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Stanford U's Dr. Carl Feinstein Responds to Autism Questions

Autism parade
Gee, maybe next year they can march as Alzheimer's!

By Anne Dachel
On May 30, 2013, there was a piece on SCOPE, the Stanford University Medical School site, with the title, Director of Stanford Autism Center responds to your questions on research and treatment.
The story highlighted the the sixth annual Autism Spectrum Disorders Update to be held on June 1, 2013. 
"During the day-long symposium, parents and caregivers will have an opportunity to discuss new autism research and interventions with physicians, as well as learn about the center's clinical services and ongoing autism studies at the School of Medicine."
The photo with the story showed a line of adults marching and clapping and wearing placards that spelled out the word AUTISM on puzzle pieces.
The story continued...

"In anticipation of the event, we asked Carl Feinstein, MD, director of the center, to respond to your questions about issues related to autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and to highlight how research is transforming therapies for the condition. Below he addresses a range of topics, including early diagnosis and intervention in infants and the role of environmental factors and genetics in contributing to autism."

Actually, I had seen a story on May 8, 2013, Ask Stanford Med: Director of Stanford Autism Center taking questions on research and treatment, and I respectfully posted three questions for Dr. Feinstein: 

"Why has there never been an official study comparing the autism rates in fully-vaccinated and never-vaccinated children?"

"Why has there never been a study looking at the children who were normal, happy, and thriving until they suddenly lost learned skills and regressed into autism?"

"Finally, why has there never been a study on the cumulative effect of the ever-expanding vaccination schedule?"

I added this:

"These are critical questions and more and more parents want answers. Autism has no official cause or cure. The numbers are horrific. Most frightening of all is the fact that there's nothing a mainstream doctor can a new mother with a baby that was born healthy and is developing normally so that her child doesn't also end up on the autism spectrum by age two.

"Thank you for your time.

"Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism"

Dr. Feinstein didn't chose any of my questions, which of course was his prerogative, but he did answer someone else's query on vaccines:

"Just how founded are claims of vaccine preservatives, like thimerosal, leading to autism?"

 This was his response:

"There is a concerted and shared effort that has been picking up momentum in the past two decades among both parents of autistic children and clinical researchers to look for environmental toxins that might cause ASDs. It is obviously of the highest priority to identify these environmental toxins. Doing so could identify a primary prevention strategy for ASDs. Furthermore, if researchers can identify the biological mechanisms by which these environmental chemicals cause brain abnormalities associated with ASDs, then closer examination might elucidate neurobiological "targets" for treatment interventions.

"Childhood vaccines were one of the first chemicals of suspicion in the search for environmental causes of ASDs. Particularly since a compound with mercury, a known neurotoxin, was widely (but no longer!) used as an adjuvant in some vaccine preparations. Use of neurotoxin spurred much hypothesizing, and ultimately a significant amount of research, seeking a causal tie to ASDs. However, despite a great deal of elaborate and expensive scientific studies using many types of research strategies, it has been impossible for researchers to demonstrate that this is the case, even though it has been studied in many large population samples.

"At present, it appears very unlikely that vaccines of any type are a meaningful causal factor in the vast majority of cases of ASDs. However, many parents haven't abandoned this belief and have become alienated from, or suspicious of, medical research. As a result, many have decided not to have their children vaccinated and advocate for others to do the same. Unfortunately, large scale refusals by parents to vaccinate their children is presenting a secondary health risk and putting other children at risk of serious illness from infectious diseases."

It was a little disingenuous to claim that mercury IS NO LONGER used in vaccines.  Feinstein basically fell back on the "studies show no link--go get your kids vaccinated" mantra.
What is really interesting to me is the fact that Feinstein knows that toxins are the major players in autism.  This was the first question that he answered:

"How meaningful are environmental factors, such as nutrition and exposure to toxins during pregnancy, in terms of autism risk?"

Feinstein's answer:

"During pregnancy, proper nutrition and taking reasonable measures to avoid exposure to known environmental toxins are basic steps an expectant mother, and family, can take to promote a baby's health and minimize risks of medical problems for the newborn. This principle certainly applies to giving birth to a baby with a healthy brain and nervous system, and pregnant women should consume proper nutrients to support brain development. There are a number of known toxins, including lead, alcohol, mercury, tobacco, various insecticides, petrochemical products and some medicines that are harmful to fetal development. An important area of concern is our current environment and findings showing that food and water sources, and other common materials, can contain man-made chemicals.

"A great deal of scientific attention is now being focused on the potential consequences of some of these chemicals on the bodily organs, including the brain, as well as possible mutagenic or harmful effects on the reproductive organs and human genes. There is a very real basis for concern that environmental toxins play a direct causative role or increase the risk for neurodevelopmental disorders, including ASDs. There is now much research underway to discover what types of chemicals present in the environment might be causatively implicated in ASDs."

