give their precious time to help others and fight for justice.

Some of the criticisms against these advocates here are strangely unfounded. If someone has a plan or idea how to end the epidemic, then by all means, show yourselves. The easiest thing in the world is to criticize others. But if someone has better ideas, or think they can do better, step up to the plate.

And of course raising funds for Dr. Wakefield's Justice Fund is vitally important for our cause. The media loves referring to any vaccine concern as being caused by that "discredited English doctor". They use this good man as a scape-goat and an excuse to keep ignoring the truth of how much damage vaccines can cause. Defending Dr. Wakefield's honor and reputation will benefit the entire community. And Dr. Wakefield stuck up for us, why wouldn't we stick up for HIM? 99.9% of the medical community would have, and indeed HAVE backed down or remained silent when they have known that vaccines have damaged our children. Dr. Wakefield spoke up - and it cost him everything. I won't ever forget that.


Bolen not only criticizes, but he is trying to play the card that our talented leaders are behaving with the lowest of morals too. He is attacking their character personally.
Now there is something hard to take.

Bolen is also attacking relationships too -- as in Brian Hooker did not get to testify because of Blaxill - he is trying to cause a split. I suspect that he is responsible for another split and spat of a very beloved and respected reporter on this very website.

Bolen is a low life that I have wondered for months if this was the same guy - cause so many on this site (that I like and respect) kept coming on here would said things like "Well -- this guy has done a lot for the health community - Blah, blah, blah." So, I thought well there must be two Bolens???

Now that I found there is not! Well now; What I want to know-- what in the heck is wrong with some people on here ???? He is a con man who would sell his mother to big pharma for - a low price.

True, we all are a trusting lot; for we trusted the government (for me it was my professors in college) as we vaccinated our kids brains out -- ! But unlike Bolen the government also had that one big card to play and that is our "fear of disease."

That is pretty much is the whole problem now is it not? That is why the government has gotten away with it, forever and it might be "FOREVER MORE".

We are scared of a disease, something in our genes, and there is not one sane person in the United States that the mention of some disease does not beat a tattoo of fear in their heart.
Which is even more than the fear of brain damage -- and that is a pretty big fear too, and YET it still comes in second to disease.

I do fear that it will end only when there is not one left that is able to make a vaccine or give it - "Planet of the Apes" with out the apes taking on human characteristics.

Meanwhile; My best friend says she had the measles vaccine (hell she did - she is 8 years older than me-- and trust me there was no measles vaccine in the second grade when I had it -- and yet - and yet she does not remember having the measles. It was that mild for her, I would imagine-- as they send her grandkids off to see psychologists for anger and depression issues.

Not only that, but; Meanwhile, government knows they have caused damages to the hypothalamus to the point that 1/3 of the Americans are obese, Diabetes is rampant, and autism is 1 out of 25. IF you were them would you not be hiring Bolen and anyone else to help keep those that know what is going on --looking like idiots instead of seers.

John Stone


I have to admit I do not get this. Of course, I view some of it from a distance but if I want to look for creativity in all of this I am not sure I would go to Tim Bolen. I know who he doesn't like, but ideas? Nor, actually do I see anything very helpful in what you are saying - it's like anybody who has ever tried to do anything has to be trashed, but what there is without all these people and their commitment I don't know and actually you are not telling us, so it seems like you don't know either.

One thing I can promise you is that the Wakefield libel case is important. It is important because the truth is important, and burying Andy has always been integral to the plans of the other side.

I also think that staying in touch with government does not suit everyone, but there's room for different strategies from different people. Coleen Boyle and the CDC were hideously exposed at the November hearing - okay it wasn't what everybody wanted - but to actually pour cold water on what was achieved serves only their purpose.

John Stone, UK editor

Ginger Taylor


You have posted a lot of information here, and I want to address it. Have family commitments for the holiday weekend, but will try to have something by Monday.

