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Help Make "How Mercury Triggered the Age of Autism" Go Viral

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Does everyone have nine minutes to spare to stop the autism epidemic? I am counting on it.

Last weekend, we debuted a nine minute (ok, nine minute and eight second) video at Autism One. We also ran it at the top of our site, in a banner above our logo (where it still resides), and in a note From the Editor.

Well, here we go again. Nothing we've accomplished takes precedence over the evidence we've dug up about the 11 cases of autism reported by Leo Kanner in 1943. I see sharing this evidence as an urgent moral imperative, and I'll risk being redundant or looking naive in order to do it.

So if I can call in one favor after 10 years of chasing the autism story, this is it -- help us spread this video!

In my last Age of Autism column before being laid off at UPI in 2007, titled The Last Word, I singled out four areas I had reported on, including the fact that the mainstream press coverage of autism stunk bigtime, that the MMRV looked even more dangerous than the MMR, and that some less vaccinated folks like the Amish appeared to have less autism and hence a vax-unvax study would be worth doing. 

"The Age of Autism columns that may mean the most over time (IMHO, of course) are about the first cases of autism," I wrote then, noting that Mark Blaxill and I had uncovered several to that point.

Now, in partnership with Teresa Conrick, we're up to eight out of 11 and still on the case every day, because each one we find strengthens the case that ethylmercury -- first used in seed and lumber treatments and, yes, vaccines -- triggered the Age of Autism. 

Public health officials and pediatricians, as you know, say no. It's safe as mother's milk. It's the nice mercury, mercury lite, E-Z Xcrete mercury, the "gentle bacteriostat," as Paul Offit calls it. They go right on injecting thimerosal into 84 million children worldwide every year -- their proud figure, not mine -- even as they claim it was "taken out" of childhood vaccines in the U.S. but the autism rate keeps rising.

This is Orwellian. First, the latest apples-to-apples CDC figures on autism are for children born in 2000. Second, it's not out, not by a long shot. Here's how Reuters drinks the Kool-aid: "With the exception of some types of flu shots, the compound is not used in vaccines in the United States, which are distributed in single-dose vials."

In other words, with the exception of flu shots now recommended for every pregnant woman and all four million babies born in the United States every year, the compound is not used in vaccines in the United States. 

Our video is meant to be a corrective to this calamitous double-speak and denial. The evidence that vaccine mercury is behind the autism epidemic is inescapable. You cannot escape it even in the first 11 cases 70 years ago, for God's sake! The father of Case 2, a plant pathologist, was up to his elbows in the brand new stuff at the time his son was born in 1936. It's right there in his archive at North Carolina State (called Ceresan, and seen in the video still above).

And that's just for starters. Autism was new. It had a cause. Ethylmercury was new. It was the cause. 

I really do not understand how anyone watching this nine minute (and eight second) video can escape that conclusion. It is not an epidemiological study subject to manipulation or refutation. It is both simpler and more compelling than that -- it is the stark truth about how those first cases intersect with the first uses of ethylmercury, the kind of mercury still used in vaccines worldwide even as the autism rate soars, along with attendant disorders like asthma, ADD, juvenile diabetes, etcetera.

As we say in the video, the evidence we show in nine minutes (and eight seconds) is "enough to say Enough!" Invoke the precautionary principle and get mercury out of vaccines today. Not tomorrow, today. And look at what else about vaccines and other toxins may now be contributing to this destruction of our future.

That's why we so strongly urge you to see it, show it, tell it. We made it long enough to lay out the evidence, but short enough that no one can say they're too busy to watch it -- on the spot. Get your doctor to watch it with you in the exam room if he or she wants to continue immunizing your baby or anyone else's. Show it to friends and relatives and anyone in government, medicine and the media in a position to do something. If they want to talk to you about autism, tell them to watch this first.