Feinstein didn't tell us that all the autism is just better diagnosing of a genetic disorder that's always been around.  He knows that environmental toxins are major players in neurological disorders like autism.  He even knows about the mutagenic effects they have.  He specifically cited MERCURY as a factor.  Yet for some reason, he's not willing to talk about the horrendous level of untested mercury allowed in the majority of the flu vaccine that is recommended for pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy.  He didn't mention anything about the other issues in the vaccine-autism debate like aluminum, human fetal cells, and the live viruses in the MMR vaccine.

"At present, it appears very unlikely that vaccines of any type are a meaningful causal factor in the vast majority of cases of ASDs."

That statement seemed to settle the issue, or did it?

"At present..."  Does that mean that in the future vaccines may be shown to cause autism?

"It appears very unlikely...are a meaningful factor..."  That's not the same thing as "there is absolutely no connection between vaccines and autism."

"In the vast majority of cases."  So vaccines may be a casual factor in SOME cases?

Feinstein sounded a lot like Dr. David Amaral from the MIND Institute at UC-Davis and Dr. Martha Herbert from Harvard. 

On April 20, 2011 on PBS: Dr. Herbert was interviewed by veteran journalist, Robert MacNeil. He asked her about the link between vaccines and autism:

MacNeil: "Could there be a subset of children with a genetic predisposition to have a toxic reaction to vaccines that, for the rest of the children, have no adverse affect?"

Herbert: "I think it's possible that you could have a genetic subgroup. You also might have an immune subgroup. There are a variety of subgroups. But the problem with the population studies is, they aren't necessarily designed to have the statistical power to find subgroups like that if the subgroups are small."

Robert MacNeil also interviewed Dr. Amaral for PBS in April, 2011.

MacNeil asked, "What is your position today on vaccines and autism?"

In response to this, Amaral gave the broad disclaimer, "I think it's pretty clear that, in general, vaccines are not the culprit."

And the reason was the standard, studies show no link.

Then he added this blockbuster, "It's not to say, however, that there is a small subset of children who may be particularly vulnerable to vaccines."

He went on to say, "And in their case, having the vaccines, or particular vaccines, particularly in certain kinds of situations - if the child was ill, if the child had a precondition. Like a mitochondrial defect. Vaccinations for those children actually may be the environmental factor that tipped them over the edge of autism. And I think it is incredibly important, still, to try and figure out what, if any, vulnerabilities, in a small subset of children, might make them at risk for having certain vaccinations."

MacNeil asked if more studies of these possibly susceptible kids should be done.

Amaral answered, "Yeah. So I think, personally, it's a reasonable thing to do. Because I think that autism is ultimately going to have many, many causes. There are going be many, many subsets of children that are going to have different etiologies. Some of which are going be more environmental, some of which are going be more genetic. And I frankly don't think that there's going to be a large group of children that - their autism is caused by their standard immunizations. But you know, it could be a small subset."

These three experts are frightening the public. 

There's not supposed to be any connection between vaccines and autism. NONE. Yet these people are leaving themselves lots of loopholes.  Parents aren't blind to their sidestepping of the issue.  Comments like, "In general, vaccines are not the culprit,"  "It's possible that you could have a genetic subgroup," and "In the vast majority of cases of ASDs," are alarming admissions that experts are not a hundred percent sure. 

Medical people who use doublespeak like this sound like politicians who don't want to be held accountable by speaking on the record.  The truth is, anyone really involved in this realizes that autism is an epidemic with environmental triggers.  And the one common thing being talked about by more and more parents and independent researchers is that it's the vaccines.  Feinstein named "lead, alcohol, mercury, tobacco, various insecticides, petrochemical products and some medicines that are harmful to fetal development," and still exonerated vaccines.  The real message seems to be that while experts know it's toxins, it just can't be the toxins in vaccines.  It just can't.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



"One size fits all". No exceptions. NONE."

No physician who halfway understands the human immune system and "vaccination" theory, as incorrect as it is, would "vaccinate" an ill child. How any rational human being, let alone a physician, could inject the "hep B vaccine" in an hours old newborn is way, way beyond me. This is beyond "One size fits all" this is IMO malice aforethought or total IGNORANCE; neither has any place in HONEST medicine. But then this country does not always practice HONEST medicine.

I would certainly not want to be a pediatrician when the truth about "vaccination" eventually comes out, as it must. The wrath of tens of millions of mothers will be a thing of horrible consequences to behold. A mother grizzly bear will often destroy a male bear twice her size trying to harm her cub.

IAngus Files

"Dancing" love it...oh! yes..

IMO do not "vaccinate".