Please understand... you and I (and pretty much every AoA readier) are very upset that the vaccine problem is still rolling on, unabated. No one wants this done more than we do. I feel like you might be underestimating this battle and how far Pharma et all will go to keep the status quo, how few resources we have for this fight and how hamstringed the parents are who are in the fight. (I am pretty sure that when Julie Gerberding is on a conference call, or writing testimony for a hearing, no one runs into her office and smears poop on her walls.)

But what Bolen is doing is not a good faith effort to make things happen. And it is not remotely a fair or accurate assessment of what has transpired.

He is a bad faith player. He is lying, he is abusive and he is a bully.

But you do seem to be presenting your concerns here in good faith, so I will do my best to get a good response to you... and for anyone else that worries that something not right in the advocacy work we have been doing.

Barry Segal


I read your comments on Tim. Let me try and explain where Tim Bolen is coming from when he talks about the “autism community” being dysfunctional. He sees time, effort and money being spent and not accomplishing enough.

First off, the obvious; Autism Speaks won’t touch vaccines and hardy environment, even though many members of the Board have vaccine injured children in their lineage.

Mark Blaxill gets Beth Clay to help and takes away Brian Hooker’s spot at the Congressional Hearing, that Brian played a major role in making it happen, now they are drinking buddies.

The big deal at the AOA meeting is Robert Kennedy. Can you imagine he threatens the CDC, that if they don’t take thimerosal completely out of the vaccines, in one year, he has information that he will reveal? They must be petrified and meeting around the clock to deal with it. He’s worse than his uncles; one took advantage of an 18 years old (virgin) intern and the other got drunk and drove his car into the river. His grandfather was no angel.

Why would you spend $40K to get Issa to the meeting, so that you can get another congressional hearing? What did the last one accomplish; most of the media passed it by. Are you getting a meaningful vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study?

It’s not like we need a guy like Snowden to access this information when it’s readily available. Many states, especially Florida have health information on the students that could be accessed with the names removed and you would see results similar to the Germany study http://www.vaccineinjury.info/vaccinations-in-general/health-unvaccinated-children/survey-results-illnesses.html, a heavy difference in asthma, allergies, celiac, diabetes, autism, etc.

Andy Wakefield, good guy, and he is right. But the community spending time and effort raising tons of money for his isn’t going to accomplish anything.

A leader in the “autism community” is Bernie Marcus. He fathers an autistic child and forms the Marcus Autism Center, meets Julie Gerberding – another affair and she convinces him to stay away from vaccines. He forms Autism Speaks with the understanding they can’t go there. I think Julie is at Merck now.

Bob Wright and Suzanne acknowledge that their grandson is vaccine injured, but don’t care enough to do anything to avoid other children from being needlessly affected. Katie Wright knows better, but has given up the fight.

And talk about dysfunctional, I tried to get some of the players together and we formed a group, Facing Autism. They had a three person committee to hire a PR firm, after months of meetings and talk, they hired one (very expensive). But after all that time, they never had a meaningful conversation with competitive firms and when they received helpful ideas on the subject, they didn’t share them with the board members.

For some reason you don’t understand the fact that the “autism community” can drink and party together and get their deserved night out, ain’t getting it done.


just saw this- thanks Ginger, yes I will contact you.

Ginger Taylor


"I wish the Canary party would do more with reaching out to some of these newly reformed MS groups that have broken away from the MS societies due to feeling completely ripped off due to pharma interests -$$$ over health."

We would love to do that. But we are an all volunteer org and there are so many more targets than we can get to.

Interested in heading up an effort on this with us? Email me



Yes Linda, I agree 100%. Ginger is the real deal: she gives her time to others because she has a kind heart. She sees the injustice, and does her best to stop it. She is smart and dedicated. And she is a fantastic dancer! How anyone could criticize her is beyond me. You are SO right - she gets more done than anyone I have known - and I have been involved in this for 14 years now. She is super organized, and seems to be able to be in a dozen different places at once. I admire her, and I like her. And I am so glad she is still in this fight!


Ginger Taylor has worked tirelessly for many years through her courageous blog and through active participation in the political process to effect tangible positive change. I don't know what is behind Tim Bolen's attitude and accusations, but I do know that Ginger doesn't deserve to be attacked. She's done more for others in the last decade than most people do in a lifetime, all while raising a sick child.