Let us know what you think, where you've sent it, what others say. Give us any ideas for how to make it go viral as a cat in a teacup. We want this in the faces of those who want to continue injecting babies with the ethylmercury vaccine preservative, thimerosal. Because we want them to stop.

Thank you!


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



Fred King

I read about this in the book but it so much more compelling presented this way. There is enough in the book to do more like this- the Tuskegee experiment would be a great next piece! Kickstarter!

Carolyn Flannery

I would add this to the beginning of the movie to dramatically pull people in.

Take a vial simulating vaccine ingredients in flu shot and shoot it into a baby bottle . Then put the skull and crossbones on the bottle and say: if you fed the toxins in this shot to your baby you would be arrested for attempted murder or if you injwcted it into the public popl. Show a slide comparing the ppb
Then say thimerasol was taken out of conta lense solution in 19--
. Mercury was out of paint in 19---. We are going to show you now what the CDC already knows. But we ask you --why is it still in flu shots for pregnant women and babies? Why are we injecting it around the world? It's wrong. It's cauing brain damage and altered lives and much pain just like it did when it was first invented. Autism hurts children and it devasrates families. It has since it first appeared in 1931. And we can stop it. . Please watch and spread this story.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Can I also ask that you look at the 3-minute powerpoint presentation I made at the IACC meeting in 2008?

Autism is the most serious of the increasing numbers of disorders afflicting children today. Language disorder is the most serious handicap of autistic children. What needs to be understood is the impairment in the brain that prevents normal language development.

Damage of auditory centers in the brainstem was found in monkeys subjected to asphyxia at birth. See slides 2 and 3 of my presentation. The reason is that blood flow is higher in brainstem auditory centers than anywhere else in the brain. See slide 3. Higher blood flow also exposes these centers of the brain to more of any toxic substance in the circulation. See slide 7.

Slide 7 in my presentation shows bilirubin staining of the brain in monkeys subjected to asphyxia. Asphyxia is clearly a “predisposition” for toxic injury. Now look at slide 6, which states the obstetric protocol for clamping the umbilical cord immediately after birth. Until the mid 1980s all textbooks of obstetrics taught that the cord should not be tied (or clamped) until pulsations in it ceased. Pulsations of the cord are evidence that the infant is still in need of oxygen from the placenta.

Not all children suffer adverse effects of vaccination. Likewise not all children suffer adverse effects of umbilical cord clamping. But the safety of vaccination was not fully explored in terms of other interventions. Also, banking of umbilical cord blood began in the 1930s, and clamping the cord for blood collection became more and more popular despite the textbook instruction to wait for pulsations of the cord to cease.

John Stone

It is of course the case that it is not just mercury (or just autism) it is the ever expanding schedule with its inevitable ever expanding burden of chronic disease and neurological dysfunction. Nevertheless, the history of autism and mercury component is emblematic of the ruthless indifference of the industry and its bureaucratic apologists as well as a major component within the wider problem. Only a few weeks ago the big mouth of "British science", Dr Ben Goldacre (now a hireling of the Cabinet Office and the Bill and Melinda Gates London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygeine) was decrying the concern over thimerosal in a keynote address at the same 'evidence based medicine' conference in Oxford that welcomed Brian Deer later that day. Anyone would suppose that there were not dozens of peer reviewed papers condemning its use.


The experience of many western European countries shows that in our times children can do very well without any vaccine. IN fact they are super healthy without them. No vaccine is the only safe vaccine for young children. I also think mercury is just a tip on an iceberg in vaccine-induced autism epidemic.

Diane W Farr

Barry, some feel it's better to tip toe around the issue and other's head on. My experience is you have to tip toe first. I don't like it either.


A great statement you made here Dan...

"In other words, with the exception of flu shots now recommended for every pregnant woman and all four million babies born in the United States every year, the compound is not used in vaccines in the United States."

So shoot them up with 37,151,000,000,000,000 molecules of mercury... a 24 / 7 / 365 neurotoxin that trashes neurons until it is removed... if ever...


