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Since 1938... Autism and Mercury

Mercury and Autism: Together Again (Pollution Study)

MercuryCyclePS_0Editor's Note: When it comes to autism causation, it's hard to turn around these days without drowning in a giant pool of mercury (actually, you wouldn't drown, you'd float with your whole body on top of it). This new study out of Harvard shows air pollution is associated with an increased risk of having children with autism -- and that mercury and diesel fuel, which contains mercury along with other environmental miscreants, double the risk. This comes on top of two studies in Texas by Palmer et al. that showed autism increases the closer you live to a coal-fired plant (mercury again). And there's our own research linking it to the first cases of the brand-new disorder in the 1930s (see video here). The goofball brigade has already set upon the new study like a pack of hyenas. Sorry fellas: mercury, including and especially ethylmercury in vaccines, caused the environmental, manmade, iatrogenic autism epidemic. -- Dan Olmsted

Living in an area with high levels of air pollution may increase a woman's chances of having a child with autism, according to the first national study to date that investigates the possible link.

"Women who were exposed to the highest levels of diesel or mercury in the air were twice as likely to have a child with autism than women who lived in the cleanest parts of the sample," study author Andrea Roberts, a research associate with the Harvard School of Public Health, told The Huffington Post.

Earlier studies have established a potential connection between air pollution and autism risk, but have concentrated on a few individual states. The latest study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives on Tuesday, draws on a large sample of women across the whole country.

Researchers crossed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data on the level of air pollutants from year to year with data from the Nurses' Health Study, one of the longest running investigations of women's health in the U.S. They looked for associations between levels of pollutants in the time and place that a woman was pregnant and whether that woman went on to have a child with a diagnosed autism spectrum disorder.

The researchers split up the locations into fifths, and women who lived in the most polluted sections -- those with the highest levels of diesel particulates or mercury in the air -- were twice as likely to have a child with autism compared to those in the cleanest sections. Other types of air pollution, including lead, manganese and other hard metals, were also linked to a greater risk of autism, although the risk was not quite as high.

Read the full post at: Huffington Post "Autism Air Pollution Study"


Angus Files

Mark R Hamilton

Any links please?

"There are older women teaching how to usurp the system by intentionally making disabled children. ""

Also any links to disabled parents financially richer after their Childs disabilities welcome?

im waiting....

Pharma For Prison


Mark R Hamilton

The warnings or tipping points also relate to what percentage of vessels of birth engage in drug experience behavior. We used to say men are controllers of this behavior, not anymore.

No sleep, popsicle diet and drug use whenever daddy goes to work is a growing percentage of moms. There are older women teaching how to usurp the system by intentionally making disabled children. This is a prison culture response to money. Government accepts MORE opportunities to make money by blindfolding justice.