The name is actually Sociable Pharma.


I should just add that the pharma companies just love the drug solutions for MS (even though Tysabri is now associated with 665 deaths for those with MS, compared to 3 deaths from angioplasty). They also love the whole 'genetic' aspect. Any surgical or structural explanations for 'MS' are an obvious threat to pharma.


For what it's worth, I don't think any party is a fifth column but I would say that there is definite work to do with confronting pharma and all their marketing bias CRAP. There are companies (like Sociable Media) now dedicated to hiring young bloggers to write hit pieces and do 'research' on topics like slamming promising surgical alternatives in favor of drugs for 'MS.' These are the same people that never met a vaccine they consider unsafe or ineffective. This has to be counteracted. Word also needs to get out to the average person that this bias and corruption is happening.
If anyone here is wondering why I would even be mentioning MS, well, as many people as there are affected by autism, those affected by 'MS' may be even greater in number. They are hugely, and that would be an understatement, pissed off with pharma's efforts to block the amazing new vascular theories as to cause of MS. Some Neuros have organized some pretty flakey studies to try and discredit these promising new theories. Even Cochrane says none of them are good enough to really say one way or the other. Sound familiar? I wish the Canary party would do more with reaching out to some of these newly reformed MS groups that have broken away from the MS societies due to feeling completely ripped off due to pharma interests -$$$ over health.


K Grace: you have GOT to be kidding! Tim Bolen should be respected and honored? Well then he should conduct himself with honor - which he has not. He lives in California - he has not helped with any of the recent bills that has destroyed a parents right to make informed vaccine decisions. He hasn't helped the autism community. He has attacked some of the best people I know with vicious and petty insults. But he thumps his chest and says HE is taking over "the autism problem"??? Well have at it TimBo! I would be more than happy to give up the hundreds of hours a month I put into the effort. Go right ahead. NO one is stopping him from ending the epidemic. But don't expect us to say he is a great guy. His previous work is appreciated, but now he just sounds like a pompous jerk who has a reckless ego problem.

Jeff C

@nhokkanen - Thanks for commenting and I'd like to clarify my comment. When I said Bolen has been "fighting the good fight" I meant with regards to exposing corruption within the medical establishment, not specifically regarding autism. If one believes the vaccine schedule is driven by protecting Merck and Pfizer's bottom line rather than public health (as I do), then we share common ground with Bolen and the Health Freedom Movement. It doesn't mean we agree on all the particulars.

I don't know the solution but this blue on blue sniping really needs to stop. It's an alarming trend that I noticed with the Crosby - Blaxill spat. The other side is united; vaccines are completely safe, all these doses are required, they have no idea what causes autism, and we're all totally nuts. One of the strengths of our side is that it is driven and led by common mothers and fathers willing to take on Goliath. That gives our side moral authority, we've been there, we've lived it, we know what we're talking about, and people listen. The sniping undermines that authority and helps reinforce the other side's contention that we're simply part of the tin-foil hat brigade.

For K Grace

Well fine, but a big man behaves like a big man, and he doesn't do it by telling you how big he is all the time.

K Grace

I support Tim for being one of the pioneers for health freedom. Actually you can say that he is the Father of health freedom in this country. He has been fighting for decades for innocent doctors, clinics, and patients rights. He should be well respected and honored.


Dear Ginger-

just read the whole e-mail exchange, thank you for posting.

Hope that you do not spend another ounce of energy on this dead end subject.

I hope you find the strength to keep doing what you are doing. You and your peers have made a difference.

On behalf of my family- THANK YOU! Our world while not perfect is better because we are able to follow the trail that you and others before us have blazed. Remember the old website "The Maze"- all vaccine injured families initially started from ground zero and had to learn everything all over again (kind of like VICP- no precedent allowed).

There is now a wealth of information on intervention, education, advocacy, and more- none of it was available 12 years ago, most of it was not available five years ago. It is out there now because of how effective the vaccine injured community has been in getting important information our where it needs to be.