I agree with the ALL vaccines are a problem comments. Aluminum nano-particles stay in the body for years and enter the brain to induce brain inflammation. There is likely a difference in severity depending on the presence of mercury but taking out mercury is just the first step.
Live viral vaccines are dangerous too, especially in combo. Giving an aluminum or mercury containing vaccine with the MMR can make things even worse.
As a Japanese study showed even repeated injection of ovalbumin can cause systemic autoimmunity so even the removal of mercury and aluminum are not going to be enough.

The vaccine load needs to be drastically reduced for meaningful change.

IAngus Files

Barry you are right but again if they gave choice over vaccines the hurt would be a lot less. The government's don't give choice and just pump and pump and pump these combined vaccines into kids ..et-al..

I have 4 kids oldest fully vaccinated no probs..2nd oldest born perfect met milestones before his peers...

He then had the MMR as his older brother had ...and hey presto! Adverse reaction to the jab,temp of 103 ..head the size of a baloon, green puss coming out of his ears, and covered head to toe in a red rash...now aged 15 years old with a school assessed age of around 2 years at best.

I also have a boy aged 9 years old and a girl aged 7 they have had no vaccines whatsoever, oral or otherwise...they have never been to the doctors not once for any illness both have had measles and chickenpox. Which looked worse than the inconvenience was to them ..they weren’t ill..

Thats my own little study sadly to late for my 2nd oldest.



This new age of autism is really a new age of vaccine damage .... and that damage is coming from ALL vaccines, NOT just the ones that contain mercury. And even the ones that do contain mercury, can hurt children with more than just the mercury they contain.

Telling people to avoid mercury is never a bad idea. But if this website is really about stopping the autism epidemic, then the message it should be sending is to avoid ALL vaccines. Because all vaccines are poisonous, and no amount of a poison is a good , especially not for innocent children.


Mercury is just the tip of the iceberg for me. Yes its a good place to start but what about Aluminium and all the other cr@p. I just this week had a set two with a family member who had a flu shot in pregnancy and she argued it was fine because it was mercury free- my view she should most definitely not had the shot despite it being mercury free.

The video is great but I am also constantly met with the view that even though the mercury is gone from Childhood vaccines Autism rates continue to rise, people try to imply it is something other than vaccines causing autism. Vaccines cause autism.

The mercury debate is accepted by at least some in the mainstream but all the other Cr@p in vaccines need a huge amount of focus and airing. My personal view is reject the whole damn lot- no compromise whatsoever, I am not alone.

I will share the video of course and I am a huge supporter of AOA. Just saying.

cia parker

I just watched it and will forward it to everyone I know, but I would like to point out that urging people to not let their child get a mercury-containing vaccine implies that it's all right to let them get non-mercury-containing vaccines, when, in fact, any vaccine triggers a dangerous amount of inflammation as part of the immune response that forces the creation of antibodies. Any vaccine may cause encephalitis which causes much of the encephalopathy, autism, ADHD, learining and behavioral disorders, and seizure disorders which have become so common now. It is likely that any vaccine always causes encephalitis, but to a degree that only causes damage subtle enough never to be linked to the vaccine. All vaccines skew the immune system to a Th-2 autoimmune response from the more appropriate preference and development toward a Th-1 response.

Your video was great and deserves wide dissemination, and I know we need to take it one step at a time, but couldn't the last sentence just be left out rather than imply that once we get rid of mercury, everything will be fine?


in the news.....

Pediatrician Dr. Elisabeth Peabody speaks at an Annapolis, Maryland PTA meeting...

among her statements...

"a child cannot be vaccinated for smallpox too often" & "in the case for diphtheria, booster shots are extremely important"

.....It is probably safe to say..... that Dr. Peabody's children were vaccinated properly, and maybe even "a bit more often" than other children...

In 1943, Dr, Leo Kanner published a study of 11 children with a new American affliction called "Autism."