Mark Reman Hamilton

I wrote the following research paper in 2006. • Autism and Mercury
A large body of research has concluded autism is a type of genetic damage that is caused by mercury exposure. [1] 1 in 150 American children under 8 years old has autism. [2-this figure is a 2006 statistic] In boys, more than one in a hundred under age 8 has autism. [3]
Autism research looked first to inoculations preserved with Thimerosal as the cause of autism. Thimerosal, which does contain mercury, has been used since the 1930's to preserve inoculations.
[Some] Researchers are now certain Thimerosal preserved inoculations do not breakdown in the body, are definitely not the cause of autism, and the increase or decrease in usage does not relate at all to the incidence of autism rates around the world. [4] This means the mercury that is hurting kids must be coming from somewhere else.
Incomplete research suggests that somewhere between 15 and 100 human genes are mercury contamination markers related to autism spectrum disorder. [5] There are thousands of human genes. Damage to just one gene can cause a major birth defect.
Besides autism, many types of neurological problems are caused by mercury. The long list includes: depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). [6] Many of us could be damaged by mercury exposure and not even know it.
One in twelve women of child bearing age has mercury poisoning. [7] Mercury is a human neurotoxin with developing fetuses and small children being at greatest risk. [8]Mercury is transferred to babies by way of breast milk. [9] " … a number of parents of younger autistic children, in whom mercury is more likely to be detectable, have reported higher than expected levels of mercury in hair, blood, and urine samples." [10]
Hair color, height, race and to some degree personality are controlled by the genetic material of our ancestors. Parents with damaged genes and children who are exposed to mercury during pregnancy are the likely cause of autism. [11] But, no one knows for sure or no one is telling.
When both parents have genes for a birth defect, their child is more likely to be born with the defect. This means that parents, both with damaged genes, would be more likely to produce a child with birth defects that could include autism. Most of a baby's genetic material comes from the mother. [12] So, women need to be especially careful to not be exposed to mercury prior to conception and during pregnancy. The same research related to footnote 12 also concluded women should have babies earlier in life rather than later and that most of the cases of autism have nothing to do with the genetic material of the parents but with a mutation that occurs somehow between the sperm and the egg. This conclusion is not currently supported by the bulk of autism researchers.
The largest number of autism cases are in California, Oregon and Minnesota. [13] Most of the mercury vapor that comes to the West Coast is from Asian countries. The nearly constant on shore air flow coming from overseas encounters a sudden elevation change when it hits the West Coast. This change in elevation causes mercury to condense with water and fall to the ground as rain. [14] The mercury from China and other Asian countries is a major source of mercury contamination in California rain water. [15]
Mercury can also accumulate in its dry state on food crops and farm animals. [16]
It is not a new idea or concept that mercury from industrial sources causes autism, although it was almost unheard of when I started researching this paper in 2005. [17] The total levels of mercury today far exceed what we as a species have traditionally been used to. [18] Volcanoes and oceans produce about a third of the mercury in the air, meaning mankind has tripled the amount of airborne mercury by industrialization. [19]
The Environmental Protection Agency concludes 45% of all vaporized mercury from coal fired power plants falls to the earth within an area of about 30 miles from the power plant. [20] The remaining 55% goes up into the atmosphere to float around the earth. " … virtually all of the mercury deposited west of Minnesota and the Mississippi River [comes] from outside the United States." [21] Even the Arctic Circle has been contaminated with dangerous levels of mercury in nearly all forms of life. [22]
China produces about 1 billion pounds of vaporized mercury per year, mostly from coal fired power plants. Asian countries as a whole contribute about half of the industrial mercury belched into the atmosphere. [23] The United States allegedly produces only 257,600 pounds of airborne mercury per year. [24]
In America, about 88% of the mercury released into the planet's atmosphere comes from burning coal. About 10% of our homespun mercury vapor is from crude oil and the things made out of it. [25] Only 2% comes from other sources for mercury like cement manufacturing, burning of medical, municipal and hazardous waste, pulp and paper milling, and mining.
S. Mark Wilhelm, Ph.D., a government researcher, told me about half of all the crude oil mercury ends up in asphalt. (see footnote 25) Logic dictates asphalt would continue to evaporate mercury forever, more so on hot days.
Perhaps the combination of the large amount of highways and streets in Southern California and the sometimes severe heat here cause a larger amount of mercury in the local air than other regions.
According to Dr. Wilhelm, elemental or "ethyl" mercury is generally considered to be safe because most of it goes harmlessly into the high atmosphere to gradually break down over a year or so. [26] "Some" of this mercury does eventually oxidize and comes down to us as rain.
Through a process of combining with bacteria, the mercury in our rain becomes organic methylmercury. Fish eat the methylmercury containing bacteria, the big fish eat the little fish and then we then eat the big fish. Methylmercury vapor is also released by plants growing on contaminated soil. [27]
Methylmercury that ends up in fish has caused major concerns about the fishing of California, Oregon, Minnesota and Florida. The State of California has issued warnings that pregnant women should not eat fish very often or at all. Forty-seven other states have also issued similar warnings against eating local fish because of mercury contamination. [28]
It is not just fish that can be contaminated. People can be contaminated by everything they eat and by chemical exposure to their skin and lungs. The process of being exposed and contaminated by mercury over time is called "bioaccumulation". [29] After the passage of time, the mercury eventually gets to a toxic level in anyone continually exposed to it.
Standards for airborne contaminants are set by our government. [30] However, air quality standards, have not been established for many hazardous air pollutants. Hazardous air pollutants are chemicals known to cause or suspected to cause immediate or long-term serious health effects such as cancer, reproductive effects or birth defects, or adverse environmental effects. Mercury has no national standards set for its regulation other than plans to clean up domestic coal fired power plants. United States industry still sells and builds hazardous coal fired power plants in other countries.
The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) is the local agency that tests for airborne contaminants in Southern California. SCAQMD does not do any testing for vaporized mercury in the air. They do require businesses to comply with vaporized mercury standards in their production of products.
There are other sources for mercury contamination. California and many other states experienced a gold mining boom 150 years ago. A necessary part of gold ore purification is mercury. 220,000,000 pounds of elemental mercury was mined from California sources with little or no regulation. [31] The total amount of mercury lost to the California environment between the 1860's through the early 1900's as a result of mining is estimated at about 12 percent of the amount mined or 26,000,000 pounds.
Because much of the mercury ore from mining was dumped on the ground or into lakes, some of the elemental mercury has percolated down into the water table, the source of drinking water. This same mercury continues to evaporate into the air as time goes by.
The drinking water of over 8 million Californians has been contaminated with mercury. Of those 8 million California citizens, 329,169 have been contaminated with mercury over the health based limits of California. (see footnote 32)
Santa Fe Springs is a city in Orange County and Corona is a city just North of Orange County. These two cities represent two of the five most mercury polluted drinking water communities in California. [32] A reasonable inference is that if the communities surrounding Orange County have unusually high levels of mercury in their water, then the whole water table in the Orange County area is contaminated.
It costs 3.5 million dollars to provide for the average autistic person over their lifetime. [33] Autism cannot be cured, it's genetic.
© 2006 Mark Reman Hamilton, Esq.
Law Office of Mark R. Hamilton
2942 E. Chapman Ave., 322
Orange, California 92869
(714) 366-4742