We've come a long way, Sister! Don't let some Johnny Come Lately schmuck bring you down! Definitely not worth the energy suck.

IAngus Files

Now we need to e-mail him with our thoughts ..which from a bloke I am 100% with you...now someone needs to e- mail him for his response...Come on Mr Bolen reply..

For Cherry

Whatever skills we lack in public relations it is hard to think that they are those manifested by Bolen or that he means any of us any good. Moreover, having read his column over many years it is shoddy work: poorly written, narrowly opinionated, obsessively repetitive, self-regarding and with only the occasional smattering of journalistic substance. He also seems to be eaten up by hatred.


Mole, is what I have been thinking these past months.

Is that over the top - considering all that we know?

I don't think so.


Thank you so much, Ginger, for speaking out so eloquently, and for your hard work, commitment, leadership, heart. When he wrote, "Until I see a plan then get the fuck out of the way," your response was perfect. Nobody's in his way! If he has brilliant strategies for bringing about change, he should go for it!

Someone wrote that Bolen "is concerned that the emphasis on vaccines is no longer being done publicly." Since when? I see public expressions of concerns about vaccines every day, including about a vaccine-autism link. If Bolen wants to add his voice, he should be out there talking about vaccines and autism, instead of wasting his time bashing autism parents.

re: "Tim Bolen appears to have expertise that we lack"
I'm not seeing that. No expertise can make up for the kinds of things he is writing. I do agree that, "a fight like this one has to encompass a wide variety of people and we are going to have to put up with a lot, at times, even from those we much admire. That is just how life is." (That is why it doesn't make sense to publicly display every disagreement between good people working towards common goals as if any conflict is a sign of evil on one side or the other.) But what Tim Bolen writes is really over the top hostility - not simply an occasional offensive comment.

Re: "Why aren't we drawing in the people damaged by mercury in dentistry?"
I believe the Canary Party is making every effort to draw in people with other health conditions and similar concerns about modern medicine.

I understand Carol's concern asking whether it would be better to just ignore him and focus on stating positives, but when he writes such outright untruths, and says that he plans to launch more attacks, there comes a point when it is best to grab the bull by the horns. (To mix metaphors - When grabbing the bull, use a good popper-scooper.)

BTW, I think 1,500 people is a good turnout for the A1 conference, considering, as others have pointed out, how hard it is for parents of kids with autism to get away.


To Cherry Sperlin Misra: You say Bolen "appears to have expertise that we lack." The key word is "APPEARS." Bolen uses words to conjure up whatevever image he chooses to project (often clumsily within the same paragraph). He employs the verbal arsenal of a con man.

To Jeff C: Bolen never fought the good fight; he sends emails describing what other actual advocates do. And he charges money for what autism parents do freely.

Bolen does NOT gave an action plan to stop vaccine-induced autism or heal vaccine-injured children; he barely knows any of the complex politics or biology.

In a court deposition found online, Bolen stated his educational background -- he never graduated college. He attended five community colleges but couldn't remember them all. He found an odd job niche, has tripped himself up, and now is fighting for his professional life.

Autism parents must not succumb to pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking about what they think Bolen could offer. He has no special knowledge about how to fix our problems and nothing new to offer -- other than trying to divide us and beat us into submission to induce Stockholm syndrome.

Though we may take guilty pleasure from reading attacks on our opposition, we must be selective. Histrionics get attention but the wrong kind. Credible evidence must be presented in a manner that is dispassionate and well-referenced, or your public credibility is nil.



Did the right thing. Some things do not need to fester and grow.