Do NOT "vaccinate" mothers,
Do NOT "vaccinate" fetuses,
Do NOT "vaccinate" mothers to be,
Do NOT "vaccinate" babies,
Do NOT "vaccinate" toddlers,
Do NOT "vaccinate" children,
Do NOT "vaccinate" teens,
Do NOT "vaccinate" young adults,
Do NOT "vaccinate" adults,
Do NOT "vaccinate" middle aged adults,
Do NOT "vaccinate" old people,
Do NOT "vaccinate" the elderly
Do NOT "vaccinate" the DEAD. The crime is debasing a corpse.


"Vaccines effect 100 percent of the people - for one thing it makes them immune to diseases."

No, no and NO!

Folks we cannot countenance this myth being repeated. We KNOW that at best a "vaccination" may DELAY the targeted disease OFTEN for only a few MONTHS. NO immunization is conferred. Immunization is a NATURAL immune system based process that can ONLY be conferred by contracting the native pathogen and defeating it NATURALLY.

The horrific consequences of this delay is OFTEN the PREVENTION of natural IMMUNITY in the "vaccinated" person. We see this plainly in the pertussis "problem" where mothers vaccinated for pertussis are UNABLE to pass their immunity from pertussis to their lactated babies because the "vaccinated" mothers often HAVE NO IMMUNITY.

"Vaccination" does NOT confer immunity. All the evidence I have seen is that "vaccination" does confer a LIFETIME of health problems some little, some big, some FATAL.



"Gee, maybe next year they can march as Alzheimer's!"

Actually this is a lot closer to the truth than we may think. In place of 'next year' substitute 'in a few decades'.

Many are calling Alzheimer's, autism in the elderly.

Guess what when pregnant mothers or six month old babies get their YEARLY "flu shot" many of them are getting the same 25 mcgs of MERCURY that we elders get in our YEARLY "flu shot". EVERY "flu shot" contains the toxic "H1N1 vaccine" which probably contains its own load of mercury.

The "flu shot" is far WORSE than worthless.


But of course all the HHS PhDs, Doc Profits and all the other shills in white coats cannot see this.

So they took the mercury out of most "vaccines" did they? So why is it being put into a 12 gram fetus?

"Researchers are now questioning the assumed safety of giving flu shots to pregnant women because stimulating a woman's immune system during midterm and later term pregnancy may significantly increase the risk that her baby will develop autism during childhood and schizophrenia sometime during the teenage years and afterward. This risk is not minor. According to Dr. Blaylock, it's a well-accepted fact within neuroscience that eliciting an immune response during pregnancy increases the risk of autism and schizophrenia in her offspring seven- to 14-fold!" Doctor Joseph Mercola MD


Why are 90% of often forgetful, fuzzy thinking elders receiving their 25 mcgs of mercury, aluminum (a toxic symbiont, perhaps 100x the toxicity with the toxic mercury) each and EVERY year?

MANY forgetful elders are being given MULTIPLE YEARLY doses of 25 mcgs of mercury and other neurotoxins every year. Hey if a little is good ...

"We have found that clinically normal individuals aged 60-65 who receive influenza vaccine three or four times during a five-year period, will five years later have an incidence of Alzheimer's disease 10-fold greater than age-matched individuals who did not receive it." Doctor H. Hugh Fudenburg, MD, Note and CDC cannot figure out where Alzheimer's is coming from. Right! 90% of our seniors are getting the "flu vaccine" toxin.

IMO do not "vaccinate".

Do NOT "vaccinate" mothers,
Do NOT "vaccinate" fetuses,
Do NOT "vaccinate" mothers to be,
Do NOT "vaccinate" babies,
Do NOT "vaccinate" toddlers,
Do NOT "vaccinate" children,
Do NOT "vaccinate" teens,
Do NOT "vaccinate" young adults,
Do NOT "vaccinate" adults,
Do NOT "vaccinate" middle aged adults,
Do NOT "vaccinate" old people,
Do NOT "vaccinate" the elderly
Do NOT "vaccinate" the DEAD. The crime is debasing a corpse.


"I also have a boy aged 9 years old and a girl aged 7 they have had no vaccines whatsoever, oral or otherwise...they have never been to the doctors not once for any illness both have had measles and chickenpox. Which looked worse than the inconvenience was to them ..they weren’t ill..

Thats my own little study sadly to late for my 2nd oldest"

These are the small n clinical trials I have the most confidence in.

How do we package them into LARGE n distributed informal clinical studies? A national registry? Some anti/agnostic-vaccination organization putting the small n studies together?