If children are damaged from Mercury it's from the Mercury filled vaccines they are attacked with, not what's in the environment. The air was far worse decades ago when Autism was almost not existent. This is nothing more then Big Pharma buying off Harvard.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Thanks for the list, White Rose, and please consider making another one- a list of the mercury toxicologists who are willing to inject Thimerosal into their own children.
Well, maybe that would be a thankless task- lots of work and a very short list as result. ....

Rick Smalley

Of course pollution is associated. And asymmetrical radiation exposure between the sexes explains why father's DNA is causing 80% of autism today. It's because father's DNA is receiving 16 times more radiation exposure than women's, per Coulomb's Law, cited in the new autism cohort study at http://cellphonesautism.com/


Went to the vet lately, mentioned titers. The vet said they have never vaccinated their children.


Ha, Victor, that was funny! Never fear, White Rose. At least that study of Psychologists shows that fully 70% of them don't believe the diagnostic substitution or de-institutionalization bullcrap!

Cynthia Cournoyer

I have already had a conversation with someone who quoted this study. People are so proud of themselves that they finally have a possible explanation. Unlike all the other stupid assertions, at least pollution is getting closer to the real problem. The easy push back, is, OK then let's inject things and blame what we breathe.

Victor Pavlovic

I expect that fairly soon, restaurants will be asking us if we would like some of that "safe kind of Mercury" on the side, with our orders.

Bob Moffitt

Andrea Roberts, a research associate with the Harvard School of Public Health:

"All of the chemicals studied are known neurotoxins," Roberts said. "They are also known to pass from mother to baby while a woman is pregnant. It's very plausible that the 'stuff' the mother is taking in through the air is affecting her baby's brain development."