Not an MD

Well, Ginger, thank you for posting the email exchange between you and Bolen. As Bolen has stated he wants a blueprint or plan of operations from those trying to help their children and work with their elected representatives, yet at the same time is very personally attacking many in the autism community, those he calls Leaders, one can only conclude that he is a possible mole. Who does Tim Bolen think he is, that he is deserving of running the whole show? Who would Tim Bolen share any blueprint of operations with? Why would anyone want to share any such plan with him considering the nasty and negative tone his blog has taken? He is spewing vitriol against those in our community as if he were a skeptic himself. From the language Bolen is using and his condescending tone, I can't tell the difference, actually, between him and any skeptic out there. That Bolen uses words in his blog like "bird-brained" to describe those who work so hard doesn't make him someone you would want to run to and hug, much less share thoughts and ideas and plans with, does it? My advice to Tim Bolen is to lose the vitriol, or lose all the respect of any reasonable person reading your blog. Hatred, ugliness, and threats, have no place in this fight, certainly not for those on the same side of the battle.

I am sickened and disheartened that Bolen keeps harping on about how only 1,500 parents showed for the Autism One conference. I know someone who rented an apartment in another state to live closer to experts who offered to help her child, away from her other child and husband. People spend their money and their time wisely these days. Not everyone looks at a conference as the best way to spend their money to help their individual child who is desperately in need of immediate help. Some parents are busy cleaning their children's poop from their walls and carpets on a daily basis. Where are some parents (and at what expense are they) to place their affected child or children when attending Autism One? No blame should be placed on the organizers of Autism One for the low attendance. Nor should the parents of affected children be blamed for their inability to attend, for whatever their reasons. Why doesn't Tim Bolen understand this?

"Dis"-organization is the key to success. Thinking and implementing plans from as many unforeseen angles as possible is what is required. As Garbo so eloquently stated, Autism Speaks is well-organized, and look what they have done for our community? Organization has had some "success", however. Autism Speaks has had great "success" in keeping the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study from being conducted even though they have the deep pockets to fund it. Why isn't Tim Bolen attacking Autism Speaks for their improper use of funds?

I challenge Mr. Bolen to prove what I have stated is wrong. I challenge him to be that one-man-army he states he is. Time will tell. I do wish him the best of luck. If he prevails, I will congratulate him profusely.

Ginger Taylor

Addendum: Heard from as associate of the Geiers who says, "The Geiers and Tim Bolen are not working together and have not been working together for quite some time." Very good to hear.


Are you going about this the right way? Aren't you just increasing traffic to his site, maybe making him more important than he is? Why not just update your site weekly with your accomplishments and newsy chit-chat that gets your point across? "Met with Brian Hooker to discuss strategy," something like that.

Instead of being defensive, capsulize your accomplishments, restate your goals. You don't even have to mention Bolen. Because people think there's no smoke without fire, mention of his accusations makes people wonder how much truth there is to them.

Unless you want this slanging match, take notice of how Alec Baldwin handles his public relations--and do the opposite.

My two cents.

Mighty Mouse

*Step One: Create a Crisis.

"Heeere I come to save the day!"


And then there is this:

Do I want someone that is known as the "PR Man for Quacks" up front and center of a REAL PROBLEM?

An honest to goodness happening -- that the vaccines are injurying human being hypothalamus to the extent that 1/3 of Americans are now obese, What is the number for diabetis? What is that new number for autism.

He is just more smoke and mirrors from "The MAN"

As he hides the truth a little longer untill the next generation is also destroyed. Which in our family case has happened.


For the last six months I have been thinking Cherry that Tim Bolen are among those we have to fight.

Just cause a stray dog comes and licks you a couple of times does not mean he does not have an owner somewhere else, or a history of biting people in the face and carrying fleas.