Forget the double blind hocus pocus; we don't want to impress some CDC postdoc; we want large numbers that state plain and clear "Vaccination DAMAGES here are the numbers"


Hi Steve White; Sorry I read your comment wrong; apparently it was an unnamed researcher who said the rates of autism were the same in vax/unvax kids. Apologies to Dr Herbert, but same question applies.
By the way, the only studies I could find that were related were with tuberous sclerosis; the age of onset of seizures effects cognitive development; ie earlier seizures do more damage.
Giving an immune damaged child a vaccine on the day of birth and following with continuous immune insults in the form of further vaccines (36 up to the age of 5), because maybe the child would have reacted badly to a fever some day; and then assuming the damage would have been just the same seems a little fool hardy to me.
By the way, I do appreciate that you acknowledge that many here had children who suffered from a vaccine injury. Thank you.
I also believe that it may be the immune component and adjunctants including aluminium, in vaccines that are causing some of the issues. I personally don't think it is just the mercury, though I will be interested in what happens when they release new numbers from California providing current rates of autism.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Haven deLay, Great irreverent comment!. I love the Mercedes image, but still prefer my own: I tell my daughter ,"Dont harm your child with a vaccine just so that some rich guy in Europe can buy a new yacht". And speaking of yachts, you may love to hear that we have frequent tv programs IN INDIA (!) about yachting, and also golfing. Is this crazy , or something biblical?

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Steve White, I think its very nice that you are looking at some of the appropriate areas pertinent to autism, and I would make a few additional comments- One of the hallmarks of mercury, which is not often spoken of, is that it causes immune system derangement- and in my experience, this is something that always happens, and it doesnt just happen in kids- It happens in adults too. (For more information on this look at the work done by Dr. Isaac Pessah- U Cal Davis) When the parents of autistic kids look back on their childs medical records, what they normally see is the child having vaccines and within a month, getting sick with a fever. What you are seeing here is not autism resulting from a fever, but autism advancing on the childs brain cells along with derangement of the immune system by mercury. Both the autism and the immune impairment are mercury effects.
It is very important to avoid saying that autism is increasing despite removal of mercury. Where is the data showing that? As I understand it, the last data we have from govt sources is data for kids born in 2000. In California, the law prohibiting mercury vaccines for children came into effect from 2006 and was side stepped in two years for flu vaccines afterwards. And if anyone genuinely wanted to know if mercury is causing autism, then that person needs to look not only at vaccines, but levels of mercury in mothers, fish consumed by mothers, dental work involving mercury for mothers and other sources of mercury, such as mercury in water in the Central Valley of California and airborne mercury. And for all we know, the initial two flu vaccines with mercury at age 6 months may be all it takes to make a six month old child autistic forever.
The reason that people on Age of Autism are so scathing about the mainstream doctors, is that everything we are talking about here should have been done a decade ago and presently it looks like we are looking at another decade ahead- of little action on the research front. What do they say? - Something about talk being cheap?
In addition, I applaud Anne for putting some pieces of information together that indicate something of import- There are a number of senior doctors out there who are finally realizing that they cannot keep talking genetics and that they need to throw in a few words about mercury and environment here and there, so that someday they are not caught out as total idiots when the truth of autism emerges.


Steve White; what studies show that vaccinated and unvaccinated kids have similar rates of autism? Cough( the one that hasn't been done yet???) Apparently your Dr Herbert is interpreting results of something that hasn't actually been done....
If I'm wrong and there is a vaxed/ completely unvaxed study out there ( peer reviewed, of course) then please cite it .
Re your statement about "they would have regressed anyway" it would be great to see some science on this also.
It seems much more likely that this is a story people tell themselves so they can sleep at night.

Rick Smalley

Question: Do cell phones cause autism?

Answer: Yes. But not in the way you would expect.

A new autism study using publicly-available United States government data shows that areas where parents carry cell phones at a higher rate have significantly higher rates of autism. You can download the study at http://cellphonesautism.com/

The study cites a law of physics called Coulomb’s law to explain how men’s sperm DNA is receiving 16 times greater cell phone radiation than women’s eggs. This is because cell phones come 4 times closer to men’s sperm when carried in the front pants pocket.

Paul S

Carl Feinstein, MD, director of the center, U R one umungus bullsheeter! Mercury, Aluminium, and lead have been the cause of destruction of the brain through the ages, and you know it.

Have you or will you vaccinate your children???

And do you have any conflicts of interest you should have declared??

Have a nice day!!

Jeannette Bishop

@Steve White: if this issue doesn't affect you, as far as you know, you probably don't have much incentive to spend a lot of time here or elsewhere autism related, but our regression stories (and some that don't seem to involve regression) are rather varied, some not so sudden or distinct.

My daughter never had a period of prolonged screaming post-vaccination or out-of-control fever or anything I saw then as neurological injury and immediate regression onto the autism spectrum. I can understand fairly well how some can be pretty sure their child's vaccinations are not a factor in their development, even though they might be, and I know there are some not vaccinated on the spectrum. Though live viral vaccines may be vaccinating all of us in a sense, and some healthcare workers will give vaccines against parental wishes and then tell parents, so the same may be occurring without parental knowledge.