But the researcher cautioned against reading too much into the results, particularly with regard to mercury. Many parents continue to worry that the form of mercury sometimes used in vaccines is linked to autism -- although that claim has been repeatedly disproven by research efforts."

I suspect it is a good thing Ms. Roberts "writes" her comments for the Huffington Post .. instead of speaking them out-loud on national television outlets .. where she would be hard pressed to stiffle her giggling.

Perhaps Ms. Roberts could share with the entire world her secret HOW .."stuff" the mother is taking in through the air affecting her baby's brain development." .. is O.K to INJECT DIRECTLY INTO THAT BABY DURING THE MOST CRITICAL STAGE OF BRAIN DEVELOPMENT?

What is the "process" that transforms "mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum" .. to name just three KNOWN TOXICANTS THE EPA WARNS AGAINST BREATHING, TOUCHING OR INGESTING .. into a "harmless" substance AS A VACCINE INGREDIENT?

Duh .. she has a nobel prize in her future if she can explain that mystery.

White Rose

oh yeah cheers Ted , its the safe kind of mercury .
I sprinkle it on my fish n chips every friday night .
Hate Slate !


You AofA fools just don't understand - the mercury in air pollution is the GOOD kind!

White Rose

Poking fun at all the mis-information the mainstream propagates in looking for the source of Autism .

A list of the current scientific theories on Autism (and these are all being investigated at Universities around the world – except the last one):

1. Older Fathers
2. Older Grandfathers
3. Watching too much TV
4. Near major Road traffic
5. Mother was abused as a child
6. Because we saw the film Rainman , Uta Frith (a scientist with 40 years experience in the autism field) , could the film the “Exorcist” also have had a bearing ?
7. Sunlight levels
8. Genetic heritable condition
9. Obese Mothers
10. Using Facebook & the internet
11. Mobile phones , cell phones
12. Better diagnosis – one of the most amusing lies – like this is smthg you could miss !
13. Abnormal Placenta / can cause a child to go into convulsions and regress at age 2 after nine vaccines...
14. Use of anti-depressants (although I think Science is a little confused here , these are mostly used after an autism diagnosis)
15. Refrigerator Mums – the golden oldie from the very beginning .
16. Red Wine – which explains the autistic clusters seen around wine growing regions eg Burgundy .....NOT
17. Pet sprays and shampoos – Pet dogs everywhere are exhibiting similar autistic tendencies – My golden retriever Mollie is nuts.
18. Hurricanes and the stress they cause ..yes seriously
19. Air pollution - at it mentions mercury , what about intravenous mercury ?

Can you add to my list perhaps ?
And then dont forget the comedy at one of the greatest Universities in the world , who cannot manage to keep a Freezer operating :
1. The refrigerator failure at Havard (John Hopkins) of the 100 frozen autistic brains .....who can believe that kind of bad luck ….Science was just about to discover mercury and aluminium in 100 autistic specimen brains and the freezer fails .But now research has been set back 10 years .
A couple of suggestions of my own here that Science hasn’t perhaps fully investigated :
1. Ill-fitting shoes , the dangers of shoes that are slightly too small or that don’t support the whole foot is never fully appreciated . I believe this can cause neurological damage via the lesser known bullshi^te pathways .
2. Male pattern baldness : This new condition that hasn’t been with the human race for a millennium , perhaps this has a angle that needs investigating . Its quite near the brain after all .
3. Atheletes foot , a benign fungal condition that is largely cured by rubbing ones toes with vinegar , but could there be more to it ? again via the BS pathways .
4. Cracks in the pavement : I learned as a child never to walk on those cracks , and it seems this was good advice after all . Those cracks have been linked to a whole host of neurological conditions.
5. And then lastly but there is a real outside chance of their being any credibility to this suspect , vaccines . Now this list is just getting ridiculous , this is silly . really . Enough .Stop .

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