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First Degree Murder Charges Filed in Alex Spourdalakis Case

Police-Crime-SceneJune 11, 2013 (RIVER GROVE, Ill.) (WLS) -- First degree murder charges have been filed against Dorothy Spourdalakis, the mother of a teen with severe autism found stabbed to death in west suburban River Grove.

Prosecutors also charged Jolanta Agatha Skrodzka with first degree murder. She is described by those who know the family as the teen's godmother and constant caregiver.

Police say the child's mother has given them a statement about her involvement. She and the boy's godmother were found drugged and unconscious near the boy.

Read the full story at ABC 7 Chicago.


Birgit Calhoun

No innocent person should die. But in a society where autism is not contemplated as anything more than possibly the will of God, and doctors and nurses don't even think of doing anything more than making zombies out of the environmentally impaired, and keeping children undernourished and under-cared for so that they don't get too big and too aggressive, the result is often death to either the care-giver or the care-receiver. That's not a pretty picture; but it's reality. That's why this country needs to wake up.

My son was essentially starved to death over many years, one can with some confidence say on purpose, by not investigating what was going on in his intestines. My son wound up in a wheelchair weighing only 45 lbs. He was obviously malnourished, but nobody said so. He was a kind of human Bonzai. I was told many years ago that I wouldn't want my child to be big and strong; think how difficult it would be to care for him. That's why he was not given growth hormone or any of the other things he lacked (vitamins, minerals etc.) until it was too late. Question is: Is a slow death not murder? In my book either one is bad, and it happens more to these innocent victims of environmental harm: Autism.

Birgit Calhoun

There will be more of those if autism is allowed to continue on its destructive course. I hope justice goes easy on the boy's mother and his caregiver. One could almost say they should be considered martyrs. To think that someone can prefer the prospect of lifelong prison as preferable to continuing the never-ending struggle for some kind of other untenable life should jar somebody to action for the prevention of autism. I am so sorry that too few gave a damn.

Anna Peterson

No one is allowed to kill an innocent person.


Though I can't support the choice these two women made, it isn't hard to imagine the desperation and hopelessness they were engulfed in. To watch your precious child suffer for so many years and then endure what this past spring brought for them. They fought and fought the beast head on and felt the hatred against them. It isn't hard to imagine that they were exhausted. All of this happening in America no less.


Lisa has said it all.


Devastating! My heart aches for this family. Such desperation and few options.

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