I just deleted paragraphs (and "comment" is still way too long) explaining my daughter's regressions and their timing and how little I questioned her environmental exposures, particularly "healthcare" exposures, but I'll say instead that after a few years of baffling experience, when I learned about the vaccine "theory" and looked back long and hard and added a lot of checking what those on all sides of this issue were saying regarding the research, personal experience, and unanswered questions, I realized how likely, but insidiously, this was the big factor interfering with her development, causing particularly her most distinct regressions and likely setting up allergies and vulnerabilities to other exposures.

I also came to see more slowly how little real intent there has ever been on the part of most "scientists" in leading (and many following) public health positions and in our corporate controlled media to inform the public of the truth. It's all designed to encourage complacency, compliance, and discourage investigation. What little data has come out to those willing to seek it, suggests it's not a "small subset" of autism cases that are caused or contributed to by vaccination. And the history of U.S. vaccination, and elsewhere, shows a pattern of denial when there are problems, over-rating of benefits, and risk-taking that parents would not find justifiable if they researched enough into what "safety" research supports our vaccine schedule. Most people don't want to go there though, the way things are now.

I no longer ask why we don't have a vaccinated vs. never-vaccinated study. I ask who will do the right thing and look to see how much autism, adhd, other learning disabilities, loss of IQ, asthma, allergies, autoimmunity, mental health issues, even obesity, precocious puberty, criminality, and mortality are due to vaccines or vaccine components, because it's very likely some percentage of all or most of those conditions are caused by vaccination, or the more nefarious components (like the ones that keep showing up in vaccine "placebos" in vaccine testing). We may even need to conduct multi-generational research (as is being seen in other vaccinated species) to really understand all adverse vaccine effects.

It will take a majority of the public demanding and also willing, I think, to fund this research outside of government-industry "direction" and control, or a major loss of influence from pharmaceutical and elitist interests in our public health institutions, for the appropriate research to be undertaken, for the current state experimentation and uninformed consent to be ended.



Some studies have already been done on the prevalence of regressive vs. non-regressive autism. Estimates vary between 40-75%--clearly a significant number implicating an environmental trigger. It stands to reason that if you include loss of social skills in the definition of regression (not just loss of language) the numbers would tend toward the higher end of this range--or higher.

Here's an article you may find very relevant:


Steve White

You maybe dont personally know any parents of vaccine injured children. if you did you would know that no mainstream doctor wants to help, let alone record their experience and create some pretty bar charts with statistics. Once the parent discloses they think its related to a vaccine reaction or multiple vaccines, the doctors deny any link and you are on your own. If doctors collect and report the data as they should you would not raise your argument as it would be well and truely game over for vaccines.

One of the reasons this nightmare persists is because the data is deliberately not being collated. It is an utter disgrace.

The parents are finding each other in various communities, do you know there was a facebook community of over 19,000 parents who all knew "Proud parents of unvaccinated children ( the page was removed overnight with no explanation) It is certainly not a one in a million scenario.

Maurine Meleck

Feinstein spun the answer to my question like a dreidel and when it fell on paper, his answer looked more like another question. Thanks, Anne.



@Steve White,
There is zero proof that vaccines do not cause autism and a lot of proof that they DO. We know that scientists very often are censored or forced to lie and present pharmaceutical propaganda, so don't try to convince us that what they say is truth. The truth is what the parents observe - they had perfectly healthy children, who regressed to autism after vaccinations. Most medical science is totally corrupted by pharmaceutical corporations and is a junk.

Anne Dachel


When parents go to the doctor for their well-baby visits, they're not told about the possibility that their child may be in a susceptible subgroup. Likewise, they're not told that neither the doctor nor the vaccine maker is liable for any reaction to any vaccine.

All our stories may seem anecdotal to you, but when thousands of parents everywhere are saying the same thing, someone ought to listen.

It is doublespeak when the experts say: THERE IS NO LINK. VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM, but then they candidly concede they might for some kids.

Either they do or they don't. It can't be: MAYBE THEY DO, BUT GO AHEAD AND VACCINATE YOUR CHILD ANYWAY--not with an autism rate of one in 50.

Anne Dachel

Anne Dachel

Steve, the study that is totally doable is a simple comparison study of fully vaccinated and never vaccinated children. With so many parents afraid to vaccinate, the study group is out there. If never vaccinated kids have all the chronic illnesses and disorders now rampant in U.S. children---autism, learning problems, diabetes, seizure disorder, sleep disorders, bowel disease, arthritis, and more--it would be proof that vaccines aren't really making our kids the sickest they've ever been.

No official wants to do this simple retrospective study, but until it's done, the question of vaccine safety will remind unanswered.

Anne Dachel

John Stone


I don't know whether we need studies of more statistical power, we need studies which are not fraudulently conducted in the first place.