What is that other saying - you will know a snake by it's stripes


Cherry Sperlin Misra

I tend to be with Jeff C in this. Tim Bolen appears to have expertese that we lack , because, as pointed out here- many of us werent hired for this fight- We just fell into it and feel that we have to do whatever we can. Tim Bolen has had years of dealing with the people that we are up against. I think that a fight like this one has to encompass a wide variety of people and we are going to have to put up with a lot,at times, even from those we much admire. That is just how life is. Forgetting for the moment some of the aspects of his writing that are offensive to AOA people, let us see if any of his comments have merit. I, for one, would like to see the autism community do more PR and education of the public. I feel very sad to come to the U.S. and see parents of autistic kids feeding them fish and find that almost no adult knows that there is still mercury in flu vaccines. Why arent we educating people about this. ? Why arent we drawing in the people damaged by mercury in dentistry. Why arent we warning people that their exposure to mercury may give them Alzheimers. I think a survey would find that even doctors dont understand what the mercury in their flu shots can do - or even know that the mercury exists. How many doctors would know not to do a surgery on a person who just had a flu shot and is living with a damaged immune system? So we seem to be getting no where in this area and if people dont know what is going on, they wont support us. And education is only one aspect- Im just giving an example. And we all saw the limp explanation for the failure at the UN Global Treaty for Mercury- given by Safeminds. So perhaps we do need some better planning and strategy. Im sorry if some bridges have been burnt here, as I think we need to rope in anyone who can contribute to the fight.


I've been reading Mr Bolen's website. I don't see where he has a "mercury-only" mindset. His concern seems to be that vaccines should be emphasized and re emphasized as the cause of the autism epidemic. He is concerned that the emphasis on vaccines is no longer being done publicly. I agree with him on these points. I don't agree with his personal attacks on other autism leaders. I hope he does not file any lawsuits against Ms Taylor which will waste her time and money.

Ginger Taylor

My follow up. Bolen and I exchanged emails yesterday.


He is leaning toward suing/destroying us/me.

Note that this is "fun" for him, and that he "absolutely loves war."

So I guess this is a fun hobby or game for him.

I am so angry.


I appreciate your thoughtful comments, nhokkanen. I also wonder if Bolen - and perhaps many others whose eyes have been opened - is being 'worked' by the system, fed dinsinfo and lies in order to discredit him and also to cause rifts between those who would otherwise work together. It would not suprise me to see TPTB using such tactics to undermine those they consider threats to their power and control.


Same guy then.
He takes credibiltiy away from what I witnessed, not help the public believe me because he has a bad reputation. He was caught lying right in an interview.


It is unfair for Bolen to criticize those in the autism leadership for not getting better results. None of them started out being "crisis managers" or lobbyists. Everyone had a different career and different life trajectory entirely until autism was thrust upon them. Everyone who willingly gives their time to fight for what at times seems like a hopeless cause has also become a daily crisis manager in their own home. They have become lobbyists, medical researchers, and investigative journalists on behalf of their children because they had no choice, not because it seemed like a groovy gig. The real-world preparation that must take place for them to even be able to leave home and travel to a conference or hearing is herculean. To lambaste them for (supposedly) being ineffective at a "job" they didn't ask for and were never trained to do, and blame them for not being more professionally organized, seems offensive and entirely misplaced. Autism Speaks is professionally organized, and look at what a bunch of counterproductive Vichy blue-light specials they have turned out to be! It may turn out that a lack of centralized organization is our greatest asset.

I think that Bolen's reports with regard to uncovering the funding and coordination of the "skeptics" could be perhaps be an invaluable contribution to the cause. If it weren't for the clearly concerted effort to paint autism parents and vaccine safety advocates as crazy, dangerous, unscientific, gullible, deluded, desperate, genetically defective, and generally unworthy of being heard or reported on (and autistic children as merely quirky, asocial, and genetically predestined to a different sort of life that we must learn to accept), the truth would have won out long ago; common sense and decency would have led everyone down the right path and something would have been done about it by now. However, as far as I can tell it is not Bolen himself who is doing the uncovering, but the lawyers for the various cases about which he writes.

If Bolen has facts supporting his "fifth column" theory, then he should put the self-aggrandizing bombast aside and launch the fact-laden bombshells. If there are bad actors preventing good actors from achieving success, by all means let's out them and be rid of them. If the DD case or others in which Bolen is involved reveal smoking guns of pharma/governmental propaganda slush funds, I will sing his praises to the rafters. But if the bombast is all just smoke-blowing for some ulterior purpose, then Bolen needs to pipe down and quit being a Yoko.