Dr. Peabody's son, Herbert, born in 1937, was Dr. Kanner's Autism case # 7.

Dr. Peabody's PTA comments are just a bit haunting...

.....Or obviously, the Peabody family could have had the "Autism gene" .... a gene the CDC still searches for today. Thimerosal / ethyl mercury / was first used in as a preservative in a diphtheria vaccine, starting in 1931.

The PTA meeting was in April of 1947.

Ethyl mercury / thimerosal / used as a wood preservative, and as a seed fungicide was banned in the 1970's. It is still used as an mercury vaccine preservative in most American flu vaccines... starting at 6 months of age....


At present, nearly 140 million doses of 2013-14 flu vaccines with the same mercury preservative Thimerosal are beginning production. Most doses are covered by insurance for millions of "well baby visits."

For others... pharma reps tour the corporations looking for those who will "sponsor a few thousand doses" for "poor children" who would miss out.... Those doses are then "given away for free" at car washes and grocery stores.

Worldwide, 86 million doses of thimerosal are given to children each year ....


For those who don't know...
Each typical flu vaccine contains 25 micrograms of mercury or 37,151,000,000,000,000 molecules of mercury.

For a 6 month old infant, they recommend 2 flu shots 30 days apart.

Per the EPA, a child would have to weigh 550 pounds to safely ingest / (eat) the amount of mercury in the vaccine...

One might want to ask their pediatrician ......how to remove this mercury material from the central nervous system of their toddler.... which was banned in Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Norway in 1992....

EACH flu vaccine provides a typical 22 pound infant with a "25x EPA overdose" of mercury.

2 ppb mercury = U.S. EPA limit drinking water .
20 ppb mercury = Neurite membrane structure destroyed

200 ppb mercury = level in liquid the EPA classifies as hazardous waste

25,000 ppb mercury = Concentration of mercury in multi-dose, vaccine vials...

An empty flu vaccine vial cannot be disposed of in a landfill....

Thimerosal was "grandfathered into vaccine use" nearly 80 years ago, it has STILL NEVER BEEN TESTED to modern standards by the FDA.


Hundreds of thousands of American parents say that Autism comes from the "damn vaccines..."

but dr. nancy says......


And as always....... the vaccine industry is "100% liability free" and your pediatrician is certainly not responsible for a damn thing about any damn vaccine.

Laura Hayes


I have an email group of about 130 to which I regularly send vaccine and health-related information. I sent your excellent video last week, and I will send it one more time today and reiterate my plea for them to watch and share it. My guess is that many already have :)

And Jenna, thank you for providing the link about Ranbaxy, and our untrustworthy FDA. Truly horrifying, but by no means shocking for those of us who already have zero trust in profit-grubbing pharmaceutical companies or in our corrupt, ineffective, essentially-useless FDA.


Re Ipad/smartphone,

Just don't use those EMF/RFR emitting things around your kids


(which is not in any way meant to discredit the link between mercury and autism so clearly shown in your excellent research and video or to lessen the importance - we have more than one problem that needs addressing)


I will spread the word. Also, a great article to send all your friends is a mind blowing expose on generic drugs that just came out found at:


Next time a physician tells you how "strict" the FDA is, and how rigorous the testing requirements are for drugs, just give him or her a hard copy of this article. Next time Paul Offit, Orac and friends wants us to believe the public health establishment in this country cares so much about our health, they need to be shown this piece.

My son was given Augmentin several times for ear infections between age 1 and 2 and we believe this was a big part of sending him over the cliff. What I would do now to have a vial of that medicine to be able to submit it to testing! Was it manufactured by Ranbaxy? What the hell was in it? Another thing to keep me up at night...

Keep up the great work Dan!

Dan E. Burns

Ideas: Take your iPad or smartphone to your Congressional Representative's office, sit down shoulder to shoulder, and show this video.

The lion sleeps tonight!

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