And we need to actively record monitor and investigate vaccine reactions and their sequelae, rather than being offensively patronising. And that's totally doable too.

IAngus Files

Steve White you state the classic oxymoron

"In fact, I would like to see a study showing what percentage of parents of autistic kids report sudden regression to see if it's a big effect."

I have 4 kids oldest fully vaccinated no probs..2nd oldest born perfect met milestones before his peers...

Heres my study from a real person a real family coming from a real URL...

He then had the MMR as his older brother had and hey presto! Adverse reaction to the jab,temp of 103 ..head the size of a baloon, green puss coming out of his ears, and covered head to toe in a red rash...now aged 15 years old with a school assessed age of around 2 years at best.

I also have a boy aged 9 years old and a girl aged 7 they have had no vaccines whatsoever, oral or otherwise...they have never been to the doctors not once for any illness both have had measles and chickenpox. Which looked worse than the inconvenience was to them ..they weren’t ill..

Thats my own little study sadly to late for my 2nd oldest.


Steve White

About immune activation -- I don't know that anyone has any studies to back this up, but I've talked to one prominent researcher and pointed out seems to me if a child has some vulnerability to regression due to immune activation, then a vaccine could precipitate autism, but a lot of times the kid would regress anyway as soon as she got a fever or some other infection. That is speculation but kind of explains why vaccinated and non-vaccinated kids have very similar rates. Well, that and as Dr. Herbert says, perhaps needing studies with more statistical power.

It is not at all impossible for Age of Autism to do studies on this question. Just get a few hundred RANDOMLY CHOSEN parents of autistic children and ask them about if they kids regressed and regressed suddenly. Totally doable.

Steve White

I am kind of angry as a parent reading these columns with people beating up on researchers for truthfully answering their questions. What do you want from them? Dr. Herbert and Dr. Amaral pretty much said all you need to know -- large scale studies might not catch every subgroup, vaccines don't cause a large percentage of autism, it's a good idea to try to identify a vulnerable subgroup if it exists. I particularly object to the word "doublespeak". I did not hear any doublespeak in their answers. I guess you wanted certainty but there isn't much certainty out there yet. Personally, I don't doubt the stories parents have of sudden extreme regression after vaccination. I think you all knew what was going on with your kids. But the fact you all found each other on the Web and have similar stories means next to nothing statistically. You found each other and have similar stories because it's easy now to find a one in a million example of anything.
In fact, I would like to see a study showing what percentage of parents of autistic kids report sudden regression to see if it's a big effect.
Because when I read your claims about a huge increase in autism rates, say ten times what they were in the past, and about sudden extreme regression, and both being caused by vaccination, that tells me at least 90% of parents of autistic children should report those symptoms, and that I don't see.
I believe your report of your experiences is probably accurate, but you have no understanding of basic statistics and throw around numbers which mean nothing at all.

I also do not believe you've got any better idea than the scientists WHAT about the vaccine was harmful.

We know mercury is a neurotoxin, but while they've reduced it, rates of "autism" supposedly went up.

The mitochondrial disease people seem to think it's got to do with immune activation.


To Carol -- grumpy maybe, but your observation is spot on... Yes, yes, yes, yes!


He just discredited Stanford University. Or maybe he doens't want to lose his job or put funding for the college at risk. All these are understandable reasons, but why even bother to give the question and answer session to begin with if he isn't going to answer the questions honestly. I mean honestly, also, why run for office or do anything where the public interest is at stake if you aren't going to represent the public interest. Well, it is so like so many other things where the bombs don't fall directly on your head--as long as it's someone else's head that is more or less OK. What gets to me, though, is that air of authority.

I was so impressed by Dr. Wakefield in an interview where he said that it is important to listen to the mother because if not for the mother none of us would be here. Yes, before there were universities, pediatricians, doctors, professors, or double blind studies, there were mothers with finely tuned instincts focused on her child whose life was bound up with her life. When something or someone has made her child sick she knows and that comes with the authority of hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary adaption and survival. She knows, listen to her.

Kendra Pettengill

Multiple causes of multiple Autisms is just another agenda to let vaccines off the hook. Like better diagnosis or diagnostic substitution. It just doesn't add up.
How about Ocham's Razor, "the simplest solution is probably it."
Since the epidemic really started with the birth cohort in the early 90's, we are talking about an epidemic that occurred in a matter of 20 years. A blink of an eye in evolutionary time. And they are asking us to believe that multiple factors all reached the damaging point at exactly the same time, and despite all these multiple causes, they all simultaneously caused a condition in children so similar that they are all diagnosed with the exact same disorder. And while there may be variations along a spectrum they are similar enough to be under the same umbrella. Multiple causations or multiple inputs of toxins, chemicals, or other potential causes would cause unique disorders and they would not have happened all within a period of 20 years. This is beyond comprehension and definitely would not correlate to any science known to man today.
25 years ago Oregon had 6 children known to have Autism and receiving services. Now we have hit 9,000. The odds that multiple causations all converged at the ultimate toxic tipping point in the span of only 25 years, yet causing the same diagnosable and similar disorder in thousands of children in such a short period of time is unprecedented and really about as easy to believe as "vaccine injuries are 1 in a million." When you add in the skyrocketing numbers with other neurodevelopental disorders you see the craziness of this conjecture.
I put multiple causes in the same category with unicorns and fairy dust.
And when you look at identical percentage rates of increase in every single state in the U.S., well then you are stretchting the fabric of probability even further. We all breath different qualities of air, drink different water, eat different foods, are exposed to different toxins, pesticides, medical interventions, etc., so we know it has to be something that is exactly the same, across the U.S., an identical exposure for nearly every single child in this huge geographical nation. Multiple causations is a pipe dream for the pharmaceuticals and allows them to claim ignorance and potentially that only a few odd cases will eventually be linked to vaccines.
Ocham's razor would tell us that if vaccines are causing Autism in some, it is most probably the culprit for the entire epidemic.


"The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks".

I have wondered at this statement in wonder: so it is all a crap shoot and you admit it?

I think the ones we are hearing it from is the lowly underpaid professors at the univeristy teaching nurses -- passed down by the elites trying to keep the game going and thinking on new ways of stating that - sure there is injuries but it is "RARE"

My whole family is rare.
My neighbors are all rare.

It is a rare world, full of rarity.

So it just seems like it is "ultilrians", or what ever you called it "when it fact is is a bunch trying to cover their asses (Carol laughed at your comment, read it to my hubby who laughed too)--

Oh, what shall we do to keep this a going -- hide it in epidemology and call it "RARE" Rare all right or American individuals to stop with their faith of the medical and government and actual figured out the nations mental health problem that President Obama addressed today lays at the feet of an government agency that has 2/3 larger budget than the United States Military.

Haven DeLay

They are such LIARS! I am SO sick of this "Mercury is not in vaccines anymore." ALL NON_LIVE virus vaccines are STILL being manufactured using thimerosal and then it goes through an "Extraction Process," which of course the drug companies themselves are allowed to police. Thimerosal is 40.9% mercury by volume. Since we know it is true that mercury binds tightly to protein, and we KNOW that all vaccines use some type of animal or human protein to make vaccines, then it is quite probably that mercury binds to this protein int he manufacturing process, and once it binds, it is extremely difficult to unbind (Just ask any parent who is still trying to get it out of their kid!). Just because they say something is thimerosal free does not mean it is also mercury free. Furthermore, they have poisoned a whole generation of children. Why do we think they are all of a sudden going to start telling the truth? They have already stooped as low as human beings can possibly go, and I believe, that now they are running around trying to figure out how they are going to CTA when the SHTF! Parents are wising up, and further side stepping and lying is NOT going to get them anywhere. So then they will take away our exemptions, they will enact laws to force us to sacrifice our children into the the volcano of autism and immunological disaster - they will as profits drop even lower consider unleashing the next pandemic. Anything to get us all to comply and fall down and worship their god. Every time I think of some drug exec driving his Mercedes up to his mansion off the brain cells of my child and all these other innocents, I want to puke!!!! I could never believe another word out of the mouths of Dr. Fienstein or any other doctor on "that" side of the fence. Unfortunately, "that" side of the fence is in power right now, so until the day enough people boot these child poisoners out of office, the public trust will remain damaged.

Christine Thompson

I can't wrap my mind around the general blase nature of the environmental concerns. Who are these scientists/medical experts? Are there too many environmental insults to actively prevent Autism? Is the environment and our bodies too polluted to stem the tide? I'm glad cancer burned out the remainder of my child bearing years. What can an ob/gyn tell a mom to be or a couple planning on starting a family in this day in age? Freeways, fat moms, emotional abuse, older sperm etc. We know the dangers of smoking, alcohol and heavy metal laden fish & the need for prenatal supplements. Is that all of the wisdom they have to impart? Maybe the professionals should come up with a new phrase, "Congratulations! In 18 months to 2 years or so you may be the parent of a healthy baby boy/girl. Good luck.


I believe that epidemiology is defined as the science of not finding your ass with both hands while performing oral sex on a pharmaceutical company.

Sorry. A bit grumpy today.


Dr. Feinstein's verbal gymnastics are the means by which he keeps in the good graces of the government/pharma/medical complex while holding on to a shred of intellectual integrity. BTW, years ago,we participated in a genetic study on autism run by Stanford. We never heard anything back from them, so I surmised that they didn't find anything significant (surprise!).

John Stone


I am not particularly an apologist for utilitarianism, but I am still not convinced. The proposition that the benefits outweigh the risks may appeal to a practical instinct but it does not mean either that it is objectively true, or that even if it was there would not be some less harmful way. If I was a utilitarian, knowing what I know, I would still say that what's happening is stupid.


Bob Moffitt


"You might use utilitarian criteria to condemn what's happening, which is bureaucratic fascism and ultimately national suicide.

Toynbee has written:

"Civilizations die as a result of suicide .. not murder".

In any event, I mis-spoke.

Rather than "one size fits all" .. the better example of "ulitilitarism" is the public health mantra:

"The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks".

That these particular experts KNOW there are "sub groups" of children for whom the RISKS far outweigh the supposed BENEFITS .. yet .. do absolutely nothing to protect those "sub groups" .. is the pure definition of UTILITARIANISM.


The puzzle picture is charming, but I am not longer "puzzled" by the cause of Autism.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Old research as well as new should be discussed. My questions would be, “Why has so much research of the past been discarded in the dustbin of history? Why isn’t new research based on looking at brain centers shown 3 to 5 decades ago to be vulnerable to toxic insults?”

Predispositions are not all genetic. Having found online a presentation I made at an IACC meeting in 2008, I have decided to keep pointing it out, and will respond to all critics

Slide 3 shows how auditory centers in the brainstem are damaged by a lapse in respiration at birth. Auditory system damage was repeatedly reproduced in monkeys by a brief period of asphyxia. None of these monkeys had genetic predispositions to such injury.

Slide 7 shows how damage by asphyxia at birth is compounded by subsequent toxic insult.

Dr. Amaral is right. Autism has many causes. Autistic behaviors have been reported in children with diverse disorders, from prenatal rubella infection, prenatal exposure to alcohol and other drugs including valproic acid, genetic disorders like PKU, tuberous sclerosis, neurofibromatosis, adenylosuccinate lyase deficiency, and even Downs syndrome. Alcohol (pre- or postnatal) is known to injure brainstem auditory centers. The “final common pathway” in the brain must be sought for all of autism’s causes.

The brain must be the focus of research, whatever the cause.


This subgroup that is so small that it can not be picked up by epidemology, and yet -- oh yes -- and yet we are not up to 1 out of 99 or is it 1 out of 50 by just calling people.

Vaccines effect 100 percent of the people - for one thing it makes them immune to diseases, and what else? What else that is not good.

Drugs are so bad in this area, that the government has taken it upon themselves to take freedoms away from us to protect us. Last year our state government - now combines wit Obama care. The result - you cannot go to your regular doctor without them ordering a drug test and get this - to prove you are not using drugs (guilty and must prove your innocent) you have to pay for a drug test.

When I complained about the price of a drug test at the doc's office recently - I was told it was only 42 dollars.

Well so cheap then - yes I am ashamed I complained. My son - who follows the rules --- really - so I pay that his monthly seizure medicine, and his health insurance that went up a by a meager 20 - each month - bleed me to death by a thousand slashes is not possible?

John Stone


It doesn't seem very useful to me! You might use utilitarian criteria to condemn what's happening, which is bureaucratic fascism and ultimately national suicide.

Bob Moffitt

Dr. Fienstein:

"During pregnancy, proper nutrition and taking reasonable measures to avoid exposure to known environmental toxins are basic steps an expectant mother, and family, can take to promote a baby's health and minimize risks of medical problems for the newborn."

Does this "expert" have ANY qualms about the CDC recommended and approved policy of giving HEP B vaccine within hours of birth? How do these people sleep at night?

In any event .. I suspect it is getting harder and harder for "experts" .. such as .. Dr. Carl Feinstein Sanford University Medical School, Dr. David Amaral from the MIND Institute at UC-Davis, and Dr. Martha Herbert from Harvard .. to continue justifying the "utilitarian" philosophy upon which the entire vaccine industry rests ... which is:

"One size fits all". No exceptions. NONE.

What about those "sub groups" that ALL these experts agree exist? Not to worry. Webster's defines "utilitarianism" thus:

"the doctrine that worth or value is determined solely by utility" .. "utility" which is further described by Webster's as: "usefulness"

To the shallow minds of the utilitarian .. what could be more "useless" than the "sub groups" of infants, toddlers and children .. that are being sacrificed EVERYDAY ... for the "greater good" of the USA and beyond.


Adam M

RE: The real message seems to be that while experts know it's toxins, it just can't be the toxins in vaccines. It just can't.

Thats because under most circumstances you take a sick child to the doctor to get them well, not the other way around. But thats exactly what is happening. Everyday more well children are made sick in doctors offices. They're either happy to remain ignorant and just quote industry studies or they know and are hoping the general public doesn't wake up until there gone.

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