Jackie Murphy

I had only begun to read Tim Bolen's work prior to this whole fiasco. I even spoke to him on the phone prior to taking my son to stem cell in Panama. I found him to be intelligent and articulate. However, I am completely turned off by his behavior and conduct in recent posts. I find the use of the barbie dolls in his writing to be so immature that I can't read an entire post. I have a good sense of humor, but there is a time and place. The wellfare of our children is not the place. Dividing our community is not the place. Attacking people who are trying to put an honest effort in is not the place. Our lives are difficult at best, and sometimes they get messy....not everyone's business! Let's focus on our task....doing the right thing for our children!

IAngus Files

Bolen sounds like Brian Deer all hot air and what credentials does the person have in Gastro or whatever ..probably zero just like deer brian ..zero..

Not an MD

I can understand why you are upset with Tim Bolen, Ginger, after having read his June 28th post. Bolen is giving credit to the National Health Freedom Alliance (NHFA) for mentioning "the V word" at a MN hearing. The entire purpose of the MN hearing was to discuss adding more "v words" to the "v schedule." However, from my reading of the testimony given by the NHFA at the hearing, there was absolutely no mention of the "A word" or "Autism" in conjunction with the "V word" anywhere in the testimony given by the NHFA. The V word minus the very necessary A word, would not make make for any kind of meaningful association in the minds of legislators, who are not omniscient.

Bolen has no understanding at all of what people are doing in their communities across this nation to help their children recover, or to enlighten their legislators, but he sure is having a great deal of fun making fun many who are trying to make a difference, and are at the same time selflessly helping others. I wish he would stop pontificating about that which he knows so little. He is being insulting and just plain mean. I mean no disrespect to the NHFA, and I am thrilled that they are taking part in these hearings. The more, the merrier, and the greater the impact. I am losing a lot of respect for Tim Bolen, however.

Ginger Taylor

Benedetta... same guy.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

People allowed free verbal rein with no checks and balances lose social perspective. Bolen has set up a dictatorial blind email list in which he can print any blather he wants, but recipients cannot rebut.

Bolen's ego is being fed by a few malcontents. The material in any future nastygrams will reveal who those petty-minded informers are. How sad that some of our colleagues want to scorch the earth around them, no matter who they hurt.


Just trying to get things straight for the last six months.

Is this the same Tim Bolen that was backing Hulda Clark claim to have a cure for cancer and was on some kind of 60 Minutes Show so very long ago?

Is he the same man?


A bit of Jones approach?



Tim Bolen wrote before checking the facts. He is all talk. Words are what he sells.

Minnesota autism advocates have been working closely with the Health Freedom people to block the proposed MDH vaccine rule. That includes Canary Party members.

Autism parents have been collaborating with natural health and health freedom advocates for at least a decade. Natural health advocates have helped heal children suffering from vaccine-induced autism, and we parents are very grateful for their expertise and altruism.

When Bolen trashes the autism community, he is also trashing our collaborators.

Bolen claims that stopping autism and healing children can be done "in a minute." All talk. If he has a plan, it is likely unworkable because he lacks a deeper understanding of the myriad complex issues... such as how to get dozens of governments and international multibillion conglomerates to cease and desist.

Actions speak louder than words. Bolen has done nothing but heap reckless verbal abuse on the autism community, which has worked and progressed for years despite lack of time and money, and our primary duty to help our medically fragile children.

Being useless is one thing. Being worse than useless is another. Tim Bolen, you are not helping. You chose to become part of the problem. Please get out of our way.

Jeff C

Give Bolen credit, he was on to the corruption of the government-pharma-medical establishment axis long before many of us. He recognized early that the current medical system is designed to "treat" those with chronic illness using the most expensive method possible for life, rather than actually curing anyone. He was a pioneer in fighting the good fight.

Unfortunately, this experience seems to have pushed him over the edge. Anyone who disagrees with him his seen as part of the conspiracy, anyone in a position of authority is assumed to be corrupt. It's a shame as I've long respected his work.

There is a lesson in this for all of us regarding keeping things in perspective, people can be wrong without being evil. Although there do seem to be a few that genuinely are evil